Y AUGUST 7, mi THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Pae 17 he Mandarin House Murders" CHAPTER IX ' j r !irn river to meet VwnM easier near Adams's as j an interview r 'nt believe in lettin' w i .. A Hams said P date he must keep i.., tPDt it." was Hwn" .V An j then JnB comme'"" v,rtnH him. no know, v"""- " r j-j uinl nf unset f but he wouldn't admit - u..J nn ahead why i 8'1U"C oi, knobby hands were 0 ' . nTKor. vnu have tiDftru . i,v v barr!. he make any mention of iMture?" . words. He ma SO Bl" . ' l .Kof it was more lm- tercially than from a tlttll him you thought he tSaid he u oeii" w v T pinned wolfishly. "But mt couldn't be robbed." wwi m f ICJO you iiicbh e the whole business was i- . ... - ::' I head, ehT" Someone iar I . wtlllft (ill vapi-tti" " eived a subtle change in In his head." Spurr pull- fery ions b -rnnd tapped it against L l,t I. One case," pieasanuy i ' t J n ..nli oil a1iva1 if j my 'guns knocked the . . o. Cnir fori 1 TT J ; to have Deen along, nau . ii. ti t r fl my young uie, oujf i e assacred them Commu- By VAN WYCK MASON nists." . No doubt." North broueht the speaker back to his original sub ject. "You seemed quite surprised to see Miss Gallian. "I was. Couldn't quite place her." "You recognized her?" "I still ain't too sure, but blame me if she don't look a lot like, Daisy Richter." "You knew this Daisy person !" Kilgour suggested mildly. "Me? No Bern a number one 'coaster she came too high for poor little Dave. Only saw Daisy once in Hong Kong 'bout three years ago." "Why did Daisy leave the China coast?" "Reckon she played both ends against the middle once to often. Anyhow, she skipped for India with a squarehead gun runner." "Think Bhe knows anything about Adams' disappearance?" "Maybe maybe not.? Tarnished gold on Spurr's shoulder straps glistened in a brief shrug. "But my bet is she does; even if she did act up a tree about Adams takin' a powder." "In that case a talk with Marya Gallian may be enlightening. Com ing, Bruce?" "No. I'll take my turn later Think 111 chat with our friend the Colonel." Inwardly thinking, North made no further attempt at persuasion. If the British Intelligence man elected to approach the problem through Spurr well, it was just as well. "Hey, Cap, better watch your step with that joy baby if she turns on the old S. A." Colonel Spurr's loose smile was. not pretty. "Thanks for the tip. Bye the bye, Bruce, you might see if you can learn anything from the newspa per." North indicated the discarded North China' Daily News. "But it's two weeks old?" "Doesn't that make it all the more interesting?" North's hand was actually closing Into the Frying Pan.. .for Enjoyment HEINZ PURE FOOD PRODUCTS "57 Varieties" FOOD STORE over the cold brass door knob of the room m which Chao Ku and Marva Gallian were waiting when a voice, menacing as a leveled pistol, warn ed, "Stand still!" North knew better than to dis obey. Hostile eyes were drilling holes into his shoulder blades. Promptly he oriented the deadly undertone as coming from a door di rectly at his back. "Is anyone in sight?" "No,"- "Then turn around, raise your hands and come in here." Silently the door of a perfectly dark room swung open to shut again once North had crossed the threshold. Simultaneously a flash light blazed into his eyes, making any reconnaissance simply out of the question, "What the devil is this?" the man from G-2 demanded in a hoarse whisper. "Whoever you are, you've got the wrong man." "Be quiet or I shoot, verstehe?" Then in guttural German. "All right, Johann, see if he has a pis tol'.' Grinding mental teeth. Hugh North perforce endured a search which ended when the second man pulled a compact little .32 from the wash leather holter adjusted be neath his left arm. "I have it, Kurt." , "Gut. Now, mein Her, these questions you must answer. Where is Luther Adams gone?" A strong reek of onions offended North's nos trils as he merely blinked into the flashlight. "Answer met" "I don't know," he muttered and tried to grasp the significance of this deadly ambush. He must be careful and make no mistake. No matter what happened Luther Ad ams could not be left at large. Sup pose the new process fell into the hands of certain nations who had an axe to grind with the world? "We will see about that later. Who are you?" The fellow sounded angry and not altogether certain of his position. "A member of the police," North lied. "Ach, so? Who with the Fraulien is in there?" 