SECOND SECTION Wayni Tl Mountaineer SSVItLE Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Seventh year NO. 46 Sixteen Pages $1.50 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties WAYNESVILLE, N. O, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1941 erf ram Stag Day Prog kerica Needs To Get On Her Pray, MacBlain Says tees and pal Rector Tells Ar- AuilionM This tTime To Rejoice. I r. : kit Mtlehrate. l.. wioice. -t id Kev. iv. --- w Eniscopal church, Lssed the people of the r nwiffrftm RTlori- ytr on - --- on Tuesday by the L, Legion post, h Francis, local attorney, tii sneak, but was '.. rHpral court in Ashe- L h amieared in two L could not be postponed. tr-three years .tu-uw tn of 1918, the full lury i passions are playing their L theme of blood, destruc- y death," continued Mr. U .... . 11, 1H41, tweniy- years alier. aiwi ' i victory that at the time to assure the peace oi tne you remember, don t you was the conclusion of the Ltwas to end all wars. You : also that it was the that was to make the world fcr Democracy," pointed out Inker. . 1 day twenty-three years May was a wild day, if mere lis one. when the released hi of millions swept them ecstasy of joy. The dread I mutilation or death for met far away was removed, ley and we would be safe care. We could begin the ;of reconstruction, the work facilitation. That would oc Jnen for a long time. It be such pleasant work. This after four year of de- it," said Mr MacBlain. course old pains, old aches, proeues would linger for a Deep hurts had been in- bjr both sides. But there lew who believed in any but that a just peace would oat of the struggle. Men wn forget the pains and Old sores would be healed, B world would march on to uraphs that eventually would f the brotherhood of man in Nerated parliaments of the k poet's drem was about le true. Do you remember," H the speaker. you remember the decade followed the first Armistice 1" spite of the disillusion that followed the actual K of the Deace treats-, men pith in the new League of p It apparently was a step ngnt direction. It was not Starts Job in Civilian Defense "Gold Star Parents" Attend Program Here Mr. and Mrs. John McClure sat in front of the speakers during the entire service. They are "Gold Star Parents," their son having been killed in France. ' Another "Gold 'Star Moth er," Mrs. J. L. Williams, was unable to attend. Several of the speakers in their addesses, mentioned the sacrifices of parents, and Some mentioned the McClures by name. perfect. It did not have the sup port of some of the nations that should have been in it. There were disputes in its assemblies from the beginning. But how much better to have those disputes in a council chamber than on a battlefield," pointed out Mr. MacBlain. The speaker then referred to the doctrine of the inevitability of progress and the giddy years that followed in this country, when there were "two cars in every gar age and enough left over to supply the rest of the world." "Do you remember the closing of the decade and the opening of the next? Something sinister be gan to creep in to mar the beauty of the scene. The economies of governments here, there and every where were beginning to crack un der the strain of 'forced draught prosperity, There was a new syS' 1 1 .. Father Mahoney Urges America Stand United For God And Country lira. Franklin D. Roosevelt is pictured in Washington with Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuarf j"5 City, national director of Civilian Defense Administration, as she started her non-salaried job as La Guardia's assisUnt, helping prepara America for the emergency in event of Invasion. Highlights Of Armistice Program tern, yet old being tried by a na- Girl gcouts, and Boy Scouts lion inai represents one-six in oi i .. . . the world's population and men 0, Sol smiled throughout the were afraid of its effect on toiling servic whie hig rival 01 North r'eake? eVeryW'here' 8a'd the Wind, chilled the crowd through SP"Ineour own fair land we faced jnd through. the heartaches caused by an econ- , , . . , omic debacle of major proportions. I . The applause for the bandwas It made us suddenly realize that i he wekest we1 nrosneritv could cover a multl- many h uny tude of sins. Why name them? The estimated crowd of 600 in front of the court house was made quite colorful as uniformed mem bers of seven organizations ming led in and out of the crowd. The state puard. the Lesion. members, high school band, navy, and very timely, in that the roll can started Armistice uay bred and Chrest George working ing with his father, a