Page 6 THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER THURSDAY, AUGlST 7 J SOCIETY Miss Rotha Honors Miss Swift. Bride- Elect, With Party Miss Billie Rotha was hostess of a beautifully aDDointed lunch eon on Saturday as a courtesy to Miss Haseltine swat, Dride-eiect of August. Mixed garden flowers were used in attractive combina tions throughout the rooms. Miss Rotha was assisted in re ceiving her guests by her mother, Mrs. Harry Rotha, and Miss Tillie Rotha, and Mrs. Margie Blaylock, of Orlando and Waynesville. The guest list included the fol lowing: Miss Swift, Mrs. W. P. Swift, mother of the bride. Mrs J. Dale Stentz. mother of the groom-elect, Miss Jane Stentz, Miss Mary Stentz, Miss Hilda Way, Miss Sarah Jane Walker, Miss Mary Lou Elwood, of Canton, Ohio and Waynesville, Miss Hester Anne Withers, Miss Jane White, Miss Corinne Wagenfeld, Miss Thorn aslne Stringfield, Miss Ann Cramer, and Mrs. Malcolm Williamson. Evelyn Craig Dances At Garden Fete At Biltmore Home Evelyn Craig, well known local dancer, student of the Marguerite Hyatt School of the Dance, nf Asheville, was one of a group ap pearing on the program presented on Saturday afternoon on the first birthday of Bundles for Britain in Ashevlle. The affair was a garden fete given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Burnham S. Colburn in Bilt more Forest and was attended by several hundred persons. ' ENTERTAINS WITH MELON FEAST Edith and John Summerow en tertained a numer of their friends with a watermelon cut at their home last Friday evening. A scav enger hunt was a feature of the entertainment and other games were enjoyed on the lawn. Those present were: Nancy and Laura Winchester, Margaret and Doris Blalock, Catherine Davis, Jennie Greer, Helen Jewel Robinson, Bet ty Bradley, also Fletcher Fergu son, Richard Bradley, Harry West, Elmer Harris, Richard Inman, and Junior Davis. 4 - ,. ' . Guests At Jones Farm And "MaDles" Are Given Musicale Sunday Evening Mrs. J. T. Jones and Miss Lucv Jones entertained the guests of Jones Farm and the "Maples" with a musicale Sunday evening. . The program included numbers bv Howard KemDer. violinist ac companied by Mrs. Manual Jones, pianist, and several selections of popular piano music by Harry Kobinson. Followine the Drosrram the guests were served watermelon. Enjoying the affair were: Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins Connelly. Miss Danhne LonnelJy, of Sanford, Fla.j Mrs, Linton Allen, Miss "Happy" Allen, Clark Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. How ard Kemper, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Jones, Miss tvelyn Jones, Harry Kobinson, Major and Mrs. Oscar Walters. Mr. and Mrs. L. V Rop ers, of Orlando; Mrs. J. Edward M. Sheehan, of St. Petersburg. Also Mrs. R, W. Blank. Mrs. A. E. Pickering, of Delray Beach; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Perkins. Mr and Mrs. Arthur Wilson. Jr. 1Wi Mahka Wilson, Randolph Wilson, of Savannah; Mrs. J. T. Mundy, Miss (Elizabeth Mundy, of Colum bia; Mr. and Mrs. Hardestv. Miss Louise Hardesty, of Gainesville; Mrs. Jones, Miss Wilson, Ma. and Mrs. Hewitt, of Miami: Mr. and Mrs T. C. Norris, and Pvt. Johnny Morris, of Fort Jackson. Sets Movie Contract ( - f - . A J:j, i -iC- J Littla PtHrl M.rU RrVra tmnt. prominent in the movis aho't going rainui. x ne (mcago miss Da Deen signed by Hollywood to appear m ooj. BAPTIST WOMEN TO MEET The Missionary meetina? of the Hazelwood Baptist church will meet in a circle at the home of Mrs W. H. Snyder, Thursday at 2:30. Miss Vivian Clark left Sunday for a visit with relatives in Ash e- yule and Biltmore. Mrs. Fate McHone had a her guest Sunday Mrs. Will Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Patton from Asheville. : ' Mrs. Rov Blackwell has returnen after a three weeks visit to friends in Newport News. ..' . - Mr. and Mrs. I.vla Noland and small daughter. Nancy, arrived on Sunday from Newport News and will spend several days in this section visiting relatives and friends. ADVANCE 1941 SALE! HEADED FOR SUCCESS Annual August SALE ft The event thrifty women wait for . . .our annual AUGUST SALE OF COATS. Come in today . . buy that winter coat you want NOW . . . before prices go up. A small down payment will hold your coat until you need it. Advance 1941 Styles- All the advance 1941 styles headed for success. See the new slimmer silhouette with modified dolmaa sleeves, "easier" waistlines, slimmer shirts. Choose your winter coat NOW. We can't guarantee these savings later. , . 