'Inspector Chao Ku, of : the Shanghai Municipal Police." ''Why have you her arrested?" "She isn't under arrest; at least not at present." "Gut." The unknown drew a long breath then continued in a hoarse stage whisper. "Now you will go across the hall and send that China man away." "Indeed? I see no reason why I should." . ' "You are vun stpid kerl, Hen Policeman," observed the voice. "Maybe you make it necessary for us to kill you, and then him." "Violence is the tool of fools," North was surprised to hear his own voice saying. "Suppose I told y BEULAH V. GILLASPIK Director, Sealteet Laboratory Kitchen uvr K Y 1 Cnurteiu VtaHrt Laboratory Ktrhn HOW long since youTe served fritters? Yet, most everyone loves them family, guests, and all! And, since every season Is Cottage Cheese time, these Cottage Cheese Parsnip fritters will not onry please those hungry people, but will bring a lot of good nourishment and, help the budget, too. COTTAGE CHEESE AND PARSNIP FRITTERS 1 cup flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons salt ' I egg : cup grated raw par'auip' cup cottage cheese hi. cup milk Mix and sift the flour, baking powder and 1 teaspoon ot the salt. Combine the well beaten egg, pars nip, cottage cheese, milk and the remaining 1 teaspoon of salt. Add te the dry ingredients and mix Just enough to moisten. Drop by spoon fuls Into deep hot fat (S60 F.) and fry until brown. Drain on unglased paper. This recipe makes 18 small fritter. If desired, serve with maple syrup or honey. Six servings. COTTAGE CHEESE PINEAPPLE FRITTERS 1 cup flour . I teaspoons baklug powder K teaspoon salt 1 enp cottage cheese 4 oup drained canned crushed pineapple 1 egg Mix and lift the flour, baking powder and salt. Combine the oot tage cheese, pineapple and slightly beaten egg yolk and mix welL Stir Into the dry Ingredients, mixing Just enough to moisten. Fold In the stiffly beaten egg white and drop by teaspoonfuls into deep hot fat (260 F.). Fry until brown. These fritters are rather moist Inside. This recipe makes 24 small fritter. Six lerrlnga. Some people want skirts back to old-fashioned lengths. Others still have their eyesight. As profits begin to pile up, bus iness men begin to warm up to the defense program. . '(171 Ipfi ' i CUT Lf v c t-iJL f CNTENtV I LB. 3 O-'. We Carry A Complete Line Of Quality Canned Foods OUR BETSY LAND O THE SKY BRAND BRAND SOUTHERN SKYLAND BRAND GROVEPARK INN SUMMER HAVEN ASSEMBLY HALL Green Beans-Spinach-Turnip Greene-Beets Sauertout-Okra-Blackherries The FoodStore you I'm very anxious to find Luth er Adams myself?" "I would believe you, mein Herr," came the surprising retort. "But I do not think you are of the politzei. You are Leonid Dankoff!" Dankoff ? The name impinged on North's conScieness like a clench ed fist. "You're absolutely wrong. I'm not" "Silence! Don't try to lie to me! My people haff not forgotten what you did in Harbin. Where haff you the American Major taken? An swer me!" : ' ' North could feel the prickof i perspiration breaking out on his palms and his throat was going dry as an arroyo in Death Valley. What a monumental irony it would be to perish, now of all times, for some unknown person's misdeeds. Instinct told him death had never before been quite so close. "Don't be a bloody fool! I'm not Dan" . An unexpected thing happened; in a room across the airshaft and directly behind North's captor someone switched on a light. In stantly he struck at the figure thus suddenly silhouetted. Th blow landed hard, sending the Teuton reeling backwards, but before North could follow up his advan tage he tripped on a piece of furni ture and luckily went sprawling just as the second man fired at him. Ears filled with the jangle of shattering glass North from his crouching position flung a waste basket at the head of his principal enemy and missed. The missile however disturbed the other's aim enough to render harmless a second shot. .. "Heraus, schnell!" North cursed the loss of his .32 on glimpsing figures briefly outlined against the yellow 'rectangle of the doorway. People yelled, doors slammed and the corridor awoke to noisy confusion. (To be Continued) REFRESH WITH RED ROCCa COLA Take Hem A Carton TIP PUT IT ON YOUR GROCERY LIST You'll Like ORANGE CRUSH The FOOD STORE NOTICE Following notice has been post ed at stations served by passenger trains 35 and 36 and Nos. 15 and 16. Suspension of train service ef fective 27th day of July, 1941. The operation of trains Nos. 85 and 86 between Asheville and Sal Isbury, and trains Nos, 15 and 16, between Asheville and Knox ville, will be suspended during Na tional Defense Emergency, last trains being operated on July 26th. This suspension is xor the purpose of releasing passenger equipment and cower for National Defense activities and la at the suggestion of Ralph Budd, tne .transporta tion Commissioner of the Advisory Commission to the Council of the National Defense and with the ap proval of the North Carolina Utili ties Commission. SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM H. A, DeButta, Vice-President. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Hairing qualified as administrator of the estate of Emma Dawson, de ceased, late of Haywood County, North Carolina, this la to notify all persons having claims against the estate of said deceased te exhibit them to the undersigned at Waynes rille, North Carolina, on or be fore the 30th day of June, 1942, or thia notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons in debted to said estate will please make immediate payment. Thia the 80th day of June, 194L. 3. h. McDonnell, Administrator Emma Dawson, No. 1086 July 8-10-17-341-Aag. T. Remember-- If It's BECKERS BREAD .:. 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