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Swboard Fire and Marin Insurance Company
New York City
Condition December 31, 1836, As Shown By
Statement Filed.
Amount of Capital paid in cash $ 500,000.00
Amount Ledger Assets, Dec, 3 1st
previous year, $3,207,692. 52
Total 8,207,592.52
IiMome Krom Policyholders,
$740, MS. 62; Miscellaneous,
1176,248.01 ; Total 917,093.83
Disbursements To Policyholders,
954,:i8.18; Miscellaneous,
$488,247.41 ; Total M3.186.59
Fire Premiums Written or re
newed during year, $1,003,325.-
38, In Force . 1,445,363.70
All Other Premiums Written or
renewed during year, $627,467.40
In Force 411,159.07
Loartfi secured by pledge of Bonds,
Stocks or other collateral ... 6,000.00
Value of Bonds and Stocks .... 2,719,179.49
Deposited in Trust Companies and
Banks not on interest 401,919.22
Agents' balances, representing busi
ness written subsequent to
October 1, 1936 122,740.79
Agents' balances, representing busi.
ness written prior to October
1, 193 14,083.52
Bills receivable, taken for fire risks 2,494.46
Interest and HentB due and accrued 8,653.87
All other Assets, as detailed in
statement 18,056.04
Les Assets not admitted
$ 445,814.98
Total admitted Assets .
Net amount of unpaid losses and
claims t 146,075.00
Unearned premiums 000,887.64
Salaries, rents, expense, bills, ac
counts, fees, etc., due or ac
crued Estimated amount payable for Fed
eral, State, county and municipal
tuxes due or accrued
Contingent commissions, or other
charges due or accrued ,
All other liabilities, as detailed
in statement
Total amount of all liabilities
except Capital $ 798,801.18
Capital actually paid up
in cash $ 500,000.00
Surplus over ail
liabilities .... 1,548,511.22
Eat-Oysters-As-You-Please Movement
Is Said To Be Gaming Ground Fast
Washington. Chas. E. Jackson,
president of the eat-oyster-in-any
month-you-please movement, has hail
ed the end of another campaign.
"Progress," he beamed, "is being
made. It's only a matter of time until
September 1 will be just that, and not
the beginning of the so-called It
months." Jackson who in addition to head
ing the E. O. I. A. M. Y. P. M., is dep
uty commissioner of fisheries annu
ally devotes himself to encouraging
oyster-eating in r-less months.
"We wouldn't need to do this," he
explained, "except for a loose banquet
table remark by some dyspeptic old
Roman about 2,000 years ago."
History, he said, hasn't retained the
toga-bearer's name, but it has his
words and they are fighting words to
the E. O. I. A. M. Y. P. M.
They are:
"Mensibus errastis vos ostrea man
ducatis" or "oysters should be eaten
only in certain months."
He doesn't know who reduced the
philosophy down to R-months, but
he wishes he did.
"This sort of reasoning," said Jack
son, "is just as silly, as fish should
not be eaten with milk."
He flagrantly violates both theories.
"And," he added with pride, "with
out a stomach ache in a calendar
The E. 0. 1. A. M. Y. P. M. head has
made a study of R-less month oysters.
"The only difference," he said "is
that summer oysters are a triffle
thinner. That's when they fall in
love in May, June, July, and August."
Man Improves Big
Farm To Find He Is
On Wrong Place
Ernest N, Hudgins,' young Wash
ington and Virginia attorney, has
learned he put in two years of his
spare time fixing up a farm he did
not own.
He bought a place at nearby Chan
tiny, Va., in 1935. The title was em
inently good it ran all the way back
ta Richard Henry Lee.
The trouble was that Hudgins
bought the farm from a bank sight
unseen, and failed to get specific in
structions on how to get there.
He and Mrs. Hudgins liked the
place they found. He cleared the
ground and mended the roadway. His
wife did an oil painting of the house.
Then, the other day, the real owner
showed up. The Hudgins moved down
the road to their own place.
