More than 1,500 North Carolina firms, employing 360,000 persona, have adopted payroll deduction plans for war bond buying. Fashion writers refer to a static silhouette. That is as unintellig ible to us as that other kind of static the radio variety. NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. HAYWOOD COUNTY VS. , , SALLIE A. ATKINSON, if she be alive, if not her heirs at law and her husband, if any, by whatever name he may be known. Under and by virtue of a judg ment in the above entitled cause in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, on Au gust 24, 1942, the undersigned Commissioner will on the 28th day of September, 1942, at 12 o'clock Noon at the Courthouse Door of Wavnesville. Haywood County, North Carolina, sell at public auc tion to the highest bidder for cash, subject to the confirmation of the court, the following described real property, located in Waynesville Township, Haywood County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows: A certain lot or parcel of land situate in the Town of Southern Assembly, Haywood County, State of North Carolina, fully described in "The Index Map of the lands of the Southern Assembly" as lots Nos. 67, 68 and 69, Block Thirteen, which map is recorded in rec ords of maps No. A, page 1, 3, 6 and 7 to which record reference is hereby made for a more perfect description of the lands and prem ises therein conveyed. Being the same land conveyed by H. M. North to Sallie A. At kinson, by deed dated the 6th day of August, 1919, and recorded in Deed Book 54, page 40, Office of Register of Deeds for Haywood County, North Carolina. This the 26th day of August, 1942. WM. MEDFORD, Commissioner. No. 1226 Aug. 27-Sept 3-10-17 At New Army Hotel r ; 1 r: .."-w I State College Hints By Ruth Current, State Home Demonstration Agent N. C. State College. . ' .a.vktvm tTiirn THE WAYNESVILLE MUUHTA1m.u Suotrlies at U. 3. Pacific Base (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THURSDAY SEPt MlB'V .fc. III! 4 ' v .to. jL Delighted with the prospect of be ing quartered in the Congress Hotel in Chicago, Corp.' Bennett Coons is shown receiving his room key from Bernice Pelton. The Congress and Stevens Hotels are being rented by the federal government and will eventually house 20,000 men of th armed services. (Central Prs) MAN IS DIVORCED FROM CAKIVHAKING WIFE You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Everybody knows that. In San Diego, Calif., Llewellyn Davis and Mrs. Davis have come to the parting of the ways just for that reason. The judge granted Davis a di vorce after he told his sad story. It seems that Mrs. Davis was baking a cake. In fact she had just finished putting on the icing. Just then Davis came in and asked when dinner would be ready. Now he has revised the old say ing: Tho fnilnwinc tins ar offered on taking care of various kinds of shoes: ; Smooth leathers, such as calf and kid use i cream polish, liquid polish, or wax polish that con tains no turpentine. Turpentine dries out leather. Natural-colored cream may be used on .all shades of leather, but will not cover wa ter stains as will colored cream. Patent leather changes from hot to cold, or vice ' versa, cause patent leather to Crack. The first time you wear a pair of "patent" shoes, rub them briskly with a cloth to warm them. Then bend your feet to limber shoes while they are still warm. Each time you put on patent leather shoes, warm the leather a little with the nnlm nf vour hand. Use patent .leather cream or oil polish that 'contains no turpentine, use even that sparingly. Wrap shoes in ' cotton wadding or clean cloth when you are not wearing them, j Gabardine clean with a brush nnd a carbon tetrachloride clean er, which you can buy under trade names at most stores. If your shoes are wool gabardine, protect them aarainst moths as you do other wool clothing. Klasticized fabric these stretcn ablA shoe materials are ruined by ordinarv frabric cleaners. Get a r-lpnnpr recommended lor this fabric. Read the directions on the bottle and follow them. Pntl.nn farhrio-tolav shoes if the materials are good quality and colorfast, you can clean them suc cessfully with a brush and mild soap and water. Ask about col- orfastness when you buy this type of shoe. Cleanliness is important for successful canning. Even the dish rlnfhs shmiU hp free from crease and dirt. The food to be canned, utensils, and the porch or room should be clean. You cainnot have your cake Among Other Good Buys You Will Find At The FOOD STORE P A LM 0 L I VE - - - 3 for 200 SUPER SUDS large - - - - 25J K L E K large -11 OCTAGON SOAP - - 4 for 190 OCTAGON TOILET SOAP - - 50 OCTAGON POWDER - - - - 50 OCTAGON CLEANSER - - - 50 OCTAGON GRANULATED - - -100 Variety-Values Victuals The FOOD STORE Did you know; (1) That beef heart has more minerals' and vita mins than lean meat; (2) That kidneys and brains of meat ani mals have more vitamins than lean meat; (3) That you get more for your money when you buy en riched flour or enriched bread. 1 L TOW - rjsfsv Jfcsg-, TIME L Y Farm Questions and Answers in Question: When should fall vegetables be planted? Answer: The time to plant is determined by the hardiness of the vegetables and the length of time they require to mature. The ten jor nnPR. Knch as tomatoes and snap beans, will not stand any frost, while some of the cool sea son crops, such as kale and mus tard, will withstand the early lighter frosts. Tomatoes, collards, and cabbage may be planted as late as July 15 and snap beans as late as September. Mustard and spinach should go into the ground not later than September 15. These two lighters pull up alongside a cargo boat loaded wth suppliea to be taken ashore to one of the U. S. outposts in the Pacific lnes bases offer excellent jumping' off spots for United States forces in counter-attacking the Japs. This is a phonephoto. Question: What are some of the more essential needs in the Na tion's Food-for-Freedom program? Answer: We need: 1 billion pounds of peanuts and soybean oil, or enough to fill tank cars to reach all the way across the United States and back; enough hogs to make a polid processidn, two abreast, snout to tail, clear around the world; enough eggs so that if a person broke one every second, it would require 1,600 ' years to break them all; and enough 10 gallon filled milk cans to .'build 25 pyramids the size of the great pyramid of Egypt. ;."-'.. ' '- is said to add iff women's hose e lad I Pitch horshTT , eight shoes andVo H as much steel as . NOTICE SERViJTcpJ BY PUBl irJlA NORTH CAROLIN A HAYWOOD rm'x.,. ( IN THE SUlWoRc KUTH B. McGRUDEB . husband, CHES G Jter? DER, and Town of Si" vUle. m I The dpf t-nrlarfr t . Grader and husband, ChLl Grader, will take if j action pntit . , M commenced n tK c... 0,5 of Haywood County, Qi V. iu"'Jse liens dun Havu- I r defendants will funher tice that'thfv o ' , -' require f pear at the Office of the CJ v..c tuuri oi said . at the Courthouse in Wa North Carolina !.!.:. .fr days after the 5th day of qJ " utmur to tte iiciiit ui aaju aciioq or the tiff tirill sirij., it .... tu lne Mt, the relief demanded in saij This the 2nd dav nf st KATE WILLIAM vicik oupenor Cotr; wood County. No. 1233-Sept. 3-10-17-J More vitamin C is needed in the diet. Tomato juice is an excel lent source of vitamin C. Tomato thrown in your face and eat it too. NOTICE SERVING SUMMONS f BY PUBLICATION rj . ORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. HAYWOOD COUNTY VS. A. E. KELLAM, if alive, or, if dead, his heirs at law and his wife, if any, by whatever name she may be known. The defendants, A. E, Kellam, if alive, or, if dead, his heirs at law and his wife, if any, by what ever name she may be known, will take notice that an action entitled as above has been commenced in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, to fore close liens for taxes due Haywood County; and said defendants will further take notice that they are required to appear at the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said county at the Courthouse in Waynesville, North Carolina, within thirty (30) days after the 28th day of Sept., 1942, and an swer or demur to the Complaint of said action or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said Complaint. This the 26th day of Aug., 1942. KATE WILLIAMSON, Assjt. Clerk Superior Court, Haywood County. No. 1225 Aug. 27. Sept. 3-10-17 Greetings To Those Who Help Us BuUd TT IS with genuine pride that we extend greet- ings to those who have helped so much in the building of our business and who have worked with us so harmoniously; at all times. Underwood WoueBty Tg-Company ASHEVILLE ROAD PHONE 259-J juice is easy to can. I (1) To preserve the na ural flavor and color, use knives of stainless steel and avoid ut nsils of copper, brass, and iron. (2) Use fully ripe tomatnos. (3) Wash, remove core, and cut into small pieces. (4) Precook tomatoes until soft.; Do not boil. (5) Put softened torn .r,e.i through a sieve to remove seds. (6) Reheat the juice to boiling point. (7) At the simmei ini' p int, add one teaspoon of salt for each quart of juice. EXECUTION NOTICE NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. State of North Carolina on Re lation of Zelline Walker Against N. H. Walker, principal and E. H. Walker, J. R. Rogers, J. L. Walker and J. P. Hawkins, sureties. IN RE INTEREST OF N. H. WALKER IN THE MINERAL INTEREST IN 133 ACRES OF THE S. B. REDMOND LAND on Wilkins Creek, Fines Creek Town ship, Haywood County, North Carolina.'-v Deed from W. C Hill to S. M- Redmond, dated July 3, 1888 re corded in Book "X," page 382, record of deeds of Haywood Coun ty and conveying the following de scribed tract of land, to-wit: Lying and being in Fines Creek Township, Haywood County, North Carolina, on the East side of Pig eon River, on Wilkins Creek side of said creek and runs thence S. 74" E. two poles to a white oak; thence North 74 poles to a white oak; thence N. 80 E. 100 poles to a white oak; thence N. 30 E. 100 poles to a chestnut oak; thence S. 80" E. 74 poles to a stake; thence 25 W. 158 poles to a stake; thence S. 78" W. 165 poles to a stake; thence N. 13 poles to the beginning, containing 133 acres more or less. Reserving, howev er, to the said W. C. Hill, his heirs and assigns all the minerals and mineral interests, with mining rights and privileges therein. By deed dated March Zl, 1900, recorded in book No. 12, page 451, record of deeds of Haywood Coun ty, the said W. C. Hill conveyed to E. H. Walker, Fannie McCrack en, N. P. Walker, Mary L. Walker, W. M. Walker, J. L. Walker, A. Walker, Eva L. Walker, and Robert L. Walker all the right, title and interest of the said W. C. Hill in and to the above described land, and referring to the book and page record of the above men tioned deed from Hill to S. M. Redmond for description of same. Then in his last will and testa ment the above named E. H. Walk er willed to his eight children, share and share a like, his one ninth interest in the above describ ed mineral interests; and N. H. Walker, being one of the 8 chil dren is entitled to 1-8 of 1-9 of said mineral interest. In Haywood County, N. C.y in Clyde Township and described as follows: ' Being Lots Nos. 31, 32 and 7 and fi -,f the I. P. Hawkins land in. the Town of Clyde, Haywood County, N. C, as per map and survey by the J. R. Reagan, engineer, August, 1923, which map and record in the office of the Register of Oeeds of Haywood County, N. C, in Book of Maps "B," indext "H" and is hereby referred to for a com plete description of the same. Being the prdperty that was conveyed to N. H. Waker as re corded in Book 88, page 658, rec ord of deeds for Haywood County, N. C. '..' " 'V " The above described property will be offered for sale to the highest bidder on the 6th day of October.' 1942. at 12 m. at, the court house door in the Town of Waynesville., , Kaywood County, State of North Carolina. R. V. WELCH, Sheriff of Haywood County, No. 1232 Sept 8-10-17-24 OFFICE SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Modern Supplies Save Time and Do The Job Better! Listed below are some of the items we have in stock. If we don't have what you want we will be glad to get it for you. . . 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