1HURSDAY. AlV Page 12 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Trantham Hurls Champion 'T' To 5 To 2 Victory Playing in an All-Star softball game at Hazelwood last Saturday the Champion "Y" All Stars de feated the W. H. L. All-Stars, 5 to 2.. ; Lester Trantham, pitching for Champion MY" All-Stars held the W. H. L. All-Stars to 7 hits and made four strike-outs. Putnam pitched for W. H. L. Bud Blalock led the W. H, L. All-Stars in hitting with 2 for 4 and George Price and Steve Scar borough tied for batting honors for Champion "Y" with 3 for 4. 8ATUHOAY, AUGUST 2 Canton "Y", 5 Dewteaa 8b 8 1 All-Stars, 2 1 lAII-8ura ab I IWyatt If . 4 I lYount rf . 4 1 iBIalock aa 4 IC'bell lb S 1 morgan Sb t 1 IWyatt ib . I I Putnam p S 1 IHenrv cf I ILan e . I 1 I Robinson af S ( IMUliwr U Fowler e .4 Price if . 4 T man cf Trull Allen lb . . 4 Israel If . t Rorera 8th MiU-hclI 2b 4 Wlna 7th T'man p . . 4 S'borouarh as 4 Baltzclaw 7th Rhea rf . 4 Bpenccr 7th 0 O O il Totals. . 40 6 It I ToUls.38 t 7 Enka Beats Tryon In 11 Innings, 5-4 By scoring ene run in the eleven th inning, the league leading Enka nine won their 13th game of the season by defeating Tryon at Try on in an Industrial League base ball game, 5-4. Culler of Tryon hit a home run in the eighth. Score: Enka ..;........0OO 001 030 01 6 9 3 Tryon 100 000 210 00 4 7 4 Case, Gudger and Munday; Ward, Thompson and Arle, Capps. Beacon Mills Wins Over Balfour Nine Home got four hits in five trips to the plate and W. Martin chimed in with a home run to help Beacon Mills defeat Balfour Mills in a W. N. C. Industrial League base ball game at Balfour yesteday, 8 ;,to 4.'- Stansell and C. Peek, of Bal four, were the beBt for the losers each with a pair of singles in four tries. Score: . Beacon 02O 102 2108 17 3 Balfour ..000 220 00044 1 2 Home and Q. Martin; Shytle and Stansell. Canton Nine Beats Sayles Outfit, 5-3 Troutman led the hitting for Canton with two hits in five trips to the plate as Canton defeated Sayles Bleacheries at Sayles in an Industrial League baseball game, 6 to 3. Morgan, with three for five, and Clark, with two for five, Were tops for the losers. Score: ';' Canton 5 4' 4 Sayles . ..3 10 4 Moore and S pence; Carson, Capps and Cunningham. : Your Boots Now At RAY'S COOTS In The Best Latest Types For Men Boys NOW READY TO SHOW YOU Your best store for medium priced shoes. C. E. RAY'S SONS ll Alexander Leads Batting Pace In Industrial League Woody Case Is Leading Pitcher; Hazelwood Leads Team Batting. With the season more than two thirds gone Jack Alexander, play ing manager of.Ecusta, is hitting his stride at the plate to lead the W. N. C. Industrial League base ball hitters with , an average, as tabulated of last week, of .558, Bud Blalock, of Hazelwood, is his near est rival with an average of .512. Woody Case, of Enka, continues to dominate the pitchers with 8 vic tories and only 2 losses. Bryant, of Beacon, Whitaker, of Ecusta, and Gudger, of Enka, are also close up around the top among the moundsmen. Hazelwood is still at the ton to lead in team battinff with an av erage of .333, while Enka is tops in team fielding with a percent age: of .951. Balfour To Play Hazelwood Here The Balfour Industrial League nine is scheduled to meet the Ha zelwood nine in an Industrial League tilt here on the home field Saturday. Balfour played Beacon Mills last Saturday and lost 8 to 4. Hazel wood played Ecusta and lost 9 to 4. Other games scheduled to be played this week are: (Enka at Beacon. Sayles at Tryon. Ecusta at Canton. Hazelwood Drops Game To Sayles The Hazelwood Manufacturers dropped a make-up game to Sayles here Sunday. 