Their "new" place is alright, though,
they reported. For one thing, it has
145 acres; the other had but 80.
Surplus as regards Policyholders $2,048,511.22
Total Liabilities $2,847,312.40
Butinesi In North Carolina During 1936
Fire Risks written, $2,404,972;
Premiums Teceived , . $26,659
All other Kinks written, $740,105;
Premiums received 6,780
Losses incurred Fire, $20,098;
Paid . ... . . . 13,062
Losses incurred Ml other, $6,449:
raid ,. .. 7.R04
President, Frank B. Martin; Secretary, Bar
old W. Rudolph; Treasurer, Edward H. Bigge.
Horn Office, 90 John St., New York City.
Attorney for service: DAN C. BONEY, lit
snrunce Commissioner, Raleigh, N. C.
Manager for North Carolina, B. C. Vitt
Oreensboro, N. C.
Raleigh, June 24, 1037
1, DAN C. BONEY, Insurance oCmralHSioner,
do hereby certify that the above is true and
correct abstract of the statement of the bea
board Fire and Marine Insurance Company of
New York City, filed with this Department,
showuig the condition of said Sompauy, on
the 31st day of December, 1936.
Witness my hand and official seal, the day
and year alsne written.
Insurance Commissioner
State Mutual Fir Insurance Company
Providence, R. I.
Condition December 31, 3fl, As Shown
By Statement Filed
Amount Ledger Assets, Dec. 31st
previous vear, $4, 875, M8. 76
Total $4,875,848.78
Income From Policyholders,
$ I .):. 4!A. 7(1 : Miscellaneous,
$115(1. H53. 44; Total 2,254,150.50
Disburse mentis To Policyholders,
. $2(iO,478.(i8; Miscellaneous,
$1 .. 420. l.-.; Total 1.864,808.73
Fire 1'iemiunis Written or re
newed Tiuriri(f jrar, $1,8M,3(!5.-
88, In Force ... . . 3'435,567.46
Value of Bonds and Storks .. .$5,037,020.49
Cash in Companv's office . 958.00
Deposited in Trust Companies and
Hanks not on interest ....... 127,348.24
Agents' balances, representing busi
ness written subsequent . to
October 1. !!: .. 94,522 67
Agents' Imbrices, representing busi
ness written prior to October '
J.194C . . . . . .... 6,250.83
Interest and Rents due and
acvnied 18,572.62
All other Assets, as detailed in
statement 274,981.86
Total ..............$.'), 5r.8.54.71
Less Assets not admitted . . . . . . 10,000.83
Total admitted Assets $5, 547,993. 88
Net amount of unpaid losses and
claims . . .4 $ 41.0f..O3
I'neanied premiums 1.825, 267. 04
Salaries, rents, expenses, bills, ac
counts, fees, etc., due or ac
crued 990.31
Estimated amount payable for
Federal, State, county and rnu
nicipal taxes due or accrued 8,000.00
All other liabilities, as detailed in
statement ................. 7,394.77
Total amount of all liabilities
except Capital ....$1,882,721.15
Surplus over all
liabilities ...$3.fir,272.73
Surplus as ergards rolicholders$3,665,272.73
Total Liabilities .Y. :. . $5,547,993.88
Business In Nirth Carolina During 19J6 '
Fire Risks written, $9,294,425;
Premiums received, ...$11,830
Losses incurred Fire, $11,242;
H!aid a.' ........$12,175
President, H. T. Freeman; Secretary, R. H.
Lord; Treasurer, II. T. Freeman.
Borne Office, 10 Weyhosser St., rrovidence,
R. I. "... "
Attorney fr service: DAN- C. BONEY, In
surance Commissioner, Raleigh, N. C.
Manager for North Carolina. Home Office.
Raleigh, July 13, 1937
I, DAN C. BONEY, Insurance Commissioner,
do hereby certify that the above is a true and
correct abstract of the statement of the State
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Providence,
R. I., filed with this Department, showing the
condition of said Company, on the 31st day
of December, 1936.
