THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER THURSDAY, DECEMn Miss Wyaft 6 Bride Of Thos. A. Van Hecke Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Wyatt, of Hasehrood, have announced the marriage of their daughter. Miss Lillian Wyatt, to Thomas A. Van Hecke, which took place at Calvary Baptist tainrcn m Kaieiga. xne vows were solemnized by the Rev E. Evans Ulrich, with the ring ceremony being used. The ad tar of the church was banked in pink boughs, with tall baskets of gladiolus, palms and candelabra arranged to make an attractive setting for the cere mony.' , Prior to the wedding Mrs. E. Ulrich rendered .a selection from Himmel's "Incline Thine Ear," "Sonatina," in P," "How so Pair," from "Martha and Gounod's L'An gelus," and the traditional marches were used' for the processional and recessional. Mrs.' Ulrica also ac companied Mrs. Ruby Ellington who sang, . "The Sunshine of Your Smile"-and I 'Love' You Truly" The bride wore a dress of sheer green' wool with pockets and but tons trimmed iA beaver. Her bcmm. sories were in brown and her flow era were a corsage of talisman roses..:..- . ' The bride had as her only at tendant Mrs. Janet Krachmal, of Raleigh, who served as matron of nonor. a he wore a dress of black with corsage of red roses. " The groom had as his best man orrest Bnensen, of Morehead City. ' MrsVan Hecke was educated in Bp Waynesville township high scnooi, and Western Carolina Teachers College, where at the lat ter she was a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma scholastic fraternity. She has recently been located in Raleigh where she holds a position in the state office 0f the National Youth Administration. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. ana Mrs. a A. Van Hecke, of Chi cago. At present he is with the medical detachment, military per sonnel office, at Fort Bragg. Miss dkra Bell McCall, of Mor anton, spent the week-end here as the guest of Mrs. Irving Leather wood. Miss McCall was public healbh nurse of Haywood county tor two years prior to her accept ing a similar position in Burke county. .. Shoes from U. S. v V The expression of Doreen Massow hi this photo from bomb-blitsed London tells its own story. She is trriiur on one of seven nalra nf rhtL. dren's shoes contributed by Mrs. wiua Aoernauy ox Seattle, Wash, Another pair filled the bilL Mrs. Abemathy's kindness was rewarded with this picture of little Doreen, wmcn was sent to her. Louise Hendricks Weds J. C. Poss In Hart well, Ga. Mr. and Mrs, Geortre . William Local Leeion Auxiliary o - - - Members Attended School Of Instruction at Oteen On Mondav Mrs. T. fl. MaiimV 1 president of the local Legion Aux iliary. Mrs. Harrv Millar. mem. ber of the finance committee, Mrs. dna McGee, membership chair man. and Mrs. Colvin Brown, chair man of American education and finance, went to Oteen, government hospital, for a school of instruc tion. .. Information on the following was riven : markers for veteran rien- tal care for iniured men. hnsn!tH- zation, widows and orphans, edu cation and legal matters, and ques tions or mortuary care. A At noon lunch was enioved in tne dining room at Oteen facility. . Officer In Command Of Cove Creek CCC Camp To Marry Invitations have been issued hv Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnston. of Searcy. Ark., to the marrincn oi tneir daughter, Miss Nina Louise Johnston, to Lt. Richard Bennett Todd, which will take place at eleven o'clock MnnHnv morning, December the 22nd in the aietnodist church of Searcy. The brideeroom is the nn nf Mr and Mrs. John H. Toddv. Ha in in command of CCC camp, 415, of UOVe Ureek. He in a irraHimta nf ine utadel, of Charleston, and is a member of the R. 0. T. C. Legion and Auxiliary To Hold Meeting Tonight The American Lecrinn anH A nr. iliary will hold the remilar Decem ber meeting tonight