THURSDAY, QCtqBF1) , THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 4 Mrs. Bushnellls Installed As Regent Of DAR Mrs. S. H. Bushnell, recently elected regent of the Dorcas Bell Love chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, was in stalled at the meeting Friday af ternoon which was held at the home oXJVIrs. James W. Killian. .. Others inducted into office at the same time were: Mrs. W. F Swift, vice regent, and Mrs. Glenn Tweed, of West Ashevule, as re cording secretary. Mrs. Harry Marshall was in charge of the cere monies. Mrs. Charles E. Quinlan read the paper of the . afternoon on "What we Defend," which dealt-with the defense of the Western Hemisphere. She discussed the Monroe Doctrine, and cited the many possible dan gers offered in the present crisis in protecting the Americas. Mrs. j. Harden Howell reviewed the national magazine, reading in full the message of the president general and outlining the major points in the other articles. ' During the business session Mrs. J. M. Long, retiring regent, presided. Mrs. J. F. Abel, dele gate to the district meeting gave a report, stating that all the chap ter members attending, served eith er on the program or on some committee, and that the page from the chapter, Miss Ann Osborne, was page to the regent. Mrs. L. M. Killian was appointed chairman of the committee to col lect cancelled stamps for a London hospital, the dye from the stamps being sold to aid in support of the institution, : Mrs. J. Harden ' Howell, state chairman on Indian work, stated that Miss Ruth Youngbird, student at Cherokee had been awarded the scholarship to Bacone College in Oklahoma by the North Carolina DAR society. She also made an appeal for books and magazines for the library at the Cherokee Indian reservation which is an nually sponsored by the chapters throughout the state. Mrs. W. F. Swift distributed the yearbooks and the chapter was re quested to write a note of thanks to Miss Sara Welch far her as sistance in typing them. Mrs. Bushnell addressed the group after taking office, stressing aid to the Red Cross, aid and inter est in the draftees leaving this area, and urged the purchase of a gov ernment bond. The chapter voted to buy a bond following her talk. Mrs. Lena Barber was welcomed as a new member. The registrar stated that the papers of Mrs. Hugh Jolly had been sent to Washington; Special guests of the afternoon were: Mrs. Jack Elwood and Mrs. J. G. Huggin, Jr. ... . . . . Walter Crawford made a busi ness trip to Union, S. C during the week. Mrs. Sidy Ray and daughter, Miss Elizabeth Ray. who are now living in Mobile, Ala., spent sev eral days in town during the past week. Rev. Williamson Gives Talk To East Waynesville P.T.A. The Rev. Malcolm R. Williamson, pastor of the Waynesville Presby terian church, addressed the mem bers of the East Waynesville PTA at their regular monthly meeting held on Monday night. He took as his subject, "The Lost Child." Mr. Williamson pointed out the grave responsibility resting with the parents, the home, the teachers and the school in saving the child of today. . . . . , .. Mrs. R. H. Gibson was in charge of the devotional period. Mrs. M. C. Green gave the report of the recent district meeting held in Canton. The association was much grati fied over the report of the mem bership committee which gave the number of paid in members at 94, whereas it has been around 60. The goal has been set for 100. Plans were made for the annual Hallowe'en carnival which will be held at the school on October 30th, with the teachers in charge of the program. The following committees were appointed: cake, Mrs. Dewey Stovall, Mrs. T. , C. Norris, Mrs. Emmett Balentlne, Mrs. Francis Massie, and Mrs. Kermit Purcell. Candy committee: ' Mrs. Henry Davis, Mrs. M. G. Stamey, Mrs. Jack Felmet, Mrs. John Morrow, Mrs. J. H. Francis. Mrs. Horace Duckett and Mrs. George A. Brown, Jr. Woman's Club To Hear Talk On Russia Today , Mrs. Julius H. Gillis who is now living in Webster, but for twelve years was a resident of Russia, where her husband was employed as an engineer by the U. S. gov ernment, will address the Woman's Club this afternoon on "Conditions in Russia Today." The meeting, will be held in the M A Chapter House on the school grounds with Mrs. J. C. Brown Mrs. Troy Wyche, Mrs. James W Killian, Mrs. R. H. Stretcher, and Mrs. T. L. Bramlett as associate hostesses. Mrs. William Hannah. president, will preside. The Girl Scouts will be special guests of the afternoon. Mrs. J. Dale Stentz, chairman of music, will have charge of the music. Crabtree PTA Will Have Guest Speaker at Meet To Be Held Tonight Back to School " ' ""I " rii ' llHlllllffi"'' imiumn mr" It's easy to imagine what lovely Gloria Callen is thinking about as she sits in her classroom at Nyack, N. Y Senior High School, and it has nothing to do with the three R'a. Gloria recently