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    'he Wayne sville Mountaineer
Along the
jistrict Chairman
Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smokv Mountains National Park
al-preiddent. Ed Butler, of Mor
ion, and his associates had a well-
Id nrotrram. . and sneakers in-
N Senators Keynolds and Bailey,
Congressmen Robert Li Doughton
Hafcld L. Cooley coming in for
- share of speech-making.
Horseback Party
Making 200-Mile
Tour Of The Park
Zoning Commission Named
For Town Of Waynesville
Tour Reinjj Sponsored By Ameri
can Forestry Association.
Will Require 10 Days
57 Subscriptions
Received In Week
Aldermen Also Name Board Of
Adjusters To Work Under
New State I-iw
ni'U'l.v -'.ec'ted chairman of the
; district, is' a former president
; Haywood Club, this is a distinct
r for Papers And Haywood.
litics wok the center of the stage
iVirth Carolina last week, with the
Lai convention of the Young Dem-
l:i Clubs.. in Winston-Salem.
predicted long before the con
on was called to order, A. T.
of -Raleigh, was named presi
, Mrs. Sarah Mason White, of
m, is the new vice president.
Meyer the state convention of
illtefnecrats is mentioned, natur
the name of Doyle D. Alley,
s to mind. Doyle served effi
:iy as president of the organiza
!ne war.- before his untimely
A ......... ..r oa i i i.
I -i iy eu ou peop:c on
I started yesterday from Cataloochee
Ranch, for a 200-mile tour of the
! Great Srmky Mountains National
, Park. The trip will require something
I like 10 days.
The tour of the park is being spoti
: sored by the American Forestry As
i sciation, and included in the group
:are: W. C. McCormick, assistant state
forester, Raleigh; J. B. Light, assist
i ant chief ranger of the Park Service,
i Thomas W. Alexander, of Cataloochee
I Ranch, is acting as guide.
I It was said that this was the largest
i hor seback party to tour the park.
Eight pack horses were required for
the trip.
Visitors from the following states
are making the tour: New York, Tex
as, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Con
necticut, Florida, and North Carolina.
The itinerary will include outstand
ing points in the park such as: Ledge
Bald, Kephart, LeConte, the Saw-tooth
area, Eagle Rock, Guyot, Walnut
Bottoms, and Mt. Sterling.
The horses for the trip were from
the stables of Bramlett Brothers, who
have horses at Lake George, N. Y.,
Erevard, and Bent Creek Ranch.
During the past week, the cir
culation department of The Moun
taineer received 57 subscriptions.
This number included new and
Counting six working days,
this is an average of something
like 10 a day
Proving beyond any doubt,
that The Mountaineer is increas
ing in popularity.
Civil Court Will
Convene Monday
Judjre J. Hoyle Sink To Preside.
Only A Few Cases On
Scheduled Iocket
1,680 Buy Fishin
Licenses In County
is t Winston-Saltlm were a
t .'Sober of state politicians,
fo get their ear just a little
the ground to find out via the
brat system, the latest news.
flfcrwsman Doughton, issued a
Mt while in the convention, that
wlti decide bv spring whether he
i oppose "Bob" Reynolds for the
In the meantime, "Bob" kept
active shaking hands, slapping
& and passing out compliments.
present junior senator is not
sg a stone unturned for paving
'ay back to Capital Hill next term.
following from Havwood county
;fcd -the state Y. D. convention.
1 Waynesville were, Mr. and Mrs.
1 B's. -M. E. Swearingen. Mr.
51rs, David Cabe, Mrs. Doyle
Miss Scott Edwards, Miss Jane
'". and V. R. Francis. : ;
f Clyde, Jerry Rogers and from
uave Harris and Hank Allen.
Number Is A Kf Above Last
Year Total Of S2.2S0 Col
lected By Plot t
The fall term of civil court will con
vene here-' Monday. September 20,
with Judge J. Hoyle Sink, presiding.
The docket for the term . is not as
large as usual, but contains several
cases that will likely consume several
days if they are tried.
The court calendar is as follows:
Morula). September 2th.
West vs. West.
Kuykend;.:! vs. Kuykendail.
