THURSDAY, August, Page 2 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER The Mountaineer '",',' Published By THE WAYNESVILLE PRINTING 00. Main Street Phons Ml Waynesville. North Carolina Tht County Seat of Haywood County W. CURTIS BUSS Editor mps mm a wav fiWTM - Associate Editor W. Curtis Bum and Marion T. Bridges, Publishers PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY SUBSCRIPTION RATES One Year, In Haywood County , f-60 Six Months, In Haywood County - Wc One Year. Outside Havwood County 200 All Subscriptions Payable in Advance taUrad at flu port offio at WtjiwiwHta, K. C, u Swat Olaaa Mall M.tUr, aa proTbM tudar tfaa Art of Hank . 17, Morambw 10, 1914. Obituary nuticM. naolntiona ol taqwet. oaria el thanks, aad all Doticaa of nUrtalnmnU (or profit, will b OMifi ier at tha rata of on cat par word. sS'Hanh Carolina v4k NATIO NAL EDITORIAL. SSOCIATION THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1941 Go On the Farm Tour Country folks often come into town and they have a pretty 'good idea about how the people in the communities live. Much more than the people who live in the towns do about the rural folk. A farm tour of Haywood county offers not only an interesting experience, a beau tiful drive over some of the out of the way roads off the beaten path, but real instruc tion as to what is taking place in the rural sections., You may have been on the annual farm tour, but even so there will be something new this year. There always is, from year to year. The Haywood county farmer no longer relies on the methods handed down to him by his father and grandfather. He is looking ahead. He has learned through experience that scientific farming pays. He has learned that he gets returns from new methods, sufficiently so that he is annually improving his farm and his property. The farm woman is just as interested as you who live in the villages in the most at tractive way to plan her curtains, She no doubt has given more thought to her kitchen than you have. You might be surprised to find out how many interests you have in common. We know of no finer way for the town people and the country to get acquainted than through the farm tour. Take the day off and join the tour and see for yourself the great transformation that is taking place right here in Haywood county. A Popular Suggestion We read with keen interest that President Roosevelt in his suggestions regarding the tax bill made a plea for simplifying taxes on incomes so that the reports could be made out at the local postoffice and sworn to be fore the postmaster. One writer insists that the reform is long overdue and should apply not only to those whom President Roosevelt proposes to tax for the first time by lowering exemptions, but also to those now paying income taxes in the lower brackets on even to the top. It was pointed out that there is no reason for the average taxpayer being required to employ assistance or spend hours of his own time filling out an income tax return on an average income and there is still less reason for an average taxpayer not being sure after his return has been filed that he has been altogether fair either to the government or tQ himself. '- It has been suggested that it might be " well for Congress to pass an income tax law which members of Congress themselves could observe without obtaining assistance. With life daily becoming more complicat ed by the increasing problems we sincerely hope that Congress will see that the Presi dent's suggestion is written into the new tax bill in plain language leaving no doubt ,&s to its simplicity, so that the citizens may be relieved of this annual "pain in the neck" at the income tax return season. 1 Need For Organization It was necessary to have a peace time draft to increase the men in the army and navy to bring both branches of the service up to the needed number in an emergency defense movement. The citizens of this country as a whole were not over enthusias tic in the beginning, but now it is taken as a matter of fact that a necessary measure to meet the present critical situation be en acted. The trend of the economic battle front looks as if it might need the same kind of treatment. It looks now that it might be necessary to draft sonv rules and regula tions and not depend upon a voluntary sys tem to meet the crisis. -Prices are soaring and in some cases there seems to be no legitimate reason for it. The price control legislation now before Congress should not be delayed in taking action. People after all are only human, but