!f T?PAY, SEPT. 3, 1942 (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER I Paje 7 : ( - I i MM. p n (Sra ions And High School fin In Softball Series j d;1i School aoft- TbUons '" - victory last P tfSmSu. . ;i. of the two di- M ,t! ,.",. to capture the FtLTd by the League. X m Rubwr team ws Kiyu D,vton hud Reliable tne nuniDer ui uttered llic ----- IsM Won. , Lions de- 8 fl. Boosters dub 16 to 5 honors i" best softball games ir MP 1L t . 1... ln0 . . .t on the local field, Rubber and High School I wd a scoreless Kie u-" w II " . V i ,V.aA rnrnil tun ,h SohWU puniicv. .... to win tne The box score of the two games , s follows: jk School league. 2b routman o rofjf P Javnes lb . y!e sf Jaynes ss ... vrd c tilth rf Ivins ci mmt'iow If Bins c vatt ss ,- slier 2b ilntr sf 31 rf - Ml 3b rieton lb ... lrieson cf ..... arris If jtman p ....... Totals ........ AB R ... 3 0 Totals . 26 2 2 AB R H ... 3 0 0 ... 3 ... 3 ... 2 ,-'2 .... 2 ... 2 0 ... 2 .. 2 ,. 2 23 0 2 m ABR H migps sf . 4 1 1 arapbell c .. .... 4 2 3 leatherby ss 4 2 2 Ivatt 3b 4 3 3 uttonfield 2b ........... ........ 4 2 2 :ahl lb 4 2 0 atherwood cf 4 0 1 lavis If 4 1 1 I'oodard rf 4 13 Irj-son p ,.......,........ 4 .2 1 Totals 40 16 15 Imten , AB R II routnian cf .................... ; 4 2 1 revost 3b 4 , 0 1 I'binson sf 4 11 tone lb 4 12 iraham ss 3 O 0 lischoff c 3 0 1 fright- rf 8 1 0 laykendall 2b .................... 3 0 1 ydelf ... ,......;..,... 3 0 1 lavis p 0 0 0 Totals 27 5 8 Representative Social Security Here On Sept. 10 A representative of the Ashe Ville field office of the Social Se curity Board will be at the local post office here on Thursday, Sep tember, 10th at 10:00 a. m. Wage earners who have worked in a job covered by the Social Se curity Act since December 31, 1936 and have attained acre 65, may be eligible to file claim for themselves, tneir wives, or minor children, whether they have an account num ber or not. In addition, persons who have need ol social security account numbers or other information per taining to the Act are invited to meet this representative at the time and place mentioned. W. R. Harbeck, of Inman, S. C, spent a few days in town during the past week. He was accompani ed home by his young daughter, Faye Elizabeth, who has been vis iting her grandmother here for the past month. ed to be present. Any parents desiring the dedi cation of their infants in baptism will be given the opportunity at the church on Sunday morning. Kev. Hutchins To 'reach At Bethel lurch On Sunday I waiauoy ouivttUMiii- Wt Of tho Wairnaatri'lU I'nfi.i.f festern North Carolina Metho- P-3t Conferpnria will maU 4ta -.x., tiki vv fthel Methodist church on Sun- r, sepiemoer 6th, it was learned Mr. Hntid f:n i i n . 0iu iiuiu wic r . 'j wviiAc&ctiw mm (Mi eber5 of the conference are urg- NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT, HAYWOOD COUNTY - VS." ' BESSIE S. ATKINS, Admin istratrix of the Estate of James Atkins, Jr., BESSIE S. AT KINS, individually, BEN AT KINS, JOE JACK ATKINS and wife, RUTH GREEN ATKINS, HARTFORD ACCIDENT & IN DEMNITY COMPANY & STANDARD OIL COMPANY. Under and by virtue of a judg ment in the above entitled cause in the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Carolina, on Ap gust 24, 1942, the undersigned Commissioner will on the 28th day of September, 1942, at." 12 o'clock Noon at the Courthouse Door of Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina, sell at public uc tion to the highest bidder for cash, subject to the confirmation of the I real property, located in Waynes ville Township, Haywood County, North Carolina, and more particu larly described as follows: Units 4, 5 and 6 Block II Lake Junaluska Assembly, as shown by plat of Southern Assembly Grounds, made by J. W. Seaver, Jr., C. E., and recorded in Map Book "A," pages 1, 3, 5 and 7, Office of the Register of Deeds for Haywood County, to which refer ence is hereby made for a more full and complete description by metes and bounds Being the same property devis ed to James Atkins, Jr., by the Will of James Atkins, recorded in Will Book 4, page 211. Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Haywood County, North Car olina. This the 26th day of August, 1942. WM No. 127 Aug. MEDFORD, Commissioner. 