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Along the
,.,,i,ns that have been of
to Tar Heel politicians,
'fiu-'-t-J on Tuesday of this
Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance o The Great Smokv Mountains National Park
.... iltla important, was
'. .. mcial session of
, ' . -r .,.... ,,U TVio
Sj0n 'w convene on Noveni-
Lrtund important issue, was
. inite announcement 01 a ia-
i- Until iuesuay uieie
, One of the three, Congress-
pranl; V. HancocK, oi vjaiuiu,
j f0,th with his formal an-
,.tmtnt that ne wouiu oppose
n,beV famous globe-trotting son
June for the place as North
si' junior senator.
iitc announcement of the fifth
., congressman to oppose Key-
jnilicatcs that Congressman
I Houghton, chairman of the
hVuso ways and means com
hhI former Governor-Senator
MmiiMin will stay out of the
imliiiK' Hancock their support.
three of the "mentioned'' can-
h,'UI conferences during the
wcvk, .Morrison was not so en-
about getting into the race,
hut it is a known fact that
ready to take the stump and
word pictures about "Hob,
to the ones Senator Reynolds
nl of Morrison in the bitter 1932
Mick is a supporter of the new-
He is a hard worker, and
vigorous campaigns. If both" true to form, North
na voters will have an oppor-
of seeing one of the bitterest
ipis in years even exceeuing
Morrison-Reynolds feud in
latock has been a member of the
I since 1930, and is a third rank-
Mber of the house banking and
kay committee. "While a mem-
;f the North Carolina legisla
te sponsored the Hancock school
itock came to Reynolds' home
to make his formal announce
kiid in the meanwhile, the Jun
ctor was visiting in St. Paul.
no statement to make regard-
decision of Hancock, and this
ubt, is because earlier in the'
.Congressman- Doughton came
with a statement saying that he
wtive that Reynolds would have
'i. .....
Resources Of First National
Bank Reach Million Dollars
Death Claims D.
M. Cagle, Of Clyde
Bank Officials Attribute Better
Business, And More Confi
dence In Banks Cause
Hears Oil Suit
sis tenth fireside chat, President
tlt. pointed out to the nation
ay night via radio, the neces-
it calling an extra session of
W?, stressing that a legislative
ua was needed to nelp agricui
fndustry and labor produce a
M abundance without waste. . .
For the first time in the history
of Haywood county, the resources
of the First National Bank reached
a figure over a million dollars last
For several months, the resources
of the institution have been near the
million mark, but some days lacked
as little as $1,800 of going to the
even figure,
Officers of the bank pointed out
that October is always the heavy
month with depositors. The sale of
cattle accounts for a large part of it.
J. H. Way, Jr., cashier, said three
things were attributed to the record;
General improvement of business.
..aire money being deposited..
More money in circulation.
Business this past spring, based on
the bank's records, showed a material
gain over the past few years. Each
month there has been a steady in
crease. People are putting more money in
banks today, than at any time since
so many banks closed in H30, it was
he First National Bank was oi
ganized in 1902, and occupied the
uuiiding now used by the library. A.
uie time of organization, the bank hat
a capital stock of $25,000.
The capital stock now amounts to
$50,000, with about $850,000 on de
posit, and $100,000 in surplus, undi
vided profits and reserve. All sur
pluses of the bank were earned.
At one time, Waynesville had
three banks. In 1911 the Commercial
Bank and the First National Bank
merged, and moved into the building
now occupied by the institution.
The Bank of Waynesville, the third
bank, reorganized and became the
Citizens Bank and Trust Company.
The bank closed in 1130, during the
J. R. Boyd has been president of
the -.First National Bank since the
Merger in 1911. Before that time hi
was cashier.
J. H. Way, Jr., cashier, became con
nected with the bank in 1910. IK
became cashier in 1918 after the death
of the former cashier, W. T. Blay-lock.
fjsed legislation that will come;
the special session, will include:
'P control.
lite. Anil hftll-V vn.,,ltini
i-; 'Vi planning authorities.
- i legislation.
flumem reorganization.
Pfssmen are divided on the
-i:J'of a special session of Con-
inmie say it is a political
, 'hile supporters of the New
l:a"d it as a "necessary move."
Members of the agriculture
"tee were frank in savinc that
t'tw.mittee would not report be-
,aary rust. Another said it
' moVe in order that the con
:i could get home in time to
?n for next summer's primary
Brother Of W. C. Allen
Passes In Baltimore
W. C. Allen has received notice of
the death of his brother, John A.
Allen, 81, of Baltimore, who died at
his home on Saturday night, October
the 9th. He was born and reared in
Halifax county of this state.
