1941 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 15 7we0ews WeBd0Cj . Laurel i., with church churche,;: o. and N. C k J Center of t.mM. Mm. M N -j Master Joe r Tvr and Mrs K their ionsils re ft .J rmmtv Hoa- fvcted and we K,T,peW recovery. h his brother in .Lused Borne land Restate and wiU """HT nf Mr. and , action 01 , . Iceo plots and the fee farmers. r rwtett. of Lt Sunday with W Green. ' , v MrS. C.B. McCrary ac- their daugnter, tCrary, to Ashevuie on ,.,ert she wm Business College. . Spring his sis- I Marines in London 4 .VH J -1 m .-. INIONS And MMENTS I Of ER EDITORS Applications May nun we r iieu r ur 1942 FSA Loans Qualified farnipr in H county who at present do not own I arms and who desire to apply lor i i - .. u loan 10 purcnase a lamuy size farm under provisions of the U. S. Department of Agricultures, ten ant purchase program should file their applications now with tha Farm Security Administration, Mr. Bailey, FSA supervisor, said today. .. Seeking to give as many eligible farm families as possible an op portunity to own a farm of their own, the Department of Agricul ture is accepting applications for loans which may be made any time between now and June 30, 1942. Applications should be filed at once for loans to be made during the fiscal year, so that the ap proved families will have suffi cient time to select farms and make plans for the 1942 crop, the supervisor said. .arm families who filed appU- C. P, Cablephoto United States Marines stand guard in front of the U. S. Embassy In London for the first time. Sixty three officers and men of the Marine Corps, including eleven rescued when the liner Macadam was tor pedoed, have been sent to the Brit ish capital to act as fire warden. tone, or laaiuii """v rfttv strone believers in IRoosevelt and his foreign id much less temperate trism. The X aaKin xup- in the county seat adkinville, tells of an in- connection wUh the temperence address of Schallert. of Winston- Center Methodist church, ke scheduled speaker ar- iht scene early and was she superintendent of the hoc! to address the men s luring his talk he spoke for Adolf Hitler, say- as t man or temperate Id of eood morals. Inci- w the speaker said he was lorn and visited Germany Yadkin folk, the paper take their morals and berance seriously and t like it During the in- between Sunday school me for the scheduled ad walked out on him. Not left, because some of I't hear his first remarks pes, but practically all ts and leaders of the id most members of the - had previously addressed e. ; -.. , : ?marks attributed bv the p paper to the speaker the Dresent war would 'k if the United States hands off but now it will last for six or seven veara N his listeners to write hressmen and senators 9 M. I X BUY UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS AND STAMPS cations after July 1, 1940, for loans this year, but which were not ap proved Decause oi tacK ox xunas, will not have to file new applica tions. Mr. Bailey said that the county tenant purchase commit tee. comDosed of Thurman C. Da vis, Charles R, Liner and C. S. Rollins, will review these applica tions strain and notify the fam ilies if additional information is needed. . . Qualified applicants are recom mended for loans by a committee of three local farmers in each county where the program is in onpration. These committeemen certify to the secretary of agricul ture the applicants whom they consider most deserving and best Qualified to make a success of a family-type farm. The loans car ry three per cent interest and may be repaid over a period of forty years, although the borrower may, of course, pay off the entire loan mora ranidlv if he wishes. Application blanks and full de tails on the operation of the Bank- head Jones tenant purchase act are available at the county office of the. Farm Security Administra-1 tion, which is located at county court house, Waynesville. SCOTTS SCRAP-BOOK By RJ.5COTT 'St 11.1.1. M HAS MCVLR HAMUJ If 14 saa-f s- is rukw 4lilO,Wt "r UklMt . . HLS VV (KfS r MAT rVXW. VRANSACTIONS IN Real Estate (At