cnAY, AUGUST 7, 1941 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER fame Teaches Consistent Christian J living BIGHLIGHTS ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ii AM BIG wrWSlAJf CAMPBELL Viinnal Uniform M toe above topic for toe Epistle of James, and undefiled be- rT. Vher U this. If.hefatherless and widows Isitrh;! and to keep ott were to take one single I0U were . fi IS lX you could do P"5". fU. the book of ..X-nnlvfivechap- tfhit are aU the necessary w h pood life. l75frSmt among hints Mtetb author's Many think this James uty. j t.u and eer ie worn" v: v.rv it li mat iu "'"""o kaf of Jesus, it L. imt in little dlf- L'i7 u thought the riwTwritten earlier than P. i! x.,.t or the Acts. 5V. and Possibly li directea w v" . which are cattered U meaning -w a tk. nnlflM. St. 1 ys in the beginning of christian should frd when he U assailed by fpUUon, for temptation tries faith, which works for pa L, we miKht say that by Kng temptation he gains tit We Lack Wisdom Lwe troubled as to our prob- tt Do we lacK wiBoom i c i God for help, having faith He will show us wie ri. very good gift and every per- rift is from aoove, aim -Lm th Father of Lights, I whom there Is no varlabre L ..k. .hanur of tumlnev it it a verse to memorize ana tit when your hearts are trou- h I. It tint? Let every man be swui to t; IIOW lo spear., own ih swift 'to hear, alert, but L to speak for fear he say the big thin? in anger, wnen u ne lected a moment n wouio. Keep Listen attentively to those who Lm instruct vou. lead earnestly be good book, but "be ye doers Ithe word, ana no-, nearers omy, I . far if &nv be ft hearer or xne Int and nnt ft doer, "he is like a In (or woman) vho looks in the feor. but when he walks away, rnnnt remember wnai ne Iked like. " 'If any man among you seem to religious, and briUieth not nis trot, but decelveth his own krt, this man's religion is vain." R "pure rfi'.gion ana unaemea COTTON appears likely that the domes- carryover of American cotton e end of the current season total about 12,300,000 bales, rts the U. S. Bureau of Agri- firal Economics, before CiaA thav ITathoi. Is v.i. t I-.... M UIW, visit the fatherless and widows in uieir auucuon, ana to Keep him self unspotted from the world." Good deeds and self-control show the faith that Is In us much more than perfect church attend ance ana unennsuan conduct all the rest of the week. Next St. James attacks the per son who bows down obsequiously . 1 . I 1- I . . . . . utivrc uie ncn man, uut sugnis the poor. Rich men are not nec essarily evil, of course. They may be as good as those who are poor. But they should not be given un due nrivileires merelv havniisp thev are wealthy. And James reminds ms readers tnat there are rich men who oppress and cheat the poor. "If ye fulfil the royal law ac- shalt love thy neighbor as thy self, ye do well." Sympathy Not Enough A train it ia nnf vnnncrVi trt Ka sympathetic to those poorer than yourselves, muse who are in wani. To say to those in need, "Depart In peace, be ye warmed and filled,"' wimoui giving mem tne uungs that they need will not profit us. "Even so. faith. If it hath not works, Is dead." Abraham had faith, he reminds us, but when the time came, he was willing even to sacrifice his own Bon. to show that "faith wrought with his Works." In chapter three he speaks of the power of the tongue for evil. He reminds us that we put bits Into horses' mouths and guide these large beasts by the small bit. Great ships, too, are guided and turned by a small helm. The tongue Is a little bit of the body, yet what trouble it can make for us! Every kind of beast has been tamed by man, but his own tongue, few men can tame. "Out of the same mouth pro ceeded blessing and cursing My brethren, these things ought not so to be." "Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom." "Bitter envying and strife In your hearts" are the cause of wars, says James. "Ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot ob tain; ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not." Isn't that true? "For where envying and strife Is, there Is con fusion and every evil work. "But the wisdom that Is from above Is first pure, then peaceful, gentle and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. "And the fruit of righteousness Is sown to" peace of them that make peace." 1 :trlbuted by King Features Syndicate. Tp Stewart Says- ARK THEATRE WAYNESVILLE. N. C. THURSDAY fhey Meet Again' k: Jean Hersholt, and Dorothy Lovett. FRIDAY "Broadway Limited" kring: Victor McLaughlin, -h. Reynolds. ; . SATURDAY Robbers Of the Range" Tim Holt, Virginia Vale. LATE SHOW "Kisses For Breakfast" N"?: Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyatt. SUNDAY Iy Life With Caroline" 4rri?: Ronald Coleman, An- L "a Lee. - OXDAY-TITFSTIAY I Wanted Wings" "gr Bryan Donlevy, Ray , MUland. WEDNESDAY "Three Sons 0'Guns" 'rr,ne: Wayne Morris, Tom crown. (Continued from page 2) will have to be rationed. In Europe they do it by requiring them to have cards in order to buy stuff. Leon's scheme is, rather, to limit supplies of raw materials, so that retailers simply wont nave tne roods that customers ask for. Yes, but if that happens, the customers will compete with one another, thus hiking prices ana then we haveinflation. The only possible remedy for that, it's argued, is to take so much of the customers' money away from them that they won't have enough left to compete excessively. Do it how? Why, by taxing them like sixty. Generally speaking, the .msnt collects taxes for re- enue. Leon, however, cares less about revenue than he does about preventing a fury of civilian-buy- ing compeuLi"" j matked, inflation. Local School Band Will Close Season With Five Concerts ilia tnwnshiD bands i ine naiiiw"" , I ,4 .hoarsals on Monday r followine a two weeks ! r,nratnrv to eivinir five VaulLiuii, j.,- . . . . I concerts during the remainder of the month. ; . . ,.,.1 , high school and the junior bands will give a joint concert at the Presbyterian cnurcn On Saturday night at 7 o'clock they will give a concert on the steps of court house. On Monday night the local banda ... alio annual Duke Day win piny iui ' , i held at Lake Junaluska Assembly nVriday night, the 15th, an all 4 of the Can- couniy diw . , I 1-a w.vtiMville bands will i ion nu , j .r Bt the court house. I K1TC - ' The same group cert in Canton on Sunday the 17tn. STERLING SILVER NOT PURE If sterling silver were actually .. T 1 i wnnln be too pure silver mew, --. Lft to, crdlnT silver ana irt - - hardening purposes t.11 chiefly copper. So it is not correct toakofsterling silverware as - n Mr,v silver. Ull lartomg mmi mmi, 8:0 mm In the Windows of Garrett Furniture Store See TU) 1 MA JVlaster Of Hypnotism Who will attempt to hypnotize several beautiful young ladies in our store. If sucsessful, one will be placed in the show window on a Kingsdown Mattress in full view of the public. Many Demonstrations In Different States Of Hypnosis BE AT OUR STORE FRIDAY NIGHT, 8 P. M. No Obligations To Buy Anything Show Is Free WD E TO A Beautiful $39.50 KINGSDOWN . Ijr --m . Itmm i III in m Ik v:'"'vSv:'Saa 1ATT R ESS Will Be Given Away Absolutely Free! NO 0BUGATI0N-REGISTER AT OUR STORE NOW. f - Be Here Friday Night At 8 r. ri. x ... . . m f II rl ITAUA IAI ou don't need anyone to tell you .. 4 smift.ri Be Here Friday At 8 P. M. GA PP Ml $(0150 EASY TOTMS FURNITURE STORE Main Street Waynesville "solid silver "

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