21 to 13. The Hazelwood batters sent 13 hits into the outfield, while Sayles gathered in 19. Burrell, local pitcher, led his teammates with 8 runs, while Garrison. Morton. Cun ningham and Capps each got 3 for the visitors. Industrial League Standings won lost pet. lEnka 12 2 -.857 Ecusta : 9 ; 4 .692 Beacon Mills 9 4 .692 Sayles .. 8 6 .571 Champion "Y" 6 8 .428 HAZELWOOD ....... 5 10 .303 Balfour 4 10 .285 Tryon v ,...:..........3 10 .220 Softball Results FRIDAY, Unagusta, 4 I'naiaisU ab r AUGUST 1 Lions, 3 fa ILIons ab r Robinson af 8 Hill aa . . . 3 lrevoat 3b 8 Robinson p 8 Sincleton lb S T'man cf , 8 T'man 2b . 8 Calhoun If . 8 Kuy'dall rf 8 Robinson c 1 1 JOueen 8b . 3 0 1 I Parkman cf I HWeath'by u t 0 IC'bell p . 3 1 IWrtaht at 8 1-ISUnlcy rf 8 1 IDavia If . 8 1 I Crocker o 8 0 IToohey lb 8 1 iMaa.it 2b 1 Totals.. 2 8 4 i ToUla.i 8 4 FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 R&P No. 2, li b IRAP No. t ab T Iron Duff, 20 Inn Duff ab r Smith as i t S IDavia lb . 4 1 Miller c .8 Crawford p 4 Fenruaon 8b 6 Parker !b . 4 L'hamoen lb 4 Morrow af 4 Tat cf . 8 4tephnaoii rf 4 Caldwell If 4 t lAr'arton aa S 1 lUraham ib 8 2 : Da via 8b .8 2 I Kinney o . 3 0 Finney p 8 2 IWhit'ner cf 8 1 IT'man af 8 0 I Frailer rf 8 1 Itireen If 8 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 e o Totals. .40 20 14 I Totala.81 11 4 J. Creek, 21 L'wood it I 1 Meaaer lb . t t Rotary, 10 t I Rotary . . ab r 8 IWatkina eat 2 iPrevoat Sb 4 1 L'wood Sb t 1 Meaaer c .58 IBowlea aa 4 v 1 L'wood af . 8 Steph'aon aa t Moody cf . 4 L'wood Sb . 4 Da via ..4 Howell If . 2 4 INeal rf 1 lliaaaey Ib 1 IT man af 1 !L better p 1 I-ynn lb 1 IMedford If IDavia cf Totals.. t 21 1 I Totals. 8 It Clyde, 2 Olyd ab: t Tannery, 11 b i Tannery ab I k Green a 8 0 0 I Lane If . . t 1 1 IWyatt lb 4 11 Greene p S Medtord cf . 8 Hardin lb . 8 Moran 2b . 8 Justice kf S L'wood 3b .3 Gaddia c . 3 Gaddia rf . 8 Meaaer If . 2 1 IWyatt aa 4 0 1 0 i Henry af 4 11 2 IRatcllff cf 8 1 t ITruitt p 8 8 2 LScnunra Sb 3 1 1 1 I Burrell 2b S 1 2 IWyatt rf 8 IByrd e . 8 11 Total. .MS T I Tots la. 83 11 It TUESDAY, B Jewelers, 5 R. Jeweler ab T Enaley lb . 3 1 AUGUST 3 Pet, 3 h IPet ab r b 1 IDavia 2b 2 0 IWyatt a t ' 0 0 iToohey lb I 1 1 1 lYount H 8 I T man af , Smith 8b . Scrucara p . Jonea cf . Green a , Roarer rf , She ban ib Bryson If , Byrd v.. 1 IRob'aon af 8 . I Leopard o 3 2 2 Means If . 1 I Carver lb I I 1 0 I Hinar' ton cf 8 S O IMuU . Totala..t t 6 1 Total. t t TUESDAY. AUGUST 5 Iron Duff. 10 J. Creek. 2 Iron Duff ab r h IJ. Creek ab Miller c . 4 18 I L'wood rf . 3 Smith aa . a a IVmi lk Crawford p 4 t 3 1 1. 'wood 8b I Fervnaon ah a A 1 ll.'manil m a Parka ib . . 4 1 1 IMeweer e . I Morrow af a 1 Htenh'm Chambers ib a n a lUnoriv r4 . a Crawford cf 3 0 1 IL wood 2b t Tate IDafra p . 