THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER (One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, SEpf ltl gar Norman and baby, and Mrs. Richard Packett. the birth of a daughter, on Sep tember 9th. birth of a Ho.,ki nesville, route 2, is better. ers and baby, Mrs. Nathan Reece, Mrs. Elmer Hawkins, Mrs. W. W. Morgan, Mrs. John Lee Hill, Miss Lola Mashburn, Mrs. Robert" Sut tenfield, Mrs. Ray Norris, Glenn Cuthbertson. . Mrs. James Robert Plott and baby, Mrs. D. R. Rathbone, Roy Plott, Mrs. Clayton Burnett, Mrs. Zeb Trammell, Mrs. Joe Single ton, Mrs. Harold Haney and baby. Mrs. Lloyd Pharr and baby, Jess Williamson, W. G. Rhymer, Jr., Norris, Mrs. Homer Green, Mrs. L. A. Gilliland, Miss Emmogene Israel, Miss Inez Curies, Lily Whitten burg (colored), Mrs. Edward Davis, Mrs. Roy Nelson and baby, Lee StcMehan, Paul Mitchell, Mrs. Way Ratcliff and baby, Dean Lee, Master Junior Banks, Houston Cullins (colored), J. W., Rickman, Virgie MoClure, Mrs. Bryson Hannah. Miss Freida June Phillips, Mrs. George Rogers and baby, Master Richard Blythe, R. H. Galloway, HOSPITAL NEWS 10th. W. F. Sorrells, of Canton, medi cal case, is resting fairly well. BIRTHS t- , Mr. and Mrs. Way Ratcliff, Of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a son on September 7th. Mr, and Mrs. James Robert Plott, of Waynesville, route 2, announce the birth of a son on September 7th. ; . Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Norman, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a daughter on September 9th. Mr. and f n Cfnton,rouU3,?nL Baby Barbara Jean Rogers, of Cove Creek, medical case, is fairly comfortable. 01 " ngfter on SeD Mrs. Glenn Baker, of Canton, Mr. and Mm medical case, is resting more com fortably J Mrs. Jack Stewart, of Waynes ville, route 1, operative case, is fairly well. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haney, of Waynesville, route 1, announce the birth of a daughter on September 9th. ' ' '.' . Waynesville, route l birth of.l1', DISCHARGED Among those discharged from the Haywood County Hospital during tha nast week were the following: 11th " uu on Mr. and Mrs. Lvnel r Hazelwood, .mou ' a daughter on aZ. i Mrs. Tilda Curtis, Mrs. J. H. Mc- Mrs. William White, Mrs. Wood Memony and baby, Mrs. Paul Rog- row Ledford and baby, Mrs. W. B. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Ledfotd, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Buff, of Mrs. Ralph Leatherwood, Mrs. Ed- of WajmesvUle, routet 2, announce Waynesville, route Z, announce the a daughter on SeptemCity Frank Cooper, of Canton, ope rative case, is resting fairly good. The condition of Mrs. Edward Henson, of Canton, is good. Mrs. Sarah Lee Allen, of Clyde, route 1, operative case, is improving Page 16 Colvie Frizzell, of Canton, route 2, operative case, is resting fairly well. Miss Eunice Turpin, of Canton, operative case, is better. Mrs. Lebo Massie, of Canton, route 2, operative case, is resting more comfortably. Mrs. Homer Thompson, of Can ton, operative case, is better. Mark Smith, of Waynesville, route 2, medical case, is better. Mrs. Joe Mashburn, of Canton, operative case, is improving. Miss Ora Cox Gaskins, of Can ton, route 3, operative case, is better. The condition of Miss Blanche Mann, of Canton, route 2, is good. Miss Marietta Costner, of Can ton, route 2, operative case, is better. Mrs. Noland Pleas, of Canton, operative case, is better, Mrs. G. W. Howell, of Canton, route Inoperative case, is improv ing. ; German Miller, of Canton, route 1, operative case, is better. The condition of J. W. Ledford, of Canton, operative case, is good. Arthur Pardue, of Canton, medi