Page 6 Balsam Citizens Turning Thumbs Down On Speeding Through That Community By Gertrude Buskin. Balsam has always been a safe retreat in the mountains for fami lies and especially for women and children who have always felt as safe here as in a safety cone. It is incongruous and not in keeping with the place for cars to race through the business sec tion of Balsam. And when the mail train arrives, it is more of a driving hazard than ever, for everyone gathers at the post office and waits for that longed-for let ter from loved ones. Mail time is a happy occasion at Balsam and we don't want it turned into a trag edy by reckless driving. George Knight said he hated to gee the main road through Balsam paved for he knew it would mean fast driving and accidents. Lee Pierson, who can see the danger .nn where the road comes off the mountain and joins with the main road through town, at nis vantage point on the railroad sta that he had seen several narrow escapes at this dangerous blind corner. Two cars came together on this dangerous corner recently. For tunately, no one was hurt, but the two cars were somewhat crippled at impact. One car is said to have slid and skidded for a distance of about 75 feet before hitting the other car, indicating excessive speed. Like most accidents, it could have been avoided if there had been the proper observance of the law and if the rights 01 otners had been observed. According to Ray Erwin, speed patrolman, it is against the law to, drive over 25 miles an hour through a business or residential section and through a school zone it is 10 miles an hour. This ap nlips to towns that are not incor porated like Balsam, as well as towns that are incorporated, he said. As Balsam's business street is in a school aone which calls for a speed of 10 miles an hour there should be no accidents if the law is observed. The accident Saturday is a warning for all of us to use more caution and care in driving our cars. Crabtree-Iron Duff News By Edith Tate. ti, rvaM-ree-Iron Duff high school started July 29, with a total enrolment of 439. With 314 siu, dents as elementary students and in , TKo pnior class has an enroi- MAnt fit 33. the largest in the his- f th school. Officers have . . ., t been elected by the senior c i' the entire year. They are as ioi mum President. Weldon Sutton; vice president, Billie Bryson; secre tary, Sara James; treaurer, au Caldwell; reporter, Edith Tate; committee. Eula Dee Glance, Georgia McCracken, and Jack Crawford; sponsor, Mrs. O. L. Yates. civ nan, tpnrherfi have been ad AaA tn th faeultv: Lynwood Mc Elroy, Miss Ella Mae Moss, ana Miss Maude White in the nign school; Mrs. Carroll Morrow, Miss Adeline Rogers, and Mrs. Louisa Boyd in the grades. THE OLD HOME TOWN THE WAYNESVILLB MOUNTAINEER By STANLEY THURSDAY, AUGUST n i m J . ml -TUANKa. I S MANS B"?J??JSfi Bethel News nr. i a Risk has returned to her home from the hospital t.! vinQlanH. Jr.. who is in u .nnn ;a onpnHinc his vacation .t hi. inme and with his aunt, Miss Daisy Kinsland. w rAaA tn reDort that Van Wells is able to resume some oi his work in his dairy and on his farm. ". Dnlrvinff Provinff Profitable Tad. Holder of Clyde Township; Has? A Mrs. C A. Warren, of Branden- ton, Fla., is visiting ner parenw, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. bis. Letters To The Editor The soft ball program has started under the supervision of Mr. Mc- Elroy and Miss Moss. Some clubs have been organized. They are glee club, president, Geor gia . McCracken; vice president, Sara Bryson; secretary-treasurer, Edith Tate. Sponsor, Mrs. O. L. Yates. . Hnmp economics club, president, Rottv Rogers: vice president, Sara James; secretary-treasurer, Ruth Sutton; program committee, Lottie Noland, Mazie Greene, and Selma McCracken; sponsor, Miss Maude White. TO CHECK k in7days A o-nViiltiirp club. nresL.nt. Wel don Sutton: vice president, Howard Chambers; secretary, Julius koss: watch dor. Jack Crawford; pro gram committee, Ray Muner, M. x. Reeves and Billy Jim Bradshaw; treasurer, M. B. Reeves; sponsor, Mr. Nesbitt. On Thursday afternoon the first chapel program of the year was held in the auditorium. The pro- pram, which was of a voluntary nature, was as follows; devotional, conducted by Rev. W.'M. Neece. Plans are made made to open the cafeteria Monday under the super vision of Mrs. McCracken. Can Have i Editor The Mountaineer: Would you be