3 CaJdweD rf 8 IHowell If 2 Steph'aon rf I Total. .38 It 111 Total. tS-S I ef ends Title I y Beating Lorraine Fischer, of Nev York, in th 100-yard free styl. event at an American Athletn Union meet in Oreland, Pa, Patri cia McWhorter, of Newark, N. J. successfully defended her A.A.U title, setting a new pool record of one minute four and seyen-tenths seconds. ; Did you know there were six no-hit games in the big leagues in 1915, four in '16 and five the fol lowing season, for a total of 15 over a three-year period ? Lefty Grove, has at last attained the goal he had his heart set upon he won his 300th game recently when he beat the Cleveland In dians, 10-6. In hia own words "It was a lousy pitched game, the boys with the bats won it." Harold (Red) Grange's $50,000 libel suit against Athletic Director Wendell S, Wilson of the Univer sity of Illinois has been erased from Hendricks Wins Golf Tournament In Pearl Harbor It hasn't been so long ago that Gordon Hendricks learned to swing through with a gold club on the Waynesville course. Not long after he got to running low scores on the local 18-hole course, he decided to see more of the world, and joined the navy. In due time he was stationed in Pearl Harbor, and for recreation was shooting golf balls over the course on the mid-Pacific island. Hendricks has improved in his golfing, and as a member of the Ellett, one of Uncle Sam's large ships, he has acquired the nick name "Mike. The other day he went into a golf tournament, and when it was over he had a 12-inch trophy and acclaimed runner-up in the finals, by shooting a76 against the win ner's 73. Softball Standings Major League won lost pet Tannery ... ....13 2 .866 R&P No. 1 9 4 .692 Boosters ; 9 5 .642 Pet 7 7 300 UnagusU ...u 7 8 .466 Lions 6-8 .428 Clyde ........ . 6 11 .352 Reliable Jewelers .. 8 11 .214 Minor League Iron Duff .. IS S .812 Jonathan Creek .. 9 6 . .600 Rotary . 3 9 .250 R&P No. 2 .. 3 10 30 Batting Averages Of Manufacturers ab h ave 21 312 9 .474 22 .440 6 .400 22 .393 19 373 16 327 7 -292 3 .273 4 .235 6 .208 3 .158 4 .154 B. Blalock . ..41 W. Milner . .19 J. Fisher ,.50 E, Manus ..16 Gordon Wyatt 56 J. Scruegs u.51 Glenn Wyatt 49 L. Woodard . 4 C Weatherby . 11 R. Putnam 17 , F. Wyatt ; 24 Gene Wyatt 19 S. Henry c. 26 Pitching Record G W L Pet 4 .429 3. .250 1 .000 L. Woodard 8 3 R. Putnam .7 1 D. Holsenbach 2 0 Installation Of Bethel Boy Scout Troop Postponed The installation of the Bethel Boy Scout Troop 12, the twelfth white troop in the Haywood dis trict, which was to have taken place with a special service at the Bethel Methodist church last Sunday night at 8 o'clock, has been postponed until the coming Sunday. The troop is sponsored by the Bethel Parent Teachers' Associa tion. The congregation of the three Bethel churches have been invited to attend the service, with the pastor of the Bethel church, the Rev. J. W. BliUfh, district chairman William Medford, chair man of organization B. E. Colkitt, and vice chairman of organization A. M. Fairbrother and otherss in charge. Clyde Property Will Be Auctioned The property known as the D. D. I. L. Smathers bottom land, justs opposite the new Clyde high school, on the highway, will be offered at public auction on Saturday, August 16th, Mrs. John Morgan, owner stated yesterday. The property will be sub-divided into desirable lots, and will be auctioned