Pag 7 flURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1912 (One Day Nearer Victory) I The Greenville Tobacco Market Opens December 8th High Prices Are Not Only Expect ed To Rule For This Crop, But Also For the 1943 and 1944 Crops. Although, due to favorable hand ling weather, over half of the crop will be ready for market at its open ing, there is no reason to rush to sell and cause to put tobacco on any floor a week to ten days and have it drift in quality as a result of ex posure before sold. Two Daily Sales Pre vent Such Exposure On The Gree n v i l l e The war has caused much shifting of tobacco forces. However, Green ville b e I n g-an ESTABLISHED MARKET, both small and large manufacturers, as heretofore, will be represented, assuring s t r o n g competition on all grades. In this connection, the following is copied from a recent issue of the Southern Tobacco Journal: Multiple Buying "To rmtiira hnvinor ovnoncAQ if fa common Dractice for Companies to place buying orders . . . this is espe cially true on the smaller markets. "Thus a company, instead of incurring the expense of maintaining ITS OWN BUYER on a certain mar ket, places a buying order with a LEAF DEALER who has a buyer at that market. "This buyer bids not only on behalf of his em ployer, but possibly half a dozen other companies. fnr til multifile buvine orders it is probable that many of the smaller markets would cease to operate, and the existing trend toward enmi nation of small markets would be more pronounced. "VievcaA iinnA miiifinr hnv4n? may become an ti V WUUV) ea sww .. , e , , abuse which is hurtful to the interests of the growers by reason of the fact that competition in buying is diminished." Southern Tobacco Journal. Due to war conditions multiple buying during the duration Will IHitfAflCA ffl ih smaller markets and the grower having more than an acre should bear that wet in mind, and if not a too long haul, seu u u ESTABLISHED Market. Ti. o- js emm;nr anA Stnraee Plants are t nc-UIjriMg, " , located at Greenville. Help conserve gas and rubber by selling direct on the Greenville market. Tune in on WWNC 7:30 A. M.-and WNOX at 12:10 for the Tobacco market report. THE GREENEVILLE TOBBACO BOARD OF TRADE THE WAYNESVILLE MOUNTAINEER THE WAYNE MURDER CASE By AR THUR HOERL "I suppose you're tryin4 to hint that me bein a Bailor did the tying. Well, you're crazy!" Dale appeared to disregard Boulter's words. He turned to Wilfred Sands as thought he sud denly remembered something. ; "Now I understand what that warning note meant! 'You next!' This murder was already done and Miss Gloria is spotted as the next victim. Lo you think you'd better tell Jardin to stick close to her?' "That's not a bad thought, Dale." His next words were whispered to Captain Blake, who left the room. "Come on, what've you got to say about me tying that knot?" asked Boulter almost belligerently. "Sav are voti the onlv sailor in te World? All I said was that it that it took a sailor to tie and untie file like that." "If you fellows wasn't so busy trvinir to find out who killed the ilil man you'd have, the right one oc'ke:i iij-'long ' ago," "Whom do you suggest?" asked Sands, "Siiire-est? I know. It couldn't he anybody else except that young Bob Wayne, I heard what went on this afternoon. The girl's room is right next to the one old Wayne nut us in. Earlv this afternoon that fellow Claude comes into the room and starts makin' love to her From what they said he must've been niakin' a habit of it. Any way, pretty soon I hear Bob Wavne co into the room. There was a terrible argument between the two lads. I heard Bob say that he'd kill Claude if he ever put a hand to the girl again. Uaude then said something I didn't catch, but it made the older youngster mad enough to kick Claude right put of the room. There was so much commotion that the old man heard it and came Out of the library. Then him and Bob had a row. That's when he told Bob what he was going to get in his will. What he told the old man then was