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Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smokv Mountains National Park
Oratorical Winner
...i predictions tail. some
Haywood voters will go
.-. 1.,., Wa'Ppn
r and seven p. m. and
. C the hardest fought
' the history of Haywood
, have been keeping in
J. with Haywood polities
'!u.Jv admitted this week,
.itip.iii.'ti had had more per
entered into it than any
politicians refuse to
me .
i0 manv complications in this
,bt are hard to figure out
. part tney m i""J
1 1 . 4'.,,. ..vainnlp. thpre were
. -i i i.e Dpmnnrats for
leL'lsicieu .
P'5 ' . i: n.wl.r.,.-
campaign, acc-orum t v,...
Ion, chairman of the board ol
nother point to be remembered,
absentee ballot is back in Hay-
id this year, and Mr. oryson re
tted that something like 800 of
ba UOtS Will Uf uacu, r" j
I number already called ior. r-iec-s
have been won in Haywood by
than 3a votes.
I lis ' campaign is far more ' com -,tel
than the 1936 campaign,
h brought out slightly more than
t thousand voters.
ftere have been changes made in
voting places in the county
Anee voters will vote in the new
school, and Clyde voters will
in the school building instead
ncher's store.
jo challenges- were made, last Sat
ire!" any name entered on the
jstratioh books, Mr. Bryson re
Union Services
To Begin Sunday; .
At Baptist Church
Choirs Of Town Are Cooperat-i
ing And Will (live Special
.Musical Numbers
. . Never No More To Run"
Ray Dietz had every reason to wear
a broad smile he won the district
oratorical contest at Swannanoa recently.
e polls for the primary will open
eveii a. m. and close at seven p.
Heretofore the polls have opened
minrise and closed at sunset. The
;e will have the effect of reduc-
athe voting time about two and a
pywood's Republicans have a
ary to be settled Saturday, in
races tax collector and commis-
ler. J he candidates are working,
are hot campaigning like the
wrats. In fact, very little is
k heard of the races.
order that the public might
the results of the election as
as possible, The Mountaineer
Martin Electric Co.. have com-
pl plans to give the returns at
feint house. Saturday night, be
ng about 7:45.
large board, with names of the
"ates in six-inch letters, has
prepared and will be hung in
of the court house, and the
of each will be Dlaced bv their
!s Within a few minutes after he-
received here. A new nuUi-
P system will be used in an-
rm? the vote of each candidate
eac.i precinct.
fcides giving the county returns,
""ns will be given over the
peaker. This Yipw e-ircstov .o
m on full volume and heard
" mi es. Music and novelty
s be given over the loud
er wh no returns are availa-
ri:k UD stl,nv,..l it.
of , mat iiiu ina-
fr-ia ;"-.ll;,ncts would be in
lot th ' 18 expfcted at 90 per
loarH k i W1U be talated on
before midnight. . , .
MoUntain.. li.i. ' ... . '.. i
lah.iia,,- Slan .will Handle
Ma tin -,, the votes. whe
F ank aT"1''0 the announcing,
rgW astern.
I, wS' Indies a lot of
'e theP?allenge(1Paul Martin
ears TPpn the ho- For
of th, , has handled this
r.. H veCt"m murns to per
e day i)',artln will give news
it the returns, and
EteheV. 8 ; enWment for
.rOaTkTcitv'lsU ...
foment Jo on-
Kto 11" .x large
';e of th . e entire front
fee 3C0Urt house with lirtt
Nd ovi' !arSe I'ght will
rrd can V board' and the
b. Can be eaS)ly read for half
ar'".ie:W.-II I
hd V.1 01 a record-break.
flymen 7 or.five
'. "? occasion.
Fd in cTT--.' .
roniued .ww0r,e thousand
a on hack page) .
Ray Dietz Wins In
Oratorial Contest
Ray Dietz, a second year high
school student and member of the
Smoky Mountains National Park
chapter Future Farmers of America,
won the Western North Carolina
Oratorical contest, which was held
on last Saturday at Swannanoa.