cal case, is resting fairly well. Miss Mildred Robinson, of Way Besville, route 2, medical case, is resting some better. Baby Edwin Chambers, of Can ton, route 1, medical case, is fairly 1 well. : Mrs. George Cochran, of Way- State College Hints To Farm Homemakers By RUTH CURRENT (N. C- State College) Nowadays everyone is interest ed in thrifty meat dishes. Good stew is an old standby and here is how to make it. Allow about 2 pounds of lean raw meat with out bone for a fjood all-meat Btew for 6 persons. For a stew with vegetables, you can use less meat, 'of course, but the more meat you have the more nourishing and tasty will be the stew. To make a good stew first flour and then brown the meat in fat be fore you add water. Brown the vegetables a -few minutes in well flavored fat. Vegetables are at their best when you cook them quickly, so don't add them until the meat is almost, if not quite, tender. It doesn't matter whether the water is cold or hot. Add enough water to cover the meat and sim mer slowly until the meat is ten der. Don't boil. Many cooks like to add a sliced onion for savory flavor. If the stew is not thick enough .by the time the meat is tender, mix 1 Or 2 tablespoonfuls of flour to a smooth paste with a little cold water. To the paste add several spoonfuls of the hot stew and then stir the mixture into the rest of the stew, and cook until smooth and thick- Season to taste with salt and pepper and a little chopped parsley if you have it. Predictions right now are that the plentiful foods during the coming months will be: cereal or grain foods, lamb and mutton, poultry, dairy products, and most fresh vegetables. Foods that will not be plentiful are: sugar, of course, and canned foods, beef, pork and possibly lard. Maybe you will want to serve your family more whole-grain foods, different kinds of breads and' cereals. Study the cooking of Iamb and mutton and the dif erent ways of using cheese, eggs and poultry. It depends on what you do. If you plow you sweat. If you play golf you perspire. Half of the people may not know how the other half lives, but they will Boon be living like them. Count that day lost whose low descending sun finds the war not more nearly won. Simple Susie thinks war bonds 'are preferable to matrimonial bonds. You can get rid of the war m . .. IA. - V I' .. n - t wn fr r .ig.ii.iiTt ,,mm, ,f - rw, -1 ; -s V fannn -IlTWOOMilll I X SAVE ON THESE LOW PRICED SCHOOL DRUGS, TOILETRIES SUNDRIES 1M OMSU V I PIPES WHITES MULTI-V 113 i i n tx Face S Powder U Jtp Me Uqnld SNt die r TsblrU MIS - """JgS-"-"" Bocf(-To-5chbbI ynTK LTTaOAOI! Bmim OarSaie LOWEST ;o weknildaiits O JltUa Oaiw nupxa BTAsiDra It $468 Topgnin (Krwhid HEN'S GLADSTONES , . . Need A New Kodak For School In our Camera Shop we have a leleotioo of the latett Oameraa for eohool ground and campu piotortfl. AT IHZTH'I LOW PRICES 50c SLzo FREE XI I M n1 C WHEN YOU BUT THl V LARGE SIZE $&25 VaKuo ? CD 6 Vitamins For tiL 3 Minerals DOTH JARS rOR NEW ANTISEPTIC S DEODORANT CREAM JiftS STOPS HNOER-ARM PERSPIRATION I 1 TO S PAYS fir SVam SMITH'S DRUG STORE JI tooicn for mootbiy tm.nao bests, do ptoa, cm odoa, no ehaflog ; u Timwtm iog o boom m I ; t Ue4a ocsW M.auavAiSBaa - - kaASStf feet .39 60c Face Powder HCNDSOME HAIR Phillips Magnesia 11 c IMPROVES VDW JrKNMIKf "Wld. OU- for DrJ mJ Ida irAAMi 1 fl , " ' m.MMWW99 mrmw oanoruit MENTHOL-ICEO LATHER CU AlfC and SKIN BRACED For cooler shavw DM till! 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Weat'i N V f TOOTH f I PASTE I J PrvjphvlwHIr S 4f BviatM With Ml ; i !1 HAIR ; Facial D M Tissues r

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