T he Waynesville Mountaineer Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance oj The Great Smoky Mountains National Park UENTHYEAR N0. 47 Twelve Pages WAYNESVILLE, N. O, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1941 $1.50 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties , a 11-11 I II. I laa aaa .aa i TTiry immunity Ready ,r Thanksgiving Services At Eight, intball Game At 2:! 'i Pay's High Spots. . will suspend Thursday '..livin-the first time Tday for giving thanks ified that j Tar jaerfs go the last inurauoj will observe Sunday hours, ft. post office, bank, and ouse offices. , ' ,t , Lnual union service wiu do the Presbyterian cnurcn at 'dock Thursady morning, le Rev. R. & macDiain, rw Grace episcopal cuurvu it the message. Bepresen- (f all cnoirs ox " fovide music lor tne service. Wj will be marked py many Iwimions. and scores of stu- Jre expected to arrive for the uuiual football game pe Waynesville and Canton is U to draw several thous- k two-thirty. :1 lumber of sportsmen have led for hunting parties dur- dav: some will seek fleer, bear, while still others plan tear lakes and try to oring Kuth-bound duck. Suspends kv FMivprv; ft J T1iiiic1qv CU IIIUIOUUJ btn Sunday, the Pet Dairy pi Company will suspend de- of milk on Sundays, ac- I to R. B. Davenport, ,man pible orders will be -left on laj mornings, he saii 4' Bueert will not be effected by We, as the plant will on- :o receive milk as usual on Thanksgiving Day the plant elosed for both deliveries keiving of milk, Mr. Daven- taounced. suspension of deliveries fdays was made in order that fees might have one day wy seven. This same plan pt into force last winter and 39 Women Get Awards For Work Annual Achievement Day Held Here For Haywood Home Demonstration Wo men. .. Thirty-nine members of the Haywood County Home Demon stration Clubs were presented cer tificates of award of merit from the North Carolina College Agri cultural and Engineering Exten sion service in demonstration work, at the annual Achievement Day held here in the First Methodist church Tuesday.' Presentation of awards was made by Miss : Anna C. Rowe. Western district home demonstration agent. Approximately 150 attended the meeting with large representation from each club in the county. Mrs Henry Francis, retiring president, presided. Jonathan Woody, president of the First National Bank, was awarded a plaque in appreciation of his encouragement in making possible the home arts show and the home beautification projgram. The' Fines Creek Club won the gavel for the third year for larg est number in attendance and will now keep it permanently. The Bethel Club won the award offered to the dub making the most improvements during 1941, With a grade of 95. , Mrs., Frank Williams, of Beaverdam Uub, won the notebook contest award. A number of official workers ad dressed the group during the day, including Miss Willie Hunter, ex tension specialist in clothing. Miss Hunter told the women to study themselves as to health, posture, (Continued on page 7) Giving A Pint Of Blooi To Save A Life.... "v j?r,: : ' - v.! iff.L wa jin ihiii - ' 1 I . I J RAr PH PREVOST is shown giving the first pint of blood for the blood plasma bank just established at the Haywood County Hospital. Right behind Mr. Prevost stands Dr. G. Mack Davis, who was second to give a pint of blood. A Haywood physician is shown regulating the flow of blood from Prevost's arm into the vacuum bottle, while a nurse of the hospital staff stands nearby. Photo by Sherrill's Studio. Kag ing Forest Fues Burn Over 350 Acres very satisfactory," he Jnty-Wide BTU I t To Be Held First Baptist fssociational conference meet- be held for all Baptist ('? Union members in the in the county at the First P "lurch of WaynesvCle on Mnesdav evemnsr. officers and leaders of the 't unions in the countv will ' 8 p. m. for a supper at "ch, and at 7 o'clock will led by all members and ner- "terested in BTU work in nty churches. " . C. Brooks and other workers will assist in the Pice, and speak on "Growing i raining Union". Rev. Hammett, pastor of 'the lo- Kl and nastyir oHvispr foup, will gneak on "Everv Member Growing". BJU workers and members "ally" invited to attend the to be hel4 t 7 nVlncV Nay. ftodists To $ Missionary unite Un 30th Iionary institute for the Kat ehurehes of the Way- hodi!rt . Ii !lemne. Nov. 30. berin- Ulf ' according to Rev. J. r tone cl,airrtk toy has been designated as "T SnnHo l iv . ""itioft'tn . JSj-x ' keld . " - "-i n-i. program Sylva in the alter- ( lne evening. , 5ter, of the .one have :iw.Bnaerwy- Details of , 'm. will be announced Dinner-Dance To Mark Arrival Of Gordon's Chef The