Page 10 THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER THURSDAY, qctqRPp Draft Board Urges Cooperation Of Men In Service The fact that there are impor tant personal reasons why a selec tive 'service registrant should co operate clor ily with his local board is being stressed here by the Way nesville board. The state director Metta points out that the registrant's full co operation with his local board not only expedites the operation of the selective service system, but also directly benefits him. "The importance of the registrant keeping in touch with his local board and immediately notifying it when he changes his address is obvious," claims Director Metts. The registrant who fails in this matter not only violates the law and places himself in needless jeop ardy of fine or imprisonment, or both, but also does himself an in justice and causes the local board much unnecessary trouble. The local board emphasizes the fact that registrants can save both themselves and their local boards much , inconvenience and possible grief by exercising care in filling out the questionnaire for classifica tion. Any registrant who feels that he has been placed in the wrong classification and wants to make an appeal, has at his service the government appeal agent attached to his local board. V" Fines Creek News Mrs. D. N. Rathbone The forty-first annual National Automobile Show, staged in New York's Grand Central Palace Octo ber 12-20, is the nation's oldest in dustrial exposition having a con tinuous existence. Get Your FREE Book HERE! Leatherwood and James Esso Station Medford Service Center ED POTTS, Manager Phone 263-M . Lake Junaluska Mr. and Mrs. Joe Swanger, of Fines Creek, have announced the marriage of their daughter, Eva Lee, to Zeb Clark, son of Mrs. Candas Clark. The vows were solemnized at Spartanburg on Tuesday October 7th. The only attendants at the wedding were Miss Katherine Clark and Mark Swanger. Mr. Clark has been in the U. S. Army for the last four years when he was recently released by the government Mr. and Mrs. Clark will reside at the home of the groom's par Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Clark were recently entertained by Mrs. Can das Clark. There were around forty guests present for the eve ning.'. ' The hostess .was assisted in serv ing by Mrs. Claud Clark, Mrs. D. C. West, Mrs. Roy Green and Mrs. H. G. Green. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Green, who built a cottage two years ago, have recently given it a new coat of paint. The painting was done "-y their son, Robert, while visiting them. Robert has re-enlisted in he Navy for a second term. Harry Noland, of Newport News, ;s visiting his parents at their home this week. SCOTTS SOAP BOOK By R. J.SCOTT Lead rnt MAflOM IK 6)V gas -wool -HlPM COOI-MM AIR PCCAMS-OHIOMS, , ifMuffOM-HlUUM, lPLimEE.E jAfflE-COffo SUP 4n fARMS-tMU -m KUMBKR fMlMEBAi. WU.HVIM8ER. V DOMESTIC fftlilM-f ClMt "THE UHlltO STATUS HA1 IMCAID IM lOl WARS IN VHl.H OVER 7,000 BAlt$ HAVE SEEK rOMCWf 1 ItiPlI fH Hrtmnmini. rw ' - U& BEtM MADE FROM RAHSPAftEM1 , . .'. . . PtASlt Tar Heel Farmers Asked To Increase Production Of Milk And Eggs At Once Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ferguson, who are living in Newport News recently visited friends and rela tives on Fines Creek. Hugh Ferguson has gone to Wil mington where he has accepted a position. Mallie Wood recently accepted a position in Newport News, Rev. Jarvis Teague was elected by the members and church auth orities to serve a second term as pastor for the Baptist church. Miss Maude White and Miss Fannie Wright were Fines Creek - isitors on Sunday. Miss White is home economics teacher at Crab tree, while Miss Wright is a grad' mte nurse and will soon be leav' ing for her home in Baltimore. The ninth and tenth grade home I You can 1 replete a f & disho Aw V I your car i V must last! 't w-: Hardin's Esso Service On the Highway At Hazelwood GET 38-PAGE BOOK FREEf With , good cars harder to find, better take care of the one you have! Get this free book from your Esso Deal er, plus the free checkover service be offers. Have worn summer oil drained ...fill with Esso Motor Oil of the iust-riKht grade for your car and the weather. Then get Verified Esso Lubrication ... it never misses a point. You'll drive oat safe and isure. Why not ao it toaayr STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW JERSEY HOW TO Lengthen The Life Of Your Car V and SAVE Gasoline Get Yours Today FREE BOOKLET Clayton Walker's Esso Station Depot Street The North Carolina "order" un der the nation's 1942 plan for rec ord expansion of food output will be for less wheat but more milk and eees. E. Y. Floyd, state AAA executive officer at State College, reports. ' "Despite some recent, inconsist ent reports about Britain having 'plenty' of food," Mr Floyd says, "the British have left absolutely no doubt but that they need enormous supplies of all foods except wheat, and American