THE WAYNESTJXLE MOUNTAINEER Page 6 SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK By R: J. SCOTT Letters Td The Editor CHAPTER I On a certain terrace of the fa mous hotel Duna-Palota, where at tea time smart women show off stupid dogs and forget even stupid er husbands, three uniformed offi cers and two civilians sat drinking cocktails about a table which com manded an excellent view of the swiftly flowing Danube. , It was that hour when the setting sun was gilding the age-old Gothic spires of Buda, and tinting with red the roofs of the empty Hapsburg palaces on the heights. Passing be yond these relics of imperial grand eur it cast oblique golden rays through the fresh leafed chestnuts to touch the gold braid on Count Alexander Exler s green uniform with a brush of fire. It drew spark ing high lights from the slender cocktail glasses, from silver scat tered in disorder among the ash trays and made a brave brilliance among the decorations decking the horizon blue chest of Captain Rob ert d'Armonot, military attache at the French Ministry. Though the terrace was becoming deserted, the group about that par ticular table apparently had no in tention of leaving their half-finished cocktails. Ian Gray, First Secretary to his Excellency, the American Minister, sipped the last of his Clover Club almost lazily, then drawled: "Oh, you idiots and your eternal drivel about pretty women. I could, forgive you if yos? didn't always exaggerate. , You're always promis ing to produce Venus herself and all I find is Lilth or Mademoiselle Nitouche." "So ? " Captain d'Armonot's slen der black brows shot upwards in a quissical grin. VMon Dieu, but you are blase. There's no satisfying you " : ' Across the table from the other civilian sat a blonde young man well built and with eyes that were sen sitive and softly blue. His was a well-shaped, but none to forceful a mouth, and chin. He raised his glass and said with a casualness that was at once noticeable. "In that case here's to the hour Ian Gray meets the all conquering ' and, captivating Lolita! I'll bet she'd make even our fed-up and i thrill-seeking Ian sit up, bark for a ' His dark head inclined. "Igen di biscuit, roll over and play dead." Valasto might tell you some inter i "I fancy not," drawled the fourth esting things, Leonard, but unfpr member of the party, a long-limbed tunately he blew out his brains iu Englishman who, on the lapels of Vienna last month at the far end his perfectly fitting khaki uniform, of the Prater, I believe." wore the metal dragon insignia of Ian Gray was still smiling, but the Welsh Fusileers. "Despite all Vito his eyes had crept a gleam of Ian's careful camouflage about be- anxiety. That was quite an out : ing a jaded roue of a heart breaker, burst of the usually unemotional I've an idea he's still very much the Leonard Holt-specially since he rock-bound puritan at heart." was very definitely and, presuma- A slow tide of color swept into bly, happily engaged to the beauti the clean-shaven lean cheeks of the ful Ilya Zichconyia, only daughter man called Ian Gray, and lit a deep of a very prominent Minister in the set half moon scar on the point of affairs of the kingless kingdom of a jaw that was strong without Hungary. being obstinate or sullen. Like an "Now that you speak of it," nod amiable bear he settled his broad ded Major Harris deliberately, six leet 01 Drown ciaa Dody bacK "seems to me thatfs the same into a wholly inadequate looking charming little lady who kicked up wicker chair as a ripple of laugh- a bobbery in Bucharest. Quite ter arose from the table and Count turned the diplomatic corps on their Exler threw back his head to ad- respected ears, don't you know T As dress a starling in a tree overhead. My American cousins Ian and Leon- "A rock-bound puritan! There is ard would say, she "vamped" one of a story lor you, little bird." He, our unoer-secretaries into au Kinas chucki-d until the gold epaulettes on his shoulders winked in the sun- light like a thousand bright eyes. "A rock-bound puritan. Herr lie ber Gott! What would Manciz, Hon and": "Allez! Have you no shame f're proved Captain d'Armonot over his golden brown Martini. "Why recite the decalogue of the wrteched fel low's affaires du coeur?" . "Nevertheless," insisted Major Harris, the dark-haired Welshman, "I know our little Ian." of foolish indiscretions. What the ultimate one was, I don't know, but she dropped poor Willoughby like a hot penny after she'd made a com plete damn fool of him. There must have been something more serious to it all, else there's no accounting for the way he suddenly dropped out of sight. It's all very well to laugh and joke about these things, but there is no point in deliberately putting one's head into a noose." A slight chiil made Ian shiver and he suddenly noted that the sun had disappeared behind the palacas Of fl feAMCHIZ Y amp- foaoui Jam VtUL WWH StlBSO)V ' Ail dimwit Bua atf0tf acim! "Ah, but you won't if he meets the ravishing Lolita." nresisted 'on. the hill across the river, Count Exler. "She is charminer. and "There are other rumors, too," a lit'tl" dangerous, eh Leonard, my commenced d'Armonot thoughtful brave?" ly. "We in the government are well The young man irt the rather informed. So I state on good au- shiny, dark-blue civilian suit looked thority that the Countess von Wal up, tiusning a num. "Uh go to the devil,' Roberte she will, I've found she isn't a bit as rumor describes here." "Eh?". Ian Gray leaned forward, his even