THURSDAY, AUGlST, THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 4 Order Numbers Given Haywood Men Of Second Registration I See You At Farmers Federation Picnic Names and order numbers of the registrants who came under the second registration have been an nounced by the Selective Service board ior the Waynesville area. The list released by the local board here yesterday is as follows: Charles Anderson Ferguson, S-23. Frank Teague, S-48. Edward Dewey Smith, S-69. Ray Cagle, S-92. Fred Howell Messer, S-115. Dewey Smith, S-138. Walter Houston Plemmons, S-161. Jack Justice, S-184. Charles Troy Rhinehart, S-207. William Lee Allen, S-230. - Manson Edward Clark, S-253. Asbury Homer Green, S-276. Sidney Eugene Phillips, S-299. Thomas Gilmer Grastie, S-322 James Linwood Rogers, S-345. Cardan Phillip Rabb, S-368. Ernest Leroy Inman, S-391. William Williams Stringfield, S-414. Roy Ellis Edwards, S-437. Robert Walker Burgess, S-460. Edward Smith, S-483. Willis Frank Smith, S-506. James Lenyon Casey, S-529. Howard Thomas Collins, S-552. Thad Denton Howell, S-576. Cecil Thomas Gaddy, S-598. John Henry Foster, S-621. Lawrence Emmett Green, S-644. Donald Winford Adkins, S-667. Charlie Avis McPeak, S-690. Ralph William Sease S-713. James Paul Phillips, S-736. Roy Howard Auberry, S-759. Jesse Junior Moody, S-782. Willard Medford, S-805. Robert Jake Moody, S-828. Johnnie Lewis Ruff, S-851. Hugh Rogers, S-874. Bruce Williams, S-897. Willard Paul Woody, S-920. Ray Smith, S-943. Homer Ernest Pruett, S-966, Glenn Edgar Siske, S-989. Carl Beasley, S-1012. Albert William Arrington, S-1035 John D. Sutton, S-1058. Dee Jae Kirkpatrick, S-1081. William Jesse Mills, S-1104. Hobart Barr Hyatt, S-l 127. Robert Shepard Millar, S-1150. You should know spicy, herbal Robert Boone Garrett, S-1173. lamp Robert HilL S-l 196. Marshall Willard Holden, S-1219. David Hugh Parton, S-VM. Willard Richard Setzer, S-1265 Jere David Liner, S-1288. Paul Green, S-1311. nvirt Austin Taylor. S-1334. Thomas Harman Rogers, Jr., S-1357. Roy Chester Ruff, S-1380. Clyde Luther Stamey, S-1403. Edward Earl Best, S-1426. William Carl Justice, S-1449. Claude Eugene Davis, S-1472. Jarvis Dewey Messer, S1495. Marion Harding Wood, S-1518. Claude Arthur Morrow, S-1541. James Paul White, S-1B64. James Jackson Clark. S-1587. Willie Ray Tate, S-1610. John McCury Wyatt, S-1633. George Montgomery Queen, S-1656. Norman Lewellyn Bradley, S-1679. Ben Thomas Ferguson, S-1702. lErnest Marse Miller, S-1725. Paul Philmore Medford, S-1J48. James Anderson Dicus, S-1771. Asbury Homer Green, S1794. Guy Roy Chambers, S-1817. Gabbie Jackson, S-1840. William Thomas Moore, S-1863. Charlie Jacob Clemment, S-1886. John Way McCracken, S-1909. John Ebid Bramlette, S-1955. Harry Swanger, S-1955. Howard Eugene Sutton, S-1978. John R. Allen, S-2001. Ben Henry Hannah, S-2024. Harry Willard Connard, S-2047. Troy Samuel Smith, Jr. S-2070. Jack Coburn Styles, S-2093. Leo Lefayette Buckner, Jr., S-2116. A. TOP-SELLING LAXATIVE ALL OVER THE SOUTH The list released recently by the Canton Draft board include the following: Robert Parham, S-19. Robert Lee Blaylock, S-38. Monroe Harrison Conard, S-57. Luther. McKay Gregg, S-76. Joseph Ralphille Haney, S-95. Robby Lee Buchanan, S-114. Homer Richard Hall, S-133. Rufus Hugh Rogers, S-152. Hildred Thomas Scott S-171. Howard Samuel Medford, S-190. Loranzo Fryson Smathers, S-209. Joe Heatherly, S-228. Joseph Britton Pressley, S-247. David Hartley Dorian, S-266. William Henry Donaldson, S-285. Lloyd Sanford, S-304. James Cortez Nelson, S-323. Billy Ted Rector, S542. John Harley Morgan, S-361. Bjorn Ahlin, S-380. Olus McLain Turpin, S-399. Clarence Cornell Poston, S-418. Albert Campbell, Jr., S-437. Hubert William Pressley, S-456. John Jean McGowan, S-475. Craig Thomas Campbell, S-494. Wilford Guy S-513. Doyle Otho Inman, S-632. Bill Cordell, S-551. James Erastus Grooms, S-570. John Lewis Kennly, S-589. Sam Madison Wiley, S-608. PPP r . .... These attractive usherettes will find you a seat, serve lemonade and sing at the Haywood County Farmers Federation picnic at Rock Hill high school on Saturday, August 9th. Left to right: May Brown, Mary Will Alexander and Virginia Greenwood. Tom Lee Wilson, S-627. Ralph May Hall, S-646. Burlin E. Henry, S-6G5. Harry Daniel Boone, S-684. Oscar Pressley, S-703. David Henry Jones, S-722. Daniel Howard Griffin, S-741. Cecil Elmer