Page 6 Comedy Films Prevail On Park's Program THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THURSDAY, SEPT. 3, The coming week at the Park Theatre will present a program built around comedy, drama and some historical scenes that should give a complete variety that will be pleasing. For the most part, the pictures are designed to make you forget the bluer things of life . . . and from advance reports, they do just that. coTino tnHav. is the colorful picture, "In Old California," that recaptures we me, coiur wu oum i nt thp reat west during the gold ruBh. John Wayne, the star of many hits, takes the leading role. As an added feature, a short 'Don't Talk" will be interesting, and timely. Also news. Friday brings the much talked t n;tnr "Tnmhstone" with Rich u J - ard Dix starring in the story ol the town that was too tough to cue NOTICE SERVING SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT HAYWOOD COUNTY va W. P. DeSIIAZO, if alive or if dead, his heirs at law, ana ms wife, if any, by whatever name she may be known. Tt, Worulinta. W. P. DeChazo. if alive or if dead, his heirs at law, and his wife, if any, by what ever name she may be known, will take notice that an action en titled na nhnva has been commenc A in tia Knnprinr Court of Hav- wood County, North Carolina, to foreclose liens lor taxes due nay wood County; and said defendants will further take notice tnat tney are required to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said county at the Court house in Waynesvile, North Car olina, within (thirty (30) days after the 14th day of September, 1942, and answer or demur to the Com plaint of said action or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said Complaint. This the 12th day of August, 1942. KATE WILLIAMSON, Asst. Clerk Superior Court, Haywood County. No. 1218 Aug 13-20-27-Sept. 8 Dix takes the law Into his own lionla fltirl clean nn thines. in the typical Dix manner. A news reel and a short, musical comeay -Room for Rhythm." Katitrrinir will feature a typical western picture, with Bob Steele m 1 M xl.-. and Tom Tyler, in -uoae oi me Outlaw." These hard riding, smart fighters, recover a $98,009 payroll, which a notorious gang nao. sioien. Tn t.ha recovery, many things hap pen, which keeps you guessing as to the outcome. A fopeye car- Innn climaYPa a COoH TrOram. The Owl iliow ieature win siar Regis Toomey and Adele Long mi in "Rullet Scars" a Dicture of a doctor and a nurse coping with gangsters of the worse Kina. it is spectacular, and full of touch ing scenes. Sunday brings to the Park screen o xnmoHtr nf the domestic-roman tic-pedantic affair, that will send the audience away with a iigni, heart after seeing "Are Husbands Necessary." A rather complicated series of situations arise, but some how, everything works out. Added features are three short subjects Popular Science Picture People Concert in B Flat. For Monday and Tuesday, the new French star, Jean Gabin will be featured in "Moontide," the stirring story of life along the Pa cific waterfront. Gabin, an out standing French star, gives a per formance which is said to outshine any previous characterization For a co-star, Ida Lupino was chosen. Also on the program will be news and March of Time "Men in Washington." Vnr Wednesday, the 71-minute comedy, "Henry and Dizzy," fea turing Jimmy Lydon ana Mary An derson. An Aldrich family series, carrying on in so many ways like the average American iamuy. un the same program will be three shorts Meet the Champ The Outpost and a favorite cartoon. Let's Have More Raids Over Tokyo (Doolittle Style) (By CHARLES P. STEWART) (Central Press Columnist) THE AXIS countries' internal morale is pretty high, according to recently arrived Americans wno, of tor nerinHn nf internment in these various totalitarian jurisdictions, finally were traded off oy env to us, in return for corresponding numbers of their subjects, pre viously interned here. Probably this Axis good cheer is partly due to the fact that the dictatorially ruled trio of nation alities have been fairly well satis fied with their luck thus far. It appears also, however, that the successes they've scored up to date hove heen creatlv exaggerated to them, whereas news that isn't so favorable is strictly suppressed. fine atnrv that did get out, though, at least in Japan, was the account of Jimmy Doolittles air bombing raid over