at the Legion nome on DeDot street. All mem. bers are urged to attend. Smart Lines Mrs. Jimmy Boyd Hostess Of UDC Meeting Friday Mrs, Jimmy Boyd was hostess to the' members of the Haywood rhanter nf the United Daughters of the Confederacy for the Decem ber meeting, which was held at her home on Friday evening. Mrs. J. Harden Howell gave an interesting account of the creneral convention held recently in Los Angeles, reading excerpts from the papers of that city riving the de tails nf the meeting. She outlined i the number of prizes won by North Carolina, the state making an out standing record of achievement during the year. Mrs. Thad N. Howell, chairman of the annua UDC declamation contest held in the high .'school. stated that she had Dresented the contests to the students., Mrs." Ernest J. Hyatt was ap pointed chairman to be resnonsible for. the Christmas cheer for the two Haywood county veterans of :"e war Between the states. Announcement was made of the nuarv meeting which will be held with Mrs. John M. Queen as hostess. Auto Scion Weds Smart taupe woolen coat By VERA WINSTON THE BASQUE silhouette i; very good for the untrimme coat that must rely on line anc cut for its chic. This oj. lr taupe woolen, has slot seaming horizontally placed across the bodice to the hips where it meets the shirring of the belt like flange. The back of the coat Is straight and flat. A small high round collar adds a youthful note, Robert McLean left Mondav for Tuscaloosa, Ala., where he will . - - - v onvi mc vtiiiBLiuas ituiiuays wita Unnili.lrn - t XT. i. XT tf. I . ' "C,,u'"-M ui iiewpori hbws, v a., nis cousins, Vr. and Mrs. H. C. who formerly resided here, have Hassell. En rnuta hj will .in in announced the marriage of their , Chattanooga. Tenn . fnr n vioif daughter, Miss Louise Wilson Hen dricks, to James Cathey Poss. I tie marriage took d ace on with friends. Miss Killian Gives Dinner For Lt. and Mrs. David Stentz r . . I r I , , AY . V' ...fc. .. , Methodic TV. a . which include t l,m efin the I !ch an s Society 0f n M ministers anrt- n8tll acn person ." to brbZ Jack Forker Chrysler, auto sdom, is shown with his bride, the former Edith Helen Backus, beautiful mag azine cover model, after they were married in St. Bartholomew's Church in New' York City. Methodist Women Give Annual Dinner Tuesday ApDroximateIv125 women of the First Methodist church attended the annual dinner given by the woman's society of Christian Ser vice m the dmine- room of the church on Tuesday evening, with Mrs. J. Harden Howell, retiring president, presiding. Mrs. Bonner Ray was in charge of the Drojrram. which nroved to be of unusual interest.. Reports were Dresented from eacfi circle. Tnanfa were given to Mrs. HowelL Individ DAR Meeting Will Be In Memory 01 Late Mrs. Camp The December meeting of the Dorcas Bell Love chapter of the Daughters of the American Revo lution will be in the nature of a memorial to the late Mrs. Florence' Camp, a former regent and "for more than 25 years an active work er., . New Methodist Pastor and Wife To Hold Open House Rev. J. Clay Madison, pastor of the First Methodist church, and Mrs. Madison will be at home on Friday evening to the members leld at' toXn. ircn o Bach i. ChUdren's nl 3 there fr,m i?r trict ",e wynml An interptin in "s. pTent from li to i9.,7u H luncheon c::.aar- m reading Z7 1 lT.i noon the m thl for discussions '. MiSS DphraJ n. . Alice SW" IISbX id end in n . S?ent former's sisto. Jj t cr tending Mars Hill ColS Sunday with his paS to .