f j-RSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 9 Uers Are Urged president To LOS Debts L. importance of avoiding un PjjCdsbiP such as were & by farmers and other. a, ;ii0win the Ii rat n Wtr is being;-stressed by Ufeeuard. the h'Tts.istobepnp.y- KbU, mortgages, snd other The rarm w fet on has been urging farm iw .l.:. ini-rcaapd income M t .m!n, funds as they fvonhandtoreducetheir ! Ending long-term L who take this fdvice. ac ... u . Rnnsevelt. Will be Kentoee important FT r:ot makintr BUCh Mives. riuce farm SS debts which might other "be burdensome in the read Lnt period after the war. Sond, use of increased pur S Power to pay debts instead buy ng" sucn w6 .--.,T reasonaDjy u" -o helD keep the prices r . fi-nm riaincr. Farltl- tsucn wisB - like all other citizens of the l.on, frar innauon. ... third repayments to creditors I enable them to buy more war ;ds thereby coniriDuwiig uun y to the war effort- Uernity Ward Is Led In Canton I group of Canton doctors are fitting quarters in me raeuitai Mint for a maternity ward. Eight beds have been placed in ward, and plans are to increase I I jr V I among laxatives all over the South Cook-Spivey Weddinsr Was Solemnized Saturday Miss Mabel Cook, of Kan An. tonio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Robert Cook, of Pleasanton, Texas, became the bride of Cap tain Alver Kenneth Spivey, of Sloan Field, Midland, Texas, son ol Mr. and Mrs. John M. Spivey, of Waynesville, on Saturday even ing the first of August at eight thirty o'clock. The lovely ceremony took place in the chapel of the First Baptist church with Dr. Charles Heim seith, of Evansville, Indiana, offi ciating. Mrs. Troy Campbell pi ayed at the piano as the guests assembled. The chapel was beautifully dec orated with a large arrangement of white gladioli in front of the pulpit, flanked with standing can delabra with many white tapers. The best man for Capt. Spivey was Capt. Ralph E. Hanson, of Sloan Field. The bride was lovely in a pure white summer wedding gown of crosS-drawn shadow nrtrandio fashioned with deep V neckline with a wide colar of tucked and hand-embroidered dotted organdie to match the collar. The basque was tight-fitting and pointed in front and to it was gathered the full skirt over taffeta which was floor length all around. She wore a beautiful informal bridal head-dress of manv lavcra of flounced bridal illusion which fell just to shoulder length. The veil fell from a bridal cap of the white illusion which wag draped with loops of ice-blue bridal illu sion and which was topped by a fluffy white oomDadour flnwpr Sh carried a bridal bouquet of white gladioli, centered with a gardenia and interspersed with blue del phinium. She wore a heart-shaped locket of pearl adorned with golden wings, a gift of the bride groom. Immediately after the wedding, Captain and Mrs.' Spivey left for a short trip. For traveling, Mrs. Spivey wore a cocoa brown mesh suit, the jacket of which was fash ioned with lapels, cuffed short sleeves end srold buttons. The jacket topped a simply cut skirt. one wore a white crocheted postil ion hat with rolled brim and cro cheted pom pom. Her accesso ries were brown and her gloves were white. She wore a corsage of white gardenias. Capt. and Mrs. Spivey will be at home in Odessa, Texas, near Mjidland where Capt. Spivey is stationed at Sloan Field. S. E. Connatser Makes Record As Insurance Agent 4-!V' i 1 it to twelve at an early date. Dr. J. L." Reeves-'and Dr. V. II. Duck ett are head of the department. la-?. t StiWlt -mm. at S. E. Connatser, Haywood county representative of the Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company, is making an outstanding record as a salesman of insurance in this section for his company. Mr. Connatser, who formerly taught in the Haywood county schools, has been with the Jeffer son Standard for the past six years. He has been a member of the "Application-a-week Club" of the company for sometime. Member ship in this distinctive group sig nifies that the agent has sold at least one application a week for a stated length of time. Mr. Con natser's record to date shows an unbroken period of sales for 170 weeks. Mr. Connatser has frequently been listed among the first 75 agents for the entire company. Last year he gained through his sales membership in the "Twelve-A-Month-Club" and his sales so far this year have reached the peak required for his con tin ued membership in the organiza tion. This recognition is a cov' eted honor in the field of insurance. Timely Films Featured At Park All This Week The program at The Park this week is without exception, and brings to screen fans, some of the best entertainment in many weeks. Centering around timely themes, five of the seven pictures are based on war. That does not mean all horrible war pictures. Far from it Take today's picture, it is a war on Dagwood s