THURSDAY, AVGU,T1, I THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 16 Nineteen Receive Favorable Action By Rationing Board Nineteen applicants receive favor able action on their applications sent into the local rationing board hare this -week, it was learned from the clerk. Those receiving grants were as follows; Mrs. Carl Katcliff, Way nesville, public school teacher one adult bicycle; R. L. Davis, Cove Creek, hauling logs and acid wood, 1 truck tire and 1 truck tube; Frank Carver, Waynesville, hauU er of ice and fuel, 2 truck tires and 2 truck tubes. Sam Brown, Lake Junaluska, hauler of logs, 2 truck tires; Hugh Rabb, Waynesville, hauler of logs, 1 truck tire; M. 0. Galloway, lumbering operations, 1 truck tire; Mrs. S. C. Franklin, Waynesville, taxi, 2 truck tubes. Underwood Lumber and Supply, Waynesville, hauler of lime and acid wood, 4 truck tires and 4 truck tubes; W. W. Kelly, Waynesville, hauler of farm produce, 1 truck recap; Lem Shepard, Waynesville, hauler of farm produce and cattle, 1 truck recap. R. L. Lee, Waynesville, delivery of fuel, 2 truck recaps; Pet Dairy; Waynesville, hauler of milk to Fontana, 4 truck recaps; Town of Waynesville, maintenance of light department, 1 truck recap. George H. Ruff. Waynesville, taxi, 2 passenger tubes; Howell W. Freeman, Waynesville, taxi, 1 pass enger tube; T. L, Blalock, Hazel wood, mining supervisor, 2 passen ger recaps; H. R. Clapp, Waynes ville, county farm agent, 2 pass enger recaps; J. P. Dicus, Waynes ville, W. P. A. supervisor, 2 pass enger recaps. Fines Creek News By Mrs. D. N. Rathbone. The Rev. Melton Harbin will preach Sunday at 3:00 o'clock at the Luarel Hill Methodist church. Church school will be at 2:30. The public is cordiaHy invited to at tend both services. Aliens Creek News By Mrs. E. Rhinehart. The annual decoration day was held at the Buchanan cemetery Sunday, with a large attendance. Rev. Bill Queen delivered the sermon. Carl Woods, of New Jersey, is spending some time here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods, Mrs. Will Norman is critically ill at the home of her son, Frank, in Swannanoa. Beginning next Sunday, a com munity Sunday school will be held each Sunday afternoon at three o'clock at St. Mary's Episcopal church. Everyone is invited to attend. Miss Ardie Bumgarner is doing nicely, after undergoing an oper ation at the hospital this week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Chambers, of Nantahala, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Jordan and Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Chambers this week. Mr, and Mrs. Johnnie Rhinehart and Claude Rhinehart spent Sunday in Webster. Rev. Emanuel Wyatt preached twice Sunday. In the afternoon at the prison camp, and in the evening at Rocky Branch church. Henry Smith is very ill, at his home. The prayer band of the community are meeting with him. TIRE MADE ATLANTA HOME GOES TO WAR There is another thing you cannot do. You cannot run a car without tires. But an Atlanta man has revised that one, too. Seems that Agnew Field built his home back in the days when old tires were cheap. So he made staircases, flower beds, fences and all sorts of things out of used tires. As for Field: He has come to the conclusion he not only connot run a car with out tires. He cannot run his home without them either. NOTICE SERVING SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT HAYWOOD COUNTY VS.- " A. H. BOURLAY, IF ALIVE, OR, IF DEAD, HIS HEIRS AT LAW, AND HIS WIFE, IF ANY, BY WHATEVER NAME SHE MAY BE KNOWN, AND THE TOWN OF WAYNESVILLE. . The defendants, A. H. Bourlay, if alive, or, if dead, his heirs at Law, and his wife, if any, by what ever name she may be known, will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, to fore close liens for taxes due Haywood County; and said defendants will further take notice that they are required to appear at the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said county at the Courthouse in Waynesville, North Carolina, with in thirty (30) days after the 24th day of August, 1942, and answer er demur to the Complaint of said action or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demand ed in said Complaint. This the 21st day of July, 1942. C. H. LEATHERWOOD, Clerk Superior Court, Haywood County. Ho. 1208 July 23-30 Aug. 6-18 Reuben Lowe, of the Little Creek section, recently picked 228 bush els of beans from one acre of land which he had contracted to a cannery. There has been an nnsually large crop of blackberries in this sec tion. C. N. McCrary, who had a large crop on his place, was gen erous in allowing the people of the community to pick from his vines. Mrs. Grover Clark and children were the guests last week of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. McCarson, in Leicester. Mrs. Roy Green spent last week cm Spring Creek, visiting her mother, Mrs. Will Duckett, and her brother, Bumette Duckett, who expects to enter the service soon. Glenn Clark has returned to his work in Newport News, after SDendinsr the uast week here with his mother, Mrs. Candis Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Haynes have gone to Baltimore where they will both be employed in defense clerk at the Grace Lumber Mills on Cold Spring. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy Rathbone had as their guests over the week end, at their home in Clyde, Mrs. Mary Sprouse, and two daughters, Dale and June Sprouse, of Union, s. c days with hie -nether, Mrs. Mallie Woody. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. McCrary had with them over the week-end, their daughter, Miss Lorena McCrary, student at Blamton's Business College, and Mrs. W. F. McCrary and Mrs. Sallie Green, of Big Branch. Lee McGaha, who is now located in Wilmington, is spending a few 1 Mrs. W. P. Rathbone spent last week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Crawford Ledford, in Canton. Mrs. Ula Gr daughter have recem, -Green, who i. mington. l0tdtl CAd7)FTHas We wish to cordially JV many fnends and wUfeT sympathy and flWal offw en us at the death of 0WZ! loved hn.hJ . . Mb. rs. nenry yj. 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