Witness my hand and official seal, the day
and year above written.
Insurance Commissioner.
Drive Begun On
Social Diseases
Raleigh. A drive to enforce a long-
dormant law requiring persons suf
fering from veneral distases to take
regular clinical treatment is under
way in North Carolina.
Dr. C. V, Reynolds, state health of
ficer, said victims of social diseases
would be fined, jailed or both if they
did not report regularly to private
physicians or both.
Dr. J. C. Knox, state epidemiologist,
said legal forms had been drawn for
the detention of victims who refused
to comply with the law. The blanks
soon will be distributed to local law
and health officers.
Members Of 30th
Division To Hold
20th Annual Meet
The twentieth annual reunion of the
30th Division Association, composed of
World War Veterans of the Carolinas
and Tennessee, who formed National
Guards' units of these states, is sched
uled to be held September 29-30 in
Greenville, S. C, site of Camp Sevier,
where the division trained prior to
going over seas.
Broadus Bailey, president of the as
soeiation and since the war, a resident
of Greenville, predicts a record attend
ance of survivors of the Old Hickory
Secretary of War Harry Woodring
has accepted an invitation to deliver
the principal address at the gathering
of veterans. Attending the conven
tion also will be numerous congress
men, senators and other dignitaries
of .the three states.
Says Baldness Is
Without Remedy
The American Medical Association's
"director of debunking" tells the na
tion's baldheadcd men there is just
nothing they can do about it.
When hair is gone, it's gone, said
Dr. Frank J. Clancy of Chicago, di
rector of the association's board of in
vestigation. "Tonics may create a little fuzz, but
nothing more," he said in an interview.
"I'm getting bald myself, but I don't
try to kid myself into thinking there
is any thing that will grow hair on
my head."
Dr. Clancy also dropped a word of
warning to the women about "guaran
teed" freckle removers.
"If they remove freckles, they must
remove the outer layer of the skin and
may contain caustics," he cautioned.
"Better to have freckles than scars."
Name Of Town Too
Long, Might Change
Brazil, Ind. -Citizens of William
Williams Corner, a little communi
ty a mile south of here, are tired of
saying and writing the name of the
place where they live.
"It's too long. It takes too much
breath and too much ink," they com
plain. So they have prepared petitions ask
ing that the community's name be
changed to "Billville."
Springfield, 111. In a letter to the
chamber of commerce here, a woman.
whose name was not disclosed, asked
for space to set up offices as a "pro
fessional listener."
She said she merely listened -for
a price-to whatever anyone wisned
to confide because "confessions are
good for peace of mind as well as for
the soul."
This month marks the beginning of
the 66th year of the North Carolina
Press Association. : y
On Monday, September 27, 1937, at
1 o'clock A. M. at the court house tkior
of Haywood County in the Town of
Waynesville, the undersigned will of
fer for sale at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash the following
lands and premises, lying and being
in Crabtree Township, Haywood Coun
ty, North Carolina; to-wit:
BEGINNING at a red oak tree near
the branch and runs S. crossing the
public road 85 deg. W. 2.50 chains to
a stake; thence. N. 5 deg. E. 1.70
chains to a stake; thence N. 42 deg.
40' E, 2.94 to a red oak Smith's line;
thence 2 deg. 25' W. 1.59 chains to a
large white oak; thence S. 53 deg. 48'
E. .53 chains to an oak; thence S.
down the branch S. 2 deg. 15' W. 1
chain to a stake in the center of
branch; thence S. 15 deg. 30' E. .76
chains to a stake in center of branch;
thence S. 64 deg. 45'W. .21 chains to
the beginning, containing .6 of an
acre, more or less. A map of said
lands made by J. R. Terrell, Surveyor,
September 16th, 1927 being hereto at
tached and made a part of this deed
and description.
Sale made pursuant to the power
and authority conferred by Ch. 494
P. L. 1933 and act amendatory thereto.
This the 27th day of August, 1937.