patience, in one of the gayest of all Blondie adventures, m "Blondie for Vic- tory.M '. ' ; Blondie is determined to do her part for defense of America's right to laugh and be happy. This is a scream from Start to finish. And Dag wood is fit to be tied, as Blon die practices first aid on him. Friday brings to the Park, for a matinee, and two night showings of "Remember Pearl Harbor," a thrilling action drama. The story which is entirely fictional pre sents Donald Barry, Alan Curtis and Fay McKentie as three soldiers stationed at a U. S. Army post in the Phillipines. Barry is the hap py-go-lucky member of the trio, whose main interest in life is ro mancing with lovely Miss Mc- Kenzie, but rules and regulations of the army keep he and his com panions in hot water. He proves himself a first class fighting man when war breaks out and there is when real action begins, ture. The Owl Show Saturday night will produce fun and horrors, in Plans Being Made For Big Labor Day Event In Canton This Year General plans are being com pleted for elaborate Labor Day celebration in Canton again this year. C, C. Poindexter has been named general chairman. A large group of committees have been set up, and have already started work on a program which compares with that of other years. PARK THEATRE Matinees Monday and Wednesday at 3; Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 4. Sunday night at 9, other nights, shows start at 7:15 and 9:16. Owl Show Saturday nights at 10:30. Admission 10c and 90c. Officers Named At the Hazelwood Baptist Church Officers and leaders for the Ha zeiwood Baptist church have been elected for the coming year. They are ag follows: Sunday school su perintendent, Frank Underwood j assistant superintendent, John V. Blalock; secretary, Miss Elaine Queen; assistant secretary, Miss Eloise Kniirht; treasurer, Carl Swanger; clerk, Jasper Brock; B. T. U. director, Hugh Palmer; pianist, Mrs. Harry Hyatt, assist ant pianist, Melba Waddell, and choir leader, L. B. Hooper. Teachers, adult ladies, Mrs. Har ry Hyatt; adult men, John V. Bla lock; young ladies, Mrs. Sam Knight; young men, L. B. Hooper; intermediate boys, Carl Swanger; intermediate girls,. Mrs. Oscar Knight and Mrs. Pink Compton; Junior girls, Mrs. John V. Blalock; junior boys, Jasper Brock and Lee Grant Clark; primary boys, Mrs, David Gaddy, primary girls, Mrs. Roscne Waddell and Edith Queen, and beginners, Edith Wood-ard. Fibrous spongy material from the dishrag gourd, or loofah, will supply oil filters for ships as soon as the gourd can be established as a commercial crop. To relieve Misery of Trv -Rub-My-TIsm"- COLDS LIQUID TABLETS SALVE NOSE DROPS COUGH OROP8 Wonderful Llnlmtnt krve More Pet Dairy Products For Health and Economy ?PSTEURIZED MILK IT'S SAFE! Pet Dairy Products Company DAIRY FOODS Have A Wartime Job To Do Pet Dairy Products Company has enlisted for the duration enlisted in the factories, in the. schools, homes, hospitals and on construction projects to keep this part of America healthy and able to meet the increased energy demands of the day. Pet Pasteurized Dairy Products Are Safe PH0XE NOTICE NORTH CAROLINA, I HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. MR. PEARL ARNOLD TOWN SEND and MRS. VIRGINIA ARNOLD WILSON ' VS. '-; TAYLOR GRASTY and DOCK J. GRASTY. The defendant. Dock J. Grasty, will -take notice that an action entitled as above has been com menced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, N. C, te eject the defendant from certain lands situated in said County and de scribed in the complaint, and the said defendant will further take notice that he is required to ap pear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court in the court house in Waynesville, N. C, within thirty days after the 27th day of August, 1942, and answer or de mur to the complaint in said action or the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the reliel demanded in said complaint. This July 27, 1942. : KATE WILLIAMSON, Asst. Clerk Superior Court, Hay wood County, N. C. No. 1210-July 30-Aug. 8-13-20 On Danger," a good western pic- Saturday will feature Ray Whit ley, famous western star, who ap peared here recently in person, and made such a hit with local fans, as he and Tim Holt star in "Come the showing of "Whispering Ghosts," starring Brenda Joyce and Milton Berle. If laughing hurts your side, and horrors at its worst makes you nervous, you can get a double dose at this picture. Sunday brings to the screen, Ann Sheridan, in a heart-pound ing drama, "Wings for the Eagle," co-starring Dennis Morgan. The film tells the story, not through soldiers and sailors on the war ring front, but through men and women who turn out our planes. Their story is packed with all the action, drama, and excitement that one could find on the actual fight ing front; the constant fight for time. Miss Sheridan and Morgan work in the