, DV, SEPT. 3, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) T' M aBBiaBaaBaaWM,BBBBBBBBBBaaaHHBBHMaBMHBBHBHB THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 11 Rations s reWed favorable a here during the ' . J mm the Ul, it ' - the do hauling A ,A rn-aD and ck tire . jYj Howell MO triiPK nr... v Kennev. " J P& hauling, 2 track w P Carver, W.ynesvUk truck recap; oie T ri..A route 1. J r'r'r.aD. 2 truck L, l iru- f ' l, tuVioa , WavnesvUle. nhnfsuci Pfl . nassenger re- rrAliison, WaynesvUle, rrVayS highway tnction 3 truck recaps; How tis, Haielwood, fuel hauling, 2 Ijacuu . common I John Hail, Jr., WaynesvUle, haul ing aeiense workers to defense job, 2 passenger recaps. " " ' " J I MHJUVOIUIB, hauling workers, 1 truck recap; J. O XT 11 -I i , , o. aaricu, v-uvc reea,, larm naui ino 2 trapk rwnin' Tmnol St, an. pard, WaynesvUle, farm hauling, 4 J 1 T I .IT T1 i irucjs. recap ; ram w . r erguson, Clvde. farm hanlino- 1 tmMr ro. cap; Howard J. Truitt, Hazelwood, i i i i - . mrm ana tuet naming, l irucK re cap. Ben J. Sloan. Wavnesville. heat. ing maintenance, 2 passenger re caps; J. m. wooaard, Hazelwood, minister, 1 passenger recap and 1 passenger tube; Jim Queen, Way- nesvuie, transporting wommen W lumbering operation, 2 passenger recaps; W. A. Smathers, Waynes vUle, farm hauling, 2 truck re caps. Rufus Smathers. Wavnesville. farm hauling, 1 truck recap; N. I r rAM4. - r1 j t- U VCJh Ul VUUBCl VgblUIl ttllU uc velopment, WaynesvUle, hauling 1 nsn lood, z trucK recaps; jess Uur He Keeps a Lonely Vigil 3 1 1 A. 1 C WaynesvUle, common Ett,2 Hal"gord. minister, 1 L-ger recap. L v.i WaynesviUe, super- Lf canning. 2 passenger L. Rudolph HoUaus, Waynes- iefense work, 1 passenger , Weill, WaynesvUle, de work 2 passenger recaps; t e. Kennedy, WaynesvUle, i' i:r, 1 nasseneer recap. nauiu'6 r "... . V. Welch, WaynesvUle, sher- pitMnger recaps, 1 v" a" t Lee. WaynesvUle, haul- Lm produce, 2 passenger re- G C. rlooper, vvBycav"j, lanic in deiense pianw f L...nc. K N. Palmer, Way- Ci. nnblic transportation, 1 aiiti, r , Itire, 1 bus tuDe, . pbsschkci Is, and 2 passenger moea RESERVING SUMMONS BY .TH CAROLINA, 'WOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR CUUKT WOOD COUNTY, niVlS as euardian of t a HENDERSON, WHIT iDERSON, and TOWN OF kv'FSVIT.I.E. LWpnHants. W. C. Davis, as r- ' . , kian of Emma Henderson, ana t Henderson, will take notice m letion entitled as above has Mmmpnced in the Superior w : r - h nf Havwood County. Nortn dins, in foreclose liens for tax. lie Haywood County; and said Indantfl will further take note thev are required to appear ft. Office of the Clerk of the rior Court of said county at Courthouse in WaynesvUle. Ith Carolina, within thirty (30) after the Zlst day ol Sept., and answer or demur to the iDlaint of said action or the fctiffwill apply to the court for relief demanded in said Com lit the 20th day of Aug., 1942. KATE WILLIAMSON, sst. Clerk Superior Court, Hay County. . 1224 Auk. 27 Sept 3-10-17 truck recaps; Homer Trantham, Clyde, route 1, farm hauling, 2 truck recaps ; Jess Fulbright, Way- nesviiie, I arm naming, l truck recap. Town of Wavnesville. Wavnes- vUle, electric department, 2 truck recaps; Town of WaynesvUle, po lice car, 1 passenger recap, and 1 passenger tube; C. r. Muse, Way nesvUle, fuel hauling, 2 truck re caps; Rev. Vincent J. Mahoney, WaynesvUle, minister, 2 passenger recaps; Carroll Glance, Clyde, hauling defense workers, 2 station wagon tubes. Lowdermilk Bros., WaynesvUle, highway construction, 4 truck re caDs : W. E. Green. Clvde. route 1, lumbering operations, 2 truck recaps; Grace Lumber Mills, Lake Junaluska. lumbering oper ations, 2 truck recaps, 6 truck tires and 5 truck tubes; Pet Dairy Products, WaynesvUle, wholesale food hauler. 3 truck tires. 