Page 8 THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER (ONE DAY NEARER VICTORY) THURSDAY, SEPT. Nephew Of Mrs. Noble Garrett Is Accidently Killed (Continued from pag 1) Mrs. Frank Moody, of Macon county, former residents of Hay wood. Young Highdon was crushed by rock when the tunnel caved in and he died 30 minutes later while be ing taken to a hospital. Young Higdon was crushed by paratory education at the Georgia Military Academy and the Frank lin high school. He had been a student at the North Carolina Uni versity for the past two years. Last spring he was elected vice president of the rising junior class. He was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He was plan ning to return to Chapel Hill later in the month. He had been working for the TVA at Farner for the past two and a half months. He formerly helped his father in the Franklin Hardware Company, of which the elder Mr. Hiirdon is co-owner. TURKEY S The number of turkeys raised this year on American farms will be 33,786,000, an increase of 1 per cent over last year, but 1 per cent less than the record crop of 1940. - WANT ADS FOR RENT Six-room modern hnno-alow with heat and stoker Center of residential section. See C. J. Reece, Massie Dept. Store. Sept. 3. FOR RENT Apartment, reason ably priced. Call Mrs. Arthur Meade, 216-M. Sept. 3 FOR SALE A good horse. Priced reasonably, See Mrs. J. T. Jones, Jones Farm, route No. 2. It FOR SALE -See H. B. Milner if you are interested in buying a house in or near Hazelwood in cluded is the late J. P. Scates home a five room and bath brick house and garage with large shady grounds. Price $6,600. 13 cash, easy terms on balance. Also some extra good corner business lots at right prices See me at Belle Meade or phone 9163 or 443. Sept. 3-10-17-24. FOR SALE Grapes $1.25 per bushel at stand one mile below Saunook school house. $1.00 at vineyard. Apples and cider. Sam Arlington. Sept. NOTICE Palmer House offers heated rooms with or without bath. Hot water, clean linen and maid service, y. D. Perry, Mgr, Sept. 3. Lzvti-h Three Destroyers in 35 Minutes 4- 1H 2 i - ; nese threem destroyer., Federal Shipbuilding ana uryaoc '""'"'V. JC;.-n0-n (6i8) sponsored by Mrs. Gregory J. A Week Of The War FOR SALE For good coal, wood and kindling call 9164. Belle Meade. Sept. 3-10-17-24 FOR SALE Good 2-year-old reg istered white face stock brute. J15C, H. B. Milner, Belle Meade. Sept. 3. FOR SALE Handsome bay team, 5 and 8 years, weight about 1, 250 pounds each, or will trade on 1 ton or 34 ton used truck, good condition, good rubber. Phone 356-R Waynesville. FURNITURE SPECIALS As I am moving my shop on the first of the month, I offer the fol lowing at bargain prices as my storage space will be limited: 1 love seat with two walnut chairs ..................... ........$17.50 1 tuffed walnut chair . ... . 3.50 1 tuffed walnut chair ............ 4-50 1 3-piece living room suit re paired and recovered .... 35.00 1 3-piece living room suit as is 15.00 Saunders Furniture. Shop Next to East Waynesville School rDi Mnn Arthur's Australian vniii ' i ..... v.. . headquarters reported in a special communique August 31 that Jap anese invasion troops have suffer ed a disastrous defeat in the Milne Bav area of New Guinea. A force of Australian shock troops had been secretly concentrated along the Bay in anticipation of the Japanese landing August cm, me report said, and as a result the Japanese landed in a trap. The Japanese lost all of an "enormous quantity" of heavy material iirlinc tanks, and ex cept for a few troops evacuated by an enemy cruiser and eigm ae- stroyers, the enemy land lorce was annihilated. The navy announced tnat ma rinas Wdm? six islands in the southeastern Solomons had killed or captured all Japanese troops nttemntiner to retake the islands. The navy reported August 30 that seven enemy planes were snoi lnwn when thev attempted to raid the airfield facilities which the marines: had captured on Guadal