1942 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Pag 11 Week Of The War ?r?eaClUrad: ti0t net iome of vetf'Sh! the pro- eDnf "equality of pnv ""Sl Americans in bear for Aof total war. bordew Id two points of taxation to Keep htwlSelandStabiliz- i11 Y The other five " pnff hv the President, proposed oy exisiting rf general price trbonds.rationmgofan PSrandfuXr I" " edit and install- imenv -buying- rodwtionnd Conversion President told his press coll ar War Production pro- ,r out extrenjelr well. He Ik. announced landed. The steel plate . has re arded the ship v, .aiA hut on BET no. ery great P' v,u nnstruction. Jon in ei'-F Rationing n of Price Administra- f , :..tmn for the rationing program ration of industrial and . -i .... ot Viich schools jtionai ukis - no oo an1 of consumers at titary schools may v-" L .nmr ohIpr banned B. new" o"6 ----- - thout the nation for a week, resumea u " of goes inwj cue vi-. Hay purcimae Iwitn eacn vx tc 8 in the war ration book. MflV K to ristranon jur .. Will De new m cbiucuwij Is in 17 Atlantic Coastal and the District of Columbia 112, 13 and 14, Gasoline ra ig will go into effect in these . if... is AD boA Tia may iv, jtt om. fnt of ration will be determ l . .1.., 1 .i.. Annnlir o i ut the time of registration. ir Bonds and Finances Treasury reported its drive kar bond purchases with at 10 per cent of the total na income will begin if ay 1. rive will have quotas of $600 in for May, $800 million for and $1 billion for July. The War Department said col lege students may enlist as privates in the army air corps reserve on a deferred basis and continue their education until required for army training. Congress approved and sent to the President the $19 billion war appropriation bill providing $17, 400 million for the army and $1,600 million for the navy. Congress also sent to the President, legisla tion to authorize expansion of naval shore facilities by $800 mil lion. Navy Secretary Knox an nounced the Sperry Corporation has voluntarily rearranged its pro duction schedule to effect savings to the Government of $100 million. Selective Service Selective service headquarters instructed state directors to place men with dependents into two class ification 8-A for those not en gaged in essential war work, and 3-B for those who are engaged in essential war work. No man with dependents will.be taken until all available physically fit men with out dependents are taken, those in 3-A classification will be called first. The army said persons with disqualifying defects which can be corrected will be classified 1-A (suspended) and reclassified as 1-A when the defects are cleared UP- Civilian Supply The WPB reduced the number of sizes and models of storage bat' teries from about 75 to 15 and ruled purchasers must turn in to retailers a used battery in order to get a new replacement battery. The board also curtailed new telephone installations. Only per sons and organizations engaged in direct war work are certain of obtaining new telephone service, the board said. Manufacture of commercial laundry equipment was prohibited after June 1 and of commercial dry cleaning equipment after July 1. Manufacturers cannot equip new farm machinery with rubber tires after April 80, with certain exceptions. The board said a person supplying materials used in the construction of a defense housing project may now extend a preference rating at any time with in three months after he becomes entitled to apply it. Haywood Baptist WMU Will Meet On Sunday In Canton The Woman's Missionarv TTnin of the Haywood Baptist Associa tion will hold a quarterly meeting ai wesi uanion cnurcn on Sunday afternoon, May 3rd, beginning at 2:30. A revision of the constitution will be recommended and discussed. All members are urged to be pres ent, especially officers and mem bers of the committees. Members of churches not having missionary organizations are also invited to attend, as the meeting will furnish information, inspira tion and fellowship, Ratcliff Cove News Allen's Creek News By Mrs. Lena Green. The fourth monthly Sunday school convention of the Waynes ville district was held at the Al len's Creek church on Sunday af ternoon. R. E. Sentelle, associa tions! superintendent, was in charge of the program. Devotion al was conducted by Rev. Frank Leatherwood, pastor of the Hazel wood church. After which the visiting Sunday schools were wel comed by Elmer Green, superin tendent of Allen's Creek Sunday school. The Pleasant Balsam group gave some songs that were fully en joyed. The Hazelwood Sunday school was well represented and gave a program of exceptional mer it based on reverence. The entire program was enjoyed by all present. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haney and son, Mrs. Roe Haney and daugh ter, Katherine, of Buffalo, S. C. visited relatives here this week end. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Underwood were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ruf us Underwood on Sunday. Rev. Howard Hall preached Sun day at Ratcliffe Cove Baptist church. Lane Arrington, Jr., of W. C. Rev,' Hutchins To Attend Meeting of Board of State Institution Rev. W. L. Hutchins, superin tendent of the Waynesyille dis trict of the Methodist church, will leave Friday for Raleigh, where he will attend a meeting of the board of trustees of the state school for the Deaf and Blind. Rev. Hutchins has been a mem ber of the board for a number of years, having been appointed con secutively by the past five gov ernors of the state to member ship, v a trip to St. Augustine before re turning home. , Dave Wiggins spent Sunday in Ella with his mother. Mrs. Albert Muse is visiting her parents in Gay. A revival will start next Sunday at the Allen's Creek Baptist church. Everyone is cordially in vited to attend. Charlie Mc Amos is improving after an operation. Mrs. Carl Francis is visiting her husband in Jacksonville. She plans T. C, spent the week-end his parents. with Delmas Caldwell, who underwent a tonsilectomy last week, is recovering. We are glad to hear that Charles Pruett is improving from a recent illness. Urge Public To Be Careful With Fires Spring has come to the Smokies, and spring is a beautiful time of the year, but it is also a dangerous time when fires break out, accord ing to the park officials, who are urging co-operation of the public to be careful with fire. Never before has the preserva tion of our natural resources been of such importance they point out, in their urgent plea that the pub lic be careful with their cigarettes, matches, and campfires. A few minutes spent in com pletely extinguishing a match, ci garette, or campfire may mean a saving of great stands of trees, or hours or days, perhaps weeks, of human endeavor in combating the fire scourges, and possible loss of wildlife and even human life, the officials point out They also call attention to the fact that campfires are prohibited except in the fireplaces in the camp grounds and picnic areas, ana tnese should likewise be com pletely extinguished before left. Editor Mountaineer Talks To Western North Carolina Press W. Curtis Rubs was in charge of the program at the monthly meeting of the Western North Tarnlina Prpn Anxociation which was held in Asheville on Saturday night. Mr. Russ discussed the adver tising field of the weekly newt- paper, in main giving features of a similar talk he had made at the annual winter institute oi me State Press held in Chapel Hill in January. Vrmte Jones Dewey Wyatt has returned to Buckroe Beach, Va., after spend ing several days with his mother. Albert Muse is now employed at Baltimore. His family is planning on joining him soon. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone for the sym pathy they have shown and the help. Also for beautiful flowers at the death of our daughter and sister. THE LEE SCRUGGS FAMILY MDid inTon a FOOD'?'' You btt thy did. It uttd to contain a ck mad with RDM FORD, tbo baking powdtr thit pro mote baking (accu. FRH: Victory booklat oc (agar! rdpl Conrr nppU. HTp win th war la yoot lag Powdor, Bot BS, Ramford, R. L The War Front President told his press wnce he had been advised of- ly of the internment of an ican plane and its crew in ian Ru? i--apparently one of lanes which u portedly raided iese cities. U. S. trooDS ar- on New Caledonia to aid the French in the island defense. Nl MacArthur's headauar- m Australia reported another ') American and Australian f rs on Japanese-held Rabual. KM gunfire from f broke ud a Jananpse t.rnnn ntration on Ratnnn Tha ported the torpedoing of more United Nations mer- vessels by enemv snhmnfincQ e Atlantic. Transportation Defense Transportation Director Eastman prohibited all special de A WEEK OF THE WAR TWO liveries, beginning May 15, and limited to once daily to anyone er son deliveries of local carriers. He said present uniform business hours should be staggered, school hours changed, labor shifts rear ranged and group riding insti tuted to effect steady use of mass transit facilities , Alien-Held Patents President Roosevelt instructed Alien Property Custodian Crowley to take over all patents directly or indirectly controlled by the enemy and to make them freely available for United Nations war purposes and national needs of the United States. These patents will not be returned to the enemy at the end of the war, the President said. Saunook P. T. A. Sponsors 'Cake Walk' Friday Night