several of Nip pon's leading cities. The censor kept it out of print, to be sure, but so much damage was done that great numbers of folk saw and talked about it among themselves. In fact, some observers are of the opinion that the per formance made a deeper impres sion than it would have done if it hadn't been so complete a surprise. It was so exactly in unmistakably convincing contradiction of all the jrladsome official renorts on which the government had been feeding its public that the Japs have turn ed a bit skeptical of the sources of information they're supposed HONEY x War time sugar restrictions have greatly increased the demand for honey as a sweetening ingredi ent, reports the U. S. department of agriculture. to rely on. Made to Order TiiKt whv other American avi ators havent been more prompt to follow up Jimmy Doolittles ex ample isn't quite clear. . . Japan simply was created to be air raided- Not to exceed 1 per cent of its architecture consists of ,.tv,;n, ki,t Knmhnn sticks, naper walls and pasteboard roofs, with a little musilage to hold 'em to gether. Bombers are described as having knocked buildings in such cities as Cologne and Hamburg into "heaps rnkhio tn emnlov the popular reportorial expression. But to transform one of those suDsianuai German edifices into rubble re quires a direct hit. , Another one, across the street, may not have than its windows V.....Q ... , broken. And even rubble can be scooped up and more or less reas sembled. But a Jap shack? Drop a light ed match on it and it'll blaze up to beat a bonfire, whichll spread all over the neighborhood in Jig time. Pnt.tinc out a fire in Nippon is a matter of tearing down everything within miles around the scene of the r-onflacration. No rubble's left. (Not even kindling wood remains. I TP- nn.nnuul 11 fact US the blaZe lf " ' - " " spreads. "Scorched earth" has nothing on it. Following about a dozen inten sive Yankee raids there can be nothing left, as much as a foot high, for the Mikado's fleet to come home to. So how can it refit and got back into action? Except the merest primitive coolie, every Jap knows ail this. Either he's a crazy Samurai, perfectly willing to commit sui cide (and why not help him do lit?) or his morale will crack as j I ' !, vooliVoa what he's up 1 'against. China's been fighting 'em for five years without winning, but China's entirely without equip ment. The Chinese can literally 'swamp 'em, if we give 'em the ' stuff to do it with. Or, we can do the Aleutians, for instance, if we get busy. Only, nobody's started it but Jimmy Doolittle. I've lived in Japan and know what I'm talking about It Hits Morale Well, now, as previously re ' marked, that Doolittle raid threw a bad scare into the Japs. Their mnrnle'a considerably disorganized. How about the remaining Axis ' countries, . as they begin to en counter reverses? Italy ought to flatten out quite promptly. The ) Germans are harder boiled. The Italians aren't hard boiled at all. j The Japs have nothing but a hard boiled yolk to their egg. j It would seem as if that yolk was 'the nub to be attended to. My own dope, as a military ' strategist, is to raid Japan until the Sumari's finished. Jhen let Italy over-boil and disintegrate in to mere goo easily edible by the democratic nations. I'd bet it would have a demoral izing effect on Germany. J i mm y Doolittle's campaign strikes me as being the crux of the pending conflict. ItH need to be chased un, of course. Its initial peneration is what I'm talking about. The necessity for the obliteration of those Japs is my thesis- TRANSACTIONS IN Real Estate (As Recorded to Monday Noon Of This Wek) Beaverdam Township W. Rex Clark, et ux to Ellis R. Mason, et ux. John H. Hall, et ux to T. H. Davis. ' H. E. Plemmons, et ux to Par ion Hall, et al. East Fork Township William Luther West, et ux to C. H. Trull. J. A, Porter, et ux to W- L. West, et ux. Fines Creek Township Ellen McCracken to Ben Mooney. Woodrow Fish to Frank L. Fish. LAltGEST corded, the he J?!1 hi from the .harp tacrTX number of sheep shora U decline in meat export Pigeon Township J. M. Welch et ux, to J. David Peek et ux. The clean candidate won't throw mud. If he does he won't stay clean. I Waynesville Township I r-A niontnn et iiv to Fred t utaujr uimiiv") v Gibson, et ux. Sophia Selsam to W. A. Abel, j Maude S. Jones to Ruth Saund ers N. L. Stephens, et ux to Edwin B. Randolph, Jr., et ux. Hester Anne Withers to Mary I Alice R. Jones, et al. Jerry Liner, et ux to Vermia M. Carter. C D. Medford, et ux to Howell W. Crawford. M. Clayton Nichols, et ux to Herman M. Smith, et ux. The one-legged man may not be very amiable but he isn't a kicker. NOTICE SERnxGSrJT BY PITRiir.O.Vs NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR rnt BEFORE tbp rii.SCe ROBERT T. MESSER VS. iNORMAN OWEN, marthi T1AVIS A T C A or KiHA jun., uuvvAKD F. OWEN' lrn SON, ANNIE n nA-Ei?