By Jack Messer,
No. 641 Sept 2-9-16-23, I
notice of summons
state of north carolina,
county of Haywood.
in the superior court,
annie bell wiginton
The defendant, C. C. Wigington, in
the above entitled action, will take
notice that an action entitled as above
has been commenced in the Superior
Court of Haywood County, North Car
olina, by the plaintiff, Annie Bell Wig
ington, against the said defendant, C.
C. Wigington for the purpose of se
curing judgment against the said
defendant for an absolute divorce on
the grounds of two years separation;
that said defendant will further take
notice that he is required to be and
appear at the office of the Clerk of
the Superior Court of Haywood Coun
ty, North Carolina, at the court house
in Waynesville; on the 23rd day of
September, 1937, and answer or de
mur to the complaint of the plaintiff
filed in said action, or the plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded in her said Complaint.
This the 24th day of August, 1937,
Asst. Clerk of the Superior Court of
Haywood County, North Carolina.
No. 640 Aug, 26-Sept 2-9-16,
eialr near a nine on
down the ridge, N. 56 deg. E. 82 poles
to the BEGINNING, containing liftt
acres, more or less.
Sale made pursuant to the power
conferred upon me by that certain
deed of trust executed by J. E. Messer
and W. E. Smith, dated February 16,
1932 and recorded in Book 32, at page
7, Record of Deeds in Trust of Hay
wood County, to which reference is
hereby made for all the terms and con
ditions thereof.
This August 17, 1937.
No. 637 Aug. 26-Sept. 2-9-16.
the ridge; thence I ville, the undersigned, John W. Boyd,
Tax Collector lor ine iown oi way
nesville. will offer for sale to ttie
highest bidder for cash at the Court
house door in Waynesville on Moncay,
September 13, 1937 at 10 o'clock a. m.,
and continuing thereafter until ail
property is sold to satisfy the taxes
levied against the property of the
property owners as hereinafter des
cribed which taxes were levied for
the year 1936 by the Town of Way
nesville all the lots and property in
said Town of Waynesville herein
after designated in the name of the
owners as follows:
power of sale contained in a certain
deed of trust, executed by Haywood
Supply Co., a corporation duly organ
ized and existing under and by virtue
of the laws of the state of North
Carolina to J. R. Boyd, Trustee dated
August 15, 1936, and recorded in the
Book 38, page 77 in the office of the
Register of Deeds Haywood County,
North Carolina, default having been
made in the payment of the indebt
edness thereby secured, and the hold
er of the notes hereby secured having
directed that the deed of trust be
foreclosed, the undersigned Trustee
will offer for sale, at the court house
door in the City of Waynesville, North
Carolina, at 11 o'clock, A. M., on
Tuesday 21st day of September, 1937,
and will sell to the highest bidder for
cash all that certain tract or parcel
of land, lying and being in the City
of Waynesville, Waynesville Town
ship, Haywood County, North Caro
lina and the boundary more particular
ly described as follows:
Being in the Town of Waynesville,
North Carolina, and lying between
Richland Creek and the street which
runs down by the depot; BEGINNING
on a stake on the said street which
runs down by the depot coming from
towards Sulphur Springs 245 feet
from an alley and R. G. A. Love's line
N. 44 W. 135 feet to a stake in the
edge of Richland Creek; N. 18 45'
East 85 feet to the stake in the edge
of said creek; thence S. 46 30' East
170 feet to the margin of said street;
thence with said street S. 46 30' W.
85 feet to the BEGINNING, contain
ing one-third of an acre, more or less.
Subject to right-of-way now used by
Southern Railway.
Excepting, however, from the above
described land certain one-half inter
est in the walls of said building which
have heretofore been conveyed by the
party of the first part to adjacent
property owners, all of which deeds
are of record in the office of Register
of Deeds of Haywood County and to
each of which reference is hereby
This sale is made subject to taxes
and street assessments.
This the 31st day of August, 1937.
No. 639 Aug. 26-Sept. 2-9-16.
