Page 14 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 J New Of The World Told In Picture Hying Tiger Hero and Bride Lieut. George "Dutch" Jeagor, a Flying Tiger reported to have shot down thirty five Jap plane's during the battle of Burma, is shown with his bride, the former Evelyn Hilton, of Indianapolis, Ind., at New York's Waldorf-Astoria. Mrs. Jeagor was on a round-the-world tour when she met the airman. They were married at Bombay, India. (Central Press) I 3ev Coat for Fighter Planes tlf ' if: frill i "" V ft, t 8? --sj M nidi fiNmnmi iii Zn m irnr -ii is- Demonstrating a new one-man rubber boat for use In fighter planes lr Ralph Douglas. He is shown bailing out some of the water that splashed into the rubber lifeboat while he was inflating it in the East River in New York City. The boat can be inflated almost instantly by a pilot forced down in water and weighs only twelve pounds. It is carried in a small pack on the flier's back. (Central Prei$) I U. S. Launches Plane Carrier 1 1 lnsHWdt!!JsvJSsasw i The Essex, first aircraft carrier to be completed since the United States entered the war and the first of a large fleet of such carriers building and planned, is shown sliding down the ways at Newport News, Va, The 25,000-ton carrier was completed fifteen months and three days after her keel was laid. Mrs. Artemus L. Gates, wife of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air, christened the new ship. (Central Press) Cod Liver Oil Ration To Train the Waves' IE, ."? I 3 y: iA-..-v ii .l r Iff too bad that the dose of cod liver oil this Nazi trooper is about to take can't be multiplied many times and given to the "first soldier of the land" Adolph Hitler. Shock battalion troops in the Nazi army are given a regular dose of this oil to supply them with vitamins. This photo was passed by British and U. S. censors. (Central Preu) Oflldal 0. S. Navy Phote Appointed to head the Women's Naval Auxiliary School at Smith College, Northampton, Mass., is 66 year-old Capt, Herbert W. Under wood (above), an expert on Naval experience and techniques. l (Central Pre X Plane Machine Guns Nazi Rattlesnake "ulllwi 111111 tiSiji ' 'T. li-tu i - - - - This German submarine, caught in the Bay of Biscay by a British Sunderland I flying boat of MA Cw'tsJ Smmandn(fe;go heavy machine-gun fire. The U-boat, en route to Atlantic was forced to surflfe by bomh. dropped from the plane. When the bombs were exhaus ed the fliers used machine gun fire. Result, the U-boat fled, half submerged, leaving a trail of oil on the water End of the Path of Glory for Italian Gunner v mmMf I f .. Lying beside the shattered remnants of his anti-tank weapon, this Italian gunner is pictured in the Libyan desert after a duel with a British tank. His family will receive a routine note of consolation from the Duce, one of many sent out within the last few weeks after the fighting in the desert battle-ground of Africa. For him, this is "the place in the sun" that Mussolini talks about from well-screened balconies. (Central Press) Cited for Home Front War Achievements I Honor to the men behind the guns came in the form of citations for these war production workers in Los Angeles. Harold Webb (left) received his citation for developing an airplane anti-icer which makes it possible for fighting pilots to fly in severe weather. Dave Shade (right) was cited for making a plastie mold for aircraft parts that is so perfect a million parts may be made from a Single mold without interruption. (Central Press) New Flower Fad The Shaw Is As Good As New ...... -n-u,- m. V. .3 A 1 ItiiW i:':.:o:V::.;; vy . Vtr Shown on her first trial run after being thoroughly reconditioned at a west coast navy yard is the U. S. destroyer Shaw. Damaged badly in the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor, the vessel made the trip to the U. S. with a false bow. By the time it arrived a new bow was ready. The ship is as good as new now that the bow has been fitted and repairs completed, ft WfW. 1 1 ...,.... J Victory corsages made of war sav ing stamps are the latest f avoritea of women all over the country. At tractive Jean Compono, of Brooklyn, New York, is shown wearing two of the patriotic corsages in her hair. (Central Press) A Blasting Message for Kif V U , -r; , ; WW the senUmcnts of his shipmates and mill.oiis i: ir, determined Coast Guardsman puts his message on the di" Vcv he ia ready to drop overside to blast another A. is suji-.uriie 0Tt action. This took place while the Coast Guard boat was on nat'rld ia the North Atlantic. (Cei'Mf,, zv IZzm., 2rs to I WSHMIJMimHSW 'MulHSc- "Wjsfc.. The American crew of a medium bomber is shown walking to quarters after delivering the plane to a Soviet-controlled airfield in Middle East, lieft to right are: Maj. John Ondxick, U. S, Array mil attache in the Middle East: Capt Joseph Mackey; Co-pilot Kevans; Navigator Clinton Campbell; Radioman Wesley Joslyo. a sian airmen take over planes and fly them to Russia's battle-zone!. Russians are given a short period of flight instruction by Yankee! (CevtrtlPrk Test Flight New Giant Plane Here's the Sea Ranger, a new long range experimental M built by the Boeing Aircraft company ior me u. . -it took off for its first test flight at Seattle. The giant plan p with two huge Wright Cyclone engines and is expected to w range and to carry a greater bomb load than any navy P1' B(ro(f . DSC for Sea Resd She Had a Hunch Mrs. Gerda Melind, 24, pretty Chi cago widow, was to ha- married Herbert Hans Haupt, 22, one of the eight suspected Nasi aabotenrs ar ras ted by the FBI in Chicago. Mrs. Melind, who knew Haupt before his sudden departure about year ago, claims she suspected some thing wrong about the youth since his return. This is a phonephoto. (Central Press) i Lieut. Sumner E. A'hej, f of West Lebanon, -.M with his nineteen -mon J John, after he hsdj ir Distinguished SeCi Admiral John reT"!l.. e , . r Francisco, the award for h , . milntinc t - . . i on u - wbicn ne -e th . ing a storm to jj. M plane-Thixa! r of rJSM

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