canal bringing the total of enemy nln shot down in the Solomons fighting to 78. The navy also an nnnnwrf the marines, with navy support, raided the Japanese base on Makin Island in the Gilberts, killing all but 2 of an estimated asn Mipmv wrrison. U. S. losses were less than 1 to 10 of Japanese. : Tn tho Enronean theatre. U. S. flying fortresses bombed the air Aram of Wevelehemen. near Coun trai in Belgium, in the eighth stmio-ht oneration without loss. In other precision bombing raids, the fortresses attacked the Rotterdam shipyards and an airplane factory at Meeulte in Northern France. hi.' Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell an nounced August 31 in Chungking, China, that U. S. army planes based in China have made heavy and successful attacks on Myitk- vinn and Lashio. the two large Japanese bases in Northern Burma. The navy announced the sinning of five more United Nations mer chant ships by enemy submarines in the Atlantic. Joseph C. Grew, former ambas sador to Japan, newly returned from Tokyo, said in a radio ad dress the Japanese will fight "'with all the force and power at their command . . . until they are utter ly crushed." Mr. Grew stated "we are up against a powerful fighting machine, a people whose morale cannot and will not te broken even by successive defeats, who will certainly not be broken by economic hardships, a people who individually and collectively will gladly sacrifice their lives for their emperor and their nation, and can be broueht to earth only by complete defeat in battle." junction with representatives of livestock producers. The office said "vigorous steps" are being taken to enforce quality grading provi sions of its beef regulations to prevent upgrading as an evasion of price levels. The agriculture department reported a 9-point ad vance in farm prices from July 15 to August 15, raising the general level to 163 percent of tne pre World War I figure, 32 points higher than a year ago. son said 2,000,000 cars from auto mobile graveyards have been con verted into 400,000 tons of steel scrap a month during the last four months, but the steel industry is now consuming approximately 4, 800,000 tons of scrap metal a month, about four times as much as it took in 1938. The office of the petroleum Coordinator reported New Englanders and other east coast consumers will obtain only 75 percent of their fuel oil require ments under normal weather con ditions this winter. DEATHS MRS. FLORENCE RUSSELL Last rites were conducted at the Francis Cove Baptist" Church on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock for irlnrniA RnsselL 67. who died at the home of her son Perry Russell, near Canton, on weunw day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock.Rev. Cay Allen officiated. Burial was in Greenhill cemetery. Special music was furnished by the Wesley Methodist quartette. Serving as pallbearers were: Marshall Raby, Marshall Bedding oM Willi Youncr. Albert Bed- ding'field, Andy Patton, and Tom Russell. . , x, Mrs. Russell is the widow of the late W. L. Russell, who died a num ber of years ago. She was a de voted mother and was well known for her kindness to others. Surviving are: five daughters, Mrs. C. C. Garren, of Brevard, Mrs. Paul Massie, of Sewill, N. J.; Mrs. Jack Patton, of Canton; Mrs. Ellis Forga, of Hazelwood, and Miss Elsie Russell, of Canton; two sons, Perry, of Canton, and James Rufus, of Waynesville, route 1; two sis ters, Mrs. Will Kerley, of Candler, and Mrs. James Trull, of Canton; 31 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. The Massie Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. When you put a handbag away for awhile, stuff crumpled tissue paper inside to help hold the bag in shape. Wrap the bag in soft unnapped cotton cloth such as old sheeting. If you put the bag away for a season it's a good idea to wrap it in its own box. Girl Preacher at Ten r-Sf-r r W ' WiSjS;! t n.. i i ii i - JJk the age of tea, Hazel Lelghton ot Columbus, G- k a preacher of two years experience. Hazel re ceived her call to preach, "one night while I wa lying in bed," she says, God told mo that I should go oat sad preach the truth to all men." Ifco young preacher's grandfather, Bv. J. M. Lelghton, accompaniea her on her rounds. H has been a Bastist minister for 83 years. (CtralPr) By WILLIAM m- vcuirai PrpR, ... ...mi uavp Ko,,- ., est lummm "u " en,,;! - & n vfra m vayi pnoio or a beantf i a bathinir ni- ?ateo,1 M t " " "Jin can. i sidewalk. 