Under and by virtue of authority
contained in a certain deed of trust
executed by Garland Howell McCrack
en and wife, to The Citizens National
Bank of Raleigh, N. C, Trustee, on
the 10th day of March, 1928, recorded
in Book 20, page 161, Registry of
Haywood County, North Carolina, de
fault having been made in the pay
ment of the indebtedness secured
thereby, '.the undersigned Commis
sioner of Banks, having succeeded to
the rights and duties of The North
Carolina Bank and Trust Company
successors to The Citizens Bank
successor to The Citizens Na
tional Bank of Raleigh, N. C
Trustee, will offer for sale at ablic
auction, for cash, in front of the Hay
wood County court house door on Mon
day, September 13th, 1937, at .welve
o'clock noon, all that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate, lying
and being in Waynesville Township,
Haywood County, State of North
Carolina and described and defined as
Adjoining the lands of Gus Boone
on the North, Ratcliff Medford and
G. H. McCracken on the East, Sun
burst Lumber Company on the South,
and Gus Boone, W. C. McCracken on
the West, and particularly described
as follows:
BEGINNING- at a stake on lb top
of olf Pen Mountain, and runs North
0 degrees East 915-.75 feet to a Span
ish oak in Roaring Gap; thence North
15 degrees East 1518 feet to a maple
tree; thence North 660 feet to a stone,
Gus Boone corner; thence South 76
degrees West 2112 feet to a post, cor
ner of fence, Gus Boone's corner;
thence South 31 degrees East 239.25
feet to a post corner of fence; ;hence
South 11 degrees 15 minutes East 812
feet with W. C. McCracken s line to
a stake in line of old 106 acre tract;
thence with said line North 65 de
grees East 150 feet to Spanish or k
stump on top of the mountain; thence
South 20 degrees East 709 feet to
a stake; thence South 15 degrees East
330 feet to the BEGINNING. Con
taining 58 acres, more or less.
Dated this 11th day of August,
1937. . . .
Commissioner of Banks.
No. 634 Aug. 19-26-Sept. 1-9
. 3.81
On Monday, September 20, 1937, at
11 o'clock A. M., at the court house
door in the Town of Waynesville, Hay
wood County, N. C, I will sell at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash the following described lands
and premises, lying and being in Way
nesville Township, Haywood County.
N. C, to-wit:
Adjoining the lands formerly owned
by Mrs. M. E. Hilliard and others in
the Mauney Cove, and more particu
larly described and bounded as fol
lows: BEGINNING on a cliff of
rocks on the top of Fine or Mauney
Cove Ridge, the Northwest corner of
lot No. 4, in the partition proceedings
of the Mauney Cove lands (see County
records, Vol. 1, Minute Docket, Hay
wood Co. Superior Court Clerk's office,
page 1 13 to 123, inclusive), and. runs
with the line of lot No. 4, S. 35 E. 115
poles to a lynn on the branch; thence
down the branch N. 57 deg. E. 8 poles
to a poplar on the South bank of the
branch above the forks; thence South
183 poles to a Spanish oak, the South
west corner of lot No. 4; thence N. 85
deg. W. 60 poles to a chestnut, the
Southeast corner of lot No. 6; thence
with the East line of lot No. 6 N. 130
poles to a small Ch. between branches
in a fiat; thence N. 47 deg. W. 22
poles to a poplar on the North bank Notice is hereby given the pursuant
of the branch at a deep hollow; thence to law and under order of the Board! Arthur W. McLaughlin 1 lot 29.55
