Pae I THE WAYNESVUJLE MOUNTAINEER mWTML GIRL" by MAY CHRISTIE Even Baby Has Thumbs Up I .jnitv Hen- "What ate ;Tranyhow!he f'rT. ni.rht. tlioroug" ! -?. in the to tbem . rwrge heartily. it tear yota T J A -Let's get out of town feide. old chap. I'm f"1& "d this B fyffiuke to get away V eood digestion frftdysJ ..what j T o, hesitated. vvnB' 4 , m do my stock fJiS' His eyes brlg L Tell take in the Ken Ay too. That's a great L eouple of hours they I. a. train and speeding Q without waiting to no Lj their friends. V.ipintiroseas New York Sand further behind T No, he didn't want i7heV..notonthis lovely :1emooB". . . for Julia un , to herself, had disillu f Tree Farm station, U jeoeral manager a big F . j t.pftv" Glvn met fith him were a couple of a to handle the baggage. jit introduced George to , rtb laconic: "Say, thi3 more about horses than ii Kentucky!" ar first visit in these parts, aii Lefty, grinning from car "fell, you've come at the W-the Spring sure is j-r . .; a their first meal in Cedar Firm was over and the tw i ihting on the veranda en (i moke, Lefty appeared for ritith "the boss." Among ! Kirhy mountaineers there mile, it seemed. Diseased Ubeen found on a neigh ?(nm. The deputy inspector ihiiwaydown. The owner's itu threatening, ie Animal Husbandry Organ t nighty strict in these ' licked Henry's manager, fiehad to kill a great deal of ialy." . ..y,.;,. ft'd better go over and see nondo" suggested Henry, ektrigued by this affair. "I rry for the poor devils." two men, driven by Lefty in :joooooq .....' v 1 x-tnat winds me 'orgot to straight-' foutmy insurance me new house. M a minute, I'll lnght back. Far :'ed, maybe, but fise step at that. AVIS & CO. bUtc Rentals . Insurance fotio With Safety" Phone 77 lOOQOQoo his car, shortly drew near the homestead of the mountaineer in question what was proving himself very belligerent. The deputy-inspector had arrived and was check ing up on the cattle. "You get out of here! I say, you git out, or there'll be trouble!" The farmer and his family were gath mrcA tnerether outside the house, the former in a freniy of rage agatnst the deputy-inspector. "Can't we do anything?" Henry asked Lefty. "NbDe. Except to convince those poor creatures that the law must take it course." At this moment, as they dis mounted from the car, the moun taineer vanished into his house and reappeared with a formidable-look ing Winchester. "Looks uely. We'd better keep out of this," muttered George. "Now you git oat or I'll shoot ye," shouted the mountaineer, pointing his rifle at the unfortun ate inspector. Suddenly there was a clatter of linofs. and rieht into the middle of the affray rode a slender, breeched and booted figure who quickly sua fm her horse, flunsr the reins round the too of the fence, and with rapid steps walked directly towards enraeed nronrietor, in direct line of his rifle! "For heaven's sake, Martin, are vnn insane? Put down that gun at once," cried the girl. "Now tell mo tVio trouble!1' Her voice, on an imperious note, was beautifully modulated. With a hand on the mountaineer's arm, forcing his gun down, she urneri and faced the alarmed deputy-inspector. Honrv eausrht his breath. The bravery of the child! Indeed she looked little more! And she was beautiful to look at!" "He's Come to kill my cattle, Miss Virginia" quavered the farmer. "He Wants to ruin us. It's a plot agin us. I'm tellin' ye! I'll be bound he never sets foot near the rich ones!" i "Nonesense. Martin. Now let him talk. Let's settle this matter sen sibly." V:'' How pool she was how Utterly natural and lovely-there with the Biinlio-ht filicreeinsr tnrouen. me trees in dancing patterns on her clear-skinned, upturned face, with her eyes like pools oi Kinancsa. Tf ontnrkv heautv to the rescue! mnrmiirpH fjporce. not slow to no tice Henry's look. "Uad! tne gins cot. pourflffel" Mn vnn'vA trot, to listen lO ieH' on HTui-tin This man isn t at lauit. Ua'a nnlv nhpvinB. orders. US Hll for thfl fi-ooH of the community We'll think out a plan for you,, so trnii pan r-R tock" her white brow knitted in an adorable little pucker "let me see maybe we can spare t'ii toil, tn nH " Hypnotized by her charm and forward. Lefty intrnHiired them. In a few words oka ovnioinoH to him the mountain tronVilp He had but few rattle and now well, it was pretty ui cauj-ui -. - - Carried away by an emotion that not nnAlvze. Henry to his own amazement and certainly tnat t.; frionHa hoarH himself offer ing to re-stock the mountaineer s form . "Is he dumb crazy?" Lefty mur tvtiii-Ari hia mAiit.1i