bsday, AUGUST 7, WU THE WAYNESVTLLE MOUNTAINEER Pa 15 'tis Week In Defense Lt Roosevelt sent spe P to Congress saying i&P 10 Ct. the clos ne j a we u:u . . IMS at the beginning r .,, " ana more ...1iment credit. the .today-re tinely similar" w T" "7 , mm'' l.. ka whole. i 1-ct war wii" the last oriw - index lncrwo j teen October, 1915 "".a. in the nast 60 M' ' hov rinen L five times as fast as ' -w..pdine period since break of the war in Europe, WlGX AFFAIRS Wsident orderefl the free- 41 A avaHiti in the d Japanese nH extended the L Chinese ainst Japanese use o --or.t The President Led the army and navy ol Philippine Commonwealth the command oi me armeu ited States, and m u w -iQen. Douglas A. MacArtnur, chief of staff, commanding I oot. DpDartment protesed Ipping of bombs by Japanese near the U. a. uunouav la " and announced the inci La fter the Japanese gov- It promised full investigation Iparation. ACung ecreuiry i nmmced Germany for its fc the Mexican governement tprd to the blacklist issued ident Roosevelt and for the Wrnment's reported threats Irisal. AID TO RUSSIA Lease Administrator Hop- fmvpd in Moscow to discuss ling of needed war materials Soviet Union and the Rus- Blilitary Mission conferred President Roosevelt and the Department. Acting Secre- Mles said Lend-Lease aid k been discussed because the In government can purchase :1s with cash. ARMY War Department created five iPBort commands in order to Jriate the activities of aviation tnd ground forcss. The de nt announced the Signal has develoned electrical sen- fchat. will warn of invadine It "long before they are act- sighted," but said the army needs 500 men from the radio en gineering field to learn to operate the secret device. War Secretary Stimson said 1,000 airplanes and 10,000 air corps of- C J V , 1 ... . . liters biiu enusiea men Will take part in maneuvers stressing mnrHi. nation of ground and air strength . a. V TT . a in me ceauregara, la., area irom Sept. 1-30, in the simulated war fare between 60,000 men of the Sec ond and Third Armies, and in the nrst Army Maneuvers to te held in the Carolines, Nov. 3-30. OIL Defense Corodinatnr Trims re. commended 100,000 gasoline rilling stations in the Eastern Seaboard state be closed from 7 p. m. to 7 a. m. every night beginning Sun day, August 3.: OPM announced plans to increase the scrapping of worn-out auto mobiles by 100,000 tons a year and said one car provides enough scrap for a light cannon, and 20 cars, enough for a tank. OPM ask ed zinc producers to set aside 27 per cent of their June production durinir August for an emergency pool, and said supply of fabricated alloy steel for aircraft manufact ure will be tripled before the end of the year. Moscow Apartments Blasted by Nazi Bomb A; . I """" -4. .ill 1HANSACTIONS IN Real Estate (At Recorded to Monday Soon Of Thit Wok) -Tir 1M C. P. Rmdlopkot A Nasi bomb with tht power of a eolossal knife, exploding alongside this apartment house, sliced away the rear wall, exposing every room. Moscow radioed this photo by way of evidence thst military targets art not being damaged in the German air raids. : Draftees Are Smart A mericans, Army Intelligence Tests Show ' draftee is smarter than the ave erage citizen. Tests covering about 130,000 traineers show that 47.13 per cent are above normal intelligence, whereas only 81 per cent of the population in general falls into the "above normal" group. The Adjutant General's office, which administers intelligence and aptitude tests to selectees, an nounced these findings and de clared that "this extra complement of intelligence" was helping the draft troops to "learn faster and learn more." It had been estimated at the start of the Selective Service pro gram last October that 7 per cent would be in Intelligence Group I; 24 per cent in Group II; 38 per cent in Group III; 24 per cent in Group IV, and the remaining 7 per cent in Group V. Instead, the intelligence grades of trainees were found by army tests to be: Group 1, 9.51 per cent; Group II, 37.62 per cent; Group III, 29,25 per cent; Group JV, 15.60 cent. Thus 47.13 of the tested trainees were above the normal Group III rating, as compared with 31 per cent of civilians; and only 23.62 per cent of the draftees were ' be low the average," as compared witn 31 per cent of civilian men, Tn insure that it gets the light men into the right army jobs, the Adjutant General s office applies four tvnes of tests; the general classification test which places men in intelligence groupings; tests oi artitude