Young Dietz is entitled to go to
Raleig;h, on July the Kith to represent
the fifth mountain district in a pub
lie speaking contest. He Will com
pete against four other boys repre
senting the other sections of the state.
The winner in the state will represent
North Carolina at the Southern Reg
ional conference in New Orleans.
The winner at New Orleans will go
to Kansas City in October to com
pete in the National Convention of
Future Farmers of America.
Dietz is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
M. L. Dietz, of Francis Cove. He
was assisted in assembling the subject
matter for his oration, "Soil Erosion,''
by J. C. Brown, his teacher, and
trained by Mrs. J. M. Kellett.
Haywood Enters
Health Contest
The 1938 district 4-H health con
test was held in Asheville last Tues
day, with the examinations being
given by Dr. H. L. Sumner, Buncombe
county public health officer.
Haywood county was represented in
the contest by Betty Jean Best of
the Cratbree 4-H club and Roger
Rhodarnier of the Canton 4-H club.
Those in charge stated that the
whole group of boys and girls com
peting from Alleghany, Ashe, Avery,
Buncombe, Burke, Cherokee, Clay,
Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Mc
Dowell, Madison, Macon, Swain Tran
sylvania, Wautauga, and Yancey coun
ties, showed up well.
Counties represented in the second
scoring to determine the winners
among the boys were Cherokee, Clay,
Buncombd, Haywood, and Transyl
vania; among the girls were Bun
combe, McDowell Swain, and Wa
The first union service will be held
heie Sunday evening at eight o'clock,
with all three congregations in town,
gathering at the First Baptist church.
Decision was made to hold the ser
vices at the First Baptist church
during the month of June. Another
church will be named for July and
still a third church for August.
The choirs of the town are holding
legular practices every Wednesday
night, and will give special musical
numbers at each of the union services,
every Sunday evening.
The speaker for Sunday's service
was not announcedalthough he will
be a local pastor. It was decided
that when a local pastor will fill the
pulpit that no name would bo an
nounced. When a visitor will preach,
there will be an announcement made
as to the person.
The congregations of the town
recently voted to hold the union ser
vices during the summer months.
Committee To
Meet On Tuesday
The first formal meeting of the
Haywood County Hospitality Com
mittee, will be held Tuesday evening
at Lake I.ogan lodge, according to
Chairman Chas. K. Kay, Jr.
Meetings have been held of the
Waynesville and Canton groups sep
arately, and this time all M7 members
from the county are expected to
gather and organize for making
Haywood "the friendliest and most
popular county in the South."
Mr. Ray announced that while
"informality will be the keynote of
the evening," Eddie Pickard, execu
tive secretary of the Governor's
Hospitality Committee, and John
Baskerville, of the state advertising
conimitte, together with Robert F.
Phillips, of Asheville, would be pres
ent. "We expect forty people to attend,"
Mr. Ray said. "There is lots of work
for this committee to do, and Tues
day night. we plan to 'discuss the pur
pose of the hospitality committee, and
want all .'57 members to get acquaint
ed. Those in charge of the arrange
ments are: M. H. Bowles, Mrs. G. W.
Bohnsdahl, Morris Brooks, W. J,
Damtoft. J. Dale 'Stents;- and Mrs.
M. D. Watkins. .
Mrs. Hoey Hits
At Wine, Liquor
At Club Meeting
Tvlls ."(.() Cluh Women That Posi
tion Of Mothers Determines
That Of Children
This large 45-gallon still was captured by officers before it was placed
into duty, but not so with the small 5-gallon copper unit shown beside the
large one. The two stills, and four men were brought in after a raid on
Eagle's Nest Mountain. Amyng those muking- the raid were Deputy Sheriff
John Kerley and Federal Officer, Roy Recce. The four men were bound over
to federal court, their names were not made public, as it is believed they are
connected with other operations. The large still was said to have been a re
placement of one that eventually hail worn out from continual use. I'lioto
bi H mnt r Jn fin.
