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Published In TheouySeatofHaywood CountyAi t The EasternEntrance oj The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
rlr fx -FOURTH YEAR NO. 16
a:w quite evident this week
K . o,t, is heme sriven to
fc -S voters" of the county This
Lem became more noticeable as
Kl date for filing for the June
L v will Saturday of th.s
In what was an unexpected move
1 ", tVio announcement of
th nTs'tiit'cile, that he was a can
iZ, for the House of Representa
.' ,;ct C.lenn C. Palmer.
IIS Z: had it that Mr. Palmer
uold not have any
To Asbury Howell goes the title
if promising iu ut
Lcner of the primary, when he made
fcrmal announcement that he would
wk a place on lne oouiu uiuiu-
jCMrs. Mr. Howell, a candidate two
tars ago, said he did not work for
ia nomination, but got over 2,000
ntes This time, he declares, he's
v"' . ,r- : ...:n u
ut to win. tlIS wrajjBigu whi isc
U nn his record oi me pasi wnen
E.wrved for six years on the board.
TV campaign in Haywood will get
Indfrway after the last candidate has
ilwl on Saturday. Kignt now, every-
t 1 I . lit In Knaf ll TA
toe is noKiiiiK iujr " w,
kg against hope, that opposition, if
jny, will be as light as possible. No
l0ve will dare De maae ior iear oi
stirring up something before Satur-jay,
Manv a candidate will breathe a
tah of relief when the election board
floses their (books Saturday. Last
etk the board of elections met and
fleeted Gudger Rryson, Canton, chair-
I . tt- .r VT l 1 a
lun, and w. n. ioiana, secretary.
crgc McClure is the third members.
After listening at a anti-new deal
lldress by their candidate for Con
Jrena Von no (iudger, the Haywood
publicans named their ticket last
hursday night, with the exception of
Toner and register of deeds. Both
It these will be filled by the execu
Ive committee before Saturday, it
as said.
senator Reynolds: gathered unto
mself, u number of workers in Pied
font lai'olma this week and went
w plans. This past week a number
f large placards were placed over the
punty. showing a large picture of the
Senator Reynolds spoke but little of
p opponent.. Representative Frank
Hancock, but di scribed the eon-
ftion of his own sunnorr. throno-h t)in
ate. Efforts to lead him into a dis
own of Hancock's campaign met
pgs and smiles and more talk about
'Wills prospects.
"The people of North Carolint de
,rf: no was his comment.
1 am confident of thiit'- T tr,n
pi of North Carolina. I know
ic Wav th,.v 4l,;i. -j-.t i- : ..'
. -y umm, uu x nave every
son to believe tW ,, ,;n :..
in ,), .""; ,' kc
fe the nomination by a large major-
B On .limn A " J .
He said that he ha'a ---
fction of the ?tatc in recent weeks,
Rotary President
V- iW(aMfc
Hazelwood Boy Scout Troop
On July first, M. H. Bowles will take
office as president of the Waynesville
Rotary Club. He was elected last
week by the newly named board of
directors. He will succeed William
Public Health
Nurses Gather
Here For Meet
The 0. P. ticket is as follows:
State Senate, I. H. Powell.
Representative, L. S. Stamey.
Clerk of Court, Avery Peeks.
Sheriff, J. K. Pickens.
Tax Collector, J. H. Ford.
Commissioneis: Grady Henry, Rob-
K. Hawkins, Van C. Wells.
Surveyor, Nathan Rogers.
The public health section of District
Number One, of the State Nurses As
sociation held a meeting here on Wed
nesday afternoon with the nurses of
health department, of which Haywood
county is a part, as hostesses.
Miss Lillian Bayley, supervisor of
public health nurses of the city of
Asheville, president, presided. Nurses
from the western counties were m
During the business session plans
were made for the next meeting, which
will be held a tthe Black Mountain
Sanatorium in July, with representa
tives from the seventeen western
Dr. Dudley W. Smith spoke on "The
Crippled Children Situation in Hay
wood," outlining what had been ac
complished to the present time, and
the future plans. He also spoke on the
importance of the teaching oi correct
posture to school children.
Dr. Gladys Osborne gave her im
pressions of general health conditions
in Europe and the public health prob
lems there. She also compared con
ditions in European countries with
those in this country.
A social hour followed adjournment.
The meeting was held with Miss Theo
dosia Flud, supervisor of nurses, of
the hostess group. The nurses lrom
the Haywood County Hospital . wtr
special guests of the afternoon.