N. 42 deg. W. 97 poles to a Spanish of Aldermen of the Town of Waynes- Walter Malonee. 1 lot '. 19.20
Notice Of Tax Sale
Arcadia Life Insurance Co., 1
lot 82'37
J. C. Allen, 1 lot 20.29
Mrs. Doyle Alley, 2 lots 44.93
Judge F. E. Alley, 1 lot 68-4S
F. E. Alley, Jr., 1 lot 25.92
Martha Arrington, 1 lot 6.34
Hilliard B. Atkins, 1 lot .... 244.91
James B. Atkins, Adm., 1 lot 161.66
C. S. Badgett, 1 lot 36.80
Geo. H. Ball, 1 lot 25.02
W. A. Band, 1 lot 3.81
Henry Banks, 1 lot 6.34
Sue Beckwith, 1 lot 6.34
Mrs. Annie Peville, Est., 1 lot 7.62
Lydia Biddle, 1 lot 19.01
R. L. Black, 1 lot
A. H. Bouney, 1 lot . . .
A. S. Boyd, 1 lot
Miss Minnie Boyd, 1 lot
W. J. Braddock, 1 lot 68.48
Q. L. Branson, 1 lot 3.17
Rachel Burks, Est., 1 lot
Kelly Breeding, 1 lot
J. J. Bridges, 1 lot
Helen T. Brown, 1 lot ,
J. N. Brown, 1 lot
Mrs O. D. Buckner, 1 lot . . 16.48
J. L. Bullock, 1 lot 38.03
Alonzo Bullman, 1 lot 2.00
Burgin Brothers, 2 lots 160.79
Burgins Dept. Store, 1 lot 106.61
Florence Bushee, 1 lot 19 01
E. K. Butler, 1 lot 21.76
Estin R. Caldwell, 1 lot 14.27
Fred H. Caldwell, 1 lot 96c
Carlisle & Co., 1 lot 4.32
H. P. Carpenter, 1 lot 50.34
Mrs. M. B. Case, 1 lot ....... H-41
Central Investment Crop., 1 lot 57.18
Central Investment Corp., 1 lot 21.60
Central Investment Corp., 1 lot 128.00
Central Investment Corp., 1 lot 19.01
Central Investment Corp., 1 lot 16.48
Stanley B. Childs, 1 lot 5.71
Mrs. Geo. Coble, 1 lot 27.89
W. A. Coble, 1 lot 6.91
J. W. Cole, 1 lot 6.72
W. W. Colson, Jr., 1 lot ..... . . . . 8.00
Frank Coxe, Est., 1 lot, Bal. . . 33.00
Charlie F. Davis, 1 lot 20.29
Mrs. Fred Davis, 1 lot 17.75
J. F. Davis, 1 lot 10.14
Lula B. Davis, 1 lot 50.69
Mrs. Thos. J. Davis, 1 lot 26.62
Mrs. Will Davis, 1 lot 14.40
Mrs. C. N. Dicus, 1 lot ........ . 57.03
A. B. Draft, 1 lot 14.07
C. J. P. Edwards, 1 lot 6.34
R. H. E. Edwards, Est., 1 lot 13.95
Mrs. W. P. Farmer, 1 lot .... .. 25.35
Mrs. Hester L. Ferguson, 1 lot . 19.20
First Morse Realty Co., 1 lot . . , 22.82
Mrs. Lucille Fey, 1 lot . 59.20
Emory Francis Fitch, 1 lot , . . 80.00
W. Roy Francis. 1 lot . - . . . 14. 64
Cora Freeman, 1 lot 3.20
Sam Freeman, 1 lot ... ..... 9.f'0
Joe Gaddis, 1 lot 20.95
John Gaddis, -1 lot 12 67
M. O. Galloway, 1 lot .... . 95.68
Mollie L. Gautier, 5 lots 14.40
General Realty Co., Bal 31.68
Elizabeth Gibson, 1 lot 2.55
Mrs. Row W, Gifford, 1 lot .... 8.64
C. B. Gore, 1 lot .... . 6.40
Hattie T. Graham, 1 lot ... 25.20
Mrs. Eugenia Grimsley, 1 lot . . . 1.60
Mrs. F. K. Hall, 1 lot .....
H. A. Hall, 1 lot ..........
W. M. Hall, 1 lot
I). L. Haney, 1 lot
W. M. Hames, 1 lot .......
Carrie E. Hanpah, 1 lot . . ., .
W. T. Hannah, 1 lot
W. T. Hannah, Jr., 1 lot ... .
V. L. Harkins, 1 lot .......
Willie Harris, 1 lot ....... .