Staton vs. Stati ij.
Floes vs. 'iocs.
Hindinaii vs. J I i T.vijiU:
Browning vs. i'.i v ni-ttg.
McAbec s. .McAbec.
that a
of five
coin mis -lioarl
mi mix i s
The number of persons fishing in the
streams of this section during the
current season, according to G. C.
Plott, county game and forest protec
tor, shows a tremendous increase over
the number of last year. The trout
season closed the first of September
and the bass season will end the first
of October.
During this season Mr. Plott sold
1,080 fishing licenses, which amounted
to $2,280, showing a 44 per cent gain
over last year, and a hundred per
cent gain since Mr. Plott took over the
work in 1934.
The following gives the number of
different types of fishing licenses sold
during the 1937 season: Non resident,
33 licenses, at $5.00 each; non resident
daily permits, 149, at $1.00 each; state
licenses, 533, at $2.00 each; daily state
permits, 128, at 50 cents each; and
county licenses totaled 854, at $1.00
Ralph McDonald, sales tax foe,
faring jn a tubercular sanatorium,
'HI a mcssatrp Satnivtnir from th'p
democrats wishing him a
recovery. ' ...'"''.''
8 Organization's treasurer report -
'JOd news, of having o nch hu.
Kof ?02 on hand: , "
rats were made to feel good
-leu ?4-f)0 kol' .u. -.i: i
,tic organization had $26,785
t . v ujrusr. di.-- jjunng me
:, Tth the national group had
L p . i v.vt o and spent $388,910.
rnunued On Back Page) -
institution Of The
United States
,- and "
" Since . tbfl r4.:t..i:-
v,,Vt,,tu. we are today
Mtohinjf it in full, to-
her with the Amend-
PToPaire F.ierlif nr t ...
Apples Are Being
Picked At Barber's
Orchard; Good Crop
Workmen have started picking the
G0.000 bushel crop at Barber's Or
chard, and grading will begin this
morning, with the new grading ma
chine in operation, it was learned
Today will also mark the opening
of the cold storage plant of the or
chard. Mr. Barber said -that it would re
quire about five weeks to pick the crop.
The new grading machine has been
installed and was ready for operation
late yesterday. Something like 250
to 300 bushels a day can be handled
by the machine.
Atkins vs. I'looks, Trustee, ct ul.
Smathers vs. Hemphill.
Moody vs. Lindsley.
Garrett vs. Edwards.
Messer vs. Halyburton.
Russell vs. Stowe.
Tuesday, September 21st.
Bright vs. Western Dnion.
Cogburn vs. Robinson, Trustee anl
Campbell vs. Shelton.
Sentell vs. So. Railway Co.
Campbell vs.'-Henry.
Caldwell by Next Friends vs. Carver.
Delia McCracken, et al, vs. Raymond
McCracken, et all.
Ward, Adm. vs. Jas. Garrett, et al.
Wednesday, September 2nd
Howell vs. Allison, et al.
Medfoid vs. Stewart.
George vs. Carolina Mtg. Co.
Leatherwood, et al vs. Carver.
Ferguson vs. Hipps, et al.
Bright vs. Hunter.
Thursday, September 23rd
Wilson vs. Phillips;
Biggs, Receiver'., vs. Sluder Garrett
Biggs, Receiver vs. Sluder Furniture
McCracken Furniture Co. vs. Kil
gore. -
: Bell vs. Clark.
Cogdill, et al vs. Morris Taylor
Lumber Co. . .
Moody vs. Plott, et al.
Messer, et al vs. Conard.
The jury list follows:
First Week
At a meeting of the town officials
on Tuesdav night, action was taken
i iigarding the zoning of the town in
; compliance with the new state zoning
j laws.
The town will be divided into dis-
: tricts by a zoning commission.
I The board of aldermen appointed
the following memlu-rs. the numbi r j
j being designated by the statute of I
North Carolina, Chas. E. Ray, Jr., !
Frank Miller, and Hugh Massie, j
The purpose of a oetinite plan with
certain uniform regulations for each I
'district should be obvious to the eiti-
zeiis of any growing community, and
particularly to a section where there
i is as much outside traffic as here.
