UY, SEPT. 3, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER ew$ Of Many Hay wood Men In Armed Forces rht Officer JACK HOGAN Hogan Receives Of Flight Officer r 3 L Hogan, son or mr, ami r. n UMTon who in an I . hueiK rrmninir f stuuein i" dv Aviation School, Brady, ... wntiw received the i pas , , tf flight officer. He has been 1 service ior um i L having volunteered in tier 1940- He was first sta- gt MacfUl ntau, i ainci, 'Ml . : ' 'f P VfH ''. 1 I' I I -' Harrv Conard Visits nts At Hazelwood i Warrv Conard. son of md Mrs. Arthur Conard, of wood, who was mauctea at McPherson 19 months ago ..vpml davs here with his Its during the past week. He k itationed at i'ort Bragg, L. x(i service at a number npt, having been stationed at Wheeler, Camp Dix, (N. J.) amp Clairborne, since he was A into the service. Harry Gaddis Has Day Furlough Harry Gaddis," son of Mr. Mrs. John Gaddis, of Company 327th Glider Infantry, 101 rue Division, Camp Clair left Wednesday after spend- In days here with his parents, fcaddis has been in the service March 12th. He held a po with the Waynesville Laun- rior to his enlistment. leant Sam L. Inman ts Parents. In Clyde geant Sam L. Inman, who is stationed at Camp Bruber, . has been home on a furlough b his parents, Mr. and Mrs. lie Inman in Clyde. Sgt. In volunteercd in Asheville five Pis ago and has been stationed 'ort Brapg and Camp Croft to ins present post.. He is in I'rdical Corps, of. the Army. ; Soldier Feels The Need Of More Mail Sergeant Milford Scruggs, who is stationed at Camp Gor don would like to correspond with friends and anyone who would care to write from "back home." Sergeant Scruggs ad dress is, Sgt Milford Scruggs, Co. B. 8th Inf., Camp Gordon, Ga. Classifications Made During Past Week The following classifications were made by the local draft board dur ing the week: placed in class 1-A were Clyde Thomas Mills, William Boone Chambers, Ralph Williams, James Edward Inman, Hardy Smith. Placed in class 1-B were William Earl Crawford, Joe Lyton McElroy, and Hubert Turner Davis. Put in class 1-C were Hurley Goodwin Brown and Ben Bryson Gaddy. Hugh Dennis Welch and Lee Jackson Fereuson wer nlavi in class 2-A. Marshall Wilson Han nah was put in class 2-B. Placed in class 3-A were Posey Alfred Blackwell, Albert Laurence Trantham and Lee Rathbone. Put in class 4-F were Mark Lee Smith, Browdy Medford Messer and Holbert Hall. Sergeant C. H. Smith "Somewhere Overseas' ?' W-'4ir T-il 'fr-jf-rT-ii miiiiii iCll II Sergeant Charles' Smith,"- sdn of Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Smith, of Waynesville, route 2, who is with the U. S. Army Air Corps, is "somewhere overseas," - it has been learned here this week. wood IJoy Returns JCamp In New York fl'ate .Tesso AInnvo nt MoHi. Parracks, N, Y., has returned hp after spending week's Rh with his parents, Mr. and uorace M00re, of the Rat Cove section, seant Arthur W. Pace p Mother near Canton len on maneuvers since July F. Mrs. Kate Papo f yr .Mon, route 3. Sergeant H Statinnal l t N been in th " Pvt. Robt. L. Underwood Now 'At Keesler Field Private Robert L. Underwood, youngest son of Mrs. R. L. Under wood, of East Waynesville, is now stationed at Keesler Field, Miss. Private Underwood has been ac cepted as a candidate for training in the U. S. Army Air force. Prior to entering the service he was em ployed by the Pet Milk Products Company. Promoted To Captain V : ,1t A' lvf s' til i CAPTAIN C. M. EDWARDS, Jr., son of Prof, and Mrs. C. M. Edwards, of Durham, who is now stationed at Fort Jackson, was recently promoted to captain U. S. Army. Carl G. Underwood Now Stationed In Alaska Carl G. Underwood, U. S. Navy, son of Mrs. R. L. Underwood, of East VVaynesville, is now stationed in Alaska, where he is serving with the electrical engineers in the quartermaster corps. Before volunteering for service in ADril. he was office manager of the Carolina Power and Light Company of Raeiord. His naval record is that of chief electricians? mate, with the rank of petty officer, first class. His wife, the former Hiss Helen Hollowell, of Sanford, is employ ed in the office of the Federal Un employment agency of Sanford. Lt. Comdr. Haviland In Command Whidbey Island Lieut. Commander Willis Brad ley Haviland, veteran of World War 1, is now commanding officer at Whidbey Island, U, S. Naval Air Station. During the last World War Com mander Haviland won distinctive recognition. He received the French Croix de Gueire, with two palms, Italian War Cross, Belgian War Cross, and the American Dis tinguished Service Cross, He served in the Lafayette Es cadrille and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy when this country entered the conflict in World War 1. He served as executive officer at Navy Air Sta tion at Dunkirk and "was later sent to Porto Casme,; Italy