in mechanical and electri cal lines; a non-language examina tion for those who cannot read or write English, and a minimum literacy test. The tests have expedited the task of providing the maximum amount of training in the one-year draft period, for the commander need not waste time trying to discover the capabilities of the men placed under him. Knowing their qualifi cations at the start, the Adjutant General's office has reported, the 75 Head of Cattle Sold At Clyde Yard Seventy-five head of cattle were sold last Thursday at the Haywood Stock Yards at Clyde. Prices per hundredweight were: Cows, $5.75 to J7.90; heifers, J5.60 to $9.30; steers, $ 7.10 to $7.60; calves, $6.60 to $11.50. per cent, and Group V, 8.02 per ' commander's "training program On Garden FRESH FRUITS All Displayed So You Can See What You're Getting ALL PRODUCE KEPT ON REFRIGERATION AT NIGHT moves at a faster pace and well- MARRIAGES Joseph V. Thompson, of Fair fax, Va., to Isabella Ledford, of Clyde, route 1. Stanley Smith, of Fairfax, Va., to Kathleen Reagan, of Asheville. John Henry Starks, of Waynea ville, to Ella Norman, of Sylva. What y hi di''t know won't hurt rounded teams are soon developed." you unless you try to tell it. Beaverdam Township Bell Dora Wines to George W. Wines. Jesse Ford, et ux, to Troy Fordi, H. A. Osborne, et ux, to W. E. Williamson,' et ux. C. Z. Chapman, et ux, to. Walter Neal, et ux. P. L. Medford, et ux, to Lois K. Worley. Hettie L. Paxton to M. E. Pax- ton, et ux. W. E. Miller, et ux, to W. C. Pope, et ux. A. M. Dixon, et ux, to F. W. Keener, et ux. Robert Lowe, et ux, to Albert Lowe. James Swanger, et ux, to L. F. Pace, et ux. C. E. Brown, adm., to F. M. Queen. J. R. Queen, et ux, et al, to F. M. Queen. '!'.''..:"': Cecil Township H. R. Warren, et ux, to Thomas Erwin, et ux. Clvde Township Elmer Warren, et ux, to Frank Thnmnson. at MX John H. Morgan, et ux, to Edward Green, et ux. Frank Thompson, et ux, to Carl Thomnson. et ux. Gurley G. Robinson, et Ux, to Theodore Morgan, et ux. Luxora Medford, et al, to J M. Cavanaugh, ct al. East Fork Township Mrs. B. Grahl, et al, to C. R. Trull, et ux. Pigeon Township Oscar Layman, et ux, to Charles Layman, et ux. Max Davis, et ux, et al, to Lon nie Crawford, et ux. Waynrnville Township J. H. Woody, et ux, to Mrs. Mae M. Clark Dr. Reynolds Makes State-Wde Drive On Prostitutes Dr. Carl Reynolds, state health officer broadened the campaign against prostitution in defense camp areas to include the entire state during the past week. Futhermore, he said, "we do not propose simply to arrest prostitutes and leave the higher-ups unmo lested, but start with the 'madam' and close her doors. There is not going to be any delay or Hillw-dallvin about this matter." Dr. Reynolds said a rederai law will be invoked In the effort to stamp out prostitution in military Momn mil manpuvera areas, and he culled on state and local law enforcement agencies to co-operate in the campaign elsewhere. "So far as we are concerned, we are going to see that every means is invoked to rid North Carolina of these women, a large percentage of whom are infected with syphilis and gonorrhea and constitute a menace to health," Dr. Reynolds declared. . The campaign, he stated, is aim ed at itinerants as well as inmates of bawdy houses. When prostitutes are arrested and convicted, Dr. Reynolds de clared, "they will be held in cus tody until they are cured. The law gives us this right and we are go ing to exercise it, and I dont mean maybe." The state has provided a tem porary detention camp for women convicted of prostitution. Page, et ux. J. B. Hill to J. W. Shuler, et ux, Lake Junaluska Assembly, Inc., to Willard L. Moody, et ux. George R. Stuart, et ux, et al, to Ludd M. Spivey, et ux. S. R. Felmet, et ux, to Marietta Tom Gray, et ux, to Fred L, Felmet. DRINK Canada Dry GINGER ALE We Boy From ANGEL .-Asheville The FOOD STORE In Every Field There Is A Leader With FLOUR It Is YUKON'S BEST IJetler housewives everywhere are finding that no better flour is available, anywhere, than YU KON'S BEST A product of supreme quality, made by a mill with 41 years in manufacturing high grade flour and a no finer or more modern mills in America. Another Good FLOUR . ;..:'' IS Yukon's Western YouTl Like This Plain Or Self -Rising 94 Pnnnd (Ol'SNC W MM'"" 1 1 1 ' 1 1 W ' 'J 3 linn Today, Get A Bag Of Yukon's :''.' ;".-' '; '.' Plain Or Self -Rising 24 Pound $00 Bag.... & mm i mm. Iain Street Waynesville I

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