North Carolina Newspapers

Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smokv Mountains National Park
:koTrth year no. 31
WAYNESVILLE, N. (, THIRS!AY, Al'fil'ST 4, 19.58
own Boards Discuss PWA
Approval of Sewer Project
Has The Patience Of Job
Budget Of Almost Half Million,
Shoots County Tax Rate to $1.64
L Decision nas
Bv Officials Whether io Ac
cept Or Reject Offer
boards of Waynesville
Hajthuw! met in a joint session
.hi ro discuss the approval of ;
r . 7 7 no f,i,
line riom Hazeiwood i
To Preside
WA 1"
Eat ifl'lii-atii'll lor me money
c ijvi- years ago, anu uuiiiiug was
j'fiom thi- matter until last Fri
a telegram from Washing-ton in
.(J u.un officials of the approval.
f-,t. twn oniviat nave uccu wu-
rtj bv numerous citizens, asiving
; deposition would be made ot
pi, kit. and whether the loan
1j bu aici iiuil. No decision has
,' rvaihiil by the officials,
sail the terms of the applica-
pVA would make a direct granl
15 pi i- iiiit, ami loan oo per cent
thaty years at lour per cent m--t.
;t ti'wn oiiiciais nave oeen con-
2XW into the sewer line project,
plans made when the loan was
L-ht called for an increase in wa-
ratcs to pay off the indebtedness.
lft five years, the board is. com-.
d of some new memb'tt's, and no
icatiun has been made public as
what will be worked out.
he survey was made at the time
application was filed with PWA
id for a sewer line that would be
re enough for "all future growth
:he community. '
Members of. the state board of
,1th have been in the community
:e the '.application was approved,
ting a study of the situation.
!jr had no. public statement to make,
have consulted with officials of
I towns.1-
is also known that TVA officials
it been in the section, making ten
v surveys on the matter.
he question of taking the sewer-
out of Richland Creek has been
ussed at frequent intervals ever
K the lake was built, some 25
ago. The matter has been in
pt, and discussed before numer-
board and commissions.
light at this time, Waynesville is
terapkiting the improvement of a
w system, and Hazeiwood has had
urvey made for water system sep-
ana apart from Waynesville's.
is understood that the two
a borads will meet again tonight
h the trustees of Lake Junaluska.
Proximately 75 cottaye owners
We Junaluska met iri a sneHul
Ming last Monday afternoon, and
aw at "length, the proposal of
t.ns of lliize wnnrl
pie.. building a sewer line to
m River."
"definite action was taken bv the
pending official action by the
ot Waynesv e. anrl Ha.
pod.. The cottage owners decided,
u mat the trustees of thP
meet with the two boards after
boards had had time to go into
matter,. .
N in session, those present dis
FUt length the increase valua-
Piaccd on some property in the
by the, county.
Perty Will Be
Sold For 1937 Taxes
collectors in the county : are
'a. enf'(l in getting the names
a" delinquent tMvo., 4.u
W- m preparation for the an
"dvertisino. v,;.,i. ...mi v . ,.
' Pt'oPertv uMl v," .1.. -Ix- . j :.
L ' Snd 8oW the court
hmber : ' nrst Monday in
fertiStd. "eett-ena wui De
v i
U T! (I IT-1
,m.nm.m,rUmm lit' ill. ii . ..ilni 4 J!3
Afraid Of Weather
The 'patience of Biblical Job, was used by Ceoie Miller in whittling out
JJ.l.i.'i pieces of wood for the library table shown above, with Mr. Miller
standing behind. Kiglm-en months woiv iviim'ivd to whittle and glue the
pieces ul 1(1(1 (ulleretit woods together. -'info by Homer Hart.
Mrs. Doyle 1). Alley, president of
the North Carolina Congress of Par
ents and Teachers, who will preside
over the group meetings of the or
ganization to be held at the Institute
at Chapel Hill next week.
