Page 10 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTALNEEE liJ o o (0 lj fit 0) 4 2 o 4; JS Now Is the Time To Buy Dayton Flyer 4.7519S575 Thoroughbred 5 J! 43 6.00x16 Other Prices Proportionately 3 m HOSPITAL NEWS Harry Swayngim, ' Waynes ville, route 1, operative case, better. . ' , Troy Williams, of Canton, oper ative case, is improving, Baby Clarence Edward Smith, of Hazelwood, medical case, is better, The condition of Mrs. Annie Mae Christopher, of Canton, operative case, is gooa. Mrs. Glenn Beasley, of Clyde, route 1, medical case, is improv ing. Mrs. Weldon Henry, of Lake Ju naluska, operative case, is better T. J. Rich, of Maggie, operative case, is improving. Miss Julee Overman, of Canton operative case, -is resting more comfortably. W. Clifford Miller, of Waynes ville, route 2, operative case, resting better. W. H. Burnett, of Enka, medical case, is resting fairly well. Mrs. Jody Mann, of Canton route 1, operative case, is better, Mrs. Bouge Massie, of Waynes ville, route 1, medical case, is fair ly well. Master Ralph Miller, of Canton route 1, operative case, is better. Baby Ruth Finger, of Waynes ville, route 1, medical case, is lm proving. Mrs. H. W Wood, of Leesburg, Fla., medical fortable. case, is lairly corn- Baby Gerald David Parker, of Waynesville, medical case, is bet' ter Mrs. Amanda Green, of Clyde, route 1, medical case, is better, The condition of Baby Melvin Jean Franklin, of Waynesville, route 2, medical case, is fairly well, W. E. Nichols, of Waynesville, route 1, operative case, is better. Miss Dorothy Rathbone, of Clyde, roue 1, medical case, is improving. The condition of Reeves Rogers, of Clyde, route 1, medical case, is only fair. Mrs. Hamilton Akers, of Way nesville, medical case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. Betty Cannon, of Lake Junaluska, medical case, is improv ing. Dr. Wall Holcombe, of Atlanta, medical case, is resting -only fairly well. . The condition of Miss Beulah Caldwell, of Waynesville, route 2, operative case, is good. Miss Peggy Canton, route is improving. Ruth Franklin, of 2, operative case M. D. Robinson, of Canton, op. erative case, is resting more com lortably. Miss Bilhe Carver, of Waynes, vine, route 2, operative case, improving. is Mrs. Dennis Crawford, of Clyde, muie x, operaiive case, is some better. Miss Marietta Gentry, of Can ton, route 1, operative case, is rest- ing iainy well. Mrs. Lucy Drake, of Canton, operative case, is some better. Elizabeth Rose, (colored), Way uco vine, operative case, is rest ing more comfortably. DISCHARGED Among those dischanrcrf frnm tne Haywood County Hospital dur- mg tne past week were: Master Billy Howell, Master Richard Hn. ell, Master Frank James, Jr., Bettv r.n! g r n . " """i aln- biu Karnes, Mrs. Ralph Webb, Nancy Medford. Master Da la Medford, Carl Styles. Mrs. Roch. ene uiu, Willard Clark. M Uraule Arango. Miss Lnollo " Si" reion, j. a. Sisk. D. O How . . 7 " ard, Miss Arlene Eller, Mrs. Harden Franklen, .Miss Cornelia Burnett " rura ournett, Mary Jane untmerwooa. Also Mrs. Floyd Maclcov Mi- uuiew, a. V. Morrow, Mrs. W. IE Porter, Mrs. Carroll Press ley, Mrs. Howard Presslev. M VT nm-.i . W. V. Haynes, Mrs. Joe Edwards and baby, Baby Judith Anne Davis iiik Menarrey, Miss Helen Shipman, Mrs. WiUis Warren, Mrs Rogers Best, Baby Wayne Ray. Mrs. George Packet and baby. Mrs. Mable Walker, Mrs. Reeve. Noland, Mrs. Mark Ferguson, Mrs M. C. Miller, Mrs. S. H. Bushneilj Mrs. Jack Woody and baby, Mrs. Mattie M. Lewis, Mrs. H y. i To Speak To Town 0V v - - k- : '.- :- V I Wmm The man who will direct our of the Navy Col. Frank Knox, above left, and Miss Harriet Elliott, bosc of the Consumer Division in cipal Epeakers who will address Thursday through Saturday of annual convention of the North Carolina League of Municipalities. Mayor J. H. Way is expecting to represent this city at the annual meeting, largest in the organization's history. - Allen's Creek News Mrs. Charles L. Pruett Mr. and Mrs. George White spent the week-end visiting relatives in Newport Tenn. Ralph Moody, who holds a posi tion in Washington, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rube Moody. Junior Nichols, of Fort Benning, Ga., was called home because of the illness of his father. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith, of Hopewell, Va., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ar lington. Pvt. Charlie Curtis, of Fort Jack- Perry, Miss Nancy Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Vaughn Rogers, Mrs. Merilyn Geir, and Master Guy Pruitt. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Lane Medford, of Canton, announce the birth of a son on July 29th. Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Stretcher, of Waynesville, announce the birth of a son on July 31st. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pinion, of waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a son on August 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pressley. of lyde, announce the birth of a daughter on August the 2nd. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Parker, of Canton, route 2, announce the birth of a son on August the 4th. nummary Of Uniform Annua! Budget Estimate Of Haywood County. North Carol: Fund General Fund Poor Fund Building Fund Debt Service Fund Penalty Fund Capital Outlay Hospital Fund ... ... Old Age Asst. Fund . Aid To Dep. Children . Welfare Department . Special Levy Fund . . . (SCHOOL FUND) Current Expense . . . . Capital Outlay .... .". Debt Service . ..... Canton Char. Dist. . . . TOTALS NORTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF HAYWOOD: Approved by Board of County Commissioners, in regular GEO. A. BROWN, Jr., Chairman Officials' Convention 1 1 ' ''' - "v. V- I - naval forces if war comes, Secretary U. S. civilian, defense, are the prin city and town officials who gather next week a Durham for th 33rd son, spent the week-end with mother, Mrs. Mary Curtis. his Pvt. Paul Mull, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Mull, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Toy announce the birth of a daughter, Bonnie Janet, on July 31st. Rev. Nando Stevens and Rev. Manuel Wyatt, who have been hold ing a revival at the Rocky Branch church, are going to baptize ap proximately 20 people Sunday. : "Uncle" Mack Holder is one of these. He is 87 years of age as far as anyone know is the oldest person in Haywood county ever to be baptized. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Allen children, of Newport News, visiting Mr. Allen's parents, and Mrs. Kay Allen. and are Mr. Mrs. Anna Dee Smith, of New port News, is visiting Mr, and Mrs. Robinson. . Robert Moody, of Fort Jackson. visited his uncle, John Moody, over tne week-end-. Clyde Grasty and Donald Mc- Clure, of Smokemont, are visiting relatives in this community. Mrs. John Allison, of Whittier, and Mrs. John Evans spent the week-end with Mrs. H. R. Moody. Lots of self-made men forget that their wives bossed the job. Published in Compliance with Requirements of the "County Fiscal Control Act" Sec. 7 Ch. 146, P. L. 1927 FOR THE FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1911, AND ENDING JUNE 30, 1942 COLUMN 1 Total Budget Requirements COLUMN 2 Estimate of -Revenues To Be Available Other Than Tax Levy Col. 2) 37,603.50 17,100.00 7,650.00 103,459.30 4,320.31 9,703.50 4,894.10 2,360.00 10,150.00 4,320.31 4,450.00 1.095.01 74,249.69 16,795.75 66,272.69 3,040.75 5,886.75 1,241.75 13,550.80 13,064.00 35,886.00 23,000.00 127,326.80 23,263.00 1,635.80 .00 15,324.00 483.00 29,231.80 4,863.00 507,605.90 154,615.71 THE HAZELWOOD PRESBYTE RIAN CHURCH Visitors Always Welcome Sunday school 10:00 a.'m. All members and friends are urg ed to be present at the morning services counducted by Rev S. R. Crockett Mnrninc uprvice 11:00 a. m., "He gave them their Request." Evening service 8:00 p. m., espe cially for young, people. "I write unto you young men because you are strong." You will get a great inspiration from having heard one of these sermons. The Friendly Bible Class of the Hazelwood Presbyterian church will have an outing Thursday even ing at 7:30. All adults and young people are cordially invited to meet at the church, where ample trans portation will be provided. The Women's Circle of the .Auxil i lary of the Hazelwood rresDyte nan ' church will meet Tuesday evening, Aungust 12th, at 8:00 o'clock at the home of Mrs. G. C Summerrow. The Business Worn en's Circle will meet at the home of Miss Selma Johnson at the same time.' WAYNESVILLE PRESBYTERI AN CHURCH Rev. Malcolm R. Williamson, Pas .. .tor.- ." William Chambers, Jr., superin tendent of Sunday school. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. (Day light Saving Time). Morning worship 11:00 o'clock. Sermon subject: "iCOME AND SEE.";. Young people's meeting at 7;00 p. m. . Mid-week prayer service Wednes day evening at 8:00 o'clock. a special ieaiure or tne morn ing service will be Gospel solos by Mr, joe Kose. GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rector, Rev. Raymond E. Mac, . Blain. Sunday, August 10, 9th Sunday alter trinity. 