Mann, S-760. Chas. Waitsel Roberts, Jr., S-779. Charles Lenoir Bun-ess, S-817. Ernest Lawrence Laney, S-817. William Frank Muse, S-836. Joe Hyde, S-855. . Broadway Jones, S-874. John B. Sharp, S-893. Lester Patton Lovelace, Jr., S-912 Paul Dallas Moore, S-931. ' George William Barnes, S-950. Charles Clyde Fish, S-969. John Calvin Conley, S-988. Jack Allen Robinson, S-1007. Ray Jessie Rector, S-1026. Samuel Lawrence Francis, S-1045 Charles Hilliard Pless, S-1064. Cecil Muse, S-1083. Charlie Manson Jones, S-l 102. Quenton Robert Davis, S-1121. Earl Sylvester Williams, S-1140. James Joyce Sprinkle, S-1159. James Edwin Norris S-1178. Sam Ray, S-1197. Ervin Reece, S-1216. Woodrow Willson Buchanan, S-1235. Thomas Albert Clark, S-1254. Walter Worth Pressley, S-1273. Jack Roy Jackson,S-1292. Baxter Rogers, S-1311. Lewis Harrison Sorrels, S-1330. Carl James Henson, S-1349. Jesse Troy Ford, S-1368. George David Blaylock, S-1387. Delmor Games, S-1406. Frank Edward Metcalf, S-1425. James Edward Clark, S-1444. Recent Hog Rifle Contest Makes Picture Section Atlanta Journal A recent section of the Atlanta Journal gave a half page of pic tures to the 'Hog-lEye" rifle shoot ing match held at the Cataloochee Ranch three weeks ago, when 250 persons watched the old timers in the area demonstrate their art. .The pictures include a square dance scene in the living room at the Cataloochee Ranch, and also one each of Virlyn Gibson and Jerry Mull, two winners in the contest in which 50 to CO sportsmen com peted. ..; News From Jonathan Creek ' Mrs. R. M. Rothgband daughter,. Anne, of Raleigh, are vsiting Mrs. Mrs. Rothgeb's mother, Mrs. E. J. Howell. Charles Moody, son of Mr. and MrsvC. M, Moody, is at homefrom Cullbwhee. and will spend a few weeks before returning to Chapel inn.. ' Mrs. Odell Brown and young son, George Stanley:! are home from the Haywood County Hospital. Miss Edna Boyd is substituting in Bethell school for Mrs. Allen, who has been illv NOTICE All water and light patrons of Waynesville are hereby re minded of the formal ordinance which sets out that- All water and light bills must he paid on or before the 10th of the month or services will be discon tinued without further notice. Town Of Vayncsvillo Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Moody and Miss Mattie Moody spent last Sunday in Brevard visiting Gilbert. Moody. : Mrs. Dick Moody was hostess to the Jonathan Creek home demon stration club at the home ol her mother, Mrs. L. B. Leatherwood, on last Friday afternoon. , . The leaders reported on "Poul try," "Home Beautifieation," and "Foods and Nutrition." Miss Mary Margaret Smith gave a demonstration on canning veg etables. The club decided to put on an exhibit at the livestock and home arts show in September. Miss Edna Boyd won the prize in the contest, "Bar-None." Mrs. Jack Messer, sister of Mrs. Moody, was her guest. Refreshments were served during the social hour. Haywood Women Go To Raleigh For Home, Farm Week Miss Mary Margaret Smith, county home demonstration agent, and a group of the home demon stration club women of the county left Monday for Raleigh, where they will attend Home and Farm Week at State College. Those making the trip in addi tion to Miss Smith were: Mrs. W. L. Bradshaw, of Crabtree; Mrs. Frank Ensley, Mrs. Frank Williams, Mrs. Larry Burrell, Mrs. Crom Cole, Mrs. Paul Robinson, Mrs. Tom Hipps, all of Beaverdam. Also Mrs. Tom Garrett, Mrs. R. L. Hennesse, Mrs. John Rhinehart, all of Clyde; Miss Fannie Noland, of West Canton; Mrs. L. J. Coman, Mrs. Ed Harkins, Miss Willie Smathers, Mrs. Walter Amons, and Mrs. R. C. Gossett, all of the Morn ing Star club; Miss Cecil Brown, of Fines Creek; Miss May Boone, of Francis Cove; Mrs. C. S. Terrell, of Bethel; Mrs. C. L. White, of Maggie; Mrs. Essie McCracken, of Rock Spring; and Mrs. J. Ed gar Burnett, of Cecil. News From Cecil By Mrs. J. Edgar Burnett. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Townsend, of Detroit, visited the Iatter's sis ter, Mrs. J. Edgar Burnett over the week-end. Floyd Burnett, of Raford, Va., spent a few days here in the past week. He came to attend the fun eral of his uncle, Wade Burnett- Mrs. Thomas Erwin and Mrs. Ed- Farmers Federation Picnic Set For Saturday At Rock Hill School Musicians, singers, dancers and farm families from all parts of Haywood county will gather togeth er for the annual Farmers Feder ation picnic at Rock Hill high school on Jonathan's Creek on Sat urday. The program will begin at 10 a. m., daylight saving time. James G. K. McClure, president of the Farmers Federation, the Rev. Dumas Clarke, Lord's Acre lead er, and J. C. Lynn, Haywood county farm agent, will make brief talks during the day, but the major part of the program will be given over to music and entertainment. D. F. Millwood, Rutherford coun ty ventriloquist, the Pritchard Brothers from Polk county, Gaither Robinson, of Yancey county, noted singer of comic songs, Johnny Rhymer, of Leicester, specialty tap dancer, and the Farmers Federation string band under the leadership of Pender Rector, will head up the entertainment program. All Hay wood county musicians and enter tainers are also invited to come and perform. Basket lunches will be spread at noon, and the f armers r eaerauon will supply free watermelons and lemonade. Races for boys and girls and a gar Burnette were unable to attend the short course in Raleigh this week because of sickness and a death. Hardin Burnett and Van Burnett, of Detroit, have arrived to attend the funeral of their brother, Wade, who was killed : in Detroit last Thursday. afternoon activity ij choirs and quanet, rf 3 lnonncr An....-..- set of new son kJL awarded to the winnia. J the second-place chZU1 i dooks. lherewmllMr ior tne winning M(j "I "-"V 1 WI" repress, wood county at the fin Federation picnic at the fc Farm in Swannanoa Aar Cash prizes of $3, $2, iu me men who the large number of wot' picnic at Rock Hill high , their trucks. A record of puns uu une truck is t suerauoil pi year. There will also he longest married coupk t recently married pair, th family present and the uib ouiuesi neao. "Every farm family in ; county is warmly invited picnic," according to Mu erts, Federation picnic di. NOVEL THOUGH frofessor says man'j i nous problem is chocs right wife. Quaint idea about who does the ek. Montreal Star. SHE CAS It has got so now thai any girl with a good job married Florida Times! Arthur James Green, S-1463. Glenn Reed Henson, S-1482. James Fletcher, S-1501. Lewis Baxter Smith, S-1520. Paul Robert Henderson S-1539. William Harry Pressley, S-1558. Alexander Augustine Shumolis, S-1577. . Francis Hugh Stamey, S-1596. William Bethell Williamson, S-1615. George Henry Hall, S-1634. Walker Vance Hawkins, S-1653. Jessie James Bussell, S-1672. Frank Howell McDowell, S-1691. Porter Addison Broyles, S-1710. Jarvis Beck, S-1729. George Vance McGhee, S-1748. Homer Tipton Whitted, S-1767. Sebal Ishmus Burnett, S-1786. Thurman Roger Barnes, S-1805. Jack Medford, S-1824. George Brien Cathey, S-1843. Yoder Pinkie Surrett, S-1862. Lawrence Albert Cogburn, Jr., S-1881. T. J. Stamey S-1900. Lewin Leafatte Medford, S-1919. Troy Edwin Erwin, S-1938. Edward Stamey, S-1957. Zane Gray Hall, S-1976. Hubert Nelson Clark, S-1995. Archie Junior Hawkins, S-2014. James Thomas Cooper, S-2033. Vaughn Keith Rogers, S-2052. Orvel Oten Pipes, S-2071. James Howard Garren, S-2090. lEdward Mack Pless, S-741-A. Come To The Farmers Federati U U m Mi f ieW Pay .f a-- ROCK HILL SCHOOL Jonathan Creek A Full Program Of Fun and Entertainment See and hear D. F. Millwood, the noted ventriloquist, and his boy Elmer. Hear the famous Pritchard Brothers of Polk County sing. You'll like Gaither Robinson of Yancey County singing the comic songs. Johnny Rhymer, of Leicester, specialty tap dancer, will be on hand to enter tain everyone. FREE Watermelons And Lemonade Brief talks by James G. K. McC Rev. Dumont Clarke, and J. C. I Each will have a special messag. Special singing contests by choirs quartettes. A i plete set of books given to ning choir. AK iw sone boo ftl . t winner of place. Special prizes tij winning quart'' The famous Fanners Federation String Band under the direction of Pender Rector will head up a good lively musi cal program. Bring a basket and come to this big annual get-together. All musicians are invited to come and take part on the program. Cash of $3, $2 and $1 for largest loads of people coming to piut Nice prize for longest married j present; to me musi v. . the coupie; largest iamu -with the baldest head. The women of Rack HiU will k,"i Udous luncheon for sale to those wishing to bring a basket mmcvn vnim POtPVnS AT THE U ERATTON PICNIC. Everyone Welcome Come Join the Fnfl

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