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County Commissioners Buy
Property On Main Street
Many Prizes Being 60 Men Working
Offered At Quilt On New Hazeiwood
Show, Set For 11th School Building
Woman's Club Sponsoring Show; New Huilclintf Will Cost About
Will lie Held In Main Street
Building Next Thursday
The comittee in charge has
announced that Thursday, August the
11th, has been set for the annual
quilt show, which has been sponsored
for the past several years by the
Some sixty men are employed on
the construction of the new Hazel
wood school building, which is being
built within 55 feet of the present
Woman s Club. Ihe show will be ! Jack Messer, superintendent of the
held in the building recently vacated county board of education, said ves
by Raiffs Department store next i terdav that it would be sometime next
$65,000. Will Be Ready
Next Year
1 t' " Vr
h " ""iii-
Increase Of .'.'5 Cent Made In
Tax Kate For County Fox
Coming Fiscal Yeac
The eoiinly eiininilssu-.i'.r; cj,ni
adopted a budget calling tm $ANs.
77!l.ti! fur the fiscal year, vhich. iu--eissitates
a tax rate ol $1.14. pui ix.
hundred dollars valuation I'hj.i
an liien ase of ,il eents ovei Ust -vwi .
K (!iirrniriit Tuk f.;if v
door to Stovall's Five and Ten Cent
Each year the show attracts visi-
The board of commissioners bought
outright, fifteen feet of Mam street
property, and took an option on an
additional twenty-five feet. The prop
erty adjoins the LeFaine Hotel.. Ten
tative plans are to widen the street
tha( runs to the 'back of the court
house, and to convert the lot into a
park spiiee for cars used by those'
having business in the court house.
The lot faees forty feet on Main
street. The deal was made by T, H.
Medford, owner of the property.
The 'commissioners paid $l,K00.for
the fifteen feet, and the option calls
for $1,800 for the additional twenty
five feet.
It is understood that work on wid
ening the street., or a parking lot, will
not get underway soon.
The. general .intention of the board,
it was said, seemed to be (hat the
option would be exercised with an
appropriation in next year's budget.
Uopiesentat ive John Cube much pre
fers to stay in the mountains ihan o
go to the special session of the legis
lature ill Kaleigh. If he had assnntnee
of comfort, he'il feel much better
right now.
Special Session In
August Gives Cahe
"Weather Troubles"
The budget ot almost hii it. iu'
lion, was shot skvwanl bv an mtr.wi
in bond payments becoming t)ui , in j
the adilition ot capital out hi) in i
the eountv anil school IiiikK. ami tit
slicing of one million dollar ikt
valuation, bringing the new vsluavicc
of Haywood down lo twents-tli;
The budget as adopted hv tlu- It m !
here .Monday, sets out the tolSi. itj;
Debt .Service
OKI Age Asst.
Aid to Dept. ( hi
Welfare Department K,4mm
Capital Outlay Ki,i:i20
Current expenses
Capital outlay
Debt Service'
Canton I barter Dist. 17,0(10.00
County Hospital 01,000.00
Totals !MKH,77!U;!I
1 t.7MI.(Hl
ren r,!lli().tKI
1 l,170.(KI
Travel Hdilor Of Chicaner
Is Coming Here Next Week
year before the building would be
ready for occupancy. The building is
being constructed for the most part
tors not only from Waynesville, but j with WPA labor, and will cost about
Irom the surrounding area, w ho are i $65,000.
iiiieiesieu in iiome eiari-s anu iu i he new school will have ten class "If 11' ) 'lJ
revival of quilting and weaving. ; rooms, an auditorium and a large llllllarS liUllQing
The committee who will have charge . basement. A heating plant for the: j f' V ' '
of the arrangements this year in-I building will be in the basement. IlOme T airVlCW
eludes, Mrs. S. P. Gay, chairman, Mrs.) porter McClure is in charge of . i : .
John M. Queen, Mrs. James" W.' KiU.: construction
The building is of the one-story
type, and is being built back from "the
Street to give plenty of space for
play on. the grounds.
lian, Mrs. J. P. Dicus, and Mrs. Paul
While the committee urges the
entry of quilts and coverlets which
have been on display before, no prizu
will' ' be given for any article which
has previously won a prize.
The following prize list will show
the desired entries and the awards:
Trouble Local
Home Guards In Camp
-ftiUr .... . .,
'-ompanv . ,tnree omcers
tT :..f.' , ' tne liJOth ln
ir, ,lere ,by train Sunday
ripnifnt ' I'c annual summer
at DeSoto National For-
Inrol ....