first diner-dance of the sear son has been annouced for Satur day night by the management of the Hotel Gordon. The event will mark the formal presentation of the new chef of the Coffee Shop, F. C Hichox to the public in this section, and aso the first public appearance of Ted Martin's ten-piece orchestra, made up of local talent. Mr. Hichox comes to the Coffee Shop with many years experience, having worked at some of the larg- (Continued on page 7) Mercury Zooms Below Freezing Here Every Day According to Lawrence Kerley, official weather observer, the mer cury has been below freezing every morning for the last six days. On Wednesday of last week the mercury went into a power dive and hit i7. ''V'X.-XX The mercury has been climbing steadily until on Tuesday of this week it hung grimly on to 6&. Seeing Them Off I "'. nn. . - t far :Z,.ior yth and the The youth ses- Ttium r.4 r.v " ln casement me church. Date 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 max 57 60 65 67 70 72 65 mm 17 17 24 22 29 29 32 JIMMY SWIFT, son of Captain and Mrs. W. F. Swift, and Linda Sloan, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sloan, distributing ciga rettes among the thirty men who left here last Friday for Fort Bragg in the fifth call from this area. The donation of cigarettes was part of a program sponsored by the Dorcas Bell Love Chapter -.f the DAR. Photo by Patsy Gwyn. . One.of tha mo -devastating for est fires 1n Haywoollnwany years was 'put out late Tuesday after noon, after 350 acres on the moun tain at the head of Camp Branch had burned. The fire is said to have started early Thursday afternoon, but due to lack of formal approval of a county fire warden, no fire fighters went to the scene on this side of the mountain until Sunday after noon when the fire had gained considerable headway. Pisgah for est rangers stationed men on gov ernment lands Friday. "The fire in 24 hours destroyed what it took nature a thousand years to build," one forestry ex pert told The Mountaineer yester day. "An experienced fire warden with men could have prevented much of this," he continued. Blood Plasma Bank Started; To Save Lives Calls Made For Volunteers To Give A Pint Of Blood For Sake Of HumanU; Directors Elected ForCofC. Board Of Twenty Will As sume Office January First; Six Served On 1941 Board. Members of the Chamber of Commerce elected the 1942 board of directors in a three-day secret balloting, which started Saturday. The new board will take office on January first, it was announced, with six members of the 1941 board retained to serve next year. Those elected yesterday were: Representing agriculture Wayne Corpenine. Henry Francis and George A. Brown. Representing automobile sales, and service M. D. Watkins and Charles Woodward. Representing business and pro' fessional men Dr. G. Mack Davis, Frank Fersruson. Jr.. and Jack Messer. Representing hotels and hoard ing houses Georsre Martin and Mrs. Tom Alexander. Representing industry Joe Da vis and Ralph Prevost. Representing merchants Fran cis Massie and Ralph Summerrow, The six directors named to serve again next year are; Paul Davis, R. N. Barber, Jr., R. B. Davenport, Felix Stovall, Spauldon Underwood and Chrest George. During the past year Bill Pre vost served as president. Approximately 150 balioU were cast during the election. By W. CURTIS RUSS Monday afternoon we saw a busy young business executive and an alert professional man saving lives yes, human lives.' They were not dashing in and out of a burning building, or fight ing icy waters to get to a sinking form. They were as much at ease as if they were getting a shave in their favorite barber's chair. In the still silence of the Snow white walls of the emergency op erating room at the Haywood Coun ty Hospital, a prominent physician said: "This pint of blood you have given might be the means of sav ing the life of one of your friends. an employee, or even a member of your family. The remarks were addressed to Yesterday Orville Noland, who .nl.A M.rir Ralph Prevost, furniture manu- Hannah who recently resigned, 'nJcnJ,T he ecame asked the board that his name be v, "T i ly esiaousnea piuua piasma uana.. Earl Justice, YreckJVictinie In Critical Condition Earl Justice, 41, who was in jured last Friday evening around 7 o'clock when he was struck by an automobile while crossing the main street in his home town of Clyde, remained in a critical con dition late last night, so it was withdrawn. Mr. Noland is the son of Commissioner Dock Noland. The state department of conservation and development refused to ap- The reserve Mr. Prevost, none the worse for his contribution, just smiled, as the