7.95 9.95 ; 12.95 Second Floor :-'J The Home Of Better Values" : Woman's Club To Give Annual Card 'arty Friday The annual summer benefit card party sponsored each season by the Woman's club will be held at the Hotel Waynesville on Friday night. Playing- will beg-in promptly at 8:30 o'clock. The prizes are now on display in tne windows of the Massie Furniture store, and have been generously contributed by the merchants and business men of the community. A prize will be given the high scorer at each table. Those attending are asked to bring their own cards. It is op tional as to whether or not guests make up their own tables. In cases where they do not make up tneir own playing groups there will be tables made, up by the com mittee in charge of arrangements, so every one is cordially invited to attend, whether or not thev have planned their group. Hotel managers and guests houses are iirced to invito their guests as this affair is considered one of the outstanding of the sum mer season. Mrs. Ben Colkitt is chairman nf the committee in charge and serv ing with her are Mrs. Dan Watkins and Mrs. George Bischoff. Any one wishing to make a reservation may call either of the three or may purchase a ticket from Miss Ruthie Wagenfeld or Miss Carroll Bell, who are in charge of the sales. ' .. Community Center Program Gives Wav To Benefit Bridge The regular Friday evening uro gram Presented bv the community center of the Chamber of Com merce Will not be fivpn tnmnrmw night, in view of the large benefit bridtre nartv to be sponsored at the Hotel Waynesville by the Wo man's Club Mrs. R. 0. Coving ton, official hostess of the center will assist in the party. The programs which are riven each Friday nifc-ht between 8 and 9 o'clock will be resumed again on the evening of the 15th, with the numbers announced at a later date. Captain William Sloan Spends Ten Days Leave Here Wth His Father Captain William Sloan; of the Medical Corps of the U. S Armv returned yesterday to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., after a ten days leave spent here with his father, Hugh J. Sloan. : Captain Sloan, who is a member of the reserve corps, was called into service about eight months ago. He is an instructor in the Medical Replacement Service, and is serving with the regular army. Captain Sloan was locatml in Wil son at the time he was called to duty. ' . ' ''''"'"-, Miss Wilma Hovle has as her guest this week Ralph Lucas of Virginia Beach, Va. Mrs. Lucius Hudson and nan Billy visited friends in Marion last weeK. r ! .. : Mrs. Edna Schulhofer. nf T?Ti. mond, Va- who formerly resided here and is an annual visitor, al ways stopping at the Hotel Way nesville, has arrived for an ex tended stay. With her this year are her sisters, Mrs. B. K. Meyers, of Philadelphia, Miss Inez B. Hel ler, of Richmond, her niece Mio. Jane E. Meyers, of Philadelphia. one nas recently. Deen joined by her aunt, Miss Rosa Strause, of Richmond. Mr. and Mrs. Pilgram Blanton and Fred Tittle spent Friday in parts of South Carolina on busi- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moody and son, Darrell, of Canton, Ohio, have arrived and are visiting their par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Snyder Mrs. Killian Gives Luncheon For Niece On Monday Mrs. James W Killian enter tained with. luncheon on Monday in compliment to her niece, Miss Haseltine Swift, whose marriage to Lieutenant David Stent will take place this month. A color motif of pink and white was observed throughout the house, with the dining room in white and green. The central table in the latter room was cov ered with an old imported linen cloth and the centerpiece of mixed flowers was flanked by silver hold ers bearing long white tapers. Smaller tables at which the guests were also seated bore tne Dnoai motif. The favors were minia ture brides and grooms. The guest list included the bride elect, her mother, Mrs. W. F. Swift, Mrs. J. Dale Stentz, mother of the groom-elect, Miss Hilda Way, Miss Corinne Wagenfeld, Miss Joyce Juniper, Miss Sarah Jane Walker, Miss Jane White, Miss Mary Stentz, Miss Jane Stentz, Miss Mary Lou Elwood, Miss Thomasine String- field, Miss Billie Rotha, and Mrs, Ellen Louise Killian Queen Mrs. J. H. Howell Honors Miss Swift With Card Party Mrs. J. Harden Howell was host ess of a card party at her home "Windover" on Monday afternoon as a courtesy to Miss Haseltine Swift, whose marriage the middle of this month will be an important social event of the summer season. Mixed flowers in lovely arrange ments adorned the rooms where the tables were placed for playing. When the scores were totaled Miss Carolyn Rose was found to hold the high score and Miss Hilda Way drew the low. The honor guest was presented a silver cream and sugar. Among those invited were Miss Swift, Miss Sarah Jane