Page 8 Criminal Term Of Court Adjourns (Continued from page It and Mrs. Howard Hyatt on the Balsam road on the night of March 4th. . '- , . It was brought out that Harri son had entered the house through the basement door in a room where a colored maid was sleeping, and that she rushed up stairs to the rooms of Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt. Har "rison is said to have fired a rifle to frighten the girl, the ball pass ing through the wall into the Hyatt's bedroom. Six divorces were granted dur ing the court as follows; Mattie Blaylock from William Blay lock; Linton Holcombe from Dollie Hol combe; Ruth Walker Green from Robert Grady Green; W. E. Sing leton from Charles Singleton; Myrtle Henderson from Leslie TTanriprsnn. Other verdicts handed down during the week were: Burt Greeg, charged with break ing and larceny, was given a two years suspended sentence and pay ment of the costs. Hub Parker, charged with tres passing and violation of the pro hibition law, was found not guilty of the charges. The sentence of 60 days on the roads given to Rankin Ferguson, charged with driving drunk, was changed to payment of the costs. Blackie Glenn Wells, was fined $50 and the payment of the costs. Jack F. May, Jr., charged with non-support of illegitimate child, was required to pay the mother $7.00 per month for child and the payment of the costs. Hazel Warren, charged with trespassing and larceny, was re leased on condition that she leave Haywood county and not return for a period of five years. James R. Freeman, charged with forgery, was given a suspended sentence of two years and the payment of the costs. C. J. LeGrand, charged with driving drunk, was given 90 days nn tha rop.Hn. Sam Noland, who had been given 90 days on the road, had his sen tence changed during tne term to 90 days work around the court house, ...... U. S. Gets New Flame Thrower '1 : TUB WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Mrs. Prevost Heads! Local Drive For; Mercy Ship Funds '- (Continned from page 1) vnA wn it campaign to raise aaa nnntiaKA fully equip- airnlan amDUiance 6"" to the people of England from vr.v. Carolina, bun- dreds of letter have been received daily from those interested in toe movement. A large numoer vrn over the UVCII A will . m- . , state and many - have contained contributions to the fund. These tx n.niniwl nn every con ceivable kind of paper, have shown me that our boys ana gins nave ..lonHiri .nirit of sympathy and a nrininempKB to make per- sonal sarenfices tor ine ueneuw others." . . . . tv.- t. .tonicmMt to eive first aid to both the civilian Domoea areas and also to the army ana now iAH11 ltfes. A nlane bought k the, amnlnves of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. A oupiicai of which the sUte will buy was .ttMuuifiv flnwn to all airports in North Carolina, with Mr. Pou and other officials as passengers, Mrs. Prevost iB perfecting her organization and plans will be an the week of the local campaign, His Favorite Admirers an 1 I ' i - , ! I - ' ; . ; --mv.w . ,-:v v. v ; ':-,.i;i:.v.:-4 MBlKfi'rB'l'ipY'' Harlan Jiske Xt-iMi SSti ! randnHari-i " shJwlA thendfather in Brooklyn wher. ;tiW"tt! to to Washington a. ChlrfJustac Naa.r.ffTaaaf- This spectacular photo was mad. at Fort Belvoir, Va., u Wvabs Herbert A. Davis of the U. S. Engineer! atUcked a pUl boxth a n-w model flame thrower developed byjthe Chemical Warfare Service and the Engineering Corps. The portable thrower, m Mfto .Wg" pistol, is suitable for one-man attacke on fortifications or tonka.. Price Chief Warns of Harsh Sacrifices In The Future 7th Annual Sum mer Assembly To Start Sunday (Continued from page 1) 10:30. A number of Waynesville people have seen this man per form and declare he is-as good as any they have ever seen. A small admission will be charged. As a courtesy to the Masons, the weekly Monday nignt dance at tne nea mont will be called oft. Tuesday morning the group will leave the temple at 19 a, m. for a mountain trip and the annual picnic, going by Beautiful Lake Logan and on to Beech Gap, where the Blue Ridge Parkway reaches one of its highest elevations, and passes through a long tunnel near the gap. The picnic lunch will be served at Lake Logan, on the return from Beech Gap. , 7:30 p. m. the Master Mason's Degree will be conferred in the temple, the second section in dra matic form, hir th Wpnt Hafp Rites and degrees, and all Masons within reacn are cordially invited to coma anrl hrino fnmtlipa and friends and enjoy the day with us. . ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.