nurse pushed away prove the appointment of Mr. No- S!' National Defense Goal For Poultry Set For Haywood The "National Defense goal" for poultry in Haywood county nas been set at alt increase of 69,210 eggs over last year, according to Wayne Corpening, county farm agent. - Since most of the chickens in the county are in flocks of less than 50 birds, the county agent is pointing out means by which the (Continued on page 7 land on the grounds that he was inexperienced. The state depart ment is said to have tendered the names of three experienced Hay wood men, but the board of com missioners refused to act on either of the three. As a result, Hay wood is without a county fire war- (Continued on page 12) $5:00 Will Be Awarded First Person Guessing Correct Score Of Game Five dollars for a correct guess. Easy money if you're a lucky guesser. ' . Throw yourself into a huddle, and figure out the score of the Waynesville-Canton game which will be played here Thanksgiving afternoon, and then go to one of the twelve advertisers on page eleven, get a blank, fill it in and deposit with The Mountaineer. - If your guess is the first cor rect one brought in, then on Fri day morning your name will be posted in the window of this news paper, and a five dollar check will be yours. Very simple, isn't it? Get your blank right now. You have until five o'clock Wednesday to get it to The Mountaineer office. Nothing to buy. Nothing to selL Nothing to write, but your guess as to the score, and your name. Get busy. Five dollars is five dollars, ' and it's mighty easy to make a, guess and a score in a a Waynesville-Canton game can be anything almost. tie of blood, which will be placed in readiness at the hospital here for any emergency, after being pro cessed. Standing just outside the door, waiting to make a similar contri bution towards saying a life, was Dr. G. M. Davis, a busy dentist. As a professional man, and advo cator of good health, he knows that time and blood plasma are two essentials in saving lives in many accident cases. In just a few minutes the nurse was pushing away the same table, with another contribution to the blood plasma bank. But that is only two donors, and sometimes one critically injured nafipnt fnair rcwinir spvprol timr ' frHv.w..v j . -n learned from attaches at the Hay wood County Hospital where he has been a patient since the ac cident. Private Albert Rhoades, U. S. army, is reported to have been the driver of the car that struck Mr. Justice, who is said to have been walking west of the red light when the car knocked him down. Both his legs were broken in sev eral places and he suffered serious chest injuries, Private Rhoades, who was said to have been en route to a camp in New York, where he is now stationed, was arrested but made bond for $1,000. No date has been set for the hearing of the case, pending the condition of Mr. Justice Believes True Bill Will Be Issued Today Many Cases Cleared From Docket In Two Days Of Court Under Judge Bobbitt. Solicitor John M. Queen expect the grand jury to return two more true bills in murder eases today, and next week hopes to dispose of the three murder cases, which are now on the superior court criminal docket. Judee William H. Bobbitt, of Charlotte, said he will adjourn court this afternoon until Monday morning, giving the court officials three days for Thanksgiving. A true bill was returned yester day in the case of two negro wom en, charged with the death of their father. The women, Myrtle Le noir Cullin, 24 and Katherine Le onir, are charged with shooting their father, Oscar Lenoir, to death at their home on Sunday, October 19. - Solicitor Oueen expects a truo bill in the case in which Mandel and Charlie Woodard and Roscoe Mes ser are alleged to have given Love Clark whiskey with strychnine. Clark died shortly afterwards. This case dates back to Oct. 9. In the death case of William Al bert Finney, 62, two boys are be ing held for fatally stabbing him on November 4, in the Maggie section. The boys are William Clay Grant, 16, and Ray Shelton, 17. ' Since court convened Monday morning a large number of cases have been cleared from the docket. They include: The case of Hugh Caldwell (by his best friend, his father, Clarence Caldwell) versus Carl W. Kaese- mever. was compromised, witn tne latter paying the costs and 300. The case grew out or an automo bile accident, when a car owned by Kaesemeyefand driven by his UwtKi Fftd Kaesemeyer, strtrck truck in which Hugh Caldwell, three year old child who was riding with his father, at the time and receiv- ed injuries. M. D. Robinson, charged with abandonment, was given 18 months on the roads. Twelve