copped the backstroke championship, beside starring in other swim events, but she a only a schoolgirl now. The Crabtree PTA will meet this evening at 7:30 o'clock. A guest speaker has been secured for the meeting, -and all the friends and patrons of the school are cordially invited to attend the meeeting. '.. Local Women Attended District Club Meeting. Held In Murphy Tuesday Mrs. J. M. Mock and Miss Mary MrsV, T-M- Seawell responded to Mock had as their guest over the the address of welcome at the dis-week-end Jack Summers, of New-' f.nct ' !"f t,n the North Caro, nnft ' hna Federation of Womens' Clubs port. Joe Way, student at Wake For est College, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Way, Jr. ' Hallowe'en Party Cakes AND SPECIALTIES Waynesville Bakery Church Stmt Phone 73-W held in Murphy on Tuesdav in be half of Mrs. Wm. Hannah, president of the Waynesville Woman's Club, who was unable to attend. Others representing the club were Mrs. R. N. Barber and Mrs. Bonner Ray. . Mrs. R. L. Allen, president, and Mrs. M. H. Reeves represented the Civic League at the meeting. , . . Mrs. Nora Swift Atkins left Tuesday for Albemarle where she will visit her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Swift. .'. " Lester Burgin, Jr., student at Mars Hill, spent the week-end in town with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Burgin. . . Mrs. M. H. Bowles and young daughter, - Florence, Ann.-returned Sunday from Irwinton, Ga., where they visited the former's mother during the past week, N Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Edwards visited their parents in Winston Salem and Mt. Airy over the week-end. Aoua Group Conference Of Presbytenal Meets Here 21st Approximately fifty women are expected to atend the all-day seS' sion of the group conference of District Five of the Asheville Pres byterial, which will be held at the local Presbyterian church here on Tuesday, 21st. The Woman's Auxiliary of the local church will be hostesses of the day. Miss Ida Jean Brown of the local group will preside over the sessions. i ".;. Miss Kitty Sue McElroy. of Weaveryille, president of the wo men's work of the Asheville Pres byterial, will be the main speaker. The Rev. Malcolm R, Williamson, pastor of the local Presbyterian church, will bring the inspirational message during the afternoon ses sion. ' ; ;''., - Mrs. R. L. Prevost is chairman of the committee serving lunch at the noon hour at the church. District number five comprises the Canton, Waynesville and Hazel wood churches. Grace Episcopal Church To Honor New Members pillows lor your feet! With every step re it your feet on cush- iooing pillow cleverly concealed both in heels and soles of these Lady Patricia Shoes. Standing or walking feel the re laxing comfort . . . like laying your head on a soft downy pillow. And their dainty Style look so expensive bat they're r 1 Natal Park Department Store MRS. LESTER BURGIN, Ianager . The congregation of Grace Episcopal church will entertain on Monday evening at the Parish House in honor of the new mem bers of the church. Members are asked to assemble at 8 o'clock. An informal program has been ar ranged. : ' ' Bill Hannah spent the week-end with friends in Savannah. ; Mrs. . Richard N. Barber, Jr. and young daughter, Elizabeth Barber, accompanied the former's mother, Mrs. W, W. Norman, to Griffin, Ga., for a visit. : Mr. and Mrs. Genatus Rbber't- son fcasley,! or ureenvuie. s. , L.., the latter the former Miss Mary Ashwprth Barber, were the guests during the week of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Barber, parents of the lat ter. . - ; Lt and Mrs. David Stents spent the week-end with relatives in town. Lt. Stentz, U, S. Air Corps, is now located in Savannah, . Sergeant Bobbie Sloan, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with his family. : '" ." Sergeant Joe Shipley, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end in town with his family. ... Corporal Kermit- Murray, of f'ort Jackson, spent the week-end in town, with his family. . Private Joe Sloan, of Fort Jack son, spent the week-end in town with his family. " Dr. and Mrs. Sam Stringfield at tended the Carolina freshman play the State freshman in Greensboro on Friday night, and on Saturday they took in the Carolina-Fordham game in Chapel Hill, where they visited their sons, James and Wil liam, who are students at the University. " Miss Maye Rathburn has return ed after visiting friends and rela tives in Bristol, Va., and Bluff City, Tenn. :;:: Mrs. T. L. Bramlett had as her guests over the weektend Mrs, Chessie Rown and Mrs. S. W. Brock, of Glenville, Conn. Mrs. Rown returned to her home in the North, but Mrs. Brock left here for Florida where she will make an extended visit. Mrs. E. A. Greer and daughters, Dorothy and Carolyn, visited John E. Greer in Bessmerf Ala., last week. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis and children, Deryl and Barbara, together with James F. Davis spent the week-end in Greenville, S. C, with Mr. and Mr, Fred McMahan, Mrs. It. N. Barber Elected Registrar State UDC Division Mrs. R, N. Barber was elected state regisra of the North Caro lina division of the Unitea uaugn tr of the Confederacy at the an nual state convention hew in ai eieh last week. Mn. "Rarher has been a member of the TTIV: for a number of years, and and has held practically every office m the local cnapier. one also interested in a number of other historical organizations. A mono- those in which she holds membership and offices are; vice president of the Daughters of 1812; state register of the Daughters of Colonial Wars; member of the Daughters of American colonists, and the North Carolina Historical Society; and the North Carolina society for prevention of Anti quities.:- ' Mrs. Kirkpatrick Gives Party For Mrs. Geo; A. Niles Mrs. C. F. Kirkpatrick entertain ed with a contract party on Satur day afternoon in compliment to her sister, Mrs. George A. Niles, of Griffin, Ga., the former Miss Sadie Miller, of Waynesville. The tables for playing were arranged in the ladies' parlor of the Hotel LeFaine. Autumn leaves and late fall flowers adorned the room. v Several progressions of contract were enjoyed. When the scores were totaled Miss Nancy Killian was found to hold high and Mrs, C. G. Griffin cut the consolation. The guest list included in ad dition to the honor guest and prize winners, Mrs. W. R. Francis, Miss Robena Miller, Mrs. Harry Marshall, Mrs. . Chas. E. Frazier, Mrs. C. N. Sisk, Miss Alice Quin lan, Mrs. Joe Graves, Mrs. J. II. Howell, Mrs. T. M. Seawell, and Mrs John N. Shoolbred. Mrs. J. II. Howell Gives Dinner For DAR Officials Mrs. J. Harden Howell, state chairman of Indian work of the North Carolina society of the DAR, was hostess on Monday night of a dinner honoring Mrs. Loren Edgar Rex, of Wichita, Kan,, chairman of Indian work of the National society of DAR, and Mrs. Benjamin Wyche, of Charlotte, president of the North Carolina DAR officers club. The table was centered with an arrangement of white and yellow chrysanthemums, with white can dles flanking the four corners of the table. ; :. The guest list included the of ficers of the Dorcas Bell Love chap ter of the DAR. On Tuesday morning Mrs. Howell accompanied her guests to the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Mrs, Rex is making a nation-wide tour, visiting all the Indian reservations and the chairmen of Indian work in this country. The three were guests of the officials of the reservation for luncheon, and following Mrs. Rex inspected the buildings and the activities, and gave a talk to the assembly of the school. ,-.. Miss Evelyn Wyatt, who has been taking treatment at the Haywood County Hospital for the past sev eral days, has returned to her home in Hazelwood.' Ray Truitt, of Fort Jackson, is visiting his family here this week. . - . Mrs. C E. Grace has gone to Philadelphia for an extended visit with relatives. ' ' Sgt ' Mackie Robinson, of Fort Jackson spent the week-end here with Mrs. Kobmson. . Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bischoff have as their guests this week Mrs. M. Remm and Mrs. H. Snyder, of Pennsylvania. .':' : 'v.: Mrs. E. A. Greer is visitintrTr and Mrs. H. E.Davis in Andrews tnis week. ' .: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stovall and small daughter, Lynda, of Ha zelwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, of Whiting, Indiana, and Mrs. W. D. Smith, of Candler. spent Sunday in Cleveland, Ga., witn Mr. stovall's relatives. Set' Roe TTill nf Vnrt Tol.. is spending this week here with Mrs. Hill, -who nnfaiTOAnt on eration at the Haywood County nospitai inis weeK. Mr. and Mrs. M. W Ttnwlo. an daughter, Forence Ann have return ed nome alter a week with Mrs. Bowies' mother, Mrs. R. L. Hartley, in irwinton, iieorgia. ' Sgt Clarence J. Hvatt nt tvl sra bcnooi Squadron, Maxwell Field. Alabama, is . . - ' . -r P - weeks luriough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hyatt, at tneir nome on the Eagles Nest road . Miss Willie Mae Cone. ginia Whitner and Miss Wilma Hoyle were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hyde and family in Cold Winter Days Are Just Aim Are You Ready? We have your SHOES. It will be a pleasure to show DM -3 Ja3 f.J. -VU 'Ml' fH ) 'M- '.f- Antique Alligator $495 $395 Brown Moc Toe Oxfords Black or Brown Alligator Trim . $298 $395 Black or Brown Patent Trim . $395 Brown or Black Calf Oxfords : Brown & White Moc-Oxford . $298 Black or Brown Suede Patent Trim . . . . . $298 $395 Black or Brown Suede ...... Brown & White or Blk & Brown $395 Brown Oxford S298 mack suede Pleate Front . Black Suede Dress Pump . Black or Brown Crushed Kid . . 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