Walker, Miss Joyce Juniper, Miss Jane White, Miss Hilda Way, Miss Mary Stentz, Miss Billie Rotha, Mrs. Calvin Houghland, of Nashville, Mrs. Ellen Louise Killian Queen. Miss Mary Lou Elwood, of Waynes ville and Canton, Ohio, Miss Hester Anne Withers, Miss Corinne Wasr- enfeld, and Miss Carolyn Rose, of Chicago and Waynesville. Invited to join the group at the tea hour were: Mrs. W. F. Swift, mother of the bride-elect, Mrs. J. Dale Stentz, mother of the groom-elect. Mrs. Rufus Siler, Mrs. E. L. Withers, Mrs. L, M. Killian, Mrs. James W. Killian, and Miss Nancy Killian. ... ;.. Miss Nannette E. Jones has re turned to her home on Walnut street, from an extended trio to Birmingham, New York and Wash ington, D. C. A Fine Feathered Friend Mrs. Winia! Chalmers found Donald Roblm half -starved and tnjwwi la a garbag bin near her Chicagn 7 home.. As she fed hint and restored hint U health, he became quite I tame, and mow eats oat of T ."'; - ' her hand ' . f - : , hereaD. V" X 11 Presbjterian Church Deacons Will Be The deacons of the W, Presbyterian church una wun a mt,..i.. Monday night a, M light saving ,ime, at 1 4 Mr, and Mm nil! .N plimenttothe menof 5i' Any person , lue as portation mav :7vm H some members 0f th. v ' deacons and a u-.. ranged.- m t Baptist Pastor And Wife Hold Open House Thursday Rev. and Mrs. H. G. Hammeit observed open house on Thursday evening at the parsonage of the First Baptist church honoring the members of the congregation Quantities of flowers were used in the rooms. Receiving the guests at the front door were; Miss May Boone, Mrs. H. O. Champion, and Mrs. J. C. Patrick. Miss Ophelia Montgomery, of Woodsdale and Miss Helen Ham- mett, of Great Falls, S. C, were in charge of the register. Serving in the dining room were Miss Hattie Siler Freeman, Miss Mary Ashworth Barber, Miss Ruth Burgin, Miss Merrill Green, and Miss Marion Morgan. During the appointed hours a large number of the membership of the congregation called. Masters Steve and Roy Black- well, Jr., young sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Blackwell, returned on Tuesday , from", Tryon where they have spent the past three weeks with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Sandy McLeod, of Lumberton, who have spent the pasts month here as guests of Mrs. Jennie MacFayden, left during the week for their home. . ..(;., liu iiM inn ii Junior Music Club Will Present Recital Sunday Afternoon, Parish House The Waynesville Music Study club of which Miss Grace Crocker is counselor, will present a recital at Grace Episcopal church Parish house on Sunday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock. The following pupils will be pre sented: Jean Hyatt, Jane Wyche, Jean Grouser, Aletha MacBlain, Ruby Frances Brown, . William Whitesides, Janet Abel, Doris Grahl, Marie Strange, Bebe Med ford, Phil Medford, and Dr. Edith Anderson. Friends of the students and the club are cordially invited to attend. .'. ' ' Col. and Mrs. William Ira Lee, of Gatlinburg, were guests here-on Sunday. Former Nurse of Lo,;, "uur'"w xa iuarried Mpt T T n.. i v Aj. naKPf - r- i Va has annnn;, "4 of her dauo-ht, m- e. er. to Matthew Tft Franklip, Va. Infr - . 6 "uspita ScWi . j,v,Biuoii nere for one nas recently (U at the Boston Lying l8 1 ox uosion, Mass. Mrs. Geore. S gram, of Danville, Va. : The couple will make their i in Franklin, Va. tiu lueet, un iuesday The woman, society of the J odist church will hold thtt wMV.j - uwcuug- on Auesdiv ...UUVu si, o:ou m tne churtk lors. Mrs. Frank Ferguson be the leader of the progrm. '. Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Huhi,. as their guests during the i the Rev. and Mrs. A, J. Clem nayesviue. Kev. Clemmei pastor of the HayesviUe Bi' church. ' '.'"''..; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davit Mrs. Louise Brewer, spent week-end in Shelby with Davis' and Mrs. Brewer'i pen Mre. L. N. Davis of HawlJ and Mrs, J. H. Beverage of iJetnei section, visited ooinU o terest in Washington last weel Are Arriving Daily At MASSIE'S Beautiful Dresses By KAY DUNHILL EK)RIS DODSON ANN FOSTER GEORGANA Also Lovely Fall Coats Come See These New Creations Massie's Department Store C. J. REECE, Owner You Will Find At 1? A Y ' S Colorfast- Yardwide- Prints And in addition a splendid selection of other printl at attractive prices. Other Prints 12ic-17c-19c-25c AN 80 SQUARE PRINT AT A BARGAIN PRICE OUR FEATURE PRINT -QUADRIGA -Showing Also A. B. ' C.'a- For Those Who Prefer- Lovely School Dresses. .. . . SSC- 79c- 371 Women's Print Dresses-6?H C.E.QlMs0NS and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Moody.

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