Howell Urges
Be Taught
Memorial Day was observed on
Sunday afternoon at the Legion
home by the local post of the Amer
ican T,egion with' the Commander
J. C. Brown, presiding.
The principal address of the pro
gram was given by Col. J. Harden
Howell, who stressed the importance
of teaching the children and adults
love of the constitution and the mean
ing of Americanism. He denounced
in no uncertain terms, communism,
fascism and nazism. He appealed to
the living to ever be mindful of the
men who had laid down their lives on
the battlefieds.
Other features of the program in
cluded a reading, "In Flanders
Field," by Virginia Kellett, two vo
cal numbers, "My Buddy" and "A
Long Trail a Winding," by Miss Ida
Jean Brown, in the latter she was
joined by the audience.
Owing to the inclement weather
the ceremony of decorating the graves
of all the soldiers buried in Green
Hill cemetery, which is a usual part
of the observation of Memorial Day,
was not held. The flags were given
out to the members of the family
and friends present, who placed them
at a later date.
Baptist Women
To Meet Thurs
day At Clyde
The annual meeting of the Woman's
Missionary. Uunion of the Haywood
Baptist Association will be held
Thursday, June 9th, at the Clyde
Baptist church.
The theme for the meeting will be
"The Trumpet Sounds We Answer."
The program will start at 10 o'clock
and close at 3:15 in the afternoon.
Lunch will be served by the ladies
of the Clyde Baptist church. All
pastors and representatives from each
society are urged to attend. Repre
sentatives from churches which have
no missionary society will also be
cordially welcomed. The program
Devotional, Mrs. A. M. Maxwell;
welcome, Mrs. E. M. Greene, re
sponse Mrs. R. H. Worley; The Years
Hymn; discussion of plans for pro
motion of the jubilee, superintendents
report, Mrs, Sam Knight; steward
ship report, Mrs. W. T. Crawford;
Missionary study report, Mrs. Sam
Jones; personal service report, Mrs.
R. T. Messer; treasurer's report,
Mrs, T. L, Blalock; literature report,
Mrs. J. M. Haynes; discussion of the
Heck Memorial Our Jubilee Gift,
Mrs. J. R. Morgan.
Address, Miss Helen McCullough,
a returned missionary from China.
Afternoon; Our Jubilee Hvmn and
devotional; open , conference; re-1
port of young people's leader, pa
rade oi progress by G. A.'s and
golden anniversary meditation.
Indians Turn
Down Dunlap's
Parkway Plan
The I'hieokee Indian Council,
voted down a proposal made this
week by Frank Dunlap, chairman
of the state highway commission,
which would have routed the
Blue Ridge Parway from Soco
Gap, via Duchess Bald into Ha
vensford. The proposed route would have
traversed the northwestern sec
tion of the Reservation.
Mr. Dunlap presented the plan
Tuesday, and the vote was taken
Wednesday after several hours
of debating.
The highway' chairman stop
ped for a brief stay here enroute
to Asheville, and discussed high
way matters with Chas. E. Ray,
Jr., L. N. Davis and Frank W.
New Jewelery
Store Opens
In Waynesville
A new jewelery and gift store has
been opened in Waynesville, occupy
ing the shop owned by W. T. Shelton,
next door to Western Union offices,
knovvn as the Davis-Smith Shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Smith, of
Canton, are owners, with Hugh Shel
ton connected with the management.
Robert Swicegood, an expert jew
eler and watch repairer, has been em
ployed by the local store. Mr. Swice
good has been with one of the leading
jewelery firms of Dotham, Ala., for
the past four years.
Mrs. Smith, who before her mar
riage was Miss Isabelle Davis, is the
daughter of Mrs. Lula Davis and the
late Jere Davis. Mr. Davis main
tained a jewelery store in Waynes
ville for a period of thirty years.
