.jp-ttSPAV, SEPT. 3, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER Page 13 LXhe Tar Heel Front bEEEE By IN WASHINGTON Robert A. Erwin and Frances McKusick Washington. f 1uiet is no summer let- s?ress' ... the foreign and in Ws t. n.-l, 4n war ironu- , Won after taking their --ning vnur correspon- lr vat ,. ..'that the "folks its aret.. q much or more 'ckh vuTthan those in the KT.;Sl. .ndth.t if Wash- .work' Wl 110 n,u,B kPfl , , ; tho war. to ni'ij ; , the minds of great mas. rr - . ..(Jill IT Ul IA u?b.anche. of the government ' ,;t.iotinn ia KPrlOUS W1- ' J aol lit hV tan be correcieu ""jr j , i.:..u.,ot nlneps reassert- ;nLir leadership and stirring L nation to greater w.v .njfvements. Meanwhile, Senator KODert . m,!ds, chairman oi-ine.owm itarv affairs committee, stirred ' L'...fi nest when he publicly Lated freedom for India. The Ministration on rennsyivan.a enue and at tne vapiwi, i- bi him vigorously, Dut none worse for the wear, me oena hv his guns. Viirth Carolina's senior senator, ;iah William Bailey, has been v sitting in on tax hearings the Senate finance committee, ,je Representative A. L, Bul 1m. nf Castonia. has remained L J iiftinc sneaker of the House ring the summer series of three- recesses. has been occupied by national af fairs for so many years I feel my place is at the Capitol." There are reasons for a "draft Doughton for Governor" movement. Since the 1940 primary, things haven't gone so well inside the Democratic party in North Caro lina. Many wounds have been healed, at least to all appearances, but some of the enemies of Gov ernor Broughton are laying for whomever he supports in the 1944 governorship primary when the Number One job goes to the west ern section of the state. Mr. Doughton is one of the first to recognize the capabilities of such potential candidates as Major L. P. McLendon, of Greensboro; Speaker Odus M. Mull, of Shelby; R. Gregg Cherry, of Gastonia, for mer speaker of the State House of Representatives and State Demo cratic chairman under Governor Hoey; and ex-Governor Hoey him self, mentioned for a return en gagement at Raleigh. U.S. Troops Embark to Fight Somewhere Abroad ;1 v. V .f - vv , v- y x n x 1 ur7zrJ .V i J Ofllclal U. 8. Amur Signal Corp Photo Farmer Bob Doughton of Laurel brings, trie Stale s loung man hose daily tonic is plenty of nara A has sDurned current rumors at friends want him to run for vcmor, by declaring that he feels i can serve his country better in ashington just now. "A lot of men want to be gover jr and may be much better quali- M than I am," he said. "My mind There have been a lot of rumors around the state about new army camps being established, and the majority of them, we found, were without foundation; Recently an official in Washing ton who wishes to keep his identity a secret, made the statement that it must cost "about $40 of the taxpayers' money to investigate a rumor about the establishment of one single military camp." He said sometimes as long as two hours is spent in tracking down one rumor. Several divisions of the War Department must be checked and numerous officers call ed. All of this takes time, and time means money. The official disclosure that rou tine investigations were being made of terrain all over the coun try, but that such surveys ori ginated in the corps area headquar ters. . "They generally- mean nothing at all," he declared- "But the parties whose ground is being sur- Thes fully equipped American troopi aw ihown lined up on a dock, somewher. in. the United Stat?, ready to board a transport bound for undisclosed foreign shores. The photo was released with the w ar Department announcement that the troope have arrived eafely at their destination. Fines Creek News By Mrs. D. N. Rathhone. Cauley Justice and Charlie Turn er narrowly escaped serious in juries in an automobile accident Sunday afternoon just beyond the Betsy Gap on Spring Creek high way when their car went over an embankment and turned over. Mr. Turner received some cuts bruises about the head, while Mr, Justice suffered from chest bruises. Both were carried to the Haywood i 1 1 ; 1 tfonfmunt. Their condition was not serious, anil both were released. The Rev. Melton Harbin preach ed Sunday morning at Spring Creek with a good attendance. In veyed get all excited about it, nat urally, and news spreads ana rumors are exaggerated." the. afternoon he preached at Bald win Chapel in the Lower Meadow Fork vicinity. The Fines Creek seniors n resent ed a play in the chapel of the grammar school on Thursday of last week. A number of songs, accompanied with string music, were given. Louise Kinsland sang a solo. A number of others took part on the program. Miss Hilda Fisher, former teach er in the Fines Creek school, ar rived last week from Newport News to visit with her parents, Mr- and Mrs. W. F. Fisher, and other relatives here. JEWEL LARD 41b. ctn - - 67$ 8 lb. ctn. $1.32 : JFG V Peanut Butter 16 oz. 230 32 oz. 431 WAX PAPER 2 10c rolls - 150 lit HT MIIK IM All YOU CO0KIN9 Palace Sliced BACON - - - lb. 290 FrpsK SI a BOLOGNA lb. 17j RIB STEW BEEF lb. 130 Assorted Sandwich Meats - lb. 330 Creamery Butter - lb. 490 jresh Fish & Oysters 5 Lb. Pii HONEY - - - - 950 25 Lb. Bag : SCRATCH FEED - - 690 Husky . ;.. . .?. DOG FOOD - 4 cans 250 75 Lb. Bag SHORTS - -$1.75 JAR RINGS - 6 doz. 250 JAR LIDS - - doz. 220 Milburn Trantham, who holds a position at Newport News, spent