The zoning commission will not only
look to the present needs of the town,
but also to the possibilities of the fu
ture growth and needs of this section.
The plan, when put in force, will
lessen the congestion on the streets,
secure safety for the pedestrian and
the driver ot a motor vehicle, regulate
the building, and promote. general wel
fare in. living conditions in the community.
Working with thi
sion, the law providt
adjusters composed
be appointed to serve.
The following were appointed: J. K.
Boyd, 1,. M Kilhan. I. II Ki.mihtl.
Theo. M. McCracken, and R. G. Cotley.
It will lie the duty of the hoard of
adjusters to hear and decide appeals
made .by the property owners, to re
view the work of any .administrative
officials chained with the enforcement
of any 'ordinance adopted by the -zoning
commission,' as required by the
state statute.
Laying Foundation
Of New School At
Canton This Week
Jerry Liner, contractor building the
Pennsylvania Avenue school in Can
ton, said that the foundation for the
$40,011(1 building would be poured this
At the same -time, Mr. Lmi r stated
that present dans were to turn over
to the school authorities the now
Crabtree district school by October
Carpenters are completing (tic trim
work inside and efforts are being
made to have. the- building ready for
the -'opening of school by September 27.
Another building job is also under
way by Mr. Liner. He has a crew at
work on the new building for the
Waynesville Laundrv.
Thermometers Drop
To 39 On Wednesday
Waynesville thermometers drop
ped to 39 degrees Wednesday
morning for the lowest record in
several months, according to the
official observation made bv Harry
M. Hall.
The highest for the week was
7S, which was reached on Sunday.
Understanding Is
First Step Towards
World Peace, Houck
D. Mathis Killed
By A Truck Tues.
Carl Mash burn. Of Dillsboro,
Bound Over To Court Under
$.1,000 Bond
District Governor Of Rotary In
ternational Makes Ofiicial
Visit To Local Club
New Officers Of
Legion Will Be
Installed Tuesday
Guy Houck, district governor of
j liotaiy International, paid his official
I visit to the local club last Friday, in
I which he stressed anew, the purpose
land influence of Rotary throughout
the world. Mr. Houck is a citizen of
He pointoo out t.iat t:uro are now
ISO. 000 members, in 7'.' counties',
'speaking 37 languages and HI dill'er
J eilt religions and creeds are repre-
scnti d.
i Rotary is only ,'!2 years old. and is
active in every part of the civilized
"Rotary has had more to do towards
raising the standards of business
( ethics than any other agency or or
i r a n izat ion." i ho district governor said.
"The organization is without' sc.rt t
: or political aspirations. It bring-
l ien t igelhei.- from- dilVt lilies of
i business;- and crcatis among thim a
' be! tt r -understanding of . i-ach cither's
' problems-. It makes for better umlciv
1 statiiiinK between nations, and without
an understanding we' can never cpect
world peace-."
"You can't build a dictatorship or a
war machine in a country where peo
ple understand eavh other."
"in HM1 the '.mci.t of the organiza
tion, was adopted: -He niotils must
who serves -best.' That is true today,
and will ever be the same. N'o sane
man want is to live- to himself iahine,
and since' we make imr living from a
community, we shoulel give back Ui
that. c nini unity something worthwhile
in the way of service."
Dislrict Governor. Houck w;
elliceel to the club by past
govern, Ernest L.-Withe-rs.
J. Dale S1-ntz gave a solo,
aeTomp'anioei by M rs. Stent z.
Dan Mathis, W, Wl'A worker, was
fatally injureel on Tuesday morning
at tK.'ill when he was struck by a
truck, while walking on they Balsam
road near Snunoeik.
Funeral services were conducted ab
the home of his brother-in-law, John
l.anning, near Saunook on Wednesday
afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Burial was in
the cemetery near by.
It is said that Mathis was knocked
elown and the wheels of the truck
crushed his chest. He died befoTA
i reaching the Haywood County Hospi-
i tal, where he was being taken for
! treatment.
i Hobai t Huff, 25, who was with Math
I is, was also bit by the truck, but
while his injuries were' very painful
are not considered serious. He re
ceived several cuts on the scalp. He
will be forced to remain in the hos
pital for several days.