agriculture has agreed to tackle the job of furn ishing those supplies. Our own state job, with first emphasis on increasing egg and milk produc tion, will be to boost the output of just about all foods by approxi mately 15 per cent." North . Carolina representatives of every U. S. Department of Ag riculture agency, led by State Col lege Extension and AAA men, started this week a campaign which will include visits to every farm in the state. The purpose of the farm visits will be to out line production needs to every farmer, analyze each ; farm's land and equipment and then to give the farmer a concrete 1942 plan under which the farm's food production can be expanded without excessive expense to the farmer. Other "basic" food commodities which Tar Heel producers will be asked to "bear down on," Mr. economics classes are sponsoring a Hallow'en carnival on October 31st in the high school gymnasium. The proceeds received from the carnival will be used to buy equip ment for the department. ADM IN ISTR ATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as administra tor of T, R. Bramlett, deceased, late of Haywood County, North Caro lina, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate of the deceased to exhibit them to the urdTsignid at Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, on or before the 9th day of Oc tober, 1942, or th!s notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment. This the 9th day of October, 1941. '; T. L. GREEN, ,'. ., Administrator of T. R. Bramlett, dee'd. No. 1118 Oct. '9-16-23-30-Nov. 6-13.'--; People In East Getting Jitters About War, Said "People living in cities on the eastern seaboard are beginning to show signs of 'war nerves', and are nuite jittery," according to Joe Rose, in a brief talk before the Rotary Club here last Friday. Mr. ose had just made a tour of the east before coming here. Mr. Rose told of members of the R.A.F. who were dining In New Floyd adds, are beef and pork. North Carolina farmers have never produced sufficient supplies of milk, eggs, poultry, beef or pork to feed their own state's population. "That makes the need for increases doubly important," says the AAA leader. ' "The 1942 food drive is strictly a voluntary proposition," Mr. Floyd declares, "and farmers will be asked to co-operate with the plan only after they have been shown why increases are needed and how their prices will be pro tected through the summer of 1943 by government buying." Sam Arrington Goes To National FFA Convention Sam Arrington, state secretary of the North Carolina association of Future Farmers of America and a member of the local chapter, left for Kansas City Wednesday, where he will attend the national conven tion of the organization being held there October 20-25. v Young Arrington was selected to go to Kansas City by the state association by reason of having been declared outstanding winner in the supervised practice program for district five. The contest was sponsored jointly by the state de partment of education and the Chilean Education Bureau. The supervised practice on which he was awarded the trip was as follows: com, 6 acres j potatoes, 5 acres; forestry, 800 trees; jmre bred bull 1; pasture, 5 acres: beef cattle, 6; sow and litter 1; baby chicks, 200; grapevines 250; hay, 6 acres; soybeans, 6 acres; truck crops, 6 acres; meat, hogs, 2; apple trees, 400. Income from the projects netted $1,424.06. His project program for this year in clude 21 projects along Jhe same lines but of a larger scope. In addition to the foregoing, Ar rington has taken part in all phases of school life, having been president of the student body last year, a past president and secretary of his local chapter of Future Farmers of America, winner in several speak ing contests, second place in the state FFA contest this year. In addition to his many extra curri cula activities he has made the "A" and "B" honor roll all through his school career. He is an applicant for the American Farmer degree, the high est, the nation chapter awards, hav ing been elected State Farmer at the state convention in Raleigh during the past summer. He is also the eighth member of the local chapter to be awarded the trip to Kansas City in the past six years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Arrington, of the Saunook community, Takes Court Seat i f ' S x If v I .MM' : y-yy- ::,-. , This excellent study shows Harlan P. Stone, 68, chief justice of the United Slates Supreme Court, wear ing the robes of the highest tribunal of the land. A New England Re publican, he has been a consistent fupporter of Roosevelt legislation Hammett Addresses Pastors At Conference Rev. H. G. Hammett addressed the Western North Carolina Bap tist Pastors' conference at Frank lin Monday, on the topic: "Physical Health of The Minister." The all-day meeting was held at the Cowee church. Rev. Frank Leatherwood accom panied Eev. Mr. Hammett. IN ATLANTA Dr. II. O, Champion, manager of Smith's Cut Rate Drug Store, at tended the Southern conference of Rexall Druggists in Atlanta the first of the week. State AskedlJ urease milk oSR ner cent .... iL .ua ilS John A "..Mtt cialistfFcXra in outlinincr yr UM a .u uruer to do oarnarti ducinc eni. . r abroad to J and to insure an adeqnaH """- proauce pounds of mill, . stated. ..