-? -1 4SII HI l-U IInIOSR W'f I -if
fmmff1 V '- cp-J -k
tiff ,ir 4' ?; t V m
This is part of the Troop of Hazelwood Boy Scouts, shown standing by their new Scout hall, which
was recently completed, with most of the work being done by the boys. The building is forty by sixty
feet, and is on a lot near the Unagusta Manufacturing Plant. William Provost is scoutmaster, and
is assisted by two men both named Joe Davis.. Scoutmaster Prevost is shown in the center of the
front row, on his left is Otis Bolin and Jack Crawford, on the right. -Standing, (front row), left to
right: Eugene English, Charles Hartsell, Louis Scruggs, Kenneth Compton, Barron Crawford, Bill
Crawford, Burke Still well and Charles Gaddis. Back row: Buddy Parris, J. D. Hyatt, Raymond Henry,
Chester Davis, Wallace Robinson, Stanley Henry, Kenneth Moore, and Glenn Collins. Funds for
the building were contributed by citizens of the community, mid about '$300 was raised. The troop
is sponsored by the Booster Club. Photo by Homer Davis.
Hay wood Pictured By Experts
As Ideal Couny For Dairying
300 Baptist To
Gather Here For
Two-Day Meeting
Three hundred B. T. U. members
and associatiohal oflicials from thir
teen western counties are expected to
attend the western regional conven
tion of the N. C. Baptist convention,
which will hold u one and a half day
meeting here, beginning on Friday
afternoon at o'elock, at the First
Baptist church.
Nathan Brooks, state B. T. U. sec
retary, will be in charge of the pro
gram, which will be of wide spread
interest to the workers of these groups
in the Baptist church.
The delegates attending will be en
tertained in the homes of the members
of the congregation of the First Bap
tist church.
Miss Evelyn Underwood is leader
of the local group.
if ' ih
A s i
175 Attended Dairymen-Farmers
Meeting At Masonic Temple
Last Nijfht
With an average of iis.7, Miss
i Leathci wood will, deliver the valedic
tory address at the commencement
I exercises here mi ! riday night, May
(ith. She is the daughter of Mr
i Mrs. R. V. Leatherwood.
The following from
attending the twentieth annual meet
ing ot the JNorth Carolina uongres:?
of Parents : and Teachers, which is
being held in W'ihston-Salem this
week: Mrs. Doyle Alley, who has been
named by the nominating committee
for the office of state president, and
who has been serving the district as
president; MrSi Paul Walker and
Mrs. George Kunze, who are reprcT
senting the Central Elementary
school, and Mrs. James Tutwiler, who
is a delegate from the East Waynes-
Dairy Pointers
"Always think of green, when you
think of feed for a dairy cow." Di
La Masters.
Pleased with v, j- ...i..- J
fa attended his meetings and with
r spontaneous flemt.t:
F Which he hnH ran;A tiJ
tWk ' htat'esville and Taboro and ville organization,
V Je said,ri am spending most
"y time in Via k m.?
quire; t , SM"1, ine omce
y III i en th0UBh 1 should feel
CS,01i,t0 enered, it
a,, at People of the
I' eiitnistoj wnicn mey
the baknT ;rcmenus issues are
Rhad,ri;S; and r- Walker.and Miss Robena Miller
rck Ua ' Vlrg'nian. Mr.
F aroVCiZed hiS n0t haV"
, waioirnian soonton,
f&m Tor v"noWs' "had Wesley
' ifOrS Of hid cc.:.- TT71
i "hat !'es' t0 have him -con-rJl.y-
There were
bothe nB ;lcJJnald had come
Ca,T,.?eopIe and conditions in
Posor rr ably betier than
' Western North
supply all of the
products." Arey.
Carolina should
state with dairy
"This section has excellent pastures,
with fast growing grass, which is the
best for cows." Dr. La Masters.
"We are now handling 12,000 pounds
of milk daily and this summer expect
to go up to 18,000." rW. R. Woodall.
"Haywood dairymen were paid over
over $225,000 for products last year."
Earl Ferguson.
"North Carolina herds are clear of
T. B. and making progress in con-
At the regular April meeting of the
Woman's Club this afternoon, Miss
Anne Alhricht. dean of women at
Western Carolina Teachers College, I tr'0 of Bang's." Arey
will address the members on "Social
Education." Mrs. Dan Watkins, pres
ident, will preside.
Hostesses of the afternoon will be
Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. H. W.
Baucom, Mrs. Evander Preston, Mrs.
Dan Watkins, Mrs, LeRoy Davis, Mrs.