white teeth glimmering in a wholly American grin. "What's up for this international heart breaker?" The other glanced up, a sudden severity in his pale blue eyes. "Oh shut up, Soldat! You're like all the rest." He leaned forward, eager as a school-boy. "I tell vou the deck brought about a certain stupid, but fatal duel" There sounded a tinkle of broken glass as Leonard Holt upset his cocktail glass and jumped to his feet, his sensitive feature stiffened and flooded with angry color. With an apparent effort he restrained a torrent of words and said: "Oh, shut up! You're talking like malicious old women. You know nothing about the real Lolita she, she's pure and good!" Like bayo nets, his pale blue eyes thrust at the Countess Lolita has been lied about startled but half amused group. "Do 5 ! she's sweet, absolutely unaffect ed, and charming. I I'd stake my life on it." An uncomfortable silence crept over the table, as Captain de'Armo. you understand? I won't listen to such talk. Lolita couldn't do such things and I I'm damned if I'll stand for it." Ian got up quickly and, towering not stopped laughing to put down over the slighter figure like a benev. his cocktail glass rather suddenly, olent giant, placed a soothing hand He leaned forward and his brown on his friend's Bhoulder. TRA Jf -MARK face was troubled. "Ec utez, nion ami, take a word from one who knows. The Countess Lolita is charming, no doubt, and very beautiful, but also unlucky to know; Eh, Alexander?" He shot a shrewd glance at the Hungarian of ficer, who, very dashing. in his black frogjred pale green uniform, was staring fixedly out over the Danube. had Leonard Holt spent so much ime out? Rarely did he come in before one or two o'clock? Then again he would sit for long hours in the joint apartment staring fixed ly into space; also his recent work at the Ministry had been so decid edly poor that even Mr. King, the minister, had remarked upon it The snorter man turned, half re sentful, then his expression soft ened. '.J-'. "Of course," he muttered, drop ping his eyes, "you're right. But I don't like to hear an innocent woman Slandered." It was then that Captain d'Armo not, with the infinite tact of his race, threw himself into the breach. "Voyons," he cried lightly. "Mira cles will never Cease if we become serious. Ho, Francois;" he hailed the maitre d'hote, "some fresh cock tails, please." And then he said, turning to Harris. "After that, we must be on our way. You're going to old Baron von Satzmar's dinner tonight no?" The Welshman's narrow black head inclined and he made a wry face. "Yes, worse luck. I suppose there'll be the usual array of fat, be jeweled dowagers and medal clanking diplomats on hand and " He broke off short to witness with approval the arrival of more cock tails. Promptly the sense of strain departed. (To be Continued) ' During the past ten years an average of 2,388,000 motor vehicles annually have been scrapped. Editor Waynesville Mountaineer, Waynesville, N. C: Dear Sir: Finding myself unable to obtain nfifoial uroof or verification of my age I'm writing you hoping that you can help me (via lne Moun ainrt to reach some of the old timers living along Allen's Creek who can aid me in establishing my age. If I do wis oy tne time i De- come 66 years old I will be eligible to draw tha California old age pension. .; v.v ' ' Mv narents (now dead) always oiH T was born November 14. 1878. remained in Haywood county until May 15, 1899 when I joined my brothers, Charlie and JNoaft, in ftalveston. Texas. We three sur vived the Galveston flood of 1900 and helped rebuild Galveston ere I went to Denver, Colorado, early in 1902. After staying in Denver over two years, I went to Seattle, Wash ing, via Butte, Montana and re mained in the Puget Sound section almost 12 years before going North to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Jessie McGillivary, a native of Glasgow, Scotland and I were married. We made our home in Seattle for Jhe next year or so, then we mi grated to San Francisco in 1920. I've been here at 3278 18th Street since 1920. There may be some difficulty in recalling George D. Harrison as I was known along Allen's Creek as Dennis Harrison. Any help you can give me in getting proof which will be ac cepted by the state of California as evidence of my getting to be 65 years of age next November will be ap'preciated by the writer. I have been told that a notarized affidavit signed by my boyhood (Continued fr0 . Mr. and Mrs. Avenr RJ Cove Creek. ,mN a son on n,. S flTn a Mr nnA Hf . I birth of .L l. Mr. and Mr r, 1 ' ""nouncethek a son on OtnVu.. iv -vi ilUL birth of a son on October J Mr. flH M ry i l Waynesville, announce thill a son on OctnW m l G.C.PiottRlm7j Fish ProterW am J Distripf Moof cn;j . " 'vn uaiurdi G. C.Plott, county fisku protector of Havwnj district meeting of the prof uu reiugee co-operation 4 irvm mis area which wai Asheville on SahiM.. forty were nresont fn.'ii ing, at which time the j tne coming year was outlinf aquaintances testifying tl Knowledge oi me and myigel boyhood days would be mM For this reason I would nl i . ... . .. i neanng irom any oi the old who remember. Very sincerely yoj GEORGE D. HARP.J ; 3278 18th Street, San Fri California, Northeast will produce 000 pounds more milk in "Take it easv. Len." he advised "You're getting warmed up about ' nothing. What's it to you anyway? I She doen't mean anything to your young life." But did she? 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