The Parent-Teacher Association of the Saunook school is sponsoring a "Cake Walk" and other features of entertainment at the school on Friday night, May 1. The public is cordially invited to attend, Ww As .:"i?er--V-:-:-:-. financing Your Home With Specialists Pays! Limitations on construction: haven't changed our ,erest in helping you own a home. You can always e sure of expert and experienced counsel, of a safe economical home loan plan. Today, as alwaysyou'll find funds readily obtain- f We for home purchase," modernizing, refinancing and construction as permitted by the government. wited states Check with us before you finance 04M)5 your home a home owned and ifl lii' S managed institution. Haywood Home Building & Loan Association PH0NE 17 MAIN STREET NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. HAYWOOD COUNTY AND TOWN OF WAYNESVILLE vs.' J. H. VAUGHN, Under and by virtue of a judg ment in the above entitled cause in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, on April 20th, 1942, the undersigned Com missioner will on May 25, 1942, at 12 o'clock Noon at the Courthouse door in the Town of Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, sell at public auction to the high est bidder for cash, subject to the confirmation of the court, the one half undivided interest of the following described real property, belonging to J. H. Vaughn, which said property is located in the Town of Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING on a stake, the Southeast corner of the Standard Oil Company lot, and runs with said line N. 72" 45' W. 81.5 feet to a stake in the North Margin of Birch Street, then with said margin of said street, S. 80 30' E. 65 feet to a stakes then N. 11 80' E. 106 feet to the BEGINNING, being a part of the property conveyed to Ray Byers and wife, Ethel Byers, from Fred Newman and wife, by deed dated Feb. 4, 1927, recorded in Book 74, page 316, in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Hay wood County, North Carolina. Being the same property con veyed by Ray Byers and wife, Ethel Byers, to J. II. Vaughn and wife, Hilda Vaughn, by deed dat ed the 5th day of April, 1927, re corded in Deed Book 71, page 462, recorded in the Office of the Regis ter of Deeds for Haywood County, North Carolina. This the 25th day of April, 1942. WM. MEDFORD, Commissioner. No. 1182 April 30-May 7-14-21 hi Til I NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA, j HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT, HAYWOOD COUNTY AND TOWN OF HAZELWOOD. ' vs. '' HELOISE G. JONES AND HUS BAND, W. D. JONES, JR. Under and by virtue of a judg ment in the above entitled cause in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, on April 20th, 1942, the undersigned Com missioner will on 1 May 25, 1942, at 12 o clock Noon at the Court house door in the Town of Way nesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, sub ject to the confirmation of the court, the following discribed real prop erty, belonging to Heloise G. Jones and husband, W. D. Jones, Jr., which said property is located in the Town of Hazelwood, Haywood County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a stake on the South side of Grimball Drive, corn er of lots 7, 8 and 12, and runs thence with the line between lots 7 and 8, S. 2 W. 283 feet to the North margin of Georgia Avenue; thence with the North margin of said Avenue S. 2 E. 100 feet to a stake; thence N. 2 E. 290 feet to said Grimball Drive: thence with the South margin of said drive 100 feet to the BEGINNING, be ing lot No. 8 in Block XVIII of Grimball Park, as per survey and plat of John N. Shoolbred, made December, 1922, and recorded in Map Book Nojl B, Index G, Office of Register of Deeds for Haywood County. Being the same property con veyed by H. L. Liner and wife, Henrietta Liner, and W. L. Lamp kin and wife, Mary E. Lampkin, to Mrs. Heloise Grady Jones, by deed dated the 18th day of Jan uary, 1926, recorded in Deed Book 70, page 355, Office of the Regis ter of Deeds for Haywood County. This the 25th day of April, 1942. WM. MEDFORD. Commissioner. No. 1183 April 30-May 7-14-21 Buy Here and SAVE p .. f Housewives Find Quality Foods At Great Savings At The Sunset Gold FLOUR 24,': 89c Yukon's Best FLOUR 24Z$115 Akuppa, Pure Santo Coffee 22 363. No. 2 Can Mayfield CORN 10 46-Oz. Can O-Mi-0 Grapefruit JUICE 2 . 37 46-Oz. Can Campbell's Tomato JUICE 23 JplL 6 m..ii 250 small 3iaree 250 Green Cut April Shower Asparagus No. 1 Can 15 3 Pkg. 20C This Is BABY WEEK We Recommend Gerber's i Foods For Baby We Always Have Full Lines Of Choice Fruits Vegetables FLOATING SOAP 4 :,r 25' lit Medium Size i Large Size ;......... 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