we have noticed that in this country if directed properly the American citizen arises to meet the demands made upon him and gives aid in working out current problems. We feel confident that if Congress will work out the economic problems now facing this country and present the situation with in reason to the people, that they will fall in line and give it their support. " A delay may prove disastrous, so we urge quick ac tion. ; : .. , - :;. i' Not Yet A total of 48 counties has made plans to join in the State aid program to libraries which was established by the last session of the General Assembly. The realization of what a county library means has gradually been growing in North Carolina. Back in 1931 there were only 10 i counties that were appropriating money for the support of libraries as compared to the 48 today.- ,: With the interest shown in the bookmo bile brought here for a couple of seasons by the Waynesville Public Library in coopera tion with the WPA and the county we had hoped that the county might feel inclined to put up the required amount to participate in the fund. We understand that our neighbors out in Clay, Graham and Cherokee have taken this important step and are pooling their funds for a mobile library unit. We look forward to the day when Haywood county can count among its many advantages a public coun ty library. We believe if the "powers that be" would take time off and study the rec ords of the local institution and its circula tions each month, that they would be able to find a niche in the budget for this service. Mirage I IN BE 51 RErnots Food The information given in a story released by the management; of the Hazelwood Mu tual Cannery last week was proof of the necessity for conserving food, perhaps more convincing than any government bulletin has been. -. In the beginning of the year the county farm agents and the county home demon stration agent urged the people of the coun ty to plant and can in larger quantities than they had ever done before to meet the in evitable emergency. Many situations are entering into the in creasing need for conservation of foodstuffs. The government comes into the markets as an old buyer, who wants more food than in years gone by. There is the matter of sup plying England with food. There is cost of distribution which is gradually rising. Take the industrial centers in the defense production areas, where large quantities of food are needed. Take the farmer himself, he feels the higher cost of production, as well as the effect of higher taxes. So what you can't eat in your garden this summer put in cans for the winter. You will feel well repaid next January for the hot hours spent over the canner processing '.food.' . There was something so eternally feminine about the mad rush for silk stockings . . . after the black, out was declared on hosiery ... , for the same women who stamp eded the hosiery counters will be among the first to wear "the new cotton stockings" . . . if it should come to that . '.' . just a pair of silk stockings seem so utterly : in significant ... in the face of the gravity behind it all . . . but not to a woman . , . such is her ever lasting inconsistency . . . it is said that there was a supply of stockings on hand in the shops that would have lasted an average five months . but not now . . . alter the women all over the country elbowed their way to the hosiery counters to lay up stockings against the day when the dainty sheers might be unattainable ... at least things are looking up for cotton . . . we heard one sensible eirl say . . "No I haven't bought a single pair of stockings . . . and I'm not going to . . . until I .really need a pair , . . I'm just going to let things rock along . . . who knows I : may save . money by it . . . if we can't get silk . . . we'll no doubt wear cotton . . . and think how much cheaper they'll be." ... We Feel It We may be far removed from the areas that are booming from the defense projects; but we feel it nevertheless. The casual sur vey made of local business conditions last week revealed that the reverberations have been felt. We trust that it is not all due to this as there have been new industries and new business established in our community that will keep the general uplift on a permanent ' basis. '. . This country Has been slow in developing, but now that it has been discovered by the outside world and the goods roads have made us accessible, we have faith enough in the advantages we have to offer here to hope that it is the beginning of a development long cherished. Many people would have more faith in some of the leading isolationists if they had not been so strongly partisan in favor of Hitler and his Nazi gangsters and so hostile toward England two years ago and four years ago. HERE and THERE By .'