by the Cyclone Auction and Realty Company, of Forest City. Free prizes and a band con crt will be a feature of the sale. The sale will start at 1:30 Sat urday, August 16 th. SPORTS ROUND-UP By J. D. HYATT court records. Attorneys for the former Illinois football star said he withdrew the suit after receiv ing a telegram from Wilson retract ing a statement made about Grange during the recent Athletic Depart ment dispute. Charlotte Book of Lancaster, PaM set a new junior national A. A. U. swimming record recently in win ning the one-mile free style cham pionship in 26 minutes 23.5 seconds. - Joe DiMaggio leads the majors in runs batted in with 84 and second in homers with 22. is Jr. League Wins 3 To 2 Victory The Junior League All-Star. , . . , met the Hazelwood Independents last Saturdav in an All-Stnr anft. last Saturday in an All-Star soft b8U .v'S.,: Junior Leaguers won the tilt 3 to 2 , . . . Laffie Scrutres Ditchinir for the ... .,,UCF,iUCnu to 4 hiU. Walt Wyatt pitched for the Independents, allowing five w v.... ... msjuch. Hazelwood, 2 Hazelwood ab r Jr. All-Sters, 3 hlJr All-SUr ab r h Wyatt lb . 2 Wyatt p t Bobineon lb t O lord lb . t Aimee aa 2 Oreen f . 2 Tman c . 2 Phillip rf 2 Sinerleton cf 2 Arrinarton ib I 0 I L'wood ss s 0 t 1 ITeaaru ib 8 0 S 0 IScruam p 2 0 0 I.Tavnes lb 8 10 1 IKnivht cf 1 0 0 1 IHartsell 1 I.Smith af t 0 1 0 IWyatt 0 lOriftin 8b t 0 1 0 ICatance e 8 0 0 IHvatt rf . 8 1 1 ICreasman Uah If . 2 1 1 ToUla. .24 t i I Total."27 "7 t Junior Softball Junior League Scores Eagles 2, Termites 7. Eagles 12, Independents 13. Independents 5, Troop 3 0. All Star No. 1 6, All Star No. 2 6. All Star No. 1 3, All Star No. 2 3. Standing won lost 3 16 19 19 Independents ..........30 Eagles .......... .. .18 Termites 11 Troop 3 m...........l3 In an exhabition game Tuesday afternoon between Fort '-. Meade Agriculture boys, who are visiting her airvt tha jnnlnv T , .i - Vne local youngsters took the cams, ib Softball Schedule Royle & Pilkinotnn V. t - a. va. Rotary. Boosters vs. Unagusta, Friday. Aumj)t k Pet vs. Royle & Pilkington No. 1. lannery vs. Keliable Jewelers. Monday, Augrut 11 Reliable Jewelers vs. Lions, Iron Duff vs. Rotary. Tuesday, August 12 Boosters vs. Clyde. Jonathan Creek vs. JJinvU t, pnv. ington No. 2. Wednesday, August IS Open, Hunting License Went On Sale the First Of August Hunting licenses went on sale the first of this month, according to G. C. Plott, county game and fish warden, who predicts that there will be a record breaking sale for the year, from the growing interest in the hunts in this sec tion. Non-resident licenses sell for $15.25; combination state resident hunting and fishing license sell for 33.10; state resident hunting license sell for $2.10; county hunt ing license sell for $1.10. Last year, Mr. Plott stated that the hunting license sales amounted to $2300. . County Farm Tour Is Set For 15th (Continued from page 1) Time) and will go to the Claude Francis farm in Ratcliffe Cove. Here an outstanding Hereford bull, Laurie Domino, will be seen by persons making the tour. Also other good breeding cattle and a good demonstration in pasture im provement with the use of lime and phosphate and reseeding will be seen. From here the tour will pro ceed to Fred Mann's farm