interested in the visitor's point of view of your city? Not that we wish to un justly or spitefully criticize it. ne love it too much to do that. But it is only to point out a few faults which we offer as suggestions. We think Waynesville topo graphically is the loveliest and most unique town in North Caro i:o i ns , miIoui to see it I I 1 1 U TT . credited with all the other virtues possible for it. :v ' The fault we nave iouna io uc most distasteful is the system oi handling garbage. Allowing citi zens to put out their garbage in just any kind of make shift con tainer that do not contain, inere f ore, the garbage and especially the papers are scattered by dogs and the wind all along your beau tiful streets making them unsight- ly. ' ." The city from which we came is perhaps not a model city.. But we ! do have a model system of col lecting garbage, we think, one is reported and fined ror putting out garbage in anything but a reg ulation garbage can with a prop erly fitted lid that must De Kepi securely fastened down. . Garbage is collected irom me rear at all times and places. One is never allowed to put any Kino, of garbage out on the streets. There are covered containers all along the streets and the warning of a fine for strewing litter on the ntreet. There are men employed by the city who go up and down the street and who ero over the parks to pick up any little scraps of paper that mitrht hava been droDned by a child or from a passing vehicle. Therefore our city has been giv en credit by its tourists for being one of the cleanest and most sani trv cities in this country. A house flv in our community is al most unheard of. We wish we might say as much for Waynesville. Moral "A blemish on a knoll, is far more spectacular than a blem ish in a hole." COMBINATION PIPE, CIGAR ETTE .: " '. For the pipe smoker who likes an occasion.,! cigarette, tobacco shops in New York city are featuring a compination pipe and cigarette holder made of aluminum. The cigarette holder is produced by re moving the PP stem The Bethel school opened Au gust 5th for the registration of t.;rh Virwl students and August 6th for the grammar and primary c-rades. The new auditorium u w onmnlfted and the commun ity as a whole is very proud of it. One section of the new building is for agriculture rooms and an ntbar uvtinn is for home eco nomics : In the near future they will be well equipped and furnish ed for both classes. Five dairy cows are proving very profitable to Ray Holder, farmer on Hyder Mountain in Clyde township. Mr. Holder's farm was visited last Thursday on the Clyde township farm tour. Mr Holder ia a unit test demon stration farmer and is carrying on a very definite land improvement program, expecially on pastures. Mr. Holder says, "Three years on mv nasture was over-grseu . ., . with two cows and a norse. oince rim - limed, nhosnhated. and re- fod mv nasture. I've been pas tiii-itur Kpven cows and two horses. If a man plans to go into the live- Mr himinpR. the nrst wing ne had better do is to develop his pas We are glad to hear that Tom ; Woiia haa rptnrned from the IIIIQ l vo hospital and is improving. mother, Mrs. Edd Wells. Miss Louise Terrell who under went a tonsil operation is getting along fine. Mr firar Peek is spending a two-week vacation at Camp Hope in the Cruso section. Camp Hope i the Canton Y. M. C. A. camp Mr. and Mrs. Homer West and Mrs. C .A. Warren spent the week end in Spartanburg, S. C, with relatives. tares." it i , month frnm ... "amt ...... YC C0W has grade cows, th being Guernsevs w. . ."e saie of nis cows. He eets fi. JT! each vear that v, v1 ,,. Kli for an average of J? Hftlnpr siiuc "Ti. , I ivx nil tue PTjun I L- during the year." He has a small tr.-j. feeds silage, crushed cor," seed meal dairv fj during the winter. He suJ ue uuh noi missed J.. milk in over thre Vfc In citine this agent believes that mo I cuuiu luiiow air. H(l dn. stration and keep fr0ffl ; ia-:ii. cuws. iYiiiK. prices are vd lutmuittcirurea mute is iej 48 cents per pound butter $ 1.94 per 100 pounds on milk. Mr. Holder sells li. Pet Dairy Products Compatj nesville. Pet Dairy can more milk, and it is reeol ed that more farmers olu a few extra cows and plu milk XnAv Wells, of Jacksonville, Int. . A maalr witll ' ni I ' i!iMMmwwinTrTlHWIIIIMIilWSMSMMMMBSSaMS" -BIB IH-'T. place y 75l Vy To live vV ww Mwrrv Jr Quality and Real Service, see These Firms! TQUVE