Carl W. Washburn, ot Dillsboro, al
leged driver of the truck, gave tt
.s.l.lMKl lioml I or appearance at the:
November term of the- Superior court
here, and
before- C:
win veil preliminary hearing
l. Atkinson, nistice of the
It is :
dftion lit
had to In
;aid that M.-ishlniin was so
when he realizcel. .the coil-
Kill t' and Mathis, and that he
lakeii to the- .hospital where)
he l e-ii.iaine-d pi io iieally (lie cut ire -day -bel'eire
he I i-e -e'i -i e-d. sulliciently
t'roin the shock to leave.
W. 1). Smith Will
Teach Agriculture
At Crabtree School
s in! ro-distrie-t
md was
Jerry Rogers Is
District Chairman
Younp Canton Man Heads All
Clubs In 11th Congressional
District For Coming Year
Teachers To Meet
Here On Saturday
Jack Messer, county superintendent
of education, has announced a county
wide teachers meeting to be held in
the Central Elementary school audi
torium, on Saturday, the 18th, be
ginning at 9:30. All the teachers in
the county are requested to be present.
R. L. Prevost, president of the L"na
gusta ; Manufacturing Company, jwill
address Rotariahs Friday at 12:45 on
the subject of furniture making.
Mr. Prevost started in the furni
ture manufacturing business just a
few years after the industry began in
North Carolina.
, T. Troy Wyche, C P. A., is spend
ing several days this week in High
lands, where he is installing an ac
counting system for the town. ,
i Newly elected officers ef the Way
nesville 1'ost .No. 4i oi the American
. Legion, will be installed at. the reg-
R. E. Cathey, Pigeon; Elick Ward, u"" meeting at the.' Legion home J ues
ieaverelam; J. E. Massie, Waynesville; ',' Kbt, Septembe r 21, at e ight
M .1 Troll Fasti Fork : ...I. C 'Hc.e.ker. i clock' according to onimander J. H,
Iron Duff;, W. C. Kirkpatrick, Crab
tree; Thurman R. Robinson, Fines
Creek; T. T. Green, White Oak; T. G.
Burnette, Beaverdam; , Elton Cham
bers, Pigeon; Brown Messer, Waynes
ville; Thurman Fisher, Fines Creek.
J. C. WiHiams, Waynesville; O. M.
Hampton, Beaverdam; R. H. Morris,
Waynesville; C. W. Barnes, Waynes
ville; J. H. Beach, Waynesville; Jona
Brown; Cecil; T. B. McCracken, Fines
Creek; Walter Ward, Ivy Hill; J. W.
Carson, Beaverdam; J. M. Medford,
Iron Duff; Robert Reeves, Jonathan;
Creek; John Holder, Clyde.
Second Week.
S. L. ' Lcdfoi'd, White Oak; C, A.
Stamey, Clyde; i. W. Rhodes, East
Fork; Henry Francis, Waynesville; W.
G. West, Beaverdam; "W,-H. Williams,
White Oak; C. K. Mathews, Beaver
dam; O. L. Smathers, Clyde; L. Har
grove, Beaverdam ; J. S. Leathewood,
Cataloochee; G. D. Stovall, Waynes
ville; J. M. Palmer, Waynesville; W".
M. McElroy, Crabtree; C. H. Brown,
Clyde; J. P. Robinson, Beaverdam ;
Charlie Smith, Jr., Beaverdam; John
B. Medford, Waynesville; G. M. Stam
ey, Pigeon.
Miss Henrietta Love, daughter of
Mrs. Hugh A. Love, has recently-been
appointed court reporter for Wake
county. Miss Love has formerly been
reporter for the Industrial Commission.
The- new commande r is J. C. Brown,
and the newly elected adjutant is
Frank W'orlhingtoii, and George
Kunze is vice commande i .
After the installation se rvice, a jedrit
social ' hour will be he ld with the Le
gion Auxiliary.
Harry Lee Liner Is
liuildiujf New Home
Work has been starte-il on the new
home of Harry Lee Liner, on the high
way to Hazelweiod.
llr. Liner is building on the hill just
across the highway from the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bradley.