veteran of with W. H. F. Millar, all mi'mbers the first World War, enjoying the of the American Legion. i privileges of his father's adopted icountry for which he fought. The large Red Cross carried by CCC lour uin acouts was impressive, They are familiar to us all. Man cannot live by bread alone came to have a real meaning," continued Mr. MacBlain. and the band did ex ceptionally well under the handi cap of a chilled gale. Traffic officers had a task in keeping traffic still during the pe riod of silence, and one onlooker accidentally hit their autqmobile The impressive sounding of taps by Fred Palmer, member of the high school band, and the echoing taps by Bobby Colkitt, another band member. The crowd all seemed in a ser ious mood entering into- the- spirit horn and the noise pierced the of the day, patriotism and the sig Some in the crowd became a little confused as to which way He then referred to the awing ; to face, when Commander Millar from roseate dreams of world gave the order, "Face the East. Deace and disarmament to the silence lots more than the volley fired by the state guard's rifles. A minute or two bt-fore eleven, j factory whistles at Haselwood nificance of the occasion marked the program , from beninging to end. ' . "Man Without God Will Lose the Day," Says As sistant Pastor Of St. John's. "Only once irC the history of the world was a guard ever placed be fore the tomb of a dead man. Only once in the scrolls of time has it ever been recorded that a stone was rolled before a grave to pre vent the escape of a corpse, and that was on Good Friday," said Father V. J. Mahoney, of St. John's Catholic church, here on Tuesday morning in the opening remarks of a talk he made on the Armistice Day program. "But we in our day have lived to see that scene re-enacted. The modern Pontius Pilate across the sea has proclaimed that Christiani ty is dead; that Democracy is dead. A truard has been placed over the tombs of the fallen nations; the Nazi party is convinced that the adoration of race has supplanted the adoration of God. And if all this be true, then those honored dead whose memory we venerate this morning have died in vain. Theirs was a useless sacrifice for their cause has been lost. But we must not forget Good Friday," he continued. He paid a tribute to the heroes of the last World war and to the mothers who gave their sons in the supreme sacrifice. He spoke of how Christianity must rise above all else, for in the end God must triumph. "In the meantime, there comes to us across the seas a voice from crosses row on- row, and the cry of the slain lings in our ears: "Take up our quarrel with the foe; to you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high if ye break faith with us who die I The struggle now is not only be tween Democracy and Totalitarian ism: it is more than that; it is between comradship in anti-Christ and brotherhood in Christ.' Our answer is that we shall take up Commander Thanks Program Participants "In behalf of the Legion, we want to thank every individu al, organization and firm for their part in staging the pro gram on Armistice Day," aaid Commander W. H. F. Millar yesterday. "The Legion deeply appre ciates the co-operation given us, and stands ready at all times to be called upon to ren der any service for the Deter ment of the community or mankind." Young Group Gave A "Sadie Hawkins" Day Party Last Saturday Betsv Siler. Jean Ann Bradley, and Nancy Jones, entertained with a "Sadie Hawkins" day party last Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Siler. The chief feature of the enter tainment was the "Sadie Hawkins" race, and each girl was given a ring by the boy she caught. Delicious refreshments were served by the young hostesses. The guest list included: Margue rite Way, Jane Wyche, Mary Ann Massie, Jackie Sue Messer, Ihere sa Liner, Geraldine Colkitt, Aaron Hyatt, Billy Miller, Tom Ray, Par ker Gay, Dan Watkins, Bobby Har din, Colvin Francis, and Nip and Tuck Ray. slight rumbling of the sabre rat- The Btate guard marched with tling, of how it increased with the 1 ease an(j Bnap. Wish Hitler could see a picture of such fine Amerl cans drill. He'd look more than 62 years old. years until it burst into full chord on August 31, 1939. To the hundreds gathered on the court house grounds the speaker made this final plea: I w A Rvw!W rfirwt ho na. "My message on this Armistice &den'd the positions on the court ZnJ' l ln like a veteran circus ox hub cuuuuj. " """;:,, master and the only way to celebrate Ting master, Armistice Day twenty-three years after. On your knees