plenty. I guess he would've liked to make it stronger only Gloria was present. Anyway, he did say that any man ought to be dead be fore he did a thing like that. The old man laughed with that crazy laugh of his and told the boy that he would have the girl even after he was dead. "There's the whole thing open an' shut like a log book. What could be plainer than that Bob Wavne kills the uncle first before he can sign that paper and then, to get even with his cousin, makes a complete job of it? "Sounds plausible, doesn't it, chief?" queried Dale. Sands made no reply. Dale turn ed to Boulter again. "That bein er the case tell us how Bob Wayne killed his uncle." "Sav.. vou'll have to figure that out for yourself. I just give you the facts. You're detectives, you ought to know how it was done." "Whv not get Bob Wayne up here and question him, chief?" Sands nodded. He remained in the library while Dale descended fho Rtnirs with Boulter. He re turned with Robert Wayne and Captain Blake, Under questioning Robert Wayne confirmed every thing that Boulter had told. In omo Snatnnopa ht even went furth er as to detail, but none of it shed mi, mnn liht on the subject than Rn.iHAr'si recital had. Finally Rob ert was dismissed and Sands, Blake or, n-jio vLprp left alone. How do vou figure it, Cap- tini' asked Sands wnen tney lrnnur Wnvne was out of earshot "Well, there was a lot of trutn to Boulter's story, and you see ,.,inr Wvne confirmed it in every toii TTe certainly had plenty of reason to get rid of the old man. Having gone that Jar ne ..AkoKiv ficmrpd he mieht lust as well get his revenge on Claude "But what about the warning NOTICE OF SERVICE OF SUM MONS BY rUHIL-UAiiuw txt TTTW RTTPrRTflP COURT criTE np NORTH CAROLINA, : J - COUNTY OF HAYWUOU- TOWN OF WAYNESVILL-E . Vs. W. C. WRIGHT, HUBERT GAD nv FT AT.S. Tt. ofpnHantii W. C. Wright, Hugh Clark, Artherine Brooks Clark, Buddy Wright, Mrs. uuaoy Wright and William Wright will Li.. ,;. tViat sn action entitled uine uvvivc - t as above has been commenced in the Superior Court ol uaywooo. c.ntv North Carolina to fore- i close tax and special assessment liens, and said defendants will iur ther take notice that they are re at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County in the court House in Waynesville, N. C, within thirty days after the 10th day of Decem ber, 1942, and answer ana aemur to the complaint in saia action, or !u. niainrift" will airolv to the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. ... This November vtn, C. H. LEATHEEWOOD. riprW Superior Court. Gloria received. He surely would-' r.t attempt to harm her." "Nothinar'a hannened to. her. has it? He might have figured itwas a clever way to divert suspicion from him." Did, what's vour idea? Come to any conclusion about it yet?" "There are still a couple or very vague points. I have a theory but I'd rather have it confirmed by learning a few more important things before I expound it. And how do you figure it. chieiT Personally. I'm inclined to fol low the way you led, Pale. You called the turn on Stephen Boulter, That business with the knot" was nretty conclusive to me, I m pret ty sure Boulter is the man. But nven if we were sure who it was the difficult job is to prove it." "When we're sure of the guilty one I think it's going to be very easy to prove it so easy, in fact, at the culprit won't even deny the guilt." "That's very optimistic, Dale." "No. It's like that. The guilty one will be so surprised that you have discovered how the crime was "omniitteed that there will not even be a thought of denial.' At that moment there came from below the sound of a heavy crash is though Rome huge piece or lur nitnre had been overturned. The three men were downstairs before the commotion had ceased When they burst into the living room it was still shrouded in dark ness. Finally light flooded the -"om. Jardin stood at the switcn. Mr. Sheen and Dr. Bailey were on the lounge, Robert Wayne stood in the center of the room. Sarah Boulter, was clinging in ter ror to her husband in a far corner of the room. Gloria was not in sight " '.