last week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Trantham, at their home on Upper Fines Creek. CHOCOLATE FLAVORS COW'S MILK If they ever ration cocoa, it will not bother one lady a single Dit. She lives in Kansas, and she re cently wrote the department of agriculture saying: 'Mv nrize cow. Hortense, has been giving milk with a chocolate flavor for more than two months now. What Bhould I do about it?" The department of agriculture's answer to that one is not re corded. But our suggestion-why not build a fire under her lady. Have a cup of cocoa occasionally? Local Boy Wins Second Place In Two-State Contest Carmei Hollingsworth, imme diate past president of the Smoky Mountains National Park Chapter Future Farmers of America, has been selected as the winner of sec ond place in the annual essay contest sponsored by the North Carolina Cotton Growers Coopera tive Association. The contest is annually open to boys and girls of both North and South Carolina. This year five thousand schools boys and girls of the two Carolinas entered the contest This is the second conse cutive year that young Hollings worth has won second place in the two states. The annual prize for second place is $35.00 and previous to this year included a trip to Raleigh where the essays are given as ora tions, to determine the first place winners. " Young Hollingsworth is a sen ior of the local high school and has completed two years supervised project work, with the third year to be completed this fall. He is in the upper ten per cent of his class scholarship and is an outstanding Future Farmer. He was recently awarded the State Fanner degree by the State Asso ciation. His record as a public speaker and an organizer has re ceived attention over the state- Austrian Winter Peas Available Orders for Austrian winter peat for use as a winter legume now are being accepted at the Hay wood county AAA office, according to H. R. Clapp, county agent. Notice has been received that eight cars of peas have been ship ped to North Carolina, and it is expected that all orders which are placed will be Ailed by early ' September, the chairman said. The peas may be obtained as grant-of-aid material without an outlay of cash, and costs of seed and freight are deducted from arty payments due the farmer under the agricultural conserva tion program. The price is $6.83 per 100 pounds. ''Seeding of Austrian winter peas is doubly important to farm ers of Haywood county this year. Shortages of commercial nitrates will make it necessary for farmers to store as much natural nitrogen in their soil as possible through use of legume crops. We are en traced in our biire-pst Bo-ricultural I nrodurtion Timcrriim nnA uta ninat keep our soil in condition to pro duce as much food and fibre as the nation needs as long as necessary." He also urged farmers to take advantage of the offer of Austrian winter peas in view of the fact that other legume crop seed may not be available this year. Furth er details on prices and placing orders, he said, may be obtained at the county AAA office. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Green and daughter, Lura Mae Green, and her 'guest, Miss Dorothy Lynch, classmate at Elon College, and Mary Jane McCrary, enjoyed a fishing trip to Cataloochee last week. 1 Mrs. Jack Price had a letter from her husband last week who entered the service July 17th. He is now with the air corps in Miss issippi. He said he liked his duties fine, although ho missed Haywood's cool mountain breeies. The electric generators on a big U. S. battleship or carrier could fill the electric power requirements of a city the size of Newark, N. J. Such warships have power plants generating an output two-thirds as great as that of TVA's Norris Dam. A news item says the beaches are nearly bare and likely the visitors are too. A .imnlimnn la ..a.. nil, n rtn . n K villi i iiui-ii v in unumijr ottuiH- panied with a bow, as if to beg paroon ior paying it. j. ana A. W. Hare. MAGIC SILK and NYLON HOSE Preservative Makes Your Hose Last From 3 to 4 Times As Long Lenn Rathbone, who holds a po sition at Newport News, returned to his work Tuesday after spend ing a few days here with his fam ily. He was accompanied by Orval Fisher who plans to work there. M rs- Howard Stamey, of High Point, spent last week visiting with her paaents, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. James, at their home on Fines Creek. A Little Repair and Dry Cleaning RENEW This is no time to be ex travagant, gettin gthings you travagant, getting things you your war-time job to take pride in making as many of last year's clothes "'do" as you can. We employ experts to repair and remodel and our dry cleaning is guaran teed for good results! Central Cleaners Main Street Phone 113 Millers Wheat Flakes - 2 pkg. 250 Bowl F KEK SALMON - - can 190 Good Cup " COFFEE - - lb. 190 Western Trail FLOUR - - - $1-00 Kansas Hard Wheat Kraft American CHEESE - 2 lb. box 630 Gallon Jar APPLE BUTTER - -590 PINT 290 QUART 470 Caslh Grocery Co mm OF mm J "The Better Food St(re" Hazelwood, N. C. Telephone 162-J Balance of Stock Consisting of Diamonds Watches - Sterling Art Goods Linens Fine Oriental Rugs MUST BE SOLD REGARDLESS OF VALUE 10:30 A- Ri 7:30 P. M. SEES Pill Your Last Opportunity To Buy Merchandise At Your Own Price w apesvie Ml bum Next To The Toggery

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