Lockhead Aircraft plant, and are constantly at odds with themselves until Pearl Har bor puts their problems in the background. Monday and Tuesday brings back one of the most talked-of films of the year and at popular prices "Sergeant York," starring Gary Cooper. This is the factual story of Alvin C. York, Tennessee mountaineer who became America's number one soldier hero in the first World War. The picture has verythings that goes to make up n nne nim siars, ronmiice, uuuiiu, excitement, a fascinating story and beautiful Setting York, a sharp-shooting farmer who "gets religion" in his own manner, is a fellow who hates no one and registers as a conscien tious objecter when he is drafted during the World War. An un derstanding officer in his company, played by Stanley Ridges, shows him that sometimes violence is necessary to insure freedom. York turns out. t.n btt not onlv a s-ond soldier but one of the bravest he- ( roes in the A. E. F., winning the j highest decorations of the Allies, Break-neck action, fabulous ad venture and thundering thrills are in store for Wednesday, when "Atlantic Convoy" blazes its way across the Park screen. The story tells a dramatic story of Uncle THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 Blondia enlists to protect the home front . . . but who's going to protect DAGWOOD. The gayest of all Blondie adventures, "Blondie For Victory" With Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake. The nation's first laughter v family,-. FRIDAY, AUGUST 21 . America's Battle Cry "Remember Pearl Harbor" See largr advertisement on this page and by all means s?e this picture every American should. SATURDAY, AUGUST 22 "Come On Danger" With Tim Holt and Ray Whitley- You recently saw Ray Whitley on our stage, now you'll enjoy more than ever seeing him on the screen again. A real good Western picture, full of action youll love. OWL SHOW STARTING 10:30 "Whispering Ghosts" Fun and horror featuring Brenda Joyce and Milton Berle. After seeing this one, the temperature of your spine should drop below sero. That SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 Gal's here again ANN SHERIDAN "Wings For The Eagle" She was the queen of ''King's Row" and the nicWel-a-dance darling of "Juke Girl" ... but if you really want to see some cookin' on all burners you've got to see her now, She's a red-headed bomber in a plane plant. Co-star is Dennis Morgan. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, AUGUST 24-25 First Time At Popular Prices "Sergeant York" Featuring Gary Cooper and Joan Leslie. The picture Walter VVinchell calls: "One of the greatest entertainments of all time." Don't Dare Miss It. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 Sam's flying marines and their Yankee planes over Iceland BLAST the sea-lanes open to America's i a. . . . i 1 . . i. I it i i ; m I ... vaiiani I'luins w diuhi axis buds out of the North Atlantic. The story takes place at a small flying base somewhere in Iceland. A number of hair-raising incident take place, and the film comes to a smashing climax. fighting fronts in "Atlantic Convoy" With Bruce Bennett, Virginia Field and John Beal. Planes battling ff Iceland . . bring thrills to our pounding hearts. FRIDAY ONLY Matinee 3 P. M. Niirht Shows 7:15-9:15 NOTICE SERVICE SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. HAWOOD COUNTY -. VS. WILLIAM C. DAVIS, MURRAY DAVIS, LULA B. DAVIS, ISA BELLE DAVIS SMITH, BRY ANT SMITH, ROBERTA C. DAVIS, THOMAS J. DAVIS, JR., ADELAIDE DAVIS, CAR RIE ELLEN MATNEY, W. L. MATNEY, WILLIAM C. DAVIS, Guardian of Emma Henderson, WHIT HENDERSON, MABEL DAVIS MOOREFIELD, ALVIN MOOREFIELD, CLEO DAVIS ADAMS AND FREEDLANDER, BELNUTH & APPLEBAUM, INC.- ' ' The defendants, W'illiam C. Da vis, Murray Davis, Bryant Smith, William C. Davis, guardian of Emma Henderson, Whit Henderson, Mabel Davis Moorefield, Alvin Moorefield, . Cleo Davis Adams, and Freedlander, Belnuth & Ap plebaum, Inc., will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, '.horth Carolina, to foreclose liens for taxes due Haywood County; and said defendants will further take notice that they are required to appear at the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said county at the Courthouse in Waynesville, North Carolina, with in thirty (30) days after the 14th day of September, 1942, and answtr or demur to the Com plaint of said action or the plain tiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said Complaint. This the 12th day of August, 1942. KATE WILLIAMSON, Asst. Clerk Superior Court of Haywood County. I No. 1217 Aug. 13-20-27-Sept. S m i Wm.i '. jy i.i mfumn y -w 4 V t j ipi THE PICTURE EVERY AMERICAN BUST: SEE! "Tpt CCNA1D M.' BARRY-' kikUVllS ' V V.V ' 'y ''. JAY WcKOiZ!E v"V vxv A R P U B 1 1 C ' F CT U R I S ?! Regular Admission Prices PARK THEATRE

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