men had their licenses re voked for a year and. were fined - (Continued on page 7) 1 . Sixteen Men To Leave In Draft On Monday, 24th Sixteen men will leave here on Monday the 24th in the 6th order under the selective draft service from the Waynesville area, and the 20th call from the government. The order was for fifteen men in the call, and the extra man is Wil liam Howard Haney, who was de ferred from going in the last group owing to a death in his family. The men are scheduled to leave from the court house at 7:30 by bus for Fort Bragg. The Dorcas Bell Love chapter Tobacco Grading Demonstrations Held This Week Four tobacco grading demon strations will be held in the coun- ty beginning on 1 nursaay, accoru-, fc booi these two men wh0 are will send a group to bid the men mK w wie 2" "" (Continued on back page) farewell securea lie servitea ui u. 1. ifccim, extension tobacco specialist pf State College, and W. L. Brad sher, of the agricultural marketing service : The farm agents point out that j the demonstrations will be of great value to the farmers in showing them how to class their tobacco. Tie price the farmer will receive this year will depend to some ex tent on the way it is graded, ac cording to the farm agents. The grading demonstrations wul 4-H Club Groups Elect Officers The seven 4-H clubs of the couniy recently elected officers, for the year. They are: Cecil President, Merle Ashe; vice president, Robert Buchanan; secretary, Evelyn Chambers; treas urer, Reba Mae Lowe; reporter; Winifred Burnette; local leaders. Miss Mable Clark and Robert James. Cruso President, Margaret Cog bum; vice president, Billy Connor; secretary, Geneva Massey; treasur er, Hugh Poston; reporter, Betty Clark; local leaders, Hugh Rogers and Mrs. Duvall. : Fines Creek President, Dorothy Green; vice president, N. C. James; secretary, Dorothy Rogers, treas urer, Elizabeth Rogers; reporter, Ed McCracken; local leaders. Miss Marguerite Clark and Sam Fergu son. ' Crabtree President, Georgia McCracken; vice president, M. B. Reeves; secretary and treasurer, Betty Rogers; reporter, Jessie Bry- : . (Continued on page 7) Canton Man Killed, Wife Seriously Injured And Two Others Hurt In Wreck Three persons were killed and five other were injuried, four of them seriously, when cars said to have been driven by Thomas A. Clark, Jr., of Canton, and Fred D. Morris, of Richmond, Va., collided just before noon on Saturday at be held at the following places :i"e intersection 01 wignway io-a Thursday, at 10 a. m. at the C I Durham-Wake. Forest road R. Liner farm in Waynesville miles north of Raleigh. v township; Thursday, 1:30 p. m. atj Those killed were Thomas A. Van Wells' farm in Pigeon town- Clark, Jr., John A. Morgan and hin: Friday at 10 a. m. at Glenn 1 of Richmond, and Mrs. Fred D. A. Boyd's farm in Jonathan Creek township; and on Friday, at 2 p. m. at the Sam Ferguson farm on Fines Creek. Tobacco growers are urged to aUnd one of these meetings. Morris, both of Richmond, occu pants of the other car. According to officers investigat ing the case, the Virginia man head- out this week and if necessary un- m tne last 01 tbis month, until trie Red Cross Roll Call Continues Until Goal Reached The annual Roll Call for mem bership in the Red Cross to raise the local quota of $1,200 got under way last Tuesday and, according to Rev. Malcolm Williamson, chair man of the drive, the workers have been meeting with encouraging re sponse A number of the committee chairmen and their workers have not turned in complete reports, so Mr. Williamson was unable to give the amount in full. The drive will continue through- Morris, of Richmond. Injured were Mrs. "Thomas A. Clark, Pr., John A. Morgan and Mrs. Paul Launer, all of Canton, passengers in the car driven by Clark, and Mrs. Kellum and Fred ed south and Clark's car headed to ward Wake Forest, when the acci dent occurred, approximately in the center of the intersection. It was reported that both cars were traveling at a high speed, Mrs. Clark and John Morgan were taken to Rex Hospital It was learned late last night that all hope had been abandoned for Mrs. Clark's recovery.: She received serious internal injuries, a deep amount set is reached, according to Mr. Williamson. The national headquarters is asking for the largest quota ever set for this chapter, but the work ers seemed confident late last night that the goal would be reached. TAKES POSITION HERE Raymond Pruitt has been named as Secretary at Pet Dairy Products gash' cut across the abdomen, and Company here. Mr. Pruitt is from (Continued on page 7) 1 Bowling Green, Ky. ;

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