- Lester ft, Mr. and Mvs ti.j - as their oamuel R W.J h7Z 'r.' and Miss ti i Asnevuie. Miss Ellen Louise Killian was hostess on Saturday evening of a dinner party as a courtesy to Lt. Woman's Club Will Hpld December Meeting At Hotel LeFaine .The December meeting of- the "Woman's Club will be held at the Hotel LeFaine with, Mrs, a F. Kirkpatrick as hostess assisted by Mrs. C. N. flisk. Miss Robena Mil ler, and Mrs. W, H. Liner. Mrs. J. Dale Stents, chairman of of music, will have charge of the program which will be made up of Christmas numbers. Mrs. Wil liam Hannah, president, will pre side. All members are asked to bring a toy for the community Christ mas tree. C E. Grace, of Haselwood, is spending a few weeks in Washing ton, D. C. MV an A lilni T 1 UTakmn f - I "V o. W . Mi WUKKOU w cic moer tne zatn, at, tne guests last week for a brief ad Mrs. David Stentz. The Christ- narvwen. Ma., tne presence visit oi their son and daughter-in- mas motif was observed throughout of a small group of friends. The law. Dr. and Mrs. Jasper Morgan, the appointments and decorations, bridge .wore a. frock of tan wool in; Washington, D. C Following dinner bingo was en- with British tan accessories. , : Joyed with a number of attractive The bride is a graduate of the1 Mr. and Mrs. S. H. BushnelL Jr., prizes awarded the winners, and a Waynesville township high school I and young daughter have taken an rrand prize was given the winner and of the School of Nursing of apartment in the home of Mrs. J. of the largest number of individual . o , H .... M Mivlr fln1 will Iam1 l.u .....oa. sergeant is.ennein j;. wrignt has . ... iwowu mn xur y-wsa. : tumeH frt Fnr-. TTnnv Vv U. ! a few months. , I TU (m.. l,V ... the following? I.t nA Um TtavM Mr anA Mm. XTanm,.. loianfi KTW mt Tur-m- nr r i. n Me. d Mrs. Ernest Medford and Mr. and Mrsw Howard Hyatt, Mr. sons, James and Joel, of Hazelwood, and Mrs." Harold Massie,- Mr. and visited in Murphy and Hiwassee Mrs. Carleton Weatherby, Mr. and Dam recently. Mrs. Chas. Ketner. ' Also Mr. and Mrs. James Queen, Mrs. Horace Frost, of Elizabeth- Mr. and Mrs. Bill Prevost, Mr. and ton, Tenn., has arrived to spend Mrs. Paul Davis, Mr. and Mrs Sam the winter here with her sister, H. Bushnell, Miss Sara Jane Walk Mrs. John N. Shoolbred. er, Mrs. Rosalyn Rav Collins, and I Lt. James Harden Howell, of Fort ivirs. f ratiK smathers left dur- jacKson ing the week for her winter home in Miami after spending several returned to Fort Knox. Kv. where he is stationed after spending ten days here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wright. ; ', ; ::: ; ;. y Mission Hospital of Asheville. Since her craduatinn from the latter she has been connected with the Haywood County Hospital here. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Lora Lee Poss. of Wnah- ineton. Ga.. and thp late Mr Pnaa 'He was educated in the Washing ton schools and is now located in Waynesville, where he is in busi ness.. The young couple will make their 'ome here. GIVE A Just Arrived LATEST MODELS HAMILTON ELGIN BULOVA WALTHAM GEUEN .AND OTHERS ASK TO SEE OUR Waltham Christmas Special Diamonds and Jewelry BAVOS-SMDTlf Jewelers Cuion Waynesville days here with her sisters, Miss I son, spent the week-end in town iiniieii auu iiuss js. a. vones. airs, i with ms lamily. smatners was called to town on account of the illness and death of her mother, the late Mrs. S. A.' Jones. : , '' ' .::';. Mrs. John N. Shoolbred had as her guests over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. George Toncray, of John son City, Tenn. "' .: . Mrs. T. L. McHone had as her guests over the week-end Mrs. Luther Powers and her daughter, airs, ueuiah Moore, of Asheville, and Mrs. Ed Patton. ,V,. . ; ; ;-;:;' Mr. and Mrs. Sam Knight, Kath ryn and Eloise Kniirht. anenfc the week-end in Greer, S. C, with Mr. and Mrs. MassingOL and to Mrs. J- R. Bovd and daughters. Corsages were presented to Mrs. John Ki Boone, Mrs. IT. B. West, and Mrs. P. L. Turbyfill, pioneer members of the society. Vocal numbers were given by Mrs. Fred Martin and Mrs. Fred Calhoun. The tables were arranged in the Christmas motif and lighted with red candles. . The hours are from 7 ti 9 