- HESTER OWEN and nZl DAVIS. "iL Thfl AnftmAt.- ... uticiiud 1 1 1 n . vi ... Owen, Howard F. Owen .j .1 Tl nnniol -uMtll a Special Proceeding entitled above has been Superior Court of Haywood CotJ ty, North Carolina, to estabtl ati Ian OB l i jr vu a curi way over luf i vYiin-u uciciiuams own an m est- nnA tVio eaA A..t ..... ucicnuanti r further take ntiAa ,L. .1 required to be and anna. .. J office of the Clerk of the Superl Court of said County in the Coui house in Waynesville, N, C in ten uays aner tne 18th daj September. 1942. and .. demur to the petition in said ceeding, or tne plaintiffs will ,pijr w utic ioun lor ine wield, manded in the petition. This August 17th, 1342. KATE WILLIAVsnv Asst. Clerk Superior Cod I No. 1223 Aug. 27-St'pt 3-10- PARK THEATRE Matinees Monday and Wednesday at 3; Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 4. Sunday night at 9, other nights, shows start at 7;16 and 9:15. Owl Show Saturday nights at 10:30. Admission 10c and 30c. f THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 "In Old California" With adventurous intrigue. A magnetic love story, forced with a wild fire of robust adventure, starring John Wayne, Binnie Barnes and Albert Dekker. Special short subject "DON'T TALK" made for the government by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Also news reel. , FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 Vm,r favorite cowboy star . . . Richard Dix . - . blazing his way to the top with fists . . . in "Tombstone" Starring Richard Dix, Frances Gifford. Besides news, a special mu sical comedy, "Room For Rhythm." SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 The three Mesquiteers in Western action ... starring Bob Steel, Tom Tyler and Rufe Davis in . . "Code of the Outlaw" Also Popeye Cartoon. OWL SHOW A thriller two against the mob . . . a doctor and a nurse . . . f the patient dies ... they die . . "Bullet Scars" With Regis Toomey and Adele Longmire. V' m s V vpff 7vXy The Minute Men of Concord and Lexington, who gave us liberty, were, workers, too. Just as today, they fought with tools and guns alike. .... Today America faces the most dangerous foes in all its history. This is a people's war a workers' war everything we have is at stake. .... Today all America salutes Labor for its epic four-star Victory Drive SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 Love and business don't mix ... "Are Husbands Necessary?" Two women after on man . . . Hollywood's new comedy is one of its gayest, starring Ray Milland and Betty Field. Also THREE SHORT SUBJECTS Picture People Popular Sciee Concert in . B Flat. MONDAY AND TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7-8 MEN . . . She knows all about men . . . fresh ones ... gentle ones ... tough ones . . . mean ones ... she hates them all ... until one cruv comes along. Starring Jean Gabin . . . who begins where other . stars leave on nu iua fiuu "Moontide" Also on same program News and MARCH OF TIME "Men In Washington." WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 9 From hot water to more hot water in easy lessons by the Aldrich Family in . . "Henry and Diz zy" RtlrrSn, Jimmy Lydon and Mary Anderson. Also THREE SHORT Starring: Jimmy uyaoniu. ' 0ntrxt Solal Cartoon. In out-producing the Axis in guns, planes, janks, ships, and other vital equipment needed for Victory. In supplying millions of men to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. ; In working on Civilian Defense through air raid protection, salvage, " conservation, -Red Cross, and other home-front activities. In setting the pace for America's great WAR BOND VICTORY DRIVE for 10 percent of everybody's income invested regularly, systematically in War Savings Bonds. , Town off Wayimesville Haywood County A Good Place To Live SUBJECTS JBeei me vf -

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