Edwin Haynes, 1 lot ..... .
Haywood Cooperage, 1 ot . . .
Haywood Supply Co., 3 lots .
Mrs. Emma Henderson, 1 lot
Fred Henry, 1 lot .........
Mrs. Jenny R. Henry, 1 lot
Howell & Boyd, 1 lot ......
Claude Howell, 1 lot .......
E. B. Howell, Est., 1 lot ....
J. Hardin Howell, Rec, 1 lot 64.00
R. W. Howell, l lot ......... 15.55
Glenn Hoxit. 1 lot ... . ... ... 32.00
Mrs. J. E. M. Hyatt, 1 lot . . . . 8.24
Mrs. Lucy White Hyatt, 1 lot 8.64
S. A. Jones, Est., 1 lot . ... . ... 11.60
Sam Kelly, 1 lot ........ ..10.19
O. F. Kilhoune, 1 lot . . . . . . . . .1.09
Mrs. Gladys Kluckler. 1 lot . . 101.38
Mrs. C. M. Lance, 1 lot . . . . ... 6.34
Bob Lands, 1 lot ... . ....... . 16.00
Hugh Leatherwood, 1 lot .... 20.24
M. A. Leatherwood, 1 lot . . . . . . 64c
May Cope Leatherwood, 1 lot 12.91
Robert M. LeatV.erwood, 1 lot 20.29
R. D. Lee, 1 lot . . . . . . . . . . . . 22.82
W. T. Lee, 6 lots'. 230.93
Rufus C, Lemming, 1 lot .... 10.88
F. E. Lewis, 1 lot . . . , . . .... . 6.98
Mrs, Sallie Liner, Est, 1 lot . .19.20
H. C. Lindsley, 1 lot ........ . 43.20
Mrs. J. F. Lynch, 1 lot . ..... 20.29
Dr. J. R. McCracken, 2 lots . . . 77.92
M. Theo. McCracken, 2 lots . .111.52
Roger, Gilmer & McCracken,
1 lot .............. 8.64
Mrs. R. Q. McCracken, 1 lot . . 44.24
E. B. McDonald, 1 lot ....... .17.28
Miss Mamie McDonald, 1 lot . . . 10.14
Jane McKinnon. 1 lot ........ 5.55
. 1.44
, . 2.08
. 9.52
. 2.00
. 6.34
. 2.88
. 5.07
Mrs. Dennis Massey i l''
Elizabeth Massie, i'c,, 'C':
Zack Massey, i fot "
A. C. Mauney, l iot
Jerry Mehaffey, Est i I ."
Elsie May Miller i 'i '
F. W. Miller, 2 lts ' ' - '
J. L. Miller, 1 ot
Mrs. Mary R. Mii:tr V
R. E. Miller, 1 lot
S. K. Miller, l iot " '
S. J. Miller, 1 l0t
Sam Milner, 1 h
Mrs. Maria Love Mi-'
Pink Mitchell, i t
W, A. Mitchell, 1 !ot"'
J. R. Morgan & D
1 lot ' .' . "
National Realty Co i
Osborne & Kiikpatrick
Palmer & Boyd, l ,.. '
James M. Palmer, l .
Roy Parsons, l l,,t
Dewey Patton, l !t
Mrs. J. N. Peacock. 1 v
J. N. Peacock, En., i
Phillips Construction V
Grover C. Plott, l ;.