The Smiths also own and operate a
jewelery and gift shop in Canton,
which is managed by Mr. Smith.
The store in Canton having been es
tablished by Mr. and Mrs. Jere Davis.
100 Vocational
Teachers Meeting
At L. Junaluska
With practically every county in
jibe state represented by . npproxi
i niately 400 teachers, the annual live-
! ilnv ...inC.r..,,..., ,)' V,,,ll, '..,
Una teachers vocational agriculture
is being held this week at Lake Juna
luska. Owing to the cool weather, how
ever,) several programs have been
carried out at the high school audi
torium, Roy H. Thomas, state supervisor
of vocational agriculture, is in charge
of the program, assisted by Tal H.
Stafford of Asheville, district su
pervisor. Among the state officials who are
attending the meeting are: Clyde A.
Hrwin, state superintendent of public
instruction, T. E, Browne, state di
rector of vocational education W.
Kerr Seot state Commissioner of
agriculture, and the live district su
pervisors of vocational agriculture.
Also appearing on the program are
two officials of the U. S. Department
of Agriculture, .). A. Linke, national
agent for vocational education, Wash
ington, D. C, and I). M. Clements,
Southern regional agent for agricul
ture education.
The meeting opened on .Monday af-
ternoort, following registration. J.
The First District of the North
Carolina Federation of Home Demon
stration clubs met here in Friday in
an all day meeting for their annual
conference, at the First Methodist
church. Mrs. Hurley C. Reno, ot
Canton, president, presided, with Mrs.
W. H. Nesbitt, of Swain county, act
ing as secretary.
The district includes the following
counties: Cherokee, Haywood, Gra
ham, Macon, Jackson, and Swain.
Nearly 500 women attended, with
Ht from Haywood county.
Newly elected officers to serve th"
district for the coining year were:
President, Mrs. Carl Slagle, of Macon
county; first vice president, Mrs.
Lewis Cannon, Jackson county; sec
ond vice president, Mrs. H. E. Enloe,
Swain county; third vice president,
Mrs. J. H. Green, of Graham county;
secretary, Mrs. Julia Wells, Chero
keen county.
The principal speaker on the pro
gram was Mrs. Clyde R. Hoey, wife
the Governor of North Carolina, who
spoke on "Home." With her good
practical ideas of home making and
motherly advice Mrs. Hoey won con
stant applause from the audience.
She said: "The home is our greatest
institution and our home-makers are
our -greatest benefactors. Whatever
the women of a .community are the
same community in which they live.
The Ingest purpose of every good
womuh is to have a happy; home."
Mrs. Hoey. rather called down the
modern idea of leaving the lessons
to the teachers and pointed out that
it was I he duty of the mother to find
out just what her children are study
ing. She also emphasized the im
portance of making the home a pleas
ant and agreeable place to come to,
in other words a happy home.
In closing her address Mrs. Hoey
spoke with feeling on the subject of
wine and beer drinking, and the ef
fects the freedom of the present day
social customs are having in break
ing down the morals of the young
people. She reminded the women
that the position the mother in thi
home takes on such questions usually
establishes the position taken by her
daughters and sons.
The program opened with tin? sing
ing of "America the Beautiful," fol
lowed by th,' repeating of the "Collect
of Club Women of America," by the
audience. Mrs. C. C. Newell, in be
hall of the clubs of Haywood -oumy,
welcomed the visitors, Mrs. 10. W.
Strunk, of Cherokee county, respond
ed. Special songs and musical num
bers were rendered by the Beavcr-
iai-n. eiui), and the Clyde
Dale Stentz extended a welcome, to ' onst ration -h.h v v" """' "'"-
Thomas responded, t Miss Anna C. Row e, district -ounty
addressed the group a iron t. m-cu,,i...i .i.., .