668 The Jap naw. hi. i. of its plane-beari to have committed v,0 " ps' What a boon tn v. i sufferer if soma : would onlv dioonvo. """c extracting i." m and converting ,u , .ttWw thetic rubber a m ' fa. Statistics show that the of lipstick used by American t! men ,n one year would paint Ofc barns a hrie-ht d... , whether nf , ;:i "i,N ous a farm 'S IIibcJ In the offipp t , Jenkins points out, it i8 tP,: gun wno does the firing. COLLEGE DEGREES AT HIGH SCHOOL "CASE OF THE SIXGDil aft.UL,L, , MYSTERY STOR a true, excitinc Hptt Jtive stc: ' 1 disclosing how a murder virtJ who couldn't revpal th travels pretty last , ner Kiner, saved an innocent mi trom the gallows. Look for tt fpnturo in yna Ci 1 . ... uvjdcmuer lata ii sue oi The world these days. For instance, five Union college students have just gotten their diplomas, . Nothing unusual in that, you say. But these college students be gan their college careers under the speed-up war-time plan. The diplomas they are getting are from high schooL The American Weekly The Big Magazine Distribute! With The BALTIMORE SUNDAY AMERICAN On Sale At All NewntamU WANTED -Farm with good house, some bottom land on or near highway. Must be priced right, or w.ill trade good r londa or ange grove and house on lake. H. B. Hughlett, 15th & Crawford, Tampa, Florida. Aug. 27-Sept-3-10-17. FOR SALE Complete sign shop paint sprayer, jig saw, drills, TTenw stock of naint and lumber on hand. Good business for right man. Phone 242-J or write Mr X, Box 373. Aug. 27-Sept-3-10 VCm SALE Complete radio am ateiir outfit. Ideal for anyone ' interested in radio study. Help- . f ul hints for beginners to prof es sinnnlR Comnlete text and ref ference books, 12 volumes. Phone 242-J, or write Mr. X, Bex 373 Aug. 27-Sept 3-10 a TTTrMTTON Ladies with cars TTnugnal opportunity. Local work. Earnings above average. For further information write P. O. Box 262, AftheviUe. Aug. 27-Sept 3. L LARGE Waynesville depart ment store has opening ror sales man, with experience in selling men's clothing, shoes, etc. Per manent position. Write Box koi Sen. 8. Rationing Tha OPA ordered reexamina-1 tion by local boards of all supple-. mental gasoline ration books, par ticularly C books for motorists in 14 designated occupations ana . o books for operators of commercial vehicles. New books will be issued for the amount the operator is firW entitled to. if present cou pons' are found in excess, and de liberate violations of regulations will be prosecuted, the office said. The OPA announced 85,500 new passenger cars will be made avail able for rationing in September with 13,250 in August, but all unused quotas were recalled and no carryovers will be permitted in the future. The quota of 90,000 bicycles for September is the same as for August. All rented standard model type writers manufactured since Janu ary 1, 1935, were ordered returned rpntal acrencies bv September to make them available for purchase and use by the armed forces and ; government departments. Persons eligible to purchase machines under existing OPA regulations are not affected. ! Transportation The office of defense transporta tion issued an order effective im-1 mediately governing tne opeiauun of at least 50,000 automobiles used as taxicabs. The order (1) banned use of taxicabs for "social or rec reational purpose of the driver or operators"; (2) established a na tional taxicab speed limit of 40 miles per hour "or any speed aDove