(Jpjy On Parent's Anniversary THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER f - , it-. I 1 ' 'Ink i MY! Ir, ind Mrs. Joseph Alvan Webster, whose marriage was solem- l Saturday evening at 7 o clock at the home of the brides QiMr.and Mrs, James Robert Boyd on the occasion of the latter's i iMding anniversary. Mrs. weDsier was me lormer miss nar Josephine Boyd. Harriet Boyd Wedded To wph A. Webster Saturday ( Is Harriet Josephine Boyd, 'its of Mr. and Mrs. James "Nocturne in and Joseph Alvan E ha, wn of the late Mr. and Join Robert Webster of .aafcurj, were married at 7 i Saturday evening at the k if the bride's parents on Witreet. snuriage took place between hours of the open house irioVi parents were holding in pace of their fiftieth wed- amersary. For the ceremony i limited number of relatives itiaite friends were present. i it the evening the bride and iweived with the family. : it tows were spoken before Wised altar in front of the e in the library. Green' Flat," by Miss Grace Crocker, pianist, "Ich Liebeh Dich, I Love You," by Grieg and "The Sweetest Story Every Told," by Shults, was sung by Mrs. Larry Cagle, of Clyde, niece of the bride, accompanied by Miss Crock er. The bridal chorus from Lohen grim was used as the processional and the march from Mendelssohn as the recessional. During the cere mony, Miss Crocker softly played, "Erotkon," love poem, by Grieg. The bride entered on the arm of her brother, James R. Boyd, Jr. She wore a handsome gown of an tique bridal satin, fashioned along i princess lines, with a low hip basaue. endine with a point in I background with floor . j j 4v vi, msn, Mtawrth lighted tapers, and t,nv -tm wtons. The sleeves Mnaards containing white' prp lon fln(1 sTirhtlv miffed at w eiiner siae made an J-Ave setting for the ceremony. w. James G. HuE-irin. Jr.. f the First Methodist a, officiated, using the double wnce. pttothe ceremonv the fnllw. "Ptial music was rendered: the shoulders, with points over the hands, and closed with matching satin covered buttons. The sweet heart neckline was finished with touches of Aleacon lace. The full Bkirt was held in plaits under a bustle trim and fell into a sweep ing train. Her veil of illusion was I . - "" . ' " " Will Be The Lucky Graduate? v will award a fine GRUEN Guild Watch few days the GIANT WATCH tells! 0 . . . win he the lucky GRADUiE Gian Watch on display in our window. When the hand will point out the lucky winner, fortunate graduate will indeed be very happy pfejp5 Wonderful award. We know it will give great j" and serve a daily usefulness for years to come, o other watch represents such fine quality and worth as a GRUEN. llA,... WOOD.,, Dappe,. smartness in a streamline ".retow gold filled, 17 jewel. Reliable Jewelers "CREDIT WITH A SMILE" WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Fie IS Mr. And Mrs. Ferguson Hosts Of Buffet Smroer For Bridal Party Friday Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ferguson were hosts on Friday evening of a1 buf fet supper in compliment to the bridal party and a few out of town guests here for the weiMinw f Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alvan Webster and the golden wedding anniver sary of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Boyd. The house was arranged in mmn. tities of spring flowers in pastel shades. Following the servinc nf supper the guests went to the noma oi jar. and Mrs. Boyd where the rehearsal of the bridal party was new. The guest list included : Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cagle, of Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Bovd. Mr and Mrs. James Robert Bovd. Jr.. Miss Mary Henry, John Henry, both of Spartanburg, Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Huggin, Jr., Miss Grace Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith, Miss Caroline Smith. Bill Smith. Thad Chafin, Jr., and John Boyd. John Allen, of Burlington Vt., left Tuesday after spending two weeks here with Mrs. Allen at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Tom Stringfield. Mrs. Allen and young son will remain for a more extended visit. held in place by an arrangement of orttnge blossoms. She carried a prayer book, to which white or chids were attached and Bhowered with lilies of the valley. Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Boyd, bride and groom of fifty years ago served as honorary attendants. Mrs. Boyd wore a gown of blue crepe and her flowers were laven der orchids. Miss Mary Henry, of Spartan burg, niece of the groom was maid of honor. She wore a gown of pink marquisette net over matching taffeta, with high neckline, and three quarter sleeves. In her hair she wore flowers and carried an old fashion nosegay, Miss Caroline Smith, niece of the bride, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith, of Kiver- dale, Ga., was junior bridesmaid. She wore a gown of blue marcuiis sette fashioned on similar lines to that of the maid of honor. She also wore flowers in her hair and carried an old fashioned nosegay. The Broom had as his best man, his nephew, John Henry, of Spar tanburg, and Thad Chafin, Jr., nephew of the bride served as groomsmen. The bride is a graduate of the local