3 truck tubes, and 2 truck recaps. State hichwav department. Ha zelwood, highway construction, 12 truck recaps; Underwood Lumber and Supply Company, WaynesvUle, haulinsr lime, lumber and fuel. 5 truck tires, 6 truck tubes, and 1 truck recap; Connie Muse, Hazel wood, fuel hauler, 3 truck recaps; WaynesvUle Hardware, Waynes vUle, feed fertilizer and farm Service Made To Order! We do really fine laun ring at very thrifty prices on can afford. Work othes no matter how imy-come up fresh and otless with our thorough rhing methods. Let us the family's clothing, hsehold articles, and all Hatwork, too. We'll !P you get rid of Wash- W Blues. WAYNESVILLE LAUNDRY PHONE 205 Man' best friend prove his faithfulness once Uu ThU time the dog's name is "Mose." He's the pet of Salvatore Femiano, 67, of Boston, who was struck by a navy truck and takeu to th hospital in Boston, Mass. He it shown near h-s master't pushcart, altingr his r equipment, 2 truck recaps. Charles W. towards, Waynes vUle, farm hauling, 2 truck recaps; Frank Curtis, Hazelwood, fuel hauler, 2 truck recaps; R. H. Boone, WaynesvUle, farm hauler, 3 truck recaps and 1 truck tube; Massie Funeral Home, Waynes vUle, ambulance service, 1 ambul ance tire and 2 ambulance tubes; Carr Lumber Company, Waynes viUe, logging operations, 1 truck tire and 1 truck tube. W. R. Bradley, WaynesvUle, farm hauler, 1 truck tire, 1 truck tube: Jim KUhan. WaynesvUle, wholesale laundry hauler, TV A, 2 truck tires and 2 truck tubes; Boyd Wholesale, WaynesvUle, wholesale food, 2 truck tires and 2 truck tubes: Lake Junaluska As. sembly, police and water depart ments, 2 truck tires Ed Woodv. Cove Creek, log haul ing, 1 truck tire ; WaynesviUe Wholesale, WaynesvUle, wholesale food. 1 truck tire and 1 truck tube; Ralph E. Mills, WaynesvUle, high- Liner Reunion Called Off For The Duration The Liner reunion, which was scheduled to be held at Soco Gap, has been called off, and no further reunions will be held for the du ration, it was announced this week by Mrs. George Liner, secretary of the organization. " ' . way construction, 1 truck tire; J. M. Caldwell, Mt. Sterling, trans portation school chUdren, 1 truck ... . . r cti tire and l trucK tuDe; jk, w. onee han, DeUwood, log hauling, 2 truck tires. ; Newton H. Davis. WaynesvUle, ice and fuel hauling, ! truck tire; r. P. Davis. WavnesvUle. fuel hauler, 1 truck tube, 1 truck tire; J. D. Liner, WaynesvUle, luei hauler. 1 truck tire and l irucx tuhe? W. R. Ratcliff. WaynesviUe, fuel hauler, 1 truck tire and 1 truck tube; Fred H. Moody, Way nesviUe, log hauler, 1 trucK iudo, 1 truck tire. Rufua Buff. WavnesvUle. log hauler, 1 truck tire and 2 truck tubes; C. V. Bell, WaynesvUle, fuel hauler, 1 trucK vuDe ana i truck tire; Lee Fry, Lake Juna luska, log hauler, 2 truck tubes and 2 truck tires ; Anderson Trans fer, WaynesvUle, common carrier, 2 truck tubes and 2 truck tires; N. C. Department of Conservation and Development, WaynesvUle, for est conservation, 2 truck tubes and 2 truck tires. What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for the world lives with it. W.N.C. Men Will Replace Crew Of U.S.S. Asheville Men from aU over Western North Carolina will be honored on Labor Day. when a mass enlist ment ceremony wiU be held in the Asheville city auditorium to re place the crew of the U. S- S. AshevUle. These men are volunteers from every community in Western North Carolina. Thev will be sworn in by Lt. Charles B. Neely, officer in charge of navy recruit ing for North Carolina, ana will be aent immediately to their train ing station to become the future guardians of the seas. Over 160 men are needed In this mua enlistment. Recruiters from the AshevUle office will be in the territory for the tmrnose of ex plaining this program to Interest ed men between the ages ox l( ana 60. All men in this district are urged to come at once to the navy re cruiting office In the basement oi the Asheville post office building and find out the interesting facts about service with the navy, me station is open every day including Sunday, and men are urged to con tact the recruiting officers at once. Base pay for apprentice seamen starts at $50 per month, plus all food, clothing, and medical atten tion Advancement is rapid and the navv offers over 65 trade schools. These schools are open to all navy men. Men who are interested in ma ... jti . navy should write the Aanevui station for a copy of the new booklet, "Men Make the Navy." DID YOU KNOW THAT The cornerstone of the U. S. capital building was laid Septem ber 18, 1793. TTntil 1832 a little known bat !ntjtrejitina mot in the sub-base ment of the Copitol was intended as a tomb for the remains of George and Martha Washington. For You To Feel Well li houra Try dajr. T dyi rmry mak, uw topping, tta kidnajr Blur mti auiUT from th blood. II man poopla wm wmr of fcow taa kldnry must coutastly rmo ur plu rfuid, M Mid oth,r b-.tur that cannot ta In th blood without Injary to hoaltn. thm would b bottor undoraunding of " whol ayatam ia upaot whaa kldoaya faU to lunetloB property. Burning, acanty or too froquont urltia tlon aometimaa warna that aoawtblne la wrong. You may auffar Bagging bark acha. badacha. diaainam. rhaumaUa paina. gatttng up at !h.i"r"'D1,,: Why not try Dooa a i'lU? You will ba uaing a mrdlclna raeommandad tba country ovar. loo' atimulata tha lune tloa of tha kldnaya and halp tham to fluah out polaonoua waata from tha blood. Thay conUln nothing harmful. Gat Hooa'a today. Uaa with oaafidaaoa. At all drug atoraa. At III Ul Ug NOTICE north Carolina, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT BEFORE THE CLERK. IN THE MATTER OF W. R. FRANCIS, GUARDIAN nv WOODROW McABEE. TO FLOYD McABEE, SAM MeABEE and SHUJr OKD mc A BEE, BROTHERS OF WOODROW McABEE, DE- PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a citation dated the 4th day of August, A. D., 1942, has been en tered in the above entitiea cause t.he undersifirned directing that on or before the 15th day of September, A. D., 1942, yo snow cause, if any you have, wny tne ac countings filed by W. R. Francis, Guardian of Woodrow McAbee, in these proceedings in the Office of tYia iinHprKiVned are not true and correct and why the said Order of the Clerk of the Superior ourc entered the 26th day of December, 1941, should not be deemed and considered a final order dicharging SAINT PAUL MERCURY IN nrMMTTV r.nMPANY from all IUiMi1l A w.... . past, present and future liability by reason of its suretysnip on ue bond of W. R. Francis, uuaraian oi vuArn MeAhee. and why it WvaVTV ... , . should not be considered and ad judged that there is no liability oi fioint Paul Mercury Indemnity Company of any nature, kind or character existing by reason oi its suretyship on the said bona oi w u irranri. fiuardian. 'it is further ORDERED that this notice shall be published for oimnomiive WppkS in BOTTie newspaper of general circulation irt the County of Haywooa, oiave oj. North Carolina, and that said pub oVioii he deemed service of said show cause order on the above named parties. This the 4th day of August, A. T 1 aAO C. H. LEATHERWOOD, Clerk of Superior Court of Hay wood County, North Carolina. : No. 1221 Aug. 20-27-Sept.3-10 (i i k n n d Fit LABOR and INDUSTRY "rod Chammp: Comrnp. Canton Division Canton, N. C. The Success of an Industry Is Dependent Upon the Cooperation of Its Co - Workers The Champion Paper and Fibre Company ex tends to all its citizens of Haywood and vicinity greetings, on this Labor Day and again expresses its appreciation of the splendid spirit of cooper ation which has characterized our cmc and in dustrial activities.

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