Peacemaker Slightly
Injured During Scrap
Lucius Bramlett was slightly in
jured Saturday afternoon when he
tried to separate two men fighting
at the court house. He received a
slight knife cut on the side of the
head, When one of the men tried to
break away. The in iurinir of Mr. I Armnrv. M-iih mi.cin f,.;. v..i C. ,i.
which Roy II.
D. M. Clements
on Southern Agriculture Conditions.
On Tuesday morning Clyde A.
Erwin addressed the teachers on the
financial condition of American farm
ers, comparing present flay incomes
and standards to those of 24 years
T. E. Browne, in his annual ad-
j i j. it. . i . ...
iiiens in ine reacners .set up certain
standards for tPachers pf vocational
agriculture, and pointed out their
rcsponsiDiiities to the community in
which they teach
On Tuesday night the recreational
program was given in the high school
auditorum, with 30 Cherokee Indians
giving ceremonial dances and ex hi.-.
bit ions of archery.
On Wednesday', morning the busi
ness was continued, with a motor
cade to Clingman's Dome in the af
ternoon as guests of the Waynesville
Chamber of Commerce, and a rcera
tional program in the evening.
This morning the program will be
held, with the afternoon given over
to recreational activities, with a
choice of trips, game of golf or a visit
to the Bi It more Mansion. Tonight
the Waynesville Chamber of Com
merce will give a dance in the new
Bramlett was accidental
The two men were fined $25 each
in Mayors court Monday. Their
names were Price and Haney, who
were reported to have had a grudge
against each other for several years.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plott, of Enka,
announce the birth of a daughter,
Mary Carolina, on Saturday, May the
21st, at the Mission Hospital, in
Asheville. Mrs. Plott is the former
Miss Edna Jones, of Jones Farm.
Miss Abbie Faye Henry, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Henry, will
receive the degree of bachelor of arts
at commencement exercises at Wo-
man's College of the University of
North Carolina, on Monday morning,
June the 6th. Miss Henry is a mem
ber of the Cornelian Society, the
Botany club, the Chemistry club, the
Education club, and the Square Dance
club. Miss Henry is one of the 291
members of the senior class.
Buccaneers of Asheville. The Soco
Gap dance team will stage a floor
show. ... '
On Friday a business session will
close the annual five day conference,
which has been a well balanced pro
gram of serious considerations of
work and a variety of recreational
" K . nie meeting, including Mrs. T
W. Lloyd, state president of the Fed
erat.on of the Home Demonstration
clubs, and Miss Ruth Current, state
hmo demonstration agent, arid Mrs
Clyde R. Hoey. At noo a bullet
luncheon was served in the .lining
room of the church. In the after
noon Miss Current addressed the
meeting, telling the women what a
power they are in North Carolina,
pointmg out the fact that they now
numbered 6(1,000 strong. She com-
....:..., io mem lour words
snouid no applied to
enthusiasm, vision,
The meeting next year will be held
in Bryson City.
Following adjournment a tea, with
several civic groups of the county as
hostesses, was given complimenting
Mrs. Clyde R. Hoey.
each member,
optimism and
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Wells,
on May 22, a daughter, Julia Anne.
W. R. Francis, assistant district
attorney, leaves the first of next
week for Seattle, Wash. He is going
to see about some legal matters for
the government, and will be gone
about ten days.
Friends here have received notice
of the death of Mrs. J. E. Carlcton, of
Statesvlille, which odtfurred at her
home in that city on Monday after
hoon. f'uneral services were held on
- Dr. and Mrs. Carleton and their
family were well known in w. .
ville, having come here for the sum
mer for the past twentyhree years,
rhey stopped at th.
Jessie Rogers for eleven years and
were guests of Mrs. E. B. Camp for
twelve years. Last summer was the
first season they had not been here
since their first visit.
Mrs. Carleton is survived by her
husband and three children, all of
A singing convention will be he
at Allen's Creek on Sunday af terno-
Degmning at 1:30 o'clock. All
ers, quartets and choirs of the
are invited to attend.
- ' 1
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