Mr. Allen has often visited his
brother and his family here. He was
connected with a business firm in
Baltimore, and for a number of years
was a salesman . for hats and
He is survived by his wife and one
'1 "'dint did hot make any
Wtimen -a' i.:-
fV-n " wuis pet supreme
directly, he said that
'"Portant legislation rniild
the regular session con-!
;J.arvuarj-.: v '-
e&r!i ini.. o ' . ---i
;t(, h - -"!v, me oupreme VOuri
v- , tne newest member to
,.roustiee Hugo L. Black, had
0 retain Vii nA i
.Pitioners had insufficient
h&A ase to institute a
'tl Pl00sevelt remained
ltle court controversy.
rv a ci,uoncan orgamza
of' bow by the untimely
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Minett and
son, left yesterday for a ten-day trip
to Independence, Kansas. Mr. Minett
is rural mail carrier for Waynes
ville route one.
Former Clyde Merchant, Served
On Board Of Education For
Eighteen ears
ji;w;e p. t. stone
Joint trial of 2(i corporations and
47 prominent indivuals charged with
conspiracy to iix gasoline prices in
violation of the Sherman anti-trust
act is being heard at Madison, Wis.,
i,y Judge Patru k T. Stone, above. The
case is considered one of the most
important m the ovirporatc history of
the United States and involves com
panies controlling half the $1 4,0(10,
0(10,0(10 petroleum industry.
Travel Group Giv
en Gifts, Apples
Approximately 100 editors, travel
executives and Writers, stopped here
15 minutes Monday on their way to
the park, on the first lap of a 12-day
trip through North Carolina.
The party stopped in front of the
court house and were given apples
and inlaid wood novelties. The gifts
to the group were sponsored by the
Chamber of Commerce,
The following from Waynesville
joined the party on Sunday night, for
dinner at Grove Park Innr L. N.
Davis. M. II. Bowles, Chas. E. Ray,:
Jr., Dan Wat kins, J. Dale Stent?, and
Hugh Massie.
Miss Palmer Given Office
At Brevard College
Last rites were conducted on Sat
urday afternoon from the residence
in Clyde for D. Manson t agle. To,
widely known merchant and business
man of Havwood countv. who died
I from apoplexy, at his home at eight
I o'clock on Thursday night. Mr. I agle
i was stricken on Tuesday night and
I remained in a semi-conscious condi
tion until his death,
i Officiating at the services were the
i KeV. C F. Owen, who was assisted
by the Rev. R. P. Met racken. pastor
of the Clyde Baptist church; the Rev.
K. t'V Price, pastor ' ol the Methodist
) Episcopal Church, South, ot I Ivde.
laud tlie Rev. 1.. H. Comptvui. ot Ashe
ville. liunal was in the tamilv plot
pear t he home, in Clyde.
I Act i pallbearers were: John
I Kvans, ( huide Jones, drover Haviies.
F.l Finch. Homer West, and Walter
I (i. Sma.lhers, all ol' ( lvde.
Honorary pallbearers were: W. I.
l,ee, John Shook, C. (iuv lli(ips. O. M.
Sniatheis, J. (.'. Myers, W. d. Mvers,.
' Jack .Mi sser. It. T. Messer, John Best,
I Cudgel' Ilryson, F. M. Ityers, ('. I.,
r Westmoreland," .lake Sniathers, J. R.
I Moyd, ti. M. Fish, J. H. llaynes, F. K.
Illavnes, W. W'. Ilayne5. J. K. Tate,
I Fred West, M. P. llaynes, J. L.
! Haynes, Grovcr Rogers, .Mayor Paul
Murray, Carol J. McCrackcn, J. Ray
Myers, J. R. Morgan, Jule Welch, C.
B. Atkinson, R. T. Boyd, J. (1. Jones,
Dr. Robert Owen, Dr. F. M." Davis,
Dr. J. M. Russell, Dr. J. Frank Pate,
J. H. Morgan, T. 11. Haynes, G. C.
Haynes, II. C. Sinclair, T. 'Lenoir
Gwyn, J. Bowden Sniathers, H. Arthur
Osborne, J. T, Bailey, C. A. Mooney,
D. K. Medford, C. F. Rhiiiehart, Hor
ace Sentelle, S., Fred T. Peden
Charlie and Ed Branson, Judge Felix
Alley, Homer Henry, Clifford Brown,
J. R. Milne, and George M. Trostcl.
Members of the Woman's Mission
ary Society of the Clyde Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, of 'which Mr.
Cagle had been an active member for
marly years, had charge of the flowers.
Ml'. Cagle had been prominent-, in
the business, religious and civic af
fairs of Haywood County for a half
a century. He had served"' on the
: county board of education for 18
years, and hud' been chairman, of the
( body for several terms. After his
retirement from active membership ol
the school board he lent his influence
for the cause of education and was
instrumental in the -construction-' of
several school houses in the isolated
sections of the county. lie was serv
ing his second term as police court
judge for the town of Clyde.