in Beav erdam townshp. Mr. Mann has a very good demonstration of good farm management. Here Short horn cattle, sheep, workstock, and good crops will be seen. The next stop on the tour will be at the demonstration farm of John H. Allen in Beaverdam township. Home conveniences, beef cattle, and pasture improvement will be stud ied on this farm. From here the tour will go to the Osborne farm, one of the out standing dairy (Guernsey) farms in the South. The persons making the tour will see the result of the use of good bulls and proper feed ing. , ",; Lunch will be served by the P. T. A. at the Bethel school building, at a reasonable price. At the lunch period a demonstration by the Ten nessee Valley Authority will be given on the curing of hay. Also a demonstration will be shown of water systems and bathroom equip ment The first ston after lunch will be at Frank Sorrell's farm. Mr. Sorrells has a good demonstration in pasture improvement and truck crops. From here the tour will nroceed ta T. L. Gwyn's farm in East Fork township. Here the group will see a good demonstration on barns and barn lots. The next stop will be at the farm of Joe Rose at Balsam. Some very Outstanding Aberdeen-Angus cat tle will be seen at ths farm, also two carloads of fat cattle. Also " wl" De lce-cola v vu: av a.1 ;n i i watermelons ior everyone on the tour Everyone ig t0 g I ., ... . 6 teme,on tne tour ana get their nil of wa Prizes will be awarded at this I win uc awuruea ai mis otm t ti, ..,u. i largest numDer ol persons on the tour. A silver loving cup will be awarded to the 4-H club havinir the largest number ol memhon nn tv.- X II.. . .. . iuur. Aiso, a Sliver lovino- run will be awarded to th H" p a chapter having the largest num- oer oi memtters on the tour at this stop. . ' . . The safety of the persons making the tour will be in the hands of corporal E. W. Jones, of the State Highway Patrol. There will be official cars for the following organizations: Town officials of Waynesville, Clyde, Ha zelwood, and Canton; the Lions Club of Waynesville; the Lions Club of Canton; Civitan Club of Canton r Rotary Club of Waynes ville; Boosters Club 'of Hazel wood; Waynesville Chamber of Commerce; the AAA officers; officers of the Haywood Counl ty Mutual Soil and Land Use Association; officials C "j-wooa tjounty Livestock nay wood county commis sioners; the Haywood county board or education; Pu.. t.,. Granpe; Haywood Milk Producers UtXi a AS80C,ton; the Min isterial Association. ..J .1.. 1 tional Defenge Council of Haywood ! Placards for c. ionOpe - Burnetf Rm,v. I . -iinni Set For Sunday, Angost 10 The annual Shope-Burnett r. nnion wiU be held Sunday Aa LRr, J in Buncombe County cuurcn PEWORLD canitai nf v:.rr".ujc clSr ion of the city i, iined "JZ? shops and cigar factorie Ti 1 ROO oon n.t. . ne M over lr&W,000 Havana cigars are nude A great advnnn PEATinlS WADE BURNETT Last rites were held on Monday morning at 11 o'clock in Bethel for Wade Burnett, whose death oc curred at 7:45 p. m., in Detroit, Mich., from injuries received when accidentaly shot. Rev. Oder Bur nett and the Rev. Thos. Erwin of ficiated. Burial was in the Bethel cemetery. Pallbearers were: Raymond Duckett, Walker Brown, Glenn Par ris, James Singleton, Earl Thomp son, and Scott