SAVE TIME SAVE MONEY- Cool-Quick-Clean-Economical GAS RANGES Installed - -Announcement- We have purchased the Assets and Good Will of the Haywood Gas & Heating Co., dealers in Essotane Metered Service. OUR ESSOTANE DEPARTMENT OFFERS: Low installation cost Any home can have gas. Metered Service Know how much you use. ' i Pay monthly. , Use more Pay less per unit. By the cylinder if you prefer. Singer Sewing Machine Service; m Sale8ServiceRentals Hemstitching and Button Holes Opposite Masonic Temple Now that we have taken over Iceland, it is no time for Uncle Sam to get cold feet. ' Get Out Of The Heat! Enjoy Gas Cooking Today! PHONE 202 Drading Gas Service, Inc. Across From Masonic Temple 707 Church Street Waynesville NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE FOR TAXES BY THE TOWN OF HAZEL WOOD, NORTH CAROLINA On Monday, September 8, 1941, at twelve o'clock, M., at the court house door in the Town of Way nesville, North Carolina, the un dersigned will offer for sale at public auction to the highest bid der for cash, all the land of the following property .owners, locat ed within the Town of Hazel wood, for taxes due the Town of Hatel- wood for the fiscal year 1940-1941: Bell, Carrol, 1 lot 7.20 Blalock, W. D. Est., 1 lot .. 4.80 Brock, J. Paul, 1 lot, Bal. .... 6.04 Cole, Bill, 1 lot 8.20 Curtis, Jess, 1 lot 19.04 Ezell, John D., 1 lot ............ 2.40 Grimball Park, 1 lot, Bal...,. 47.39 Jones, Mrs. W. D.,1 lot....... 7.60 McCall, Mrs. Mary S., 1 lot 16.00 McHan, Glenn, 1 lot . ...... 14.00 Meadows, B. C, 1 lot .... . 9.60 Medford, Ben, 1 lot 16.0fr Moody, H. B., 1 lot 25.60 Moore, Dora, 1 lot ....,...... 8.20 Nicholas, R. L., 1 lot 6.40 Palmer, J. M., 1 lot . 1.60 Queen. W. T., 1 lot ............ 18.08 Robinson, Mrs. R. F., 1 lot .. 12.88 Sader, Barbara and Julius, 1 lot .........., ........ 2.40 Scates, John T., 1 lot 15.20 Wanaca Inv. Corp., 1 lot . 16.00 Withers, E. L., 1 lot .. 3.20 Withers, W. A. Est, 1 lot 28.80 Howell, Alden, Sr., 1 lot ll.6 To the foregoing taxes will be added penalties of one per cent per month beginning with the month of February, 1941, and the cost of this notice. Sale made pursuant to the laws of North Carolina, and by order of the Board of Aldermen. This the 11th day of August. 1941 We Are Now Serving Barbecue Pork, Beef, Chicken, Goose and Turkey The Spinning Wheel "The Home Of Good Goods". Goody C. E. RAY'S SONS EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY YOU CAN PARK SHOP AND SAVE WITH US Real Estate Automobile And Fire Insurance ATKINS Insurance Age Phone 30 Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted 125 Main Street CONS V LT DR. R. KING HARPE OPTOMETRIST Wells Bldg. For Appointment Telephone 2483 Canton, N. C. HUB'S TAXI Phone SERVICE , . At Henderson's Corner 44 Corner Main & Church St CAREFUL DRIVERS Parties For Tours Made Up Keep Your Shoes Soled With Leather And you will be sold with our Service Invisible Shoe Repairing .;. ' CHAMPION SHOE SHOP Mrs. E. T. Duckett Next to Western Union " Tasty Sandwiches Delicious Breakfast Beer Frosted Mugs The TAVERN Main Street We Fill Your Prescription Exactly' as your doctor ordered Alexanders Phone 53 Junaluska Supply Machine Shop Phone 88 Specializing In Welding Brazing General Repair Garage Work LATHE & PLANER WORK Headquarters FfR SHOE REPAIRING Nichols Shoe Shop Specializing In Full Sole Factory Method Also Ladies Invisible Half Sole For Quality In Office Supplies see . The Mountaineer Everything For The Office" Don't Throw The Tires Away Because the Tread Is Worn Off For Economy, Safety and Satisfaction See Waynesville Gulf Service And ' TIRE RECAPPING CO. LET'S GO! WHERE? Charlie's Pla Delicious Sandwich Curb Service REPAIR SERVICE GREASE JOBS GASOLINE . OIL Pure Oil Sen Station CHAS. GARRISON .'See : Service Cleaners For the best in Cleaning and Pressing -: ;'. ' ' .' . In the Basement of the Boyd Building Entrance through the Boyd Furniture , Store 11 iuu m TO TOOK At HOME mrr sv comfortabk m. & - ! US UU "v , if illlU Btl " ( meal! Better than cooking!" "We Sen t FOOD, Green Tree 1 Room Phone 9165 Come In Today . . ; ? For A Complete Check-tip Lubrication Change Oil ' Drain Transmission BALANTINE'S Shell Station Main Street ' Courteous Serv , Complete Sf LEATHEBWOOD Asheville Watermelons. Vegetao." j Henderson 'Beside TW" u. C SUMMEKOW, Tax Collector,

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