Surviving are his widow, the form
er Miss Nora Long, of Jonathan !
Creek, four Sons, Homer V. Cagle, !
merchant of Canton for many years,
I). M. Cagle, Jr., of Canton, Larry
and Boone Cagle, of Clyde, all em
ployes of the .-Champion Paper and
Fibre Company, two daughters, M rs.
Claud B. Witt, of Canton, and Mrs.
Frank B. Cale, of -. Apjxmiattox, Va
six grandchildren; a brother, Lee
Cagle, of Fairmont, Ga., and a sister,
Mrs. Dovey Roberts, of Charlotte.
Buildimr Theatre
fHvHv C- ft
-A..i..i.a m:A.,n, ,
JU il
J. R. Boyd Gives
J. E. Massie Lease
On New Building
Contractors Have Started Work.
To Have Huildinjr Completed
Hv January 15th
.i. it. M,n D
. . ha w .k .: a eon: i a.-.: ; or . w i i
n. g a tiieatre bui:linr lu t- .o i he lust
a:ional li:u k. I li.' building nas
."( ! leased liv J. 1'.. Massie. who will
oip.ip it I lie total iuv . st men' will
retn sent at out .ui.OOU.
Fahner Resigns
As Street Supt.
J. -M. Palmer handed in his resig
nation as superintendent of the town
street department, The resignation
was given to the board of aldermen,
and accepted. The resignation be
came effective last Saturday.
Oscar L. Briggs will have charge of
the street' department s well as th
wafer' depart ment .
Henry Foy Awarded
Life Scout Badge
A court of honor for the Haywood
district of the Daniel Moone Council
ot the Hoy Scouts was held here ill
the court house on 'Tuesday evening,
with William Medford, county chair
man, and R. K, Lawrence, of Canton,
vice chairman in charge;
A. W. Alleli, of Asheville, Scout
executive of Ihe Daniel Boone Council,
directed the ceremonies of the ten
derfoot promotions,' and the promo
tion of Life Scout. The latter was
one of the most impressive parts of
the ' program; Henry Foy was the
only boy to receive (his honor on
Tuesday evening. His mother stood,
beside him and was first given the
award which she then in turn passed
to him.
Henry is the fourth local boy to win
this high award, the next promotion
being that of Eagle Scouf. The oth
er Life 'Scout's- are Ben Colkitt, Jack
Richeson and Joe Davis.
Promoted to tenderfoot were
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Katherine Palmer, of Waynesville,
was recently elected secretary-treasurer
of the Forensic Club of Brevard
College. Miss Palmer is a member of
the sophomore class and took part in
the club's activities last year. She
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Palmer, of Waynesville,
Dr. (Jay Returns From
A Dental Conference
cni Aims, m isew
41117 Deatb- was due to a
K . ' atld he was nnUr CQ Mo
L cipal hope of the G.O.P.
tian :' n(1 had been a right
01 the late
a ftree terms in Coneress,
2 Killed, And Another Seriously
Injured In Canton Accidents
Two accidents in Canton the first of
the week claimed the lives of two,
and another is in an Asheville hospital
seriously injured.
Early Sunday morning, Thomas M.
Rickman, 49, and Chester Ingle, 30,
were working on a wood chipper in the
Champion Paper and Fibre Company
plant, when a switch was accidently
thrown, starting the machine. Both
were critically injured. Rickman
died w;ithin a few hours, and reports
from an Asheville hospital said that
Ingle showed some signs of improve
ment Wednesday.
Mr. Rickman had been with the
company 10 years, and was buried
Tuesday at Franklin,
Early Monday afternoon, Elmo
Coleman, 22, also an employee of the
Champion Paper and Fibre Company,
was instantly killed when the road
ster in which he was riding with
Wayne Burnette, turned over on the
Dutch Cove road. Burnette was
said to have been driving,
A hearing is set for Saturday at
two o'clock in Canton for Burnette,
who posted a 2,500 appearance bond.
Coleman was buried Wednesday
morning at Hayesville, His widow
and small son survive.
V. S. PejNinrncnt of .Agriculture
Wajncsville f'ooMTalive .Station
II. M. HALL, Observer
October Max Min Prec.
7 -.'.,:' '.'". 7!) '. - - "49 '
8 .-'.." 77 :M7: .'.
9 C5 :;k
TO 50 39 : 0.33
11 58 37
12 65 -'. 34
13. -..-'; .: 6.7'.' -,' 36 .