as command er of the Navy Air Force. Commander, Haviland and (Eddie McDonald were the first officers to fly off an American battleship. Commander Haviland also enjoys the distinction of having trained the first thirty officers who flew off a battleship at Hampton Roads, and Mitchell Field, Long Island. Mrs, Haviland is the former Miss Lucile Satterthwaite, daughter of Mrs. S. C. Satterthwaite and the late Mr. Satterthwaite, of Waynes ville, and is spending some time here with her sister, Mrs, Ernest L. Withers, while her husband is in the service. I t. C. W. : Edwards, Jr. Promoted To Captain Lt. C. W. Edwards, Jr., son of Professor and Mrs. C. W. Edwards, of Durham, has recently been pro moted to Captain. Captain Ed wards was originally with Company "11", 120th Infantry, local unit of the National Guard unit. He enter ed the service in September, 1940, with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Captain and Mrs. Edwards, the lat ter before her marriage Miss Nellie Mehaffey, of Waynesville, are re siding in Columbia, while the for mer is stationed at Fort Jackson. At Fort Bragg Wood cores in a new-type rub ber heel have 28 per cent of the rubber used formerly.; . .: ,'.! ;) 1 " V , J una T- ' Tr fflrffin ymstmmmtm Agar, the dried, gelatinous ex tract from red seaweed, is useful medicinally because jt is tasteless and indigestible, and resists the action of both intestinal bacteria and digestive juices. Steel ball bearings perfected for use in airplane instruments have diameters of less than .04 inch and weigh .000144 ounce each. The London (England) Passen ger Transport Board estimates that by reducing ticket thickness .004 of an inch, it will save 480 tons of paper a year. ' ' .' .. :' LABOR DAY Is A Great American Institution Labor has always been a vital cog in the Wheel that is America, and it is only proper that we should pay homage this day to America's armT of laborers. Royle & Pill'ington Co., Inc. HAZELWOOD PHONE 200 1 fj;j nr. iwi, n AW PRIVATE MILLARD BUCH ANAN, 20, son of Merrit Buchan an, of the Allen's Creek section, who is now stationed at Fort Bragg. Pvt. Buchanan entered the service on June 15, 1940, and is now with the 97th field artillery. A common method of filling shells with TNT is to heat the ex plosive, which resembles brown sugar at normal temperatures, to just above its melting point and pour it directly into the shell. NOTICE SERVING SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. JENNIE R. HENRY, SALLIE LOU JUSTICE, ELIZABETH MOODY, RECTOR MOODY, W. H. LINER, MYRTLE CON NELL, WALTER CON NELL, ETHEL WATSON, LEONARD LINER, MARY LINER, MARK LINER. JR., ETTA LINER CAMBREL, AND TOWN OF WAYNESVILLE. The defendants Myrtle Connell, Walter Connell, Ethel Watson, Jess Watson, Leonard Liner, Mary Liner, Mark Liner, Jr:, Etta Liner Gambrel, will take notice that action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Caro lina, to foreclose Hens for taxes due Haywood County; and said de fendants will further take notice that they are required to appear at the Office of the Clerk of Su perior Court of said county at the Courthouse in Waynesville, North Carolina, within thirty (30) days after the 6th day of October, 1942, and answer or demur to the Com plaint of said action or the plain tiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said Complaint. This the 2nd days Sept., 1942. KATE WILLIAMSON, Asst. Clerk Superior Court, William .Robt Stillwell Promoted To Corporal Pvt. StillwelL who left here on July 18, 1941 has been promoted to Corporal at the Advance Flying School at Albuquerque, N. M. Pvt. Stillwell attended the Hazelwood school and the district high school. Prior to entering the service he was employed by the Unagusta Manufacturing Company. Corporal Stillwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wra. C. Stillwell, of Has elwood, volunteered and was in ducted at Fort McPherson. After four weeks there he was transfers- red to Army Air base at Barksdale Field, Shreveport, where he was stationed for five months, He was then sent to the Advance Flying school at Albuquerque, where he spent three months and was then transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas, for 7 weeks special training. After completion of the course he was transferred back to Albuquerque, where he was promoted to Pvt. First Class and then to Corporal. James A Stanbury Returns From Foreign Service With U. S. Navy James A. Stanberry, first class gunner mate, of the U. S. Navy, has returned to New York after spending a week in Bryson City with his grandfather Rev. John Stanberry, a former pastor in Haz elwood. Pvt. Stanbury has just returned from Egypt and other war zones. He is the son of Baxter Stan berry and the late Mrs. Stanberry who was killed in a car wreck in Charlotte in 1932. His mother, the former Miss Mary DeHart, is the sister of Mrs. W. C. Stillwell, of Hazelwood. B. C. Stillwell, U. S. Navy Has "Unknown Address" Burke C. Stillwell, radioman, 2nd class, U. S. Navy, has an "unknown address" at present, according to members of his family. While his letters come to his family by air mail, it takes them from 8 to 10 days to reach here. Young Stillwell, who is only 18 entered the service in October, 1941. The last visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stillwell of Hazelwood, was made in January just before he left for foreign duty Prior to his entering the service he was employed at Hardin's Grill on the Balsam Road. His father, W. C. Stillwell is a veteran ... of World War 1, having served with the 30th Division in 1917 and '18. At Self ridge TVT. LAWRENCE C. ROTEN Pvt. Lawrence C. Roten Now At Self ridge Field Pvt. Lawrence C. Roten, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. T. S. Roten, of Dell wood, is now stationed at Selfridge Field, Mich. He was inducted into the service at Ft. Bragg, on April 8, 1942, and was assigned to the Air Corps. He was given his basic training at Sheppard Field Tech nical School, Texas. Later he went on maneuvers in North Michigan with the 320 Material Squadron 308 Air Base group. Prior to his induction he was an automotive service man, and his record shows more than 6,000 cars serviced in 14 years. Lt. Joseph V. Davis Home For Vacation Joseph V. Davis, second lieuten ant, in the M. A. A. S. U., who is attending the medical school of the University of North Carolina, is spending two weeks here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G rover C. Davis. ' Young Davis received his commission last June. Pvt. Ben Ferguson Home For Ten Days Pvt. First Class Ben Ferguson, son of Mr. and Mrs. R- L. Fergu son, of Clyde, route 1, who Is now stationed at Camp Polk, La., ar rived on Wednesday to spend ten days with ' his parents. - He has been in service for the past six months and was inducted at Fort Bragg. From the latter ha was transferred to Camp Polk whera he has since been stationed. Ben Colkitt, U. S. Naval Air Cadet Visits Home Ben Colkitt, U. S. Naval Air Cadet, spent several days last Week with his parents, Mr. and Ben Colkitt. He came here from tha Naval Hospital in Charleston, and expects to be transferred soon to the University of Georgia where he ia taking his flight training. Young Colkitt graduated during the year from Davidson College. . Lt. Comdr. Mint Reed Promoted to Colonel Lieutenant Commander M i n thome W. Reed, U. S. Air Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Reed, has recently been promot ed to colonel, it was learned from the Boston war information een- ter, from n announcement by Brig. Gen. J. J. Cannon. ' Col. Reed, who is located in Boston, is in charge of the proctec- tion of the New England area. He has made an outstanding rec ord in the years he has been in the service. This is his second promotion during the past few months. Pvt. Luther Gaddis Transfers To Ft. Bragg Private First Class Luther Gad dis, who volunteered in the U. S. Army in 1940 has recently been transferred from Fort Benning, Ga., to Ft. Bragg, where he is at-, tached to the 2nd Armored Divis ion, Engineers. Pvt. Gaddis is the son of Mr. and Mrs, W. M. Gaddis, of Chestnut Park Drive, of Waynesville. Sergeant Thad Chafin Visits Family Here Sergeant Thad Chafln, who is stationed at Fort Jackson, has re turned to camp after spending the past week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thad Chafln at their home on the Fairview Road. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as Administra tor of the Estate of Henry R. Win chester, deceased, late of. Haywood County, N. C, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to exhibit them to tha un dersigned at Waynesville, N. C. on or before the 2nd day of Septem ber, 1943, or this notice will be pleaded in bar thereof. All per sons indebted to said estate will please make' Immediate settlement, i This September 2, 1943. . .': , R.L. PREVOST, Administrator. No. 1231Sept. 8-10-17-24-Oct. 1-8 M "v-, 1 0CTBV WORKING men and women of America you are using a powerful weapon against the enemy, in your regular purchase of War Bonds. This Labor Day you are asked to enroll in the Payroll Savings Plan one hundred percent! So if you know any worker who has not yet pledged 10 every payday purchase, do you utmost to urge his participation! You are working to full capacity to win this war, and when you buy more War Bonds you back yourself and our fighting men! Unagusta Manufacturing Company Hazelwood LABOR DAY We Work Today That We May Celebrate Victory Tomorrow Haywood County. . . ;. . ; No. 1234 Sept. 3-10-17-24. ! :- I. : : n . I -,

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