-m eSa estimated nrnHiit;JT . 000 Dounda f ,4f .,,vvu,uvU pounds in 19J , T meet this goal, the J dairyman saiH ti,t v. v,iav jay nl cows must be kept on f xaiins in 1342. Thig yeaI XT esllmaiea 380,000 mil 111 iiirin 1 avMmn m .1 m dairv t)roHnMm u t,l has been rapid in the W n esumaiea 369,000 milk North Carolina farms. "It will not be difficult farmers to meet their mill 1942." Arnv a., r , . "vviaifQ "h the foundation for an J aairy industry has alread laid in the Piedmont regions. Unlimited markl available within the state fJ to be used for manufactaril poses. This is thP WinH J government wants for tsl ureac tsniain and our othei under the Lend-Lease propl Arey suggested that farm uicuiaieiy contact tneir farm agents for complete mation on growing feed ft stock, and for source! 0! cows, calves and bulls. York, who the night before had flown a bomber over Berlin and dropped bombs. The point was brought out to show how close some of America's cities are to the war, - -v V The club voted $10 towards the blood bank which is being estab lished at the hospital in connec tion with the blood bank in Ashe it Don't Give Up That Coat" Even though your Fall coat may look hopeless to you, send it to us. You'll be amazed at the new col or, and life we can add'to , a garment. Our prices are made to fit your pock-elbook. central' CLEANER J Main Street Phone 113 care icvara core. tMI . BM IHO. STOP! Ask For Your Care Saves Wear Booklet Now! Dill HoweU's Esso Service Station Main Street NOTICE OF SUMMONS BY PUB LICATION STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF HAYWOOD IN THE, SUPERIOR COURT. BEFORiE THE CLERK. Pearl Arnold Townsend, Vir ginia Arnold Wilson and hus band, Harry Wilson, VS. Lena H. Arnold (widow of Malcolm II. Arnold, Dec'd.), and Esther M. Arnold, Mary v Lillian Meader and husband, Robert Meader, Juliet Arnold Ward and ; husband, Arthur Ward, Elizabeth Arnold, Rob ert Arnold and David Arnold, Heirs at law of Malcolm H. Arnold, Dec'd) and B. W. Ar nold, Jr., and wife, Mary St. George T. Arnold, and B. W. Arnold, Jr. and Mrs. L. A. Schaaff, Executor and Execu trix of the Estate of J. D. Ar nold, Dec'd. The defendants above named, will take notice that a special pro ceeding entitled as above, has been commenced in the Superior .Court of Haywood Countyj North Caro lina for the sale for partition of lands belonging to the petitioners and defendants, and the said de fendants will further take notice that they are required to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Haywood Coun ty in the court house at Waynes ville, N. C, within ten days after the 81st day of October, 1941, and answer or demur to the petition in said proceedings or the petitioners will apply to the Court for the re lief demanded in said petition. This the 3rd day of October, 1941. KATE WILLIAMSON, Ass't Clerk Superior Ceurt' of Haywood County. No. 1117 Oct. 9-16-23-30. r , vffii .7 LIVE yi M Quality and Real Service, see These Firms! SAVE TIME- SAVE MONEY SPECIAL Floor Sanding Finishing New Equipment Call Canton 4152 Or Write Box 283 . , . ; Bob Carter Canton Junaluska Supply Machine Shop Phone 88 Specializing In Welding -; Brazing General Repair Garage Work LATHE & PLANER WORK For Quality In Office Supplies V'-.-; SEE'"."... The Mountaineer "Everything For The Office" , All the conveniences of 'city' gas. Singer Sewing Machine okins TdTaJT. : Service HeTngIeatme2AeM " Sales-Service-Rentals v(V3fAy) Hemstitching and Button Holes Quick Clean5!5y Also Cover , Button Economical fRMS Opposite Masonic Temple ; Ak ut for Hmate Phon 202 Phone 343-J. : 1 Service Cleaners sr& or tne oest in Cleaning and Pressing ftttv'y'A the Basement" of the BoydTBuilding"" ifjtti Entrance through the Boyd Furniture Store Newest Model Stitcher HURRY! HURRY! t Modern LAM AC -WELD Let's Go To for Invisible Soling ChaHl PlaPP Champion ni c , dl CL Delicious Sandwiches v,k ;bhoe :. bhop .. curb see i-( Eyes Examined v For Appointment Glasses Fitted Telephone 2488 i .' : CONS U L T ' ' DR. VL KING HARPE ; - OPTOMETRIST j 125 Main Street Wells Bldg. Canton, N. C. j Headquarters Real Estate For Shoe Repairing Automobile And Nichols Shoe F"Va Shop ATKINS Specializing In Insurance Agency Lamac Weld Phone 301 Invisible Soling I ft-l AT PLACE t r Vy touve You won't stay hungr long when you come Tea Room. ' fhinff tastes so you eat and eat tiD i gone. It's easy to the BIGGEST of apf because the prices small Green Tree 5 Room . Phone 9165 Body and Fender Gas Oil Expert Mechanics Parkway Service StatiC - . Depot . i. Service Expert MechwK Complete LEATHERWOOD ESSO ST?1" .-willelK1

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