Mean maxinium GO
Mean minimum .38
Mean for the week ......52
Lowest for the week ...31
Highest for the week .........,.....,......79
Precipitation for the week .,........0.33
Same Period Lst Year, 1936
Mean maximum 72
Mean minimum 51
Mean for week ..................................62
Lowest for week .............35
Highest for week ......... .,..;...,...,.,.:...!76
Precipitation for week :.1.31
Total 1936 prec. to Oct. 13 , ...48.53
Total 1937 Prec. to Oct. 13 ........41.39
Deficiency for 1937 from 1936 7.14
Dr. S. P. Cay returned on Tues
day from (iastonia, where he had been
attending the two-day meeting of the
First District Dental Society of the
North Candina organization.
Dr. Gay, who presided at the meet
ing, completed his year of service to
the group as president. He is suc
ceeded by Dr. S, E. Moser, of (iastonia.
Excavations are being made for a
new $;i5.00l theater here on the lot
ndoining the First National Bank,
on Main street.
.1. R. Movd, president of the First
National Bank, is erecting the build
ing, and has leased it to J. E. Massie,
owner and operator of the I"nrk Thea
tre. Mr. Massie will place all equip
ment in flu' building.
I Ihe contract was let several day
ago to Robinson Brothers,- of Ashe
ville. and specifications of the con-
tract call lor the building to be com
j pleted bv January" l.rth. Henry I.
liaines. ol Asheville, is the architect,
I I he building will be 37 by 12(1 feet,
lhi'le will be only one floor to the
'theater, and a basement which will
house the heating plant. The theater
I w ill seal ;i5.
Ihe froril will be of an imposing'
stet-ple shaped design, with alumi
num moldings running from top to
bottom,- Class brick will be used for
finishing the front.
The theater will be forty feet
longer- than the bank building.
A large stage will be built, but no
The wall of the First National Bank
will be used for one side, and the.
stairs now leading to the second story
of the bank building will remain where
they are, with the foyer of the
theater worked around them.
'1'he brick building, formerly occu
pied by (he Taxi Stand, will be torn
Mr. Boyd told The Mountaineer yes
terday that he plans to build another
building on the corner of the lot
This building will be approximately
15 feet wide and 5(1 feel long.
Mr. Massie said that he had nut
fully decided on his equipment for the
new building, but added that it would
lie modern in every respect.
Mother Of Mrs. Geo.
Ward Passes Away
Last rites were conducted for Mrs,
MacDonald Adams, 75, at the homo
of her daughter, Mrs. George II.
Ward, n Kimbeily Avenue in Ashe
ville at 10 o'clock on Saturday morn
ing, Mrs. Adams died on Thursday
night after an '.extended illness,
The Rev. Albert New, ' rector of
Grace Episcopal church, of which Mrs.
Adams was, a communicant, ofliciat
ed. Burial was in 'Green Hill cem
etery here.
Pal bearers were: 0, II. Shellon,
S. II. Bushnell, O. T, Alexander, F.
E. Alley, Jr;, Walter Crawford, Alvm
Ward and Wallace Ward.
Mrs. Adams had been living with
her (laughter in Asheville for- the past
seven years. Prior to that she had
lived here many years, and was be
loved by a large circle of friends.
Before her -"marriage to Mr. Adams,
she w-as .Miss -A Hie Davis, of Webster.
Surviving are three daughters, Mrs.
Ward ami . Miss Jlcta Adams, of
Asheville, Mrs. W. W. Smith. of
Haines City, Fla., tw sons, J. (j.
Adams, and Charles P. Adam, of
Fort Myers, Fla., and two grand
children, Mary Adams Ward and
Caroline Ward, of Asheville,
4 Men Bound To Federal Court,
Conspiracy To DefraudCharged
A crowd that filled the county court
room to overflowing, heard U. S.
Commissioner W. T. Shelton, bind
four Waynesville men oyer to federal
court, on charges of conspiracy to de ,
fraud the federal government. : The
hearing last Saturday, was i the out
growth of an investigation as to the
removal of building materials from
the armory site.
Those bound over to federal court
were: -
M. M. Xoland, member of the town
board of aldermen.
. J. M. Palmer, former superintend
ent of the street department.
Walter Fowler, WPA timekeeper.
Henry N. Phillips, armory conlrac
Eight of fifteen witnesses were put
on the stand. The defense did not
place any witnesses tin the stand.
W, Roy Francis, assistant district
attorney, conducted the prosecution,
although Marcus Erwin, district at
torney was here. The defendants
were: represented as follows:
W. T. Crawford, attorney for Phil
lips; W. T. Hannah and F. E. Alley,
Jr., attorneys for Noland; M. G.
Stamey and Hayes Alley, attorneys
for Fowler, and Alvin Ward, attorney
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