that prescribed by competent pub lic authority"; (3) prohibited use of taxis for making 'commercial deliveries of property"; (4) limit tA t in miles the distance a taxi may be operated beyond the cor porate limits of tne municipally in which the trio originate; (5) banned seeking cab passengers by "cruising"; (6) limited to zo muea tho distance which may be travel ed on any one trip; (7) prohibited vehicles not marked oisuncuy as taxicabs from being operated as such- I I ?T mm ill 1 M m f MARMT niAsma in QUAUTy'FRic -convenience W Trading In; " 1 Ray's Super Market -IS THE- -VERY LARGE VARIETY- Controlling the Cost of Living President Roosevelt said he would announce his new anti-inflation program in a nation-wide ad dress the evening of1 Labor Day, and would send a message to Con gress earlier the same day. ue told his Press conference that frtrt.hcnTriini? stens to control the cost of living will include stabiliz ation of farm prices as well as waees. because neither could be stabilized without the other. He said wage stabilization would be flexible and would not amount to flat freezing of wages and salaries. The President also said the gov ernment is considering one meat less day a week as a plan to be used largely as a means of saving oceanic shipping space for the to tal war effort. He said under the plan American meat could be ship ped to nations in need, and this would make 30 to 40 allied ships available for hauling war neces sities to world-wide theatres of United Nations war activities. Stabilization of Farm Price The office of price administra tion announced it is planning a price ceiling for live hogs and similar action is contemplated soon for cattle., prices. The ceil ing would be worked out in con The Armed Forces The war department raised from 45 to 50 the maximum age at which men "who have character, skills or aptitudes which make their enlistment desirable and who are otherwise qualified" and who have draft board permission may enlislt in the army. They will be assigned to overhead units or in stallations where they will release younger men for general military service, and if fit, they will be used for combat duty, War Secre tary Stimson said. Marine corps enlisted men, as well as navy enlistees, may now apply for flight training to be come naval aviation glider pilots, who act as co-pilots for large transport gliders. During the wopIc. the . 45.000-ton battleship Iowa heaviest vessel ever launch ed in the U. S. the aircraft car rier Independence, the cruiser Bos ton, and two destroyers, the Glen non and Jeffers, were launched. The Red Cross and tne navy jointly announced a new rescue project under which buoyant wa ternroof ban containing emer gency food, water and medical sup plies, cigarettes, etc., will be drop ped bv naw natrol blimps to sea men awaiting rescue, before they are actually picked up Dy rescue vessels. Strategio Materials War Production Chairman Nel- -Offered In- Produce - Meats -And Other- Foods If you are not a regular customer, we invite your visit k Thanks -AMONG OUR- Week-End Sped Delmar sic 2 33 Kraft Packaged Regularly 2 lbs. 5.9c American Cheese 55 Kraft Packaged Regularly 2 lbs. 63c Velveeta Cheese 59' Jane Goode Peanut Butter 39c 1 Lb. Glove Kid Peanut Butter 25( 15c C&B Jellies 28-Oz. Monarch Red Cherry Preserves Special 2 for 27 31 33c Value Only 40-02. Meadow's 33c Value Carolina Syrup 31; KinoWs With Ttpflns bpecidi Chili Con Carne 2 4i! Grapefruit Juice 2j! YOU WILL FIND US -FEATURING -YOUR BEST PLACE TO BUY Lunch Items Swift's Prem Luncheon Meatv 33c 20-Oz. American Beauty Condensed Tomato Juice 3 27e 3 Lb. Can SPRY 75c Value Special OS mm i TT- SftT ljf P ALM OLI VE - - -3 SUPER SUDS large - - KLEK-large OCTAGON SOAV - - 4 OCTAGON TOILET SOAP OCTAGON POWDER - - OCTAGON CLEANSER - for 20( . . 25t . - lit for I9f .-St 5 I OCTAGON GRANULATEDviSi :i J. I .. .: . is - v PLEASING IN QUALITY-FRICENVtN.

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