o'clock and all those attending the church; are cordially invited to call. - F"h B'-vfrin, Brevard CoIIegre Senior, Attended State Student's Meeting Miss Ruth Burgin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hurst Burgin. was one of the four representatives Dr. S. P. Gay has returned from sent from Brevard College last Miami, Fla.. where he went on i,uu iness. While there he also attend ed the state meeting of the Florida Dental Society. Dr. Gay made the return trip from Miami by plane. Prof, and Mrs. E. j. Robeson had as their iruests over the week. end the tatter's brother. Ci Ft Per. guson, Jr., of Washington, D: C, member of the federal trade boardl ny JEdwar.- week to the state-wide Students' Council meeting which was held in Raleigh. Miss Burgin, a graduate of the local township high school, is a member of the senior class at Brevard College this year. , .,f Jy- ' Mrs. Wade Snow nf Pitnf Moun tain, is viiting Mr. and Mrs. John' 41 . . Chrktm Baking Arrange now to let J your Christina Q Place your orders eaip all kinds of baked J cakes piescookies-1 decorated novelties. We expect a heavy voluij pusiness Christmas Week your order nlaced nnw id you will not be disappoind Come in and let us tell about the nice variety m nave. Waynesvilli Bakery Phone 73-W Belk's Is Playing Santa Claus To Its Customers Will A Pre-Christmas Mrs. George Bischoff and daugh ters, Ann and Nancy, visited Mrs. Bischoff's mother, Mrs. A. Ashe, in Whittier Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Underwood and two sons, Mrs. Ed Underwood and Floyd Underwood visited rela tives in Bryson City Sunday. ; Mrs. Richard Gerranger and two daughters left Sunday for Wil mington, where they will reside for an indefinite time. . Mrs. James L. Obenschain and two daughters, Barbara GaU and Mariam Joyce, left Saturday for Columbia, S. C, for an extended visit with Mrs. Obenschain's par ents. Mr. Obenschain accompanied them there returning Sunday, Lt. James Harden Howell, of Fort Jackson, spent the week-end in town with his parents, Major and Mrs. J. H. HowelL Jack Ferguson and young son, of Deer field, N. J., arrived on Mon day for a visit to the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Boone Ferguson. ' Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Stretcher have gone to Florida and will .tf several points before returning home. Seymore Clarke, who has been Lt. and Mrs. David Stents left. Monday for Self ridee. Field. Mich. They had nlanned tn anend another week with their families, but the iormer received a wire to report to duty at once. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Seawell haH as their guesta at the Hotel LeFaine over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harris, f Chicago, who were en route to Florida. Miss Margaret Stringfield will give a paper on Christmas music, prepared by the late Mrs. Camp. The meeting will be held at "Windover," the home of Mrs. James Harden HowelL hostess of the afternoon. Mrs. S. H. Bush nell, regent, will preside. .... . Ben Carter, of Knoxville n the guest of friends In town over the week-end. Miss Hester Ann Wither. the week-end with friends in Bir mingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala. . Bobbie Plott, student at Mars Hill College, spent the week-end in town with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Plott. '". . :';;: Mrs. W. A. Hyatt is spending sometime in Newport News with her son, Lochlan Hyatt. .; Miss Betty Gene and Miss Mary Lee Alley, who are attending Mon treat Junior College, spent the week-end in town with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gwyn have returned from a trip to Wilming ton, Del., and New York City. -Jack Smith, who is stationed at Fort Jackson, spent the week-end here with Mrs. Smith. -..., . 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