1941 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Mountaineer ffant Ad Rates , word (thU Wi ... insertion. Kiaumm Charge 'Vrtion this flize type. t n confidential. ?Sl. Ibout the- wffl li. only way tor- fetter .ddree4 f(BMrnth.rlghtt.miM inject wywpyv t 1 than tw. 8jcATttetdy- V ,CCepted wori ite Mountaineer 1 phone 137 HAYWOOD COUNTY'S BARGAIN COUNTER j SALE 1937 Ford DeLuxe tai, small down payment, 'acnthly payments. Creap to financed with low inkk buyer. Telephone 396-W. isi Small wire-head terrier fe & dog. Lame on left hind V Call 22579 Charlotte or no ;iy Waynesville police, Reward. Sir 29.. ' M SALE A Hard wick cook km, in good condition and fried right. . See Edwin Po- tateat tne post omce. may zn FOR RENT Beautifully furnish. ed house, close in on good street Large lawn, good garden plot Write for particulars Eox 54 TIT -11 . ' ' .nraynesvuie, or pnone 8. May 22-29 LEDGER AND sheets and indexes to fit , in all popular sisee, at iam mountaineer. if uutueked WITH people trespassing on your land, get some of the "no tresspassing signs - at i am Mountaineer. FOR RENT Room In quiet loca tion in home of three adults. Close in. Welch Street Phone 197-W. , May 29 ryPEWRITER RIBBONS for all make machines, in solid black Mack and red, at The Moan- " taineer. : NOTICE OF SUMMONS STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF HAYWOOD. IN THE SUPPERIOR COURT. Linton Holcombe, Plaintiff. VS. : Dollie Holcombe, Defendant To the defendant, Dolhe Hol combe; You will take notice that an action has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, entitled as above, and that the purpose ef the said action is to obtain an ab solute divorce on the grounds of two years separation. You will further take notice that you are required to be and appear before the aforesaid Clerk of the Court in his office on or be fore the 31st day of May, 1941, and answer or demur to the complaint herein filed. You will further take notice that, if you fail to answer, or de mur, to the complaint within the time required by law, the plain tiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint Given under my hand and seal of the Court, this the day of April. 1941. W. G. BYERS, Clerk of the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina. Sentelle & Ferguson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. No. 1072 May 8-15-22-29. HOSPITAL NEWS The condition of Mrs. John Mes ser, of Clyde, route 1, medical case, is good. , Mrs. Lily Morrow, of Enka, medical case, is resting fairly well. E. H. Henderson, of Canton, operative case, is restine more comfortably. Mrs. A. D. Kent of Clyde, route 1, operative case, is better. Mrs. H. B. Willis, of Wavnes- ville, operative case, is restinar fairly well. Ralph Burnett of Cruso, opera tive case, is improving. Mrs.' Garrett Reeves, of Lake Junaluska, operative case, is bet ter. - Miss Joretta McCrary, of Can ton, route 1, operative case, is improving. The condition of Master Roy Farmer, of Canton, route 2, op erative case, is better. Mrs. G. W. Rhymer, of Canton, operative case, is resting fairly well.' Ed Swayngim, of Waynesville, route 1, medical case, is resting only fairly well. Mary Casey, (colored), Waynesville, medical case, better. ilk CAT IT RCC.mnllnn : ' nrinAM wrelj with covers, in good Wition, at Waynesville Laun- May 29-June 5 II BENT 3 or 5 room unfurn- M unheated apartment. Just itade of citiy limits. Apply to ff. Ray or phone 12. May 29 1 SALE OR TRADE 1 (one) filtered 0. I. C. stock hog. SI months old. H.J Liner. We Junaluska. May 15-22-29- o.' WS Tomatoes six varie- ! Sweet potatoes, yellow and cabbage, early, medium. ft peppers, sweet , and hot, r, woccoli, brussel sprouts, r""vn" pmias, u. u. xorx, F No. 1, Waynesville. 15-22-29-June 0. : P RENT 4 rooms furnished, oncri, apartment. 'SALE 1 dinin? room suit. A, T. Ward. May29-Jun 5-12 NOTICE Having qualified as Administra tor of the Estate of Butler Kuy kendall, deceased, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to file same with the undersigned on or before the 21st day of April, 1942, or this notice will be pleaded in bar thereof. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate settlement This April 21st, 1941. BRYAN HEATHERLY, ,. Administrator. No. 1068 April 24-May 1-8-15 22-29. ; .' r . ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administrator of the estate of N, P. Walker, de ceased, late of Haywood County, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned at R. 1, Candler, North Carolina, on or be fore the 1st day of May, 1942 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. AH persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment This the 30th day of April, 1941. HARRY TRULL. Administrator of the Estate of p SALE Coal and wood range -v" uuf water jacket. N. P. waiicer, aeceasea. tail 429 Love Lane, '129. -. . No. 1070 May 1-8-15-20-29-June 6. '. Grapefruit Juice 42-oz can for 350 Intel's Tomato i1 Heads 15C Poung Box R I TZ 19c Lipton's TEA Glass Free 250 Master Troy Dotson, of Way nesville, route 1, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Too Close to the Panama Canal' :r--i PANAMA . ' JlilU ' , :;.:vJ CANAL. ''fltJvSTf1! maim mmiimM V;SO;U:THvM E R:rCv The possibility of swift American action to plaea French Martinique, Guadeloupe and probably French Guiana under "protective custody' to believed foreshadowed by the Vichy collaboration with the Axis. Martinique long has been proclaimed by defense experts as an air and naval base site essential in the ring of island fortresses protecting the V; Panama CanaL At The Park Mrs. L. G. Dotson, of Clyde, route 1, operative case, is improving. Mrs. William King, Jr., of Canton, operative case, is resting fairly well. Miss Carrie Mann, or Canton, route 2, operative case, is better. The condition of W, A. Conard, of Waynesville. route 1. operative case, is fairly good. Mrs. Spurgeon Cope, of Way nesville, operative case, is better. Horace Francis, of Waynesville, route 1, operative case, is resting fairly well. Miss "Ernestine Griffin, of Can ton, route 2, operative ' case, is better. B. J. Liner, of Canton, route 1, operative case, is resting fairly well. O. R. Johnson, of Canton, oper ative case, is resting some better. Mrs. Eva Rhinehart, of Waynes ville, route 1, operative case, is improving. THURSDAY MAY 29 "SIS HOPKINS" The Incomparable Comedienne Judy Canova in the famous stage hit that has rocked the world with laughter for three decades. Judy Canova as Sis Hopkins, a little mountain girl, wins the heart of her multi-millionaire uncle who invites her to his house to stay Sis's arrival upsets her aunt who thinks Sis will ruin her social position. Sis's stay creates more and more confusion and laughs Until finally after almost being kicked out of college she is rein stated. She captures the lead in a musical at the college . and through her acting the play is given a Broadway contract. FRIDAY, MAY 30 "REACHING FOR THE SUN" ; Produced and directed by the lame director that gave you "Men With Wings," Beau Geste," and route 1, medical case, is improving. J. B. Shelton, of Joe, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. Larry Robinson, of Hazel wood, operative case, is resting fairly well. ; . Mrs. Ernest Walker, of Canton, operative case, is resting more comfortably. John Cagle, of Waynesville, route 1, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Master Jerry Parker, of Canton, operative case, is better. Baby Jerry Parks, of Clyde, Complete Line Of At Reasonable Prices HOMER JUSTICE, Manager Mncis grocery WALTER FRANCIS, Owner STREET Opposite Masonic Temple NOTICE OF BOND ORDINANCE Be is ordained by the Board of Aldermen of the Town of Waynes ville. as follows: 1. Bonds of the town shall be issued to the maximum aggregate principal amount of 1153,000 for the purpose of refunding, by way of exchange, the following valid outstanding bonded indebtedness of the town, namelyr $24,000 tVtfe water bonds dated July 1, 1927, due $1000 on July 1, in each of the years 1941 to 1964 inclusive. $76,000 6 water bonds dated July 1, 1926, due July 1, $2000 in each of the years 1941 to 1953 in clusive, $3000 in each of the years 1954 to 1958 inclusive and $5000 in each of the years 1959 to 1965' inclusive. $16,000 6 Water bonds dated September 1, 1915, due September .1, 1945.-. . $20,000 5 : Water and sewer bonds dated April 1, 1911, due April 1. 1941. $24,000 6 Water bonds dated August 1, 1922, due $2000 on Au gust 1 m each of the years 1940 to 1951 inclusive. $3,000 6 Water works bonds dated April 1, 1911, due April 1, 1941. " 2. A statement of the debt of the town has been filed with the Clerk and is open to public inspection. 