Homer H. Plott, 1 )u; '
Mrs. Annie Queen, 1 Y,t
M. H. & Carl Raby, i
Mrs. Sydneyhani Ra'v, Ea
Granny Reed. Est., l
Mrs. M. H. Reeves, 4 t taV
Dr. T. F. Reynolds, E.- j
Oscar T. Rhymer, l ot '
Nathan Rogers, 1 il)t
W. F. Rogers, l lt .
J. C. Rose, 1 lot
Mrs. D. M. Russell, Est., n' t
W. C. Russell. 1 lot
Madge F. Sadler, l &t
Withers, Bass & Satterthwaite
1 lot
J. W. Seaver, 2 lots
Merrill Shelton Heirs, l K
Geo. Sherrill, Est., 2 lots'
Shuford, Garland i Campbell
1 lot
Shuford, Garland & Cairm'1
1 lot '
D. M. Simon, l lot
Mrs. Sarah Sloan, 1 lot
B. J. Sloan, Est., 1 lot ..." I
Mrs. Ella Smith, l lot
James R. Smith, 1 lot
Neal L. Smith, I lot ......
Ethel Sutherland, 1 Kit
H. G. Stone, 1 lot '
Joe N. Tate, 1 lot
Floyd Teague, 1 lot
Robert A. Teague, l lo: ....
Mrs. Isadore Tichner, 1 lot ...
James R. Thomas, 1 lot ....
P. L. Turbyfeld, 1 lot '.,'.')
S. L. Underwood, 1 lot ...
Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., 1
lot ................
Geo. H. Wlard, 1 lot
Joe Welch, 1 lot
Sam C. Welch, 1 lot
Jim A. Wilson, l lot .......
Mrs. L. E. Wiggins, 1 lot .....
Mrs. Lillie S. Withers, 1 lot ....
Wachnoca Investment Corp., 1
C W. Wright, 1 lot
Robert York, 1 lot .........
J. R. Boyd, & Sydie Ray, Bal. "...
Thomas Babb, 1 lot i
Will Babb, 1 lot ..............
Jerry Brown. 1 lot
Inez Banks Bryant, 1 lot . .........
Dora Casey, 1 lot
James Henry Casey, 1 lot .... :
Colum Casey, 1 lot .......... '
S. A. Copney, 1 lot
Ernest Dalton, 1 lot ...........
Charlie Davis, 1 lot
Ella Kemp Dunn. 1 lot
Thomas Forney, 1 lot
Charlie Foster, 1 lot :
Pink W. Grav, 1 lot ..........
Will Gray, 1 lot
Nelson Griffith, 1 lot .......
Harrison Greenwood, l-'lo:
Dessie Hackett, I lot
Walter Haley, 1 lot
J. W. Hall, 1 lot
Emma Harrison, i lot ,
Robert Hodge, 1 lot . .
Alice Houston, 1 lot
Ada Howell, 1 lot
Marion Kemp Howell, 1 -'.
Lelia Kemp, 1 lot
K. P. Lodge, 1 lot '
John Wesley Less. 1 iot
Chas. & Mamie Lenoir. 1 lot
Jake Lenoir, Est, 1 K ;
Oscar Lenoir, 1 lot, Ba-. ;
William A. Lenoir, 1 lot
Andy Love, 1 lot
Chas. E. L. Love, 1 kt -'
D. L. Love, 1 lot. Bal. : ' .
Geo. Love, 1 lot
Henry C. Love, 1 lot
Henry L. Love, 1 lot
Howard Love, 1 lot
Iva Love, 1 lot
Lena Love, 1 lot . ;
Robert Cv Love, 1 -hi ;
James M. McKinley, 1 :ot ' -' '
John Allen Melton, 1 lot '
Geo, W. Moore, 1 lot --"""
J. H. Moore, 1 lot
R. G. Osborne, 1 1:
Etta Proctor, 1 -lot " ' ' ' ' ;
Mary Rose, 1 lot ...
W. C. Sisk, l4t "'"
Aggie Smyer, 1 lot . "
Stone Cypher Est., 1 i "
J. H. Steward, 1 -pt .' " ' '
Gaither Thompson, l"'ot ."''; ;
Tina Thompson, 1 jl,t
Maggie Trotter, 1 l'': ;
W. Chester Walker, 1 ; ' :
Louise Welch, 1 lot
David S. White, 1 lot
J. C. White, 1 lot v .'' "V-1 ..
Hexikiah Young IU-.:. "'
This August 14. 1- pnyp,
Tax Collector for Te3

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