Rtcordtd to Monday No Of Tkii W4k) Wayneeville Township J. H. Woody, et ux. to Frank H. Miller, et ux. White Oak Township Iolet Jenkins, et nx. to Lloyd Connard, et ux. The aggregate length of the riv ers in the state is about 3,300 miles. Mountain Exchange OPPOSITE POST OFFICE Craft Of Tko Smoky Mountains T.ni TTnnVpd Rues Weavinss -Scarfs Bags Coverlets J Candlewick Spreads Useiui Gifts America On Guard! Above is a reproduction of the Treasury Department's Defense Co vi rt era Pnst.pr. showinir an exact duplication of the original "Minute Man" statue by famed sculptor Daniel Chester French. Defense Bonds and Stamps, on sale at your bank or post office, are a vital part of America's defense preparations. and tell them to refuse to give aid to Britain in this war. We cannot understand a man of sufficient intelligence to make a tamnornnfa address who is SO inr temperate in his speech, and while leaning strongly to me .uuviumb t r,u mwh anH free oress. there Ui Al uj..- are times these privileges may be t a in hi nnt.ivn country he Buuacu. i ... - " - probably would have been beheaded for making remarKs less in with the general attitude. There never has been a law against a man thinking what he pleases, so long as he doesn't think out loud. Thomasville Tribune. . . i 1 . Jf NORTH CAROLINA, I OF HAYWonn fdersigned Hermine K. IwTing this day qualified 'stratra of the esUte of I Schramm, deceased and Rred upon her duties as Nistratrix, all persons Fie take notice that if indebted to said estate DiaVsV imiMatioiA M'd indebtedness and all Nmin? an indo,VitoHnoa M estate wiU file their the undersigned on or 24th day of June. 1942. f will be pleaded in i recovery thereon. 21th dav nf Inn. 101 MNE K. SCHRAMM. ' Wx of Emma I. pawford, Attorney. rnnne 2RJni 9.10.17. SERVING SUMMONS PI'RT TP AT-t-xt MR0LIXA, L BOUNTY. P SUPERIOR COURT. vKOOM, Cvnrwr rnt, James L. Croorn, notice .! We ho. k oiperior Hnnrf ti... - wsi ux xm w - orth Carolina, to ,0omte divorce: the said ""I further tV nri ? lequired to appear at j " oala vxunty with f rthe 18th day of tiS. ?,wer or demur to Cnmt said action, or the (YPply to the court for landed in said com i.lith, 1941. - Jg? WILLIAMSON, CSP"r Court, Hay- "C.I.O." FOR FARMERS I have decided to form a part nership with John L. -.Lewis-and Philip Murray, the big labor lead ers We will call our company the L.P.M. The M "tanas m McGee. T ahall undertake to organize the farmers on a C.I.O. basis. The first thing I intend to do is ca a strike. Half of the farmers W"i Mn,'rrl t ait down during the crop growing season while the oth er half will be requirea during the crop harvesting season. Every member 01 tne organ'"" 11 1 ... nor rwi dues Dei ore WUi QHVC w fJ , he will be permitted to join us and sit down, isotnmg wui the army or anybody connected with the government We ri consider, however, dealing wun . n,tKHi nH Uncle Sam if he will sign up to trade with us on a fair basis, paying for corn for cotton, 40 cents a pounu; , tome, 2 a bushel; oata, wua, m a night.-Gee Mcuee, ieaaer, derson County, S. C, in The Pro- gressive Farmer At Your Call TtT'TCTT TV? "Everything For The Well-Equipped Office" - A Complete Line IE PP1 Ace Scout New Model Boston $1.40 Give your office a new, efficient Pencil Sharpener Underwood Elliot Fisher Carbon Paper Letter and Legal Size Underwood Elliot Fisher Typewriter Ribbons For All Machines Columnar Sheets , All Sizes Metal Files All Sizes MEMO BOOKS RECEIPT BOOKS FILE FOLDERS FILE INDEX Large Blotters 19x26 Green or Blue 7 6 Colors Of Cardboard Thin Copy Paper 0. ISkhavethm A Good Assortment of Best SeUers at Popular Prices Always on Hand No. S1884 DUPLICATE RECEIPT-BOOKS 500 seU, four to a page, Uthcaphed formj, black imitation Morocco stiff covera, rod cloth back, SI 5)U Sit HUx9U Each Jk No.8300-15 ACCOUNT BOOKS 150 pages, all rut ings. canvas oouna, xea ciaa-iaauuei. 1 1 ........ . . ..... .Each aUV mim 5" ...... mmt.mHm HAAirel(!n tunal All tlll- inas. red craft leather back and comers, black 09 cloth rides. 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