"The average Carolina farmer is a
poor feeder." Arey.
Dairying experts lrom three states
stressed the possibility of developing
this immediate section into one of the
leading areas in the southeast before
1.75 enteresled farmers-dairymen at;
the Masonic Temple last night-
Ihe natural tempermont of the peo
ple of this section is especially suited
lor raising good dairy cattle, was the
opinion of 11. C. Bates, held reprcsn
tative of the American Guernsey
Cattle Club, the principal speaker ot
the evening. Mr. Bates pointed out.
tli at the. people of this area love and
appreciate good cattle, and the fac
that they li.'ive always brooded stock
of some kind makes it only natural
tlut successful.
Haywood county is destined to be
come one ol lite leading dairy sections I
of the bouth. U has an ideal market, I
climate, soil, and water lor success-. MILDRED ( RAW FORI) I '1 1 1 1 I IPS
mm dairying, ;vir. nates said.
Progress is being made m Ten-
and 'lessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Missis-
sippi and Louisiana in getting pure
bred cattle started, in those states
and if stinted now, Haywood breed
ers will be in a position to sell Guern
sey Mock to those states, the speaker
lne program started in Haywood I V. R. Woodall, manager of the 1'et
some years ago is just beginning to plant here, presented It- O .Jenkins,
show results, and according to the ! district manager of the Pot Company,
specialists here last night, the woikiwho briefly told of plans for using
is moving along in a steady and prol- more niilk in the local plant
.table mannu. , hu Ld,)( (J. , h(, AsMKI.Ul(111
"You have here in Haywood coun-! furnished the beans and spinach for
tj, one of the best breeders of Guern-j the meal, which was prepared by the
sey cattle as will be found in the en-j members of the Eastern Star. Ic
lire bouth the owners of Osborne
frarm H. Arthur and Misses Louise
and Florence Osborne. Stock from
their herds are now found m every
state in the Southeast," Mr. Bates
The speaker pointed out that the
Osborne herd was started in 1921 with
four head of Guernseys and last year
on the Virginia state sale, one of their
cows sold for $925.
"We are proud of the record Guern
sey cattle is making in North Caro
lina. Last year more than twice as
Jane Troy Wyche
Makes Record In
Musical Contest
Jane Troy Wyche, pianist, young
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Troy
Wyche, and pupil of Miss Grace
Crocker, was one of the sixteen con
testants who won the coveted "supe
rior rating," out of the 400 compet
ing in Charlotte last week. Betty
Latham, young (laughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Latham, who formerly lived
here, was also one of the sixteen.
Jane whose talent as a musician
has been recognized locally for sev
eral years was given a very excellent
rating by the judges, who slated that
she showed exceptional ability, and
predicted lhat she would go lar in
the musical world.
Jane recently made her first pro
lessioual appearance, when she was
on the radio program on WWNC with
Hobble Moan, also local pianist, who
is gaming inneh recognition in radio
circles in the state.
Miss-Phillip's -was within oiie-t.eiit h
of a point of making the record -of"
, Miss Leal herwood. I he Salutatory
address will be given by her oil the
j closing night oi. 'the Waynesville high
school. i
( nation. R. R., county
agent, introduced the speakers.
"We need better feeding, more
breeding and plenty of weeding."
son in -n. , . man
?mnJlf,ngton- He has
i Zt&n Dnusual dee
,cntinuP7 y omce handles
tlned on Page Eight)
The following members of the Way
nesville unit of the American Legion
Auxiliary attended the 18th district
meeting, which wa3 held in Forest
City on Wednesday: Mrs. J. Harden
Howell, who presided as district com
mittee woman, Mrs. Hurst Burgin,
president of local unit, Mrs. W. F.
Swift, Mrs, George Plott, Mrs.
Charles Burgin and Miss Ida Jean
Mrs. Ed Isenhour, of Charlotte,
was the recent guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Q. McCracken.
"Roughage cheapest feed we have
and cows are a roughage animal."
Those making up a party motoring
to Montreal for the Asheville Pres
bytenal from the Hazelwood Pres
byterian church last week were: Mrs.
L. C. Davis, Mrs. J. E. Shields, Mrs.
Ralph Summerrow, Mrs. O. C. Lan
drum, Mrs. W. B. Winchester, Mrs.
G. C. Summerrow and Mrs, John Fer
guson, the latter spending two days..
. Miss Alice Stringfield was the guest
of friends in Winston-Saleni over the
week-end. ; 1
many Guernseys were registered
the state as the next leading breed."