Uf thc a t" i e since the ar
'0l,'Pay was that thev
steady rainR cin
tcampP" Snie 3'000 men are
H ir.d,.re'',tn arrow has been
Miin .... np Pa,k entrance sicn
Ka BaM dlrectinS traffic to
r- fho : . "ie masonic
;ne Stance is 27 miles.
Embroidered spread ....
Knitted Spread:
First prize
Second prize
Woven Spread:
Old spread
New spread
Tufted spread
Crocheted Spread:
First , prize
Second prize
New Patch Work Quilt:
First prize ...................
Second prize
New Applique Quilt:
First prize ....... ...
Second prize
Old Quilt:
First prize
Second prize ...1..........
Silk quilt
Afghan .. ..
Pillow Cases :
Old ..
. New .. ''.-.
Wool Hooked Rugs:
First prize .-i -
Second prize
Silk rug ..............
Knitted Suit:
First prize
Second prize
Needle Point
Luncheon Cloth:
Second prize
First prize
; .50
: .50
... $1.00
...... .50
... .$1.00
-.' . .50
.'.'..'...". .75
...... .75
: .75
l ',.' .
.... $1.00
Coronation Of Queen
Of Junaluska Will Be i
Brilliant Affair Sat,
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. F. Mfllar and
two sons, Hob and Hill, of Chicago,
have i. ' rived to spend' sometime here.
Mr;. 'and:. Mrs.. Millar formerly' lived
here- fin' a period.
.. They have bought property on the.
Fail-view road, and are erecting a :
home oil the location adjoining the
W. F. Swift farm, which will be a
permanent residence.
Mr MMl.-i
With the selection iof her court by ; Chicago, is retiring from active prac- i
Miss Frances Crum, of Durham, tlC( f hls profession an.l is moving !
Queen-elect of Junaluska, the stage : h'!'; w'th his family to reside in the
is being set for the coronation, which lufui''- j
promises to be a. brilliant and color- J ' " '
ful affair. Coronation ceremonies! WIM OFFICIAL HF.RE
will take place at 8 p. m. Saturday, j W. E. Preese, WPA administrator of !
on the platform of .'the Methodist the fifth district, was in Waynesville !
Assembly. 'yesterday m business. j
Annual Farm Tour Will
Be Held Friday, 12th
! Haywood Representative Would
! Ratjier Wait Until Fall For
I Special Session
liepi eseiital ive John Cube is not as
much disturbed over the Pending bills
that will be presented when the spe
cial session of the North Carolina
legislature meets next Monday, as he
is lialeigh heat.
"I guess I'll vote lor the hills they
are culling us 'down there to vote on.
The folks that have gone into il Seem
to think its the thing to do. I look
for it to lie like t he special, 'session ill
the fall
to Vote
local hi
Winifred Cafes, travel editor of
The Chicago Daily News, will ta- Shi
guest of the Waynesville Chwrv.H?.-
of Commerce and the llaywo.Kl O k-
j ernoifs hospitalitjy committed is
; August 10 ami 1 1th.
I The Chicago editor hus l'-u it:
; commuiiiealion with ('has. K. Kay, Jf .,
chairman of the hospitality mnrA-
jttee, and has accepfel nn mutiny. .'
to spend two days in this area.
of I'.i.'it! when we wenl down
on the social security ' pi'o-
A group of 22 teachers and students
from W'estern Carolina Teachers Col
lege passed through town on Wed
nesday en route to the Masonic
shrine at Black : Gap Camp. This
shrine is attracting visitors daily.
The Church of God, Hazeiwood, will
observe a home coming day on Sun
day, August the 7th,
There will be an all day service,
with special music. The public is
invited to attend.
More Belle Meade
Property Will Be
Sold At Auction
Owners of Belle Meade confirmed
the sale of 45 lots,, which were sold
at auction last Thursday by Penny
Brothers The sale was halted be
cause of a downpour of rain. The
sale will be resumed Friday morning
of this week at ten thirty.
The lqts on Fairview Drive, which
overlooks fairway number sixteen
and seventeen will be offered for sale
tomorrow at auction, with Penny
Brothers doing the selling. These
lots have a high elevation.