-' v': A slight groan was heard and a movement behind the lounge. Rob ert Wayne sprang quickly to it and as Miss Sheen and Dr. Bailey stood up young Wayne frantically pulled the lounge aside. On the floor behind it lay Gloria, a gag in her mouth which she was weak ly trying to loosen and Btuck in the floor beside her was a kmie "That'll the same knife that kill ed Silas Wayne!" Captain Blake spoke the words in a low tone to the district attorney. , (To Be Continued) Officers Teachers Are Named At Long's Chapel Next Sunday in the Long's Chap el Methodist church, Lake Juna- luska, at the it o'clock worship there will be a service ol conse cration for the newly appointed of ficers and teachers of the church school. In this service which will come before the sermon, the pray a nf consecration will be given by Dr. R. E. Stackhouse, the charge to the teachers by Superintendent X the church school, R. H. Terrell, and the Scripture Reading by Rev. Miles McLean, pastor. TVio officers and teachers who have recently been appointed for the coming year are as iouows. Beginners department, Bliss aara Long and Mrs. Ed Baiienger, pri mrv Mrs. Tt. H. Terrell, Mrs Robert Jones, Mrs. Kobert iui hiiirht. and Mrs. J. B. Soesbee, sub stitutes! Junior. Miss Edith Long, Mrs. Mary Williams, Mrs. James Kirkpatrick, and Mrs. Lewis liur ress; intermediate, Mrs. Hugh No land and Miss Lucile Medford; substitutes: young people, Mrs. H. G, Hardin and Mrs. Miles Mckean; young adult class, M'ss Pearl John, son; women's class, Miss Minnie Willis; men's class, T. J. rincner and Dr. R. E. Stackhouse; home department, Miss Willis. The three assistant superintendents are Mrs. Gracie Medford, of children's di vision, Mrs. Jerry Liner, of the young people's divisiiori, and Mrs. R P.. Lone. -of adult division, osc- retary of church school, Mrs. W. P, Leathi?rwood; treasurer of church school, Carroll MeCrackon. Local Rationing Board Grants 24 Applications In their reviewing of the appli cations made to them during the nant week, the local rationing board took favorable action on twenty-four which included the following: George Smith, Waynesville, route 2, defense worker, 1 passen ger recap; W. L. Bradshaw, Clyde, rnntA 1. farm use. 1 nassencrer re cap; Rudolph Frank, Waynesville, supervisor of defense plant, passenger recaps; Mark Howell, Waynesville, route 2, farm pro ducer, 1 passenger recap. Walter Hawkins, Waynesvwe, route 1, hauling farm products and fuel wood, 2 truck tires (obsolete) ; T. L. Blalock, Hazelwood, mining operation, 2 passenger tires; M. B. Reeves, Clyde, route 1, hauling dairy and farm products to mar ket, 1 truck .tire; M. C. Wyatt, Waynesville, route 1, mining op eration, 1 truck tire. J. G. Reeves, Waynesville, de fense worker, 2 passenger recaps; Underwood Lumber Company, Waynesville, hauling forest pro ducts ami lime. 2 truck tires and 2 truck tubes; John Moody, Way nesville, route 1, transportation ol defense.' workers. 2 passenger re caps; Miss Mary Margaret Smith, Waynesville, home demonstration agent, 1 passenger tube. Grace Lumber Mills, Waynes ville, lumbering operation, 2 truck recaps; George Brown buppiy, Wavnesville. farm supplies and fertilizer, 1 truck recap; C. F. Muse, Hazelwood, Ruling fuel, & truck recaps; Johnnie Messer, Ha- eelwood, hauling fuel, 1 passenger recap. G. Z. Shoaf, Waynesvflle, com mon carrier, 1 truck recap; Mrs. Earle Justice, Clyde, route 1, farm hauler, 2 passenger recaps; Homer Trantham, Clyde, route 1, farm products, 1 passenger recap; J. I Frady, Waynesville, route 1, min senger tires (obsolete); Mrs. W. ing operation and fanning, 2 pas ley Vrabel, Waynesville, visiting health department nurse, 1 pas senger recap; Max Wilson, Way nesville, supervision defense in dustry, 2 passenger recaps; Wiley Galloway, Waynesville, lumbering operation, 2 passenger tires and 1 passenger tube; Howell Free man, Waynesville, taxi service, 2 truck recaps. When t.x-nftvