UsPAY, SEPT. 3, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER preachers Hit Gambling I PROTEST GAMBLING I - Page Z V TMlUnT,nminister8 of recently made a gen 3eSTUie .h pulpits Here the court defined a lotterv f6C,r" louowg; -a lottery, for all practical purposes, may be defined as any scheme for the dis tribution of prizes, by lot or chance, by which one, on paying money r Protestant " LriE recently made dement fa r amy uf ' w.vwood 'o' 8r any other thine of ll fcw" Asf!I, session, recently 1 . anothr obtain a token which WTTu being bitterly es him to receive a larger or on record . alarmed "mailer value, or nothing, as son,. H Jence of gambling in .chance determine. Fpr ilthough these sUte- This definition has generally been wBDty; it made in a epirit of lTOyLJl? 1 h e authorities. ,w to any individual or mtcjiikx t 154 N. C, 616, and found that they did s cite d; LONG v. STATE, 74 !me criticism. Paid ad- -Mi. 565. In .the case last cited. f:nts have been printed m .." 'V " "u! . ron?. trend f : " 1 .Reaper which tend to .uKm. in tnis country i the cloak of ""t lottery enterprises, the f rob"n,t' .i.h raises the court 8ad that it will appear, from fcotism am , . the many cases decided uDon the a!u0 of the law. ,Bubie.c.t. to be difficult, if not ira- P , . the Protestant P081016. r .the. most ingenious Ht.2If!!L" devise any a""1 i: ition in order no" 01 ratu- f some in"-"";e . .iuius aisiriDution nut what tne ruling 01 me ,I V..- f mir State baa law.."'" -7; - ,.st Mr. J. R- Morgan, State College Answers Timely Farm Questions Question ; Have prospects for more nitrate fertilizer improved recently? Answer: Apparently not It is estimated now that farmers will be able to get only four-fifths as much nitrogen in 1943 as they received this year. For this rea son, agricultural leaders are ask ing farm people to seed their wheat and other fall grains with out nitrogen fertilizer, so as to stretch the remainiag supply to meet the needs of crops more de pendent on this element Fruits and vegetables, as well as certain other crops, should get first call. Of tha l,t -.. ut Bmu"K laws 01 the various states, which are mostly alike. And we say that no. sooner is a . .' ucimcu, una tne aefinitmn Attorney, wrote Mr.narry appied to g glven gtate f Attorney ue. v that ineenuitv is at wn.-i, t ..i: k Carolina, 8m iul u'-" nlv to Mr Mor- ' letter Mr. McMullen gave '.kinstive review of many L pf the Supreme Court of I '.fn concerning violation of lottery laws, all of which were (,r the information of the peo ,f Waynesville, we quote one or ..tflirranhs from Mr. McMul- letter: In the case ol Mate v. L,ipKin, X. C. 205, will be found a very fcustive opinion 01 tne supreme rt of this State discussing and Lmninjr lotteries of all kinds characters as a violation 01 lottery laws of this State. NOTICE ?vine qualified as Executrix the- Estate of W. L. Hardin, Jr., . . , tt ' 1 l fcased, late 01 naywooa county, JC., this is to notify all persons ting claims against said estate Inhibit them to the undersigned Waynesville, N. C, on or be- the auth aay juiy, ia43, or notice will be pleaded in bar teof. All persons indebted te estate will please make ini tiate settlement. hi! July 30th, 1943 (Mrs.) LUCILLE L. HARDIN, Eexcutrix. b. 1213 Aug. 6-13-20-27 -Sept. 10... . some scheme of evasion vL-hiu ; within the mischief, but not quite within the letter of the definition. But, in this way, it is not possi ble to escape the law's condemna tion, for it will strip the transac tion of all its thin and false ap parel and consider it in its very nakedness. It will look to the substance and not to the form of it, in order to disclose its real ele ments and the pernicious tenden cies which the law is seeking to prevent. The court will inquire, not into the name, but into the game, however skillfully disguised, in order to ascertain if it is pro hibited, or if it has the influence by the hope ent'-ingly held out, which is otten false or disappoint ing, that he will, perhaps and by good luck, get something for nothing;-, or a great deal for a very little outlay. This is the lure inai araws tne credulous and un suspecting into the deceptive svheme, and it is what the law scheme, and it, is what the law denounce as wrong and demoral izing.' " Although we are printing this statement from the Attorney Gen eral of our state, we are not pri marily concerned for the legal as pects of the question involved. We do regret that any concern in our community, private or public, re ligious or secular, finds it neces- Question: Should victory gar deners attempt to save seed? Answer: Since the production of high grade vegetable seed, rela tively free from disease, is really one of the most highly specialized phases of agriculture, the home gardener might be wise to buy all of his seed from dealers. Those who do save seed from their gar den are likely to have mixed varie ties and not too good a quality in their 1943 gardens if they are not very careful. Question: How can old paint brushes be reclaimer) T Answer: The old, hardened paint 1. J 1 uoii may ue m iaimea py Boa ic ing it overnight in paint thinned, or 11 not too nara, in gasoline 01 turpentine, says Howard Ellis, Ex tension agricultural engineer. Af sary in its financial program to follow practices that are contrary to the laws of our state and often sive to the religious convictions of the Christian people of our com munuy. we regret that many people fail to see through the false apparel ' which gambling so often wears, and realize that it is a threat to the moral foundations of Christian character. AVe have come to a poor state of affairs in deed in the present national emer gency if immorality and crime can pass for patriotism. The facts which are here pre sented to the people of this com munity have also been put in the hands of the mayor and our town and in the hands of the solocitor of Superior Court. It is up to you to decide the kind of community you want. , H. G. HAMMETT, J. C MADISON, M. R. WILLIAMSON, R. E. MacBLAIN. K::y ,f r , Z . ; 9 ;; W . Us (( 1t L tww f s- ; Kj y n,V 'Wv .1 . if BBsiBsasiSHMsHaeiiMaMVlia Other Shoes $3.95 to $4.95 A Special Group At 2.98 In U.S. Air Raid on Rouen, France 4 n and soybean or peanut meal, M well as minerals. A formula sug gested by E. V. Vestal, Extension swine specialist, follows: 320 pounds of shelled corn, 16 pound of fish meal, 16 pounds of cotton seed meal, 16 pounds of soybean meal, and 2 pounds of minerals, Of course, a good gracing crop te also important Uncle Sam's air forces, after intensive preparation at British bases, hsve swung into action over Europe and are bombing Hitler's arsenals. Those participating in the first raid on Rouen, France an 1 left to right (seated): Movie star Gene Raymond, intelligence oiHcerj Sergt. Kent West of West Blockton, Ala ; and Lieut Tom Borders, pilot, Birmingham, Ala. Th. flier standing up is unidentified. Sergt West, the M W rear gunner, shot down a Focke-Wulf 190. This it a cablephoto. (Central Preti) ter the old paint is softened, scrape it off with a putty knife or comb it out with a steel comb or brush. Next, wash the brush in warm water with a mild laundry soap, wrapping; not too tightljy in heavy paper or cardboard. Question: Is it nossible to aavo vegetable seed for next year's i Victory Garden? Answer: It is quite simple to save seed from selffertilized crops such as tomatoes, beans and peas, but more difficult to save sead from such cross-fertilized crops as corn, squash, cucumbers and melons. For detailed informn. tion on saving Victory Garden seed, write to the Extension Hor ticulturist, Raleigh. N. C. State College, Question: What is a good con trol measure for Mexican bean beetles on snap beans? Answer: Rotenone dust applied to the under side of the leaves when the adult beetles first appear and again when the spiny yellow larvae are first noticed will usu ally give good control. Inciden tally, since snap beans will usually mature in about 50 days, they may be planted in the state as late as August 15 and still make a crop. Question: What kinds of fats should be saved for the govern ment? Answer: Before selling fats, homemakers should use them in every way possible. Then they should pour surplus fat into clean, wide-mouthed can, such as coffee, lard, or tomato can. Straining will remove meat and other food particles. Keep the fat in a re frigerator or some other dry cool place until you have a pound or more. Then take what you have to your meat dealer or frosen food locker plant, where you will be paid a few cents a pound for what you have to offer. Don't take the fat to the dealer in a glass container. the most fattening Question: What is economical ration for hogs? Answer: Experiment Station results indicate a ration of shelled com, equal parts by weight of fish meal or tankage, cottonseed meal, GREATER August 1 indications point to in creases over last year of 22 per cent in the cottonseed crop, Of S3 percent in flaxseed, of 74 percent i,n soybeans, and 90 percent in pea nuts. . I BALENTINE'S r sy - ' x.7 sy x:-r v' j tKtbWWtHMHHHHMHHMHHIMM P13 CEGCa-LimiX) 1 24-Lb. White Water Rose i h 1 I X, ft)WHMHHMlOOMMtBOaOOOMH0KKHltOnnoiHlll4 (1 mm&0i ' J HUUWIMIIWMHHMUHMUIMHMWWBHWPBP(WKHHHHH(I i jMMMMMMMn,n,1MMltmTTfrrMMMWW.MW J FLOUR A Balentine Value Libby's Baby Food 3 .r 20 A Balentine Value Kellog's A Balentine Value Corn Fla kes 3 .1 8( 12-Oz. Cans Silver Nip A Balentine Value Grapefruit Juice 3 20c u 10c Made with Olive and Palm Oils PALMOLlVE SOAP - - 4 for 22( Fine Toilet Soap OCTAGON - - - - 5 for 250 Small Laundry Soap OCTAGO N - - - - 6 for 150 Large Cleanser or Soap OCTAGON - - - - 4 for 190 Small Size KLEK - ------ 2 for 150 Large Size SUPER SUDS 250 Kenny's Orange Pekoe TEA A Balentine Value Half Pound 39 32-Oz. Box Sterling SALT A Balentine Value boxes 15' 17'2-Oz. Jar Heinz A Balentine Value Baked Beans 15 Regular 5c-Box SALT A Balentine Value 3 boxes 10. April Shower, Green Cut A Balentine Value ASPARAGUS 15 VISIT OUR MARKET FOR THE BEST IN MEATS 16-Oz. Jar Jumbo A Balentine Value Peanut Butter 29 Libby's No. 22 Can Sliced or Crushed Pineapple 27 19-Oz. Can Phillip's A Balentine Value Spaghetti 2 . 27 Argo A Balentine Value Corn Starch 2 or 15 W!0 ItdmatoJ Cans 25 BALENTINE VALUES 12 Small . ' or 6 Large GDin MFQAt 45raj Save On Balentine's Values 4-Pound Carton 8-Pound Carton 67 $32 No. 2 Can Dale A Balentine Value Pineapple Juice 15 14-0z. Bottle Libby's . A Balentine Value CATSUP 19 Dixie Dew A Balentine Value S Y R U P 10 89 Prepared A Balentine Value MUSTARD QJaf 13 Always Save On Our Values "Good Things To Eat"

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