The total of last Thursday's sate
amounted to approxximately $2,000.
buyers at the sale last week got real
The owners pointed out that the
It is hoped by 'sponsors of the Hay
Wood County Farm and Home Tour
that it will have the largest attend
ance this year than in anv year pre
vious and according to reports it will i
u .',-
The Farm and Home Tour is under
the supervision of the Extension Ser
vice in Haywood county. Assisting
the Extension Service in sponsoring
the Farm and Home Tour this year
are the Haywood. County Mutual Soil
Conservation and Land Use Associa
tion, Home Demonstration clubs of
Haywood county, representative of
the Farm Security Administration in
Haywood county Rotary Club of
Waynesville, Ciyitan Club of Canton,
Waynesville and Canton Chambers of
Commerce, Vocational Agricultural
teachers, in the county, Haywood Mu
tual Canning Association, The Way
nesville Mountaineer and Canton En
terprise. "In an effort to build a more mu
tual understanding between the rural
people and the town people it is hoped
buyers at the sale last week got real
fcartgains The (property sold last' that many of Our business and pro-
, . ... . i . . . ,i . . : . r : i -, t i i i . i
week was in the vicinity of the swin
ming pool
fessional men will be able to attend
(Continued on back page)
asked about tile possibility of
s coming il) in this special
the former llaywnod .sheriff
shook his head, and said: ."There ain't
a chance of getting lliioiigh. A local
bill brought up in a special session
is killed before it is read through."
Mr. Cabfi was elected it) November,
1 !:;" and this will be his third (rip
to the ..legislature; A 'special .session in
the fall of. llt.'lO, and the regular .ses
sion in January of 10.'!7 and this
special session, which will decide;
whether or not the state will put up
funds to assure getting some PWA
'project.' The PWA sets out that 45
per cent of a project be paid by the
sponsor anil lifty-tive by PWA. The
work under consideration would be
buildings and improvements to state
Tentative plans call for about $11,
(100,000 in improvements-. -Of this, the
state would put up about five million
and PWA about six million. The
state treasury can now stand the is
suance of bonds up to six millions, it
has been pointed out.
Mr. ... Cabe is of the opinion that the
special session will adjourn by noon
Saturday, after convening at noon
"When I left Raleigh and the leg
islature after the regular session in
the winter of l!l.'i7, I never expected
to see the boys again, but it looks
like the federal government makes
most all of us change our minds, and
way of doing things."
As nepresentative Cabe recalled
incidents of the session, he talked of
the closing hours when his liquor bill
was passed after a strenuous fight.
When asked how he would like to go
through with a similar 'experience, he
said: "Man, its too hot for things
like that now."
And once again, Haywood's rep-;
resentative showed signs of concern,
as he thought of spending a week of
August in Raleigh.
Court House (Jetlinjr
Thorough Scrubbing
The Haywood court house is gettinj.'
an annual summer cleaning, wytrc
something like twentv women enngxi?
under a PA project.
The. walls ot the building, nil Khc
trill), and floors are being scrubbed.
The method of cleaning is in up
jieaiaiiee equal to a fresh coat
I'ublicati'on Carries
SI jl eh About .1. II. Way
Mayor J. II. Way was one ol v
few citv officials featured in the u
fciist isnie of the CXl)it.h (Tartdioa
Municipal News.
The publication carried his pietui
and a brief story of his life.
Mrs. Rov Campbell will return' Sun
day, after spending a week in ..
York buying ready-to-wear for Ma.
tie's -Dejiartmetit Store.
There yvill be anold-fashioned min
munity sing at the Allen's tutt.
liaptist church on Sunday, August 7.
beginning at one-thirty, hveryonc .
cordially invited.
7te llecMtel Report
H. M. HALL, Official Observer
R. A. Morrison, of the sales depart
ment Of The Texas Company, Norfolk,
spent several days here' as the guest
of C. V. Eell, local Texas distributor.
July Max Mm Pr :.
28 X5 52
29 hi 57 1.7";
''.0 Ki - 2 2 i
31 80 IV.i
1 81 i7 0..i;
2 81 r,r, c
3 8:5 (: o.
Mean maximum
Mean minimum . . SI.'.
Mean for week ;... 7i-
High for week ... 87.
Low for week SC.
Above July normal
Above normal for August J.'.
Precipitation for week
Precipitation for July .. CSs-,
Above normal for week 2,5.
Precipitation since Aug. 1st 0.4T
At normal for August tKAi
Precipitation for year
Below normal for year

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