3. This ordinance shall take ef fect upon its passage and shall not be submitted to the voters. The foregoing ordinance was passed on the 15th day of May, 1941. ,. ' Any action or proceeding ques tioning the validity of said or dinance must be commenced within thirty days after its first publica tion. , ' HEDWIG A. LOVE. Clerk. No. 1076 May 22-29 DISCHARGED Among those- discharged from the Haywood County Hospital dur ing the past week were: Mrs. Ralph Davis, Mrs. Esther Silvers, Miss Lila Mae Norman, Miss Ar- thurene Hooper, Miss Louise Lanning, Mrs. Theo. H. Davis and baby, Miss Kenneth Shipman, Miss Janice Carver, Mrs, Bryson Mes- ser, Miss Bessie Pressley, Wayne Singleton, Claude Allen, Miss Nettie Goodson, Carroll Truitt, Mrs. R, G. Lester, Miss, Joyce In- :man.'-."' Also Mrs. H. L. Clark, Mrs. Grace Sentenej (Mrai Dexter Bumgarner, Mrs. James H. Davis, Mrs. Jerry Messer, Mrs, Earl Davis and baby, Miss Betty Anne Jolly, Master Robert Pope, Joe M. Henry, Miss Joyce Howren, Master Erwin Jordan, Baby Mary Messer, Mrs. W. J. Lowe and baby, Buddy Cooper, J. D. Cooper, A. J. Sanford, Miss Bobbie Jean Gar rett, Master Robert Garrett Also Miss Hazel Saunders, Miss Charlotte Jean Smith, Mrs. James Moore, Master Lewis King, Mrs. James Gaddy and baby, Mrs. Julia Baldwin, . Mrs; Joe Btfb Henson, Miss Dorothy Fisher, Master Hugh Messer, Miss Lois Kirkpatrick, Luther Clontz, Herbert Ruff, Mrs. Fannie Putman, Mrs. L. A. Gilli- land, Mrs. Robert McElroy, Mrs. John Pressley and baby, Mrs. Hor ace Johnson. Mrs. Ralph Evans and baby and Mrs. Roy Moore and baby., ' . "The Light That Failed," this pic ture is a dramatic story of a young backswoodman who came to the city to find his fortune. He mar ries a young girl he meets and struggle to survive in a large city, and because of his longing to go back to his home town they quarrel, but are brought together vhen he loses a leg in a battle between a 40-ton crane and 60-ton manipulator and to carry hot metal about to be die stamped from the heating furnaces. SATURDAY. MAY 81 "THE BORDER LEGION" Zane Grey's greatest thriller, the story of a young man who took the blame for a crime the brother of the girl he loved com mitted. Fleeing to the West he is followed by the girl who does not know he is shielding her brother. He joins an outlaw band, cap tures them and is a free men when the man he is shielding confesses the crime. Starring Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes and Carol Hughes. ' OWL SHOW, May SI "THE GREAT SWINDLE" A -dramatic story of the great est swindle of all times. Plenty of thrills and excitement as Jack Holt braving death tracks down a ereat swindler and killer. A story as full of excitement and thrills as can be put into one picture. A picture you will remember for its dramatic intensity. Starring Jac Holt, M. Reynolds. SUNDAY, JUNE 1 "LOVE CRAZY" - The story, of a young man who is advised to act crazy in order to postpone his wife's divorce. He is sent to the insane asylum from which he escapes, dons the garb of a woman and has the time of his BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Hendrix, of Canton, route 1, announce the birth of a son on May 21st Mr, and Mrs, Clayton Miller, of Canton, announce the birth of a daughter on May 22nd. Dr. and Mrs. Roy Moore, of Can ton, announce the birth of a son on May 23rd. Mr. and Mrs. Charge Moore, of Canton, announce the birth of a daughter on May 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Griffin, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a daughter on May 24th.', - ,' ' Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Cooke, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a son on May 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Henderson, of Clyde, route 1, announce the birth of a son on May 26th. Mr and Mrs. Ben 0NeiI, of Cruso, announce the birth of a son on May 26th. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stene, ol Canton, announce the birth of a PARK THEATRE WAYNESVILLE, N. C. THURSDAY, May 29 "SisIIoDkins" with J. Canova & Bob Crosby FRIDAY, May 30 'Reaching For the Sun' with Joel McCrea, E. Drew SATURDAY, May 31 4The Border Legion" with R. Rogers & Gabby Hayes LATE SHOW 10:30 "The Great Swindle" with Jack Holt, M, Reynolds SUNDAY, June 1 "Love Crazy" with Wm. Powell, Myrna Loy MON-TUES, June 2-3 "The Ziegf eld Girl" with J. Stewart, J. Garland WEDNESDAY, June 4 "Melody For Three" with J. Hersholt & F. Wray Letters To The Editor Editor The Mountaineer: Col. Lindbergh, I see, is sched uled to make another speech, May 29th. This time in the liberty lov ing city of Philadelphia. Judging by past performances we cannot hope for a recantation, but for a reiteration of former opinions of appeasement and isolationism. The Colonel's public utterances attract more attention and are more widely publicised, than those of all other isolationists com bined. It is equally true, that his ut terances are harmful to Democ racies and more helpful to Die- life. This picture is so full of laughs it will keep you laughing from the moment you enter until you leave. Starring the great comedy team of William Powell and Myrna Loy. MONDAY-TUESDAY. MAY 2-3 "THE ZIEGFELD GIRL" Starting with the nremisa thai to be a Ziegfeld show girl was simply to see more of life in a shorter time than in other occu pations, the picture shows the re. suits of this compression on three such girls, depicted by Judy Gar land, Hedy Lamarr and Lana Turn er, who. together with James Steward, constitute the film's star ring quartet. Starring James Stew art, Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 4 "MELO DY FOR THREE' Dr. Christian helps divorcee Mary Stanley to earn a living for herself and son Billy by engaging Mary to attend his patients. Be ing called upon to go to a plane crash, Dr. Christian discovers the crash victim is Billy's father, he induces Mary to help him and when the patient awakes and dis covers Mary at his side he shows that he still loves her. The fam ily is happily united and Billy is given a chance to play solo in his father's band. Starring Jean Hersholt, Fay Wray, Walter Woolf King, and Toscha Seidel. -.W tatora than those of all other iso lationists combined. Therefore, it behooves those who still believe in American ideals and its might and right to defend and preserve those ideals to be ever on the alert to detect combat and to counteract all his clever, subtile and subversive utterances. The Colonel has already de clared his intention to contin ue his criticism of his government until it silences him. He further declared that the people of Ger many are "better informed" on Dictarors intentions and policies of government "than the people of Democratic America," the evil and error of this statement are so apparent and so far from the truth, that we are forced to the inescapable conclusion, that Lind bergh has either turned completely Hindenberg, or, else he is woe fully, if not wilfully, ignorant of conditions both in Germany and America. Therefore, it is dan gerous to heed his false asser tions or listen to his dire predictions. Some one has said that "Windy Lindy" should now do a Hess and console his grief stricken idol, Adolph. It's unkind to repeat such a remark, but, he deserves the ad monition, so long, as he continues to encourage Hitle and denounce Roosevelt. Lindbergh could render the American aviation forces a ser vice of incalculable importance. The airplane we now know, is indispensable to the successful defense of any nation. America is now feverishly and lavishly improving the efficiency of its air fleet. But its chief aca flier and adviser has suddenly turned government critic and world politician, while his vast fund of invaluable air knowledge has turned to dust to the great detri ment of world Democracy and the indescribable delight of world Dictatorship. FRANK SMATHERS. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends for their expressions of sympathy and beautiful floral offerings sent to us at the time of the death of. our son. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Arrington. HUB'S TAXI SERVICE At Henderson's Corner Corner Main A Church St. Phone 44 CAREFUL DRIVERS Parties Made Up For Tours n Uoti urate ike Only Vxiftot You mtalit not nttd wtowoWt luiwawce. Bt tb o&m follow may involve yon In an accident . . . . . LOOK INTO AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE NOW! L N. DAVIS & COMPANY Real Estate Rentals Insurance "Satisfaction With Safety'' PHONE 77 MAIN ST. Regular 3 for 250 LUX SOAP 3 for 19g LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 for 190 Lux Flakes sm.9c Ig. 240 Quart 350 Karo Syrup 5 lb. Pail 350 Large Lemons Dozen 190 Santo Coffee lb 14 3 lbs. 390 Cash Grocery Co. The Better Food Store" HAZELWOOD, N. a . son on May 26th. ; y

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