ffabimr. "He's fallen for her, nook, im .r. oinVuri" flporire eroaned. He nr.i, onntViPr loot at the girl. She looked like a young Joan oi Arc Vac. dVlA WaS Trptt.V . A CO, O. " " f The matter finally settled, Henry walked slowly by the side of Vir ginia to her horse. . MoiiioWaii t cpp vou aeain was wondering we just arrived at ,io.p mt t scarcely ever v,Ba narts T was wonder I.UIUC iV ."vov " - : ,!, nnll ori VOU? He "'61 '6"' " , wa stammering like a schoomoy before this little country girl he, the sought-after sophisticated man i what on earth had 1 iiimf &irriT.ia Wandoloh thought: He s i...j..m.If man I've ever UlC HOHUOWHivii. seen!" As she looked up at him, her heart beat a quick tattoo, anu ti v, hpen Derfectly cool in facing the infuriated mountain eer with his loaded rifle, her breath caught in a little gasp now as sne said: "I've been away at school for the past four years, but I did meet you with my father when I was a skin ny little girl of fourteen or so now I do remember" "Then you'll let me renew an old acquaintance, won't you?" She smiled. She had even white teeth. Her cheeks were like a peach blossom under his look. Her face was a perfect oval. It was framed in soft masses of curley brown hair, caueht at the nane in curia. Hpr tailored shirt of white silk wa nmn at tne tnroat, displaying a slender neck tanned bv the Run. Ahova m. dium height, her Blenderness gave her a ooyish look, biie carried her self well. "My father will be pleased, I'm sure if you and your friend care to drop in tonight after dinner." Before Henry could help her, Vir ginia was on her horse, wheeled around, and away. The young man stood there as though in a dream gazing after her. Virginia arrived at the big, old shabby house that was her home. 1 -V . J, Rev. Gay Chambers Elected Director Of Regional BTU Rev. Guv Chambers, of Canton. was elected director of the Baptist Training Union of Buncombe, Car olina, French Broad, Mitchell, Transylvania, Yancey, Haywood, and Newfound associations in Wes- Mrs. Winston Churchffl (right), wife of ths British prima minister, is amused at the now-familiar thumbs-up gesture accidentally mad by this tot at the opening of a new hotel in London. The shelter is for lonely husbands whose wives have been evacuated from dancer sonea. The only daughter of a well-established family, like so many South erners, her people had been impov erished since the Civil War. Her father's sister, a devoted old maid, completed the household. Giving her horse to a darky, the girl a serious expression on her lovely face entered the house through the kitchen. Without her usual cheerv greeting to the old mammy, she walked past her and out to the porch. Through the doorway, the ne gress saw Virginia coming to a halt in front of a swinging bird cage, staring up at it. Lost in her dreams, Virginia saw two birds on the perch instead of one. A smile crept over her features. Was MARRIAGES Joseph Alvan Webster, of Joilet, 111., to Harriet Boyd, of Waynea-ille. this a haDDV omen . . .? Then she snapped into activity. She telephone her best friend, Charlotte Wilbertree otherwise "Chotty." "Come on over this eve ning. I've something" to tell you. There may be company!" "Say, who're the boy-friends?" loudly inquired Chotty. "What difference does it make? Come on right over!" Virginia went out into the gar den with a basket and a large pair of riRors. She snioDpd off the long-stemmed roses that were the Pride and iov of Aunt Lulus's eyes. Everything must look as lovely as possible tonight. "What's all the excitement about, Virginia?" -, The girl flushed. "We're having company tonight the gentleman who owns" Cedar Tree Farm his friend too important people from New York" (To be Continued) tern North Carolina at a two-day meeting which was held in Canton on Friday and Saturday. Others elected to serve with th Rev. Mr. Chambers include: vies HireMnr Mis Nancv Barton, of Hendersonville, secretary, Miss Mae Holtzclaw, of Canton, and pastor-advisor, the Rev. William Lynch, of Mars Hill. Washing Painted Floors Painted floors, un waxed, may be cleaned by washing them with glue and water; a ball-pound of pow dared glue is enough for a medium sized room. FOR COUGHS FROM COLDS THAT WON'T jvnn Mr NTHo-MULSiow wn rwt wtrm Smith's Cut-Rate Dm Storf is . . . now is the time the "building bug" bites st- Tien you brick veneer your home, enlarge ment or add new rooms, remember . . . o) ETOWAH BUILDS BETTER HOMES 'd-Drysdale Corp. Etowah, N. 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