Burnett, Nieces and friends were in charge of the flow ers. "'. Mr. Burnett was bora in Canton, route 2, on Oct. 15, 1913. He was married to Miss Beatrice White, of Union, S. C, on June 25, 1932. Surviving are his wife, two chil dren, Clifford and Martha, father, J. B. Burnett, and seven brothers, Edgar, Carl, Thomas, and Wil son, all of Canton, Harley, Van, and Roland, of Detroit; four sis ters, Mrs. Verna Huskey, Mrs. Mollie Long, Mrs. Mae Hughes, of Canton, and Mrs. Arvella Cam erer, of Montreal, Canada. - JAMES MEHAFFEY James Mehaffey, 4-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Me haffey, of Allen's Creek, passed away .last Thursday, following a short illness. Funeral services were held at 2:30 Friday at '"Allen's Creek, with Dave Wiggins in charge. . Pallbearers were Homer Norman, Ed Crawford and Sam Mehaffey. JAMES M. DOTSON Funeral services were held at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon at the Beaulah Baptist church in West Canton for James M. Dotson, 76, who died at his home in the Phil lipsville section of Canton at 11 o'clock Friday morning. The Rev. Mr. Raby, the Rev. Fate McCracken and the Rev. Forrest Ferguson officiated, Burial was in the family plot in the Iron Duff section of the County. The body lay in state from 1 to 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon prior to the funeral. Survving are the widow and the following children: Mrs. J. (E. Chambers, of Clyde; Mrs. J. W. Hipps, of Canton; Homer Dotson and Mrs. Roy Palmer, of Clyde; Kaywood, Charlie and Horace Dot son, all of the Iron Duff section. Showing also at $2.95 various types of oxfords suitable for school and all general use. Our showing includes low heel oxfords with mocca sim toe. Also the official Scout shoe. -LET US SHOW YOU if .. ' yJJ I am I Ill SB ii err, " v. -s QUI tmmmmimmt'i'mmmmwmmtmmmmmmmmmsmsmmmm For Boys Also AN OUTSTANDING GROUP OF SCHOOL -Shoes $1.49 up Oxfords $1 .r.ff. O.,. BUY. YOUR SHOES OUCC BUY THEM AT RArM C E. CATS SOf Last Rites For Mrs. (ll Sunday Afte (Continaedf J this section, n. ..I ork of the Mel which she .. .Tl years meol years. She WM her charities, her Z. thoughtfulnes8of her deep affectionfo and friends. . A large number d' friends from out of to the funeral service. ham; f our daughteii i Frances, and R0Ml riir'!H runner Kjj ville; one brother V IT 'O i. i w. o. -ommis8ioner sisters. fro i? t . --, ....a. t,. j, ,j nesville Mro ta . -I ....o, r . Ai -umiBon Lity, Tenn .J xwunenart. 01 Ashevi 256 Persons Examined li Clinic In Co ' ffmH... I iw..uuun roil 1; number advised to I turn examined, 6. The results of tl J in the Canton area el persons and 3 colortJ new positive cases, 1,1 advanced 1; childhood! tive 13; latent 13; prevl nosed 8, (7 white injl probable 1; doubtful? I (65 white and 2 colon! advised to take hoitJ 5; number advised X r ber advised to have j amined 5. The examinations a Dr. W. M. Peck, ofthf berculosis Sanatorium rium,- and consisted o! observace of the chest sical examination whe Dr. Peck will swu weeks in the other wti district health depsrtmi Haywood county is i pi Read The OXFORl, Swaggtr nw vl alorr! L'nmsich- able valuta! BROW! B I A C A N T I 0 L tan: a Dthrn! Chow Youn here.

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