-The American public was warned by Federal Price Administrator Leon Henderson to brace itself for to morrow of industrial dislocation and harsh sacrifice. "U ia a Hark nicture I paint, Henderson told 100 attending the n York Housewares' Manufact uring association convention as he predicted an end shortly oi tne recent boom in sales of automo biles, refrigerators, vacuum clean ers, radios, electric stoves, furni ture and other hard goods. "It becomes my disagreeable duty," said Henderson, "to tell you that the party is over. . . Before long now there will be more pur cVinninir nower running around- kuntinir something to buy . than tli wo are poods available. . . . "I wish I could tell you that we had an easv solution, that every thing is going to be all right. I can't nromiaa vou anv such hope. All I can tell you is that only by sweat ing blood and tears can the disio cations be held to a minimum. "No exactly similar paradox ever confronted American business Customers eager and able to buy will he crowding the market places and stores, but manufacurers will be unable to get enough raw ma terials to satisfy demands. "Thus, it is a dark picture I paint It is a picture of factories made idle by lack of materials tp worK with, or single industry towns blighted by spurious prosperity based on production of goods which we can't wear, or eat. or live in. Henderson asserted no power on earth could prevent inflation unless the government succeeded in con trolling nrices. nurchasine nower and installment buying. He said it must stiffen control oi Drices. no lannerv Now Fired Roosevelt Uraes State up For Bean And y0 jse Daylight Time isiacKDerry oeasun Canton's Tax Rate Is $1.70 TVip town of Canton proposes to operate during the new fiscal year within a total budget of $121,245.75 which was approved by town offl- t aia in rpcriilar session oaonaay niorht. it was announced Tuesday ' by Som M. Robinson, town attorney. Expenditures in some depart ments have been lowered for the figures have been increased. How ever, the total budget this year is considerably lower than last year's figure of $123,136.19. Town officials unanimously adopt ed the present $1.70 tax rate on the $100 property valuation lor tnenew year Doorbell style There's nothing mysterious about the way adrertis ing works. It's like the salesmen who go from house to house looking for customers. AdvertUrinsr does the same job on a lareer scale. It's quicker reaches more people at a lower cost per calL :,: In other words, it's a time saver, which means it's a money saver as well. T II E 1.1 0 U N T A I N E E R Aluminum Will Be Gathered Here (Continued from page 1) - sides), and Rhodarmer Mill. Wavnesville township: tl. a. Ward Filling Station, Buchanan's store, Allen's Creek, Hardy JLiner s store, and court house. Ivy Hill township: Burgms store. Dellwood. Ketners, store, Maggie, and Earl Messer's store, school, and Harrell's store, Cove Creek. White Oak township: Duckett's store, E. Z. McClure's home and Sam Ledford s home. Fines Creek township: N. C James store, Cleve Noland's store, and L. Z. Messer's home. Iron Duff township: J. M. Med- ford's Mill, and Guy Chambers home. Crabtree township: Ellis Smart's store, Crabtree school, and Taft Ferguson's store. ' Cataloochee township: J. M. Cald well's store, and C. C. C. camp.. (Continued from page 1) from jobbers selling to the gov ernment. : Better equipment and improved methods of handling and prepar ing produce will give more rapid and efficient results this year. The blackberries are now being picked directly from the vines into quart baskets instead of the old method of dumping into gallon con tainers, thereby being handled only one time. Hence they remain firm and unbruised for canning. An improvement in the prepar ation of beans will be noted in a new machine that does expert aninnincr. With two men and five nrnnipn thin machine can do the work of 100 women. The method of sorting the beans according to tne size has also been greatly lm nroved Out of the twenty women now workinsr at the plant only three o-iri ar on the iob. the others having been employed each summer since the first year of operation. Frank M. Davis is general man ager of the plant and William Peek is in charge of the canning oper ations, Wnakinvtnn An urgent re- auest for the immediate -establish mpnr of davliht saving time in North Carolina was dispatched to Governor J. Melville Brougnton Tuesday by President Roosevelt. Immediate action by North Car- rlina and seven other Southern states was urged by the chief exe cutive as he sent a special enact ment of legislation giving him au thority to establish year-round and nationwide daylight saving time. Citing potential annual savings of 104,500,000 kilowatt hours of pleetric enere-v in these eight southeastern states; the President appealed to the governors of North Carolina, South uaronna Vir ginia. Alabama. Tennessee. Geor gia, Mississippi and Florida to pro claim daylight saving time scnea ules if legally possible. In his message to Congress, President Roosevelt asserted that electric power is "the prime