schools and the Womens's DnlWa of the University of North Carolina. She did special work at Duke University,, and nas taugnt in the county schools for the past few years. For traveliner. following the re ception later in the evening, she donned a costume suit of soldier blue trimmed in rock sable, with which she wore black accessories and a corsage of white orchids. The groom a native of South Carolina, is now residing in Joilet, Til TTn reee ved his education in thA nnhlie schools of Spartanburg, attended Wofford College and the TTnivprsitv of South Carolina. Al ter completing work at both insti tution he took special courses at the South Texas School of Law and Commerce in Houston. At the nrospnt he is connected with San derson and Porter, consulting en gineers, now engaged on eontsruc tion of a munition plant near Chicago. The couple will be at home alter May 1st in Joilett, 111. the out of town guests attending the marriage and the golden wedding anniversary oi tne bride's parents were; Mrs. Ar thur M. Waldron, of Cleveland, Ohio, aunt of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cam pbell, of Char wt Mr. and Mrs. Sam Henry, Miss Mary Henry, John Henry and Sam Henry, Jr., all of Spartanburg, Mr, nH Mrs. Harry McFall Pick- ette, of Greenville, S. C, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith ana aaugn ter, Caroline Smith and son Billie Smith, of Riverdale. Ga., Mrs. Hubert O'Donnell, of Lookout Mountain. Tenn.. Corporal Inaa Chafin, Jr., of Fort Jackson. Rev. W. H. Baucom, Mr. ana Jirs. Sanford Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Plott Boyd, of Asheville, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Owen, Dr. Charles Owen, Mrs. George Jones and Son, Frank Jones, of Canton, Joe Rose, of Chicago, Detroy Blanton, of Spar- taburg, Mrs. Forresy Stokley, Mrs. J. Fred Jones and young daughter, Charlotte Nan, of New T.nn . Mrs Hueh Leach and daughter, Louise, of Franklin, Mrs T. C. Clayton ana miss mnu nf Addie. Mr. and Mrs. Jrfmes A. G. Davey, of Asheville and Soco Gap, and Mrs. B. M. AD bott, of CoUege Park, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Cuddeback spent the week-end in Mills River with the parents of the latter. David Hyatt, of Newport News, who holds a position with the Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company, arrived on Monday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will A. Hyatt Henry Davis has bought what is known as the Darby property on Poplar street in Haielwood. Bride and Groom on 50th Anniversary if . .. - k (Ji ll Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Boyd, who held open house on Sat urday at'ti'i noon ami evening in observance of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Boyd Hold House on 5 Jtli Anniversary Open guests was a collection of photo graphs of the family, the first taken in 1896 when there were only three children, and a number of pictures of the family group of 12. A musical program was present- Hundreds Of Guests Call During Afternoon And Evening Of The 29th Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Boyd held onen house at their residence on Saturday afternoon and evening ed by the following: Mrs. W, L in observance of their golden wed- Matney, pianist, Miss Margaret ding anniversary. The hours were Stringfield, violinist, Mrs. Fred from 3 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon Martin, soloist, Mrs. Troy Wyche, and from 8 to 10 o'clock in the pianist, and Miss Mildred Crawford, evening. Several hundred guests soloist, .called.;'.. I Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, the latter CorpoiaJoe Shipley, of Fort m a blue crepe gown, embroidered Jackson, was the guest of his in gold beads with corsage of lav. family over the week-end ender orchids, received in the liv ing room, assisted by their ten children and their families as fol lows; Lt. and Mrs. Grady Boyd, the latter in flowered crepe, with corsage of gardenias, and their two children, Barbara Ann and Tommy Boyd. Mr. and Mrs. Thad O. Chafin, the latter in black luce gown with corsage of yellow roses, and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cagle, Thad Chafin, Jr and Robert Chafin, Miss Bessie Boyd, in green taffeta with corsage of pink roses; Miss Daisy Boyd in blue taffeta with corsage of pink roses.' : . Mr. and Mrs. Grady Clayton, the latter in a gown of ashes of roses marquisette, with corsage of pink roses; and their son, Henry Clayton; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith, the latter in blue lace with corsage of pink roses, and their daughter, Miss Caroline Smith, and son, Bill Smith, of Riverdale, Ga. Mrs, and Mrs. J. J. Ferguson, the latter in a gown of white ailk jersey 'with gold trimming and a corsage of talisman roses; John W. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Boyd, Jr., the latter in white silk net with black lace bodice and cor sage of white flowers, and "their young son, Dickie,, and in the after noon Miss Harriet Josephine Boyd, whose marriage to Joseph Alvan Webster took place at 7 o'clock and later in the evening the bride and groom received with the family. Others assisting in receiving were Mrs. L. E. Perry and Mrs. Chas. F. Owen, the latter of Can ton, at the door, and Mrs. Ernest J. Hyatt received in the library. Mrs. Frank Ferguson invited the guests into the dining room, where Mrs. E. C. Wagenfeld presided. Assisting in serving were Miss Nell Campbell, Miss Margaret Perry, Mrs. Medford Leatherwood, Miss Edna Boyd, Miss Mattie Moody, Miss Sarah Welch, Mrs. J. C. Pipes, Mrs. Wilma Campbell, and Mrs. Hubert O'Donnell, of Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Miss Fannie Pearl Campbell and Mrs. Sam Henry, the latter of Spartanburg, presided at the punch bowl. The house wag decorated in quan tities of yellow and white flowers, including roses, gladioli, snapdrag ons and various spring flowers, dozens of them sent by friends. The refreshment table in the din ing room was centered with a three tier wedding cake topped with a miniature bride and groom and decorated in gold. Yellow flowers and yellow tapers were also used. Favors of golden wedding bells with ribbons attached bearing the dates of March 29, 1881 and March 29, 1941 were presented each guest . Centering the interest . of the Eileen Massie, who is attending the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, is spending the spring vacation here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James E, Massie. V i.' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Frehn, of Bristol, Tenn., spent the week-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Black well. Miss Sarah Queen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Queen, who is a student at the Women's College of the University of North Caro lina, is spending the spring vaca tion here. -...'" ' Miss Anna Medford, student at the Women's College of the Uni versity of North Carolina, is spend ing the spring vacation with her sister, Miss Helen Medford in Washington, D. C. Miss Kate Williamson, assistant clerk of the court, is taking a fortnight's vacation. She leaves this morning for Washington, D. C, where she will visit her sister, Miss Edith Williamson, who is attending school in Washington. Mrs. Christopher C. Crittenden, of Raleigh, the former Miss Janet Quinlan, spent several days here during the week with her mother, Mrs. Chas. E. Quinlan at the home of Miss Alice Quinlan. .'-.'... Miss Charline Rotha, student at Women's College of the University of North Carolina, is spending the spring vacation here with her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rotha. Jimmy Stringfield, son of Dr. Mrs. Frank Therrell and young son, Ashton Therrell, of Parris, Tenn., were the guests of relatives here and the former's sister, Mrs. James Henderson during the past week. Mrs. Hubert O'Donnell, of Look out Mountain, who was the former Miss Selinda Perry, of Waynesville, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. I E. Perry and her sister, Miss Mar garet Perry. Mrs. Gamett Henson, of Spin- dale, and daughter, Miss1 Ruth Henson, were the guests of her mother, Mrs. P. L, Turbyfill, dur ing the week. Jack Richeson, student at Dav idson College, is spending the spring holidays here with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Richeson. Miss Sarah Jane Walker, who is a member of the senior class of the Women's College of the Univer sity of North Carolina, is spending ing this week with her parents Mr, and Mrs. Clayton Walker. Ben Colkitt, Jr., student at Dav idson College, is spending the spring, vacation here with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Colkitt. Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Burnetts had as their guests over the week end the latter's niece, Miss Kath erine Mrogan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Morgan, of Asheville. Miss Morgan is a senior at Gene vieve's in-the-Pines. Miss Catherine Jones has return ed to Peace Junior College, Raleigh, and Mrs. Sam Stringfield, who is after spending the spring vacation attending Darlington School for j here with her mother, Mrs. Sam Boys, in Rome, Ga., returned to his I Jones at her home on the Balsam studies on Monday after spending i road. 1 the spring vacation here. ' Lt. Wade Franklin, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end with his family here. Miss Betty Burgin, student at Peace Junior College, who spent the spring vacation here with her mother, has returned to Raleigh to resume her work.. Mrs. James M. Gwyn, of Wil mington, Del., who has been Visit ing her father, W. T, Lee, returned home this week. Corp. Thad Chafin, Jr., of Fort Jackson, spent the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thad Chafin. " Joe Rose has returned to Chicago after spending, several days here on business connected with his stock farms here. Mrs. W. C. Gilliland spent the week-end in Bryson City with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Nelson. Billy Richeson was a guest of his brother, Jack Richeson, at Davidson College on Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Arthur M. Waldron of Cleveland, Ohio, the former Mrs. Wilburn Campbell, of Waynesville, spent a brief time here during the week with relatives. She cams to attend the golden wedding anni versary of Mr. and Mrs. James R. 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