"This immediate section is as well,
if not better fitted for production of
purebred Guernsey cattle than any
place in the Southeast," the speaker
Mr. Bates has been a frequent vis
itor to this county, and during an in
terview, stressed how pleased he was
to find the progress that was being
made m the dairying field of the
The meeting last night was spon
sored by the Qiamber of Commerce
and the Rotary Club, with C. N. Allen
general chairman and toastmaster.
The address of welcome was made
by Chas. E. Bay, Jr., and words of
greeting were extended from the fol
lowing: Ralph Prevost, president of
the Chamber of Commerce, William
Chambers, president of the Hazelwood
Boosters Club, M. T. Brooks, presi
dent of the Canton Chambers of Com
merce, and J. E. Ferguson, president
of the Haywood Milk Producers Asso-
cream was donated by Pet Dairy Pro
ducts Company, who also provided
tickets for all the ladies.
Visiting dairymen' and oflicials were
recognized during the course of the
Those attending, included:
R. R. Smith wick, county agent, W.
A. Copening, assistant county agent;
C. N. Allen, Hazelwood; O. F. Mc-
Crary, district extension agent, Fred
fc. fcdoan, district agent; Rev. L. B.
Compton, manager Eliada Orphanage.
J. A. Arey, dairy specialist, N. C.
State College; F. R. Farnham, dairy
specialist, N. C. State College; Charley
Rackley, manager Southern Dairies,
Asheville; Mrs. II. C. Bates, Atlanta;
Mrs. Charles Rackley, Asheville.
Henry Francis, Waynesville; R. O.
Jenkins, district manager, Pet Dairy
Products Association; W. R. Woodall,
manager of local Pet Creamery; Earl
Ferguson, President Haywood Coun
ty Milk Producers' Association,
Dr. La Masters, head dairying de
partment Clemson College; H. C.
Bates, field representative American
Guernsey Cattle Club-
Fines Creek N. C, James, Mr. and
Mis. Chas. B. McCrary, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. Noland.
White Oak Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Holder,
and Brody Z. Green.
Ivy Hill Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Cald
well, Leonard Dunavant, Mr. and Mrs.
S. J. Moody, J. A. Singleton, C. A.
Campbell, and Miss Fannie P. Camp
hell. Pigeon Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Peek
(Continued on Page Eight)
Senior Play Set
For April 22nd
The senior class of the Waynesville
Township High School, under the di
rection o! Miss Hester Anne Withers,
will present "Children of the Northern
Lights," on Friday, Aprd the 22nd,
in the 'auditorium of Hie school at S
o clock.
.'Children ol the Northern Lights"
is a romantic eomedv i'.lii'hl I "nllv il.f-
lereiil. lrom the usual run of high
I school presentations. While the sturv
is typically .modern, the author has
ideltly lent an element oi charm- to
the work by introducing -authentic
features of Swedish and Gypsy folk
lore. I he hire of the Northern Lights,
the glimpse of Gypsy life and their
ceremonials and the spontaneity of
the folk-characters are shown against
the background of a quaml village in
( eiilral .Sweden. The arrival of Alex
Olson and his mother, Hilda, froni
America and trie band of Gypsies from
Russia create excitement in the vil
lage. ,
I he members ol the s-evior class
taking part are: Jane Stents, Ethel
Brown, Susie Arrington, Vera Hos'a
flook, Alma Jackson, Helen Kings,
Emclyn Haynes, Mildred Phillips,
Stacey Wilburn, Carrie Buchanan,.
Grace Dean Leatherwood, Frances.
Carlell Lancaster. Charles Moodvl
Jack Rathbone, Hen Colkitt, Joe John
son, Carl Francis, Bobbie Plott, Wil
lard Francis and Howard Collins.
lUe lOetMie, Report
11. M. HALL, Official Observer '
April Max. Mm. Prec
14 75 40
15 75 42
lfi 76 45
17 ', 75 47 .'
18 70 56 021
1J 5 49 0.08
20 70 50
Mean maximum .. 7'5
Mean minimum . 47
Mean for week .. ... . 60
High for week .. 7G
Low for week ...... ... . . 40
Above April normal temperature 6.5
Precipitation for week ... ..... . 0 2')
Precipitation for month 2.28
Excess since April 1st .........0.174
Precipitation for year ........13.9 1
Deficiency for year 1.35
Same Period Last Tear
Mean maximum :....;..,..:..72
Mean minimum . 43.G
Mean for week v............. ,.,...57.8
High for week ....................86
Low for week ..............,...........30
Precipitation for week ............1.38

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