Page 16 THE WAYNES VILLE MOUNTAINEER (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THURSDAY, SEPt j 3, ui: HOSPITAL NEWS Mrs. E. W. Teague, of Canton, operative case, is better. t ;i WhitMiherBr. (colored), of Canton, medical case, is resting fairly well. F. A. Justice, of Clyde, operat ive case, is more comionaDie. Grady Warren, of Canton, opera tive case, is some oeuer. Mrs. James Brown, of Lake Juna. luska, operative case, is improving. Matt Grooms, of Maggie, oper ative case, is better. Tl -nH iHnn nf Willis Beck, of Balsam, operative Case, is good. Mrs. Eugenia Sutton, of Cove Creek, medical case, is resting f air ly well. Miss Betty Smith, of Canton, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. Glenn Parris, of Canton, route 3, operative case, is better. Miss Opal Killian, of Clyde, medi cal case, is improving. Mrs. W. W. Morgan, of Canton, operative case, is resting fairly well. Miss Rosa Lee McClure, of Way nesville, operative case, is better. J. M. Ledford, of Canton, medical case, is improving. Master Fred Norris, of Waynes ville, operative case, is resting fair ly well. Ves Guy, of Waynesville, medi- News From Jonathan Creek Certificates have been received by the Haywood county chapter of the Red Cross for members com pleting the course in July under the instruction of Miss Lou Belle Boyd. The following members of the class received certificates: Mrs. Medford Leatherwood, Mrs. R. W. Howell, Mrs. Dick Moody, Miss Edna Boyd, Mrs. Frank Kennedy, Mrs, Troy Leatherwood, Mrs. Grady Howell, Mrs. Berry Messer, and Mrs. Tom Rainer. Ensign Charles Moody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moody, has been home for a few days- Ensign Moody has been transfered to Har vard University for training in supply corps. Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Dulin and family have been on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Boyd. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leather wood, of Hazelwood, spent Sunday with the former's family. Relatives of David Hugh Moody have received word that his wife, who has been very ill in a Rich mond hospital, is bette.r Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard Fergu son, of Atlanta, have been visiting his mother, Mrs. Lee Ferguson- Miss Janette Dillard, of Sylva, has been added to the faculty of Rock Hill school for the coming year. NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. HAYWOOD COUNTY vs. - W. T. ANDREWS, if he be alive, if not, his heirs at law and his wife, if any, by whatever name she may be known. Under and by virtue of a judg ment in the above entitled cause in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, on Au gust 24, 1942, the undersigned Commissioner will on the 28th day cf September, 1942, at 12 o'clock Noon at the Courthouse Door of Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, sell at public auc tion to the highest bidder for cash, subject to the confirmation of the court, the following described real property, located in Waynesville Township, Haywood County, North Carolina, and more particularly described a follows; Being Lot No. 10, Block 125, of the Southern Assembly grounds, at Lake Junaluska as surveyed and platted by J. W. Seaver, C. E., April, 1926, which map is recorded in Record of Maps Book "A," Sub index "B," page 7, Haywood Coun ty Registry, to which map and record reference is hereby made for full and comple description of said property by metes and bounds. Being the same property con veyed by the Southern Assembly to w. T. Andrews, by oeea aatea tne 27th day of August, 1926, and re corded in Deed Book 14, page hi This the 26th day of August, 1942. WM. MEDFORD, Commissioner. No. 122& Aug. 27-Sept 3-10-17 cal case, is resting some better. Baby Janice Mason, of Canton, route 2, medical case, is improving. Mrs. Zeb Trammell, of Waynes ville, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. Richard Packett, of Cove Creek, medical case, is some better. Mrs. Hubert Plemmons, of Haz elwood, medical case, is resting fairly well. Mrs. A. M. Fairbrother, of Can dler, route 2, operative case, is some better. Mrs. John Pnrltn nf Mae-pie. nne. rative case, is resting fairly well. Mrs. Hazel Tugman, of Waynes- Mack Moore, of Canton, opera tive case, is resting more comfor tably. ville, operative case, is better. (Frank Scates, Mrs. Ed Sanford, Mrs. Lewis Deaver, Mrs. m. b. Brown. Mrs. Lewis Reece, Master Ed ward Mull, McKinley Pressley, Mrs. James Henderson, Mrs. Wil liam Parris, Ulus Inman, Jim Wil liamson, Tommy Rhea, Mrs. James Rtwi, Bill Inman, Miss Stella Haney, Mrs. Robt. Mehaffey and baby, Mrs. James Moore and baby; and Mrs. R. V. Haynes and baby. DISCHARGED Among those discharged from the Havwood Countv Hostrital during the past wesk were: Hardy Ewart, Mrs. Clayton Burnett, Mrs. Pear son Sutton, Master David Jaynes, Miss Hazel Miller, Willis Beck, BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Trouman Grasty, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a son on August 27th. Mr. and Mrs. Roy ( Amnions, of Wavnesville. announce the birth of a son on August 26th. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rogers, of Clvde. route 1. announce the birth of a son on August 26th. Mr. and t.. ofWesvill of a son on August 3oth lh ki- Mr and Mrs. Jack w Hazelwood, announce k. a son on August 27th M J i, . I ",v iurB- James P v of Waynesville. annn ;. 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