The ..grading ami excavating was
completed the past week.
Stentz Assisting - In
Gypsy Smith Revival
J. Dale Stentz is conducting the
song service at the Gypsy Smith union
revival meeting being held in Franklin
during the next two weeks.
During the absence of Mr. Stentz
from the office of the Chamber of Com
merce, Miss Nanette Jones is taking
care of the work.
Haywood e-ounty was given signal
recognition at the state meeting of
the Young Democratic Clubs held in
Winston-Salem last week. - Jerry
Rogers, of Canton, former president
of. the Haywood Y. D. Club, was nam
ed chairman of t he l.'ith district of
the state group, which include's the
11th Congressional district. He succeeds-Dilworth
Cock, of Asheville, as
Young ..Rogers is the son of G rover
Rogers, membei'- eif the Haywooel
County Board of Commissioners; He
is a member of the Canton City Po
lice force.
The Haywood county group was also
credited with their full tuota of rep
resentatives, and the only county or
ganization that hael met all obligations
one hundred pe-r cent.
Other officers in the district elect
ed at this time were: Miss Sarah Ruth
Posey, -of Murphy, - vice '-.chairman;
Adam Moses, if Sylva, secretary; I.
C. Crawford, of Bryson City, treas
urer, and Miss Henrietta -Trice; of
Asheville, chairman of publicity;
W. D. Smith, former county -agent-i
of llayweiod, will assume, his new du
i tie's as agriculture teacher in the
Crabtree dislrict schoed on September
27, when the school opens for the
1!)37-3S term, it was learned this week.
Jack . Messer, siipi'i intelident of ed-
ucation, said lliat present plans were
i to begin the school on the above date.
I The workmen are' now making the
! finishing touches (o the new building.
S. E. Connatse r, feirmer Clyde1 prin
i cipal, will bo in charge of the Crab-
tree schoed.
I Other teachers of the school are:
j High school. Sain McCracken and
I Mary Joe Humpston.
Elementary: Charlie Herman Duck
led, Mrs, Carroll Morrow, Mrs. Fay
I G. Messer, Misses Dolly Harriet How
ell, Mary Elizabeth Davis, Cleo Min
ute Calelwell. Christine Lee Ilogan,
Lorena Rogers, and Louisa M. Boyd.
Apple Pickers Are
Much In Demand
The employment office issued a call
yesterday for men and hoys to pick
apples. Orchards are being picked, and
help is scarce, according to those m
charge ol the of lie -e.
There remains a shortage of do
mestic help- in this immediate vicinity,
both while and colored,. M. E. Swear
ingen, manager, stated.
Miss Elizabeth Francis left Monday
for (irei'iishorei, where she will enter
the North Carolina Women's College.
Mr. M. H. Bowles joined Mrs.
Bowles for a visit over the week-end
at the home of her mother in Irwinton,
Scout Rally Will
Be Held Sept. 25th
The 140 Boy Scouts of Havwood
county district will hold a rally, in
Canton, Saturday, September 25, on
the baseball field, there, beginning- at
2:30 o'clock.
Ribbons will be awarded in all
competitive events, which will Liclude:
tub tilting, chariot, races, blanket
stretcher race, life line contest, knot
relay, string burning, tent pitching,
and dressing races.
More details will be given next
Ben E. Colkitt is district chairman
and William Medford is chairman -of
the court of honor of the district.
I", S. Di-parl mciil ,,f t'ik nk are
a.vlle-vllle eiopi riKive Suit ion
II. M. HALL, Observer
10 :
. 7;
'-. -'
13 73
14 7li
15 72
Mean maximum
Mean minimum
Mean for wce'k .....
Lowest for week ...
Highest for week .
Total precipitation
'- 47
. 51.0
... .r.D.O
. 7S.0
. 0.5U
Same period last year
No maximum temperature available
for last year.
Mean minimum l'j:ii b7
Lowest for week VJM .i. ........5S
Total precipitation 0.05
Total precipitation to Sept. 15, 3t3 43.30
Total precipitation to Sept. 15, 37 39.84
Deficiency for 1937 3.4G

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