8:00 a. m. Holy Communion. 9:45 a. m. church school. 11:00 a. m. morning prayer and sermon. .-. Monday, August 11. 8:00 p. m. Vestry meeting in Parish House. . . . ; . i Tuesday, August 12. 3:30 p. m. Auxiliary meeting in Parish House. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH H. G. Hammett, Pastor. For the Bible study Sunday morning at 9:45 ' the subject is "God's Message to Suffering Chris tians." This study is taken from the Scriptural passages found in COLUMN S COLUMN 4 Estimates of Un collectible Taxes 1 Less Col. Tax Levy to Balance Budget commissions on Collections and ' Tax Payers' Discount 27,900.00 12,205.90 850.00 444.10 5,290.00 460.00 93,309.30 3,290.70 .00 3,354.99 7,977.00 ,13,755.00 4,645.00 .00 95.01 1,200.00 850.00 300.00 11,915.00 13,064.00 620.00 .00 20,562.00 22,517.00 98,095,00 18,400.00 .00 .00 .00 .00 352,990.19 8,109.81 session. Aurust 4 1941 R. T. BoydCommiasioner Methodist Start Church At Cove Creek, 27 Join A Methodist church has been or ganized at Cove Creek, with 27 members. Rev. Odell Brown was appointed pastor until conference meets. At a quarterly conference, a budget of $60 for the remainder of the year was approved, and $1,100 subscribed toward ,a new church. The congregation has planted an acre in beans, with the provision being made tnat tne proceeds go into the treasury of the church. the 1st Epistle of Peter 4:12-9; 5:6-11. ' At the morning worship at 11:00 the pastor will preach on "Life's Greatest Picture." The subject at the evening worship at 8:00 will be, "The Prevailing Gospel.' Special music by choirs composed of volunteer Christians will feature the worship.' The B. T. U. meets at 7 o'clock for training and preparation to serve God better. There are groups for all. ages. Mid-week prayer services 'at 8:00 Wednesday night offer privilege of divine and human fellowship. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LESSON- SERMON The subject of the lesson-sermon at the 11 o'clock morning service in the American Legion home on Sunday will be "Spirit." The Gold en Text will be from Ephesians 5:9, "The fruit of the spirit is in all goodness of righteousness and truth." ." METHODIST CHURCH Rev. J. G. Huggin, Jr. Pastor, The Rev. J., G. Huggin, Jr., who was unable to fill! the pulpit on last bunday due to injuries suf. fered in an accident, will preach at Dotn the morning and evening ser vices on Sunday, FINCH ER'S CHAPEL Rev. W. H. Neese, of the Crab- tree Methodist charge, will preach ounaay evening. August the lOth. at rincner s Uhapel at 8 o'clock. The public is invited to attend the service. ST. JOHN'S CHURCH Waynesville, every Sunday 11 00 . Hi; E. S. T. " Cherokee, every 3rd Sunday 8:00 . M., E. S. T. Bryson City, every Sunday 8:00 . M., E. S. T. Franklin, every 2nd and 4th Sunday 8:00 A. M., E. S. T. . Highlands, every Sunday 11:00 A M E, S, T , . 'ft Andrews, every 1st Sunday 8:00 , M., E. S. T. Murphy, every 5th Sunday 7:00 , M. C. S. T. . - COLUMN 5 COLUMN 6 Estimate of Property Valuation (Col. 3 plus Col 4) Total Amount Of Tax Levy 28,750.00 $23,000,000.00 12,650.00 5,750.00 $23,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 96,600.00 $23,000,000.00 -.00 $23,000,000.00 3,450.00 $23,000,000.00 9,177.00 $23,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 14,605.00 4,945.00 12,535.00 $23,000,000.00 13,064.00 $23,000,000.00 20,562.00 $23,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 22.517.00 98,095.00 18,400.00 $23,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 361,100.00 $23,000,000.00 D. J. Aatidote Tor 7$ weU-placedfirg a Goldsboro w0ml ,TV the howW , J"K canine. window a tne FORGET Y011 WATER HEATIN I'KOBUM Ta! GAS ENTIRELY AUTOMa! Doesn't forget Keeps water Mm, , aiure Shuts off when wate I ea oy lurnace or i Starts when fui range stops CLEAN! No coal dirt No soot or ashes No wicks to dean ECONOMICAL! Average family coj per month to ran " ijow cost for rati! office or tourist cott Can have variable i for greater economjj Saves fireman's ' Frees for using tind where Based on data fromi by Massachusetts lm of Technology Brading Gas Service,! Church Street : Phonl Waynesville, N. C, column: Estimate Of Tax Rate On $100 Valuation C0LVH- Tax m Last Preceedi .1250 .0550 ,0250 .42, .00 .0150 .0399 A .0635 .0215 .0545 .0568 .0894 .0979! .4265 .08 1.57 Noland, Comi " C firm. I e

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