.-.;:-.,:;:.,.;, HILDA WAY GWYN appreciated the joke with the hos pital staff, , . . One of the brightest suggestions we have heard . . to solve the situ ation is to start a drive . . . as was done for old aluminum . . and gather up all the discarded silk stockings . . ; tucked away in bureau drawers . . . useless for anything but "home wear" . because of those condemning runs . in fact, other silk garments might be included . . . we are told that it takes about ten. pounds of silk to make a pilot's parachute . nearly twenty pounds for the "chutes" used by parachute troops surely science could convert the discarded silk hose and gar ments into some kind of twist that could be utilized for these patri otic purposes. .... ' We would like to honor a person this week .... whose modesty is equaled only by her good works . . . Lida Smathers Holtzclaw . . . Mrs. Holtzclaw is continually try ing to help somebody .... spiritually . . . physically, and fi nancially . . . ." by the merest ac cident we heard much of her kind ness to others . . . not from her ... but from those who have bene fitted, by her thoughtfulness and generosity ... ask her neigh bors up in Balsam . . . ask the churches in that section . . , and you will get part of the story. . , , Briefs . . . ; Miss Mary Marga ret Smith ,' ... county home demon stration agent . .'". sighing over the fact that her Haywood county wom en lacked less than one person to make thdm winners of the gavel for largest attendance at the State Farm and Home Week in Raleigh . . . . congratulations to Captain E. C. Wagenfeld and her Girl Scouts for the whole-hearted way they operated the dime board for the ambulance for Britain . .'..Mrs. William Dale, of Columbia, Tenri. . . . the former Caperton Bowles. j of Waynesville , . . seems to have no acquaintance , with Father Time . . town hall bustling with ac tivity , . . Monday morning when Treasurer G. C. Ferguson in with all his books . , . . and Perhaps one should not be con cerned over the misfortunes of the enemy . . . but the news of the death of Mussolini's- son was very depressing to us . ' .. he had known nothing but war-. . his father had expressed it . ,. . he "bad lived dangerously all his Efe' . . . his first flight in an airplane was made at the age of 9 year . 22 he was a pilot of distinction . . . . . having fought in three wars . . . . he must have been gallant, brave and courageous . . .. qualities we respect whether they be held by friend or foe . .. . and underneath the mask of Napoleonic resem blance ... we feel sure that the Italian leader is at heart a father . who greatly mourns the loss of his son. . . ; ',.; Power Control Fight Sees Ickes Bow To Knudsen By CHARLES P. STEWART Central Press Columnist. OPM Director William S. Knudsen won an important battle in his fitrht with Interior Secretary Harold L. Ickes when he knocked out the lat ter' drive for total control of the country's hydro-electric power. It remains to be seen how successful he will be in his struggle to defeat Leon Henderson's effort to add pro duction regulation to his Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply's authority over the amount of cash we have to pay for life's necessities. Bill Knudsen had some help in his resistence to Secretary Ickes' at tempt. Harold had grabbed so much already and has been trying to grab so much more that he d antago nized a number of departments and agencies besides Bill's OPM and they backed Bill up in his de fense. .''..:'. Harold's pretty potent just as in- Oil Voi OF THR Peopl Who ... . . .. .... o, mot: you nrofcp ,1... ,m H ... ' " Uy like to see pictures deiul, war or Jr. m. Mrs R. N. Blrb( . torirnl n .,.. . . ' r"-i"ies and J , member the realities." pry M. H. Bowlew Wheal. mov,es I go for entena" , I want to. laugh, r j Mrs. Fred ll!r ... 11111 the war in the Mrs. John V d." I hi,- : Mrr-i cijr Billy ones. 31rs N. F. Lancaster-'! ko io me movies F . Zu. r!!"'