energy of our national defense effort" w ant Ad Want Ada are one cent fort for each insertion. Nfc si s eaicen for less than S6t. and stressed that it is essential that it. he conserved in all possible Duvlinrht savine time, he added, is a practical metnod lor anrh conservation. The letter to Governor Brough- ton further stressed that "the coun trv la faced with a serious power shortage that is impending the national defense program. This in the southeastern portion of the shortas-e now is particularly acute country. Every effort is being made to meet rapidly increasing power requirements '. a Although Governor Broughton has opposed the exportation of North Carolina's electric energy to industrial enterprises in other states, the President expressed the hope that ' emergency transmis sion connections shortly will make it possible to deliver any excess power from one region to another." ."The seriousness of the situa tion" in North Carolina and other THURSDAY, July J Campbell Will TTnU TO Annual Reunf ? The Campbell w J their tenth annual r?J Jniy ,z7, at the home J. Mrs. John B.CampbeD J This is one of ft. k JS groups in the count 1 W. Jarvis Campbell J assisted by 'Miss iJ? ! and Miss Nell r7 3 ranging the program D The Rev . W. L H3J w-pv.iiucuuciii oi the church, will bethe'gw Ail members of the fj vcuu. ax. noon a h .:. J me groundi AHiuuianceia' To Have iW On August 1-J The 19tV, onmi ... ,1Uuai reutj 118th Ambulance CompJ I Mexican border seas in the World War J wui ne nem at Camp i gust 1 and 2, it has been j i i . .. eu uy uiiitmis oi the orri special arrangemenU made for a round m dance program in completed Canrn Hon. of the outstandin tt4 chestras of this section J tamed to furnish musit The annual election , and other business null be handled sometime di opening day's program, to Way Mease, of Cant dent of the organization. After a memorial itri the decoration of mtJ cease dveterans in thil the nroeram will cone I Saturday afternoon, An! LONG'S CHAPEL, LAKI .. - LUSKA Rev. C. D. Brown. The quarterly comimM will be observed on 20th. The pastor will be of the service. southeastern states, the added, "makes it unpen action be taken to ill! present shortage at thl nossiWe moment." therefore, hope thai legally possible to do to, mediately will issue a Won." 3 TaraL HAYWOOD COUNTY'S BARGAIN COUNTER "Claudettes" New Beauty Shop Opens Friday T.aiii.ptfpH . a new beautv shon shoo owned bv Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Browne will be opened tomorrow to customers. It is located m tne Massie building next to Davis Jewelry store. Mr. and Mrs. Browne recently bought out the Joan Beauty Shop, part ot which equipment, witn other new furnishings will be used in the new shop. . Mr. Browne, who has had several years experience is a graduate of the Shuf ord Beauty School of Charlotte. Mrs. Browne also an experienced operator is a licensed jcosmotoligist. They will have associated with them Miss Selma Browne, sister of Mr. Browne. FOR SALE 165 acres of land, 100 acres in grass, also 3Z beaa oi cattle. Terms reasonable. Don't write, but see B. Sentelte, Way nesvillei Route one. Jnne 28 July 3-10-17. FOR SAT.EBabv Grand Piano. : $125.00, chifferobe, $12.00, small pictures, 25c, Mirrors $4.00, rock ers SI. 00. inool bed 117.00. music library, ten volumes $10.00. Rilev ten volumes $7.00, summer school books EOc. Other bocks at 10c. Call at 118 Main Street, oppo site LeFaine. July 17 matter how onery and belligerent the outcries become. ; Tha. official said Tirippa were aro- ing up "it's only a question of time lag wnen they will nit tne pocicet book" and that taxes would later nu fo a aa a fnrtlipr hra.lrA on purchasing power to prevent infla tion. "If we are in earnest aboat this mai-.tpr-a.nri T hplipva rippn down we all are then the American way wouia oe to outproauce nitrer, said Henderson. "We can do this if we spend three hours out of every eight-hour working day for deiease." DOGWOOD logs wanted. Spot cash. Write Medgentra Mills, P, O Box 45. Asheville, N. C, or aall at plant Fairview Road, Bilt more. July 27 WANTS TO SELL A 5 year old jersey, iresn. neavy milker Maggie road, Evelyn Hiem. July 17-24 FOR IMMEDIATE SALE A choice corner 100 by 200 build ing lot, in desirable residential section, with lovely nearby homes. On paved street. Ad dress "Owner" Box 811, city. July 17-24-31-Aug. 7. FOR SALE Lime spreader. 'Good 'condition. Original price $65.00. 'For quick sale $45.00. George W. Williams, route No. 2, Canton July 17. BE SURE TO ATTEND Musical at home of Mrs. Hugh Love Tues day afternoon, 22nd from 4 to 6, given by Auxiliary of Episco pal Churct. JMly 7. And SAVE .Firtfeir (losts Advertise and Sell All Prop erty On Which Taxes Have Not Been Paid TOWN OF WAYNES' JOHN BOYD, Tax Collector VILLE

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