27-Sept. 3-10-17 Winter Is A Monster Get A FREE Inspection Of Your Heating Plant By Calling Or Writing Holland Furnace Co. PB0XE 6440 ASHEVTLLE ' stffl booking cleaning jobs. Our hngh el ck win be fa, this community one week only- leaning nly Send Average Team Is Prediction Of Coach Weatherby First Definite Game Is Set For 25th; Game Sought Here for the 18th. I Forty prospective members of the 1942 Mountaineer football squad will get their first taste of hard and rough work this after noon, as Coach Weatherby sends them through the paces. Heavy equipment was issued yesterday, after the boys have had a week's training in exercises and the fundamentals of the game. While it is too earlv to Dredict what the J942 edition of the Moun taineer eridiran sauad will re semble. Coach Weatherbv used the word "average" all the way through when questioned as to their speed, weight and experience. "It looks like an average Moun. taineer team. Of course, it can de velop in either direction, but at this stage it looks averaire." said the non-committal coach. The team will weigh between 140 and 150. unless thev dron weight during the next week or so as they get down to hard play. Eight of the old 1941 men were lost by graduation i backs and 4 Medical Staff Pays Tribute To W. L. Hardin, Jr. At the meeting last week of the medical staff of the Haywood County Hospital, resolutions were passed in memory of the lat W. L. Hardin, Jr., member of the Haywood county board of trustees. The resolutions set forth the great loss to the hospital, the com munity and to the state, for his faithful service rendered, and also expressed appreciation of) his splendid ! character, ftyia qual ities and his heroism as exempli fied in his efforts to save others. It was ordered that a copy of the resolutions be sent to the fam ily, to the Haywood County Hos pital board and to the county newspapers. linemen. The first definite scheduled game is with Andrews here on the night of the 25th. Coach Weatherby is trying to get a game here for the 18th. He expects to complete the season's schedule by the end of this week. Present plans are to play all home games at night, with the possible exception of Christ School, and this game is late in October. Iron Duff News The Iron Duff Home Demon stration meeting was an all-day affair, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. White for both the club members and their husbands and County Agent Howard Clapp and Assistant Agent Wayne Franklin. Each family brought a picnic lunch which was served on the lawn. The afternoon was devoted to the regular club meeting. The men also had a business meeting in the afternoon. The farmers of this section are beginning to harvest tobacco. But the problem is where are they go ing to put it. The crop is so much better than usual. Looks as if all the barns in the town ship will be more than full. Palmer, of the Jonathan Creek section, has been visiting her. Also her son, Cordell Caldwell, of Rich mond, Vs., is spending a few days with her. Edwin Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. French Davis who volunteer ed for service about two years ago, has been given a medical dis charge. He has as bis guest this week his cousin, Billy Woody, ol Canton. Mrs. G. B. Hogan has as her guest her granddaughter, Judy Harrell, while her daughter, Mrs. Clifford Harrell, is recovering from an operation in the Biltmore hospital- The Rev. Jarvis League will preach Sunday at 11 at Antioch Baptist church- Ernest Crawford, of Newport News, Va., is spending a few days with his mother, Mrs. Tearl Crawford. "Aunt Mag" Caldwell, who has been sick for several weeks, is slowly improving. Miss Maria School Time Is Lunch Time . . . Our Cookies, Lunch Pies and Small Cakes help fill the lunch box Waynesville Bakery Phone 313-W Church Street Order Early For Choice j OUR employees are typical of the millions of workers in America! They're all-out to win this war! They're giving of themselves un stintingly and they're giving of their earnings too: using 10 of their pay every payday toward the purchase of War Bonds. America's goal is to have the nation's workers 100enrolled in the Payroll Savings Plan Our First Labor Day In Haywood... We were just opening our plant last Labor Day and this is really our plant's birthday. This has been a very pleasant year in Haywood, and we deeply appreciate the cooperation we have received. This is truly "Good Place To Live" We Are 100 for VICTORY WELLCO SHOE CORP. Waynesville Hazelwood 4 m m a TO IJMTfJB MAR : si your order in NOW1 r i

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