d pray The color guards, William Shool- started to blow, and because the bred and Vaughn Rhinchart. march- wind was blowing in the opposite . ed and stood at attention like old 0ur quarrel with the foe; but we airecuun, uitmjr. in ' "" ; iimerih ana no wonaer- iney are thought another large bomber was ' both veterans of the World War. . , - i passing overnt'au, and craneu their necks to the cloudless sky. I Rov, M. R. Williamson, rol call pointed out. will take God for our ally. For when God is the ally, men can be sure they will win the day," he chairman of the Red Cross, made Some of the members of the Btate a pathetic appeal for liberal con guard stood at attention during tributions to the annual drive, the 57 minutes of the program, which started yesterday. never even so much as Datting an eye. as far as the audience could j tell. ' 3 T 12 STUIHllIlli Lzi bUUldU.UlO:-MJUlui mi in bright, gay colors! On paper of rich vellum H antique weave! 12 handsome, white, double-fold t envelopes to match! W FOR ONLY 15 OCTAGON COUPONS r L I A rJ w for only yTTr-L n General comment was that it was the best Armistice Day event stag ed here in many years. The pro gram was arranged by Bill Staool The stores closed for the occa sion, although some merchants could not get customers out until the parade started, because it was warmer inside the store than on the street.. , for: forgiveness for our corporate guilt in making the world a seeth ing caldron of hate; forgiveness for enemies: strength in humility; courage in these dark days; hope that through the mist oi deieat ism we may see the glory of our destiny; peace that does not mean the end of all striving, but peace that means joy of souls arriving up to the light where God Himself appears. Let us remember our redeemer in the days of our deso lation for the only hope of selva tion and the salvation of men everywhere." Commander W. H. F. Millar made an excellent master of cere vonies. He showed he had plenty of fire, when he explained that the reason W. Roy Francis, who was scheduled to speak, was not present was because he had- some "ases in federal court, and the federal judge would not excuse Mr. Francis. ranks of the Girl Scouts verv thin -the answer The looked twenty-two of them are members of the high school band. Chrest George's young son march- SCQTTS SCRAP BOOK . By R. J. SCOTT FBEE' 3 Exsuwite. Fall- rHERBeiut.fuioeearsie Cial Yllot! Delicto ivory Brown, f ijizr or light blue l sr aumn" 1 . dinnerware body, oeco- Bujt withstand oven I rated with f hctt 5 plate 9" widel Thre Wf II ctaiM Srtaaaa Caaaaatl FREE! Starfj Sascesaa MUin Bawi Another M4 CTtr! 4H-qt. poree- deal lift to match the hia enameled aaucepen beautiful imm rnlel v with on cover enameled wide) Kmbowedl Brown, In m nlraain mottled or hhiel I a, a a.n.1 caaaaaii al) SI Sell- ttlu fi VMak aaiihaik m TSJfC STORE aa"i in " II t - - i v am. rn 1 o,ooo V3&t2fry Vkvroaio - us Traffic Officer Norman Caldwell started at 6:30 in keeping traffic from parking around the court house. . In spite of the cold, Rev. J. C. Madison was one of the few, if not the only person attending the service to remain with uncovered head throughout the 57 minutes. He gave the invocation. . Mrs. C. L. Atkins Is m At Greenville ' News has just been received here that Mrs. Lucile D. Atkins, widow of the late C. L. Atkins, has been confined to her bed for the past six weeks. Her illness may be in definite, the report said. She is making her S. C. Father Mahoney further urged that we learn a lesson from Europe that man without God will lose the day. The arms of steel in which he trusts will fail him; and that our national defense will be "deferred execution." He stressed the importance that we stand united, for God and Amer ica, each one armed as was Paul with the breastplate of Justice and the shield of Faith, and then only can we look forward to Eternal Armistice. Railway Express Puts On Pickup And Delivery Service At Hazelwood A baby is the greatest swindler of them all; if it swallows a penny, you are out two dollars Free collection and delivery of express shipments within the cor porate limits of Hazelwood are now in effect, according to E, A. Greer, local agent Several officials of the company saw the need for such a service, home in Greenville, ' and it was through them that the service was inaugurated. BY THE POUND For every pouund of laundry you send to us you have an hour of restful leisure. Time that should be spent with your children. Time for bridge, for movies, for sports. 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