! J u ""torxea side in real ! Miss Bessie Bovdi cal pictures anrf u. . funny one, but I do not war pictures." M the auditorium arriving for their routine visit' at the same time . ... visit " the draft board office . . . and you'll be sur prised to find what a busy place it is ... did you ever see so many tourists in town . .? , '. . and we are still being urged by both local people and visitors to agitate the matter of benches . . . one Florida visitor suggested they might lend us some for the summer months if we would ship them back for vthe winter , . . at least it is something to work toward another year. . . . YOU'RE TELLING ME! J. Yates Bailev "f ml iure mat makes you n-l.vJ get, We have ennmrk . ... .. " I miug in me.- Miss Emelvn Hv all types of Dictures r.H ( ly enjoy the movies. I doJ war pictures because they j owijj u ininit. . Mrs. Ralph PrevosU"!!, ilous pictures. .1 dont r J the movies, but when I do to relax. I do not can I pictures." ; J. B. Siler "I prefer t realities and to be strietlJ tamed." -By WILLIAM RITT Central Press Writer THE POLES are getting the real tough, break In the Russo German conflict. They are fur. mshlng the batUegrounds, but are unable to collect any rent from either side. r ! ! Everybody love a winner except, of course, those he plays, poker with. '.. : t r r There re 4.000,000 adult American who cannot read ami (this makes a congressman bap. pier)-wria ' I ! ! A Colorado man went to the barber shop to get quick hair cut and had not returned, his wife complained, after 12 years. ' He must be a first-class listener. V". i I t Hero, we read, was tond of dish resembling ice cream. Just a drug-store cowboy, titer Mill f ! t Heating the earth electrically promotes plant growth, says a scientist. Hereafter, we may have to shock the fodder twice, -. ! "! A snake's heart, according to a natural history writer, Is lo cated near Us head. This dis pel an old illusion of ours that a snake had no heart at alt THE SHOPLIFTER A recent incident from the hos pital for Britain j maintained by Americans 50 miles from London . '...' shows that even in the great crisis ... the English still have their "slow sense of humor" . , . all types of patients from the bombed areas are sent to the hos pital . ,v. one day a radio message came . . . from London . . . . to have everything in readiness for 50 patients , . . all emergency cases . . . the doctors and nurses rushed to make room for the fifty ... ex pecting shattered and bomb shock ed persons .... aviators . . and other war victims . . . but when the fifty arrived there was not one among the type they had planned for . . . : instead there arrived 60 smiling expectant mothers gatnerea irom au over the city M oi L,onaon . . . sent to a safe place o go down into the valley of the shadow of death" ... to bring ock a new me lor England the story stated that the mothers tenor secretary. Henaj.ii lot to say about power tei through his department'! of coal and oil productioi ever, this wasn't enough He wanted to include hy energy to develop it and energy to develop it and it out. It was a scheme not only by Bill Knudsen. the r ederal Power commis: the Tennessee Valley Ai also. He proposed likewise charge of national transp; a notion which set the Fede: merce commission by the well as the railroads, bus m companies and steamboal And he sought dominion graph, telephone and radi made the .'Federal Comraira commission hot under lh What '8 more, in times of e cy, the war and navy dep: consider communications sion among their prerogs! Harold made TUDI soi quite awhile he's been tryiri the forestry bureau aivay agriculture department, v sequently is angry with h; CircomTentinf Id Well, what Bill Knudsei to create a power unit, Krug. of the Office of Management, to stir np more hydro-electric energT it out, split up betwe and civilian industries, best precisely the job uV had desired to become And Bill's making his sf nprhnns not so much popular as because much the other way. inere s irossin ui the effect that HaroU'i been to make such " himself that he'IIMw,,l dentially nominated nflt so, Bill's thrown a wreK campaign. , Not even Bill dispuio - Henderson's the country j Drice fixer. True, at v quite generally asked not he ran make his prW tiVlc Hp has had to i- i which have worked furp not 100 per cent, and j that his success pen; shrink as the pinc nu. T un would bw ft UH . ot,nritV. SO tMt legal ' t-t.i Ar,-a.n hv force. Iliiiaiivu .u"J ...... - Aetil thM UVSOH - ( . It's when Leon production of autos, .... K rut do practically instanter, taUment will pe" f. K.,t the "'Kin, - mj can't be effected so! armv of worker w , jobs while that production stunt, noi l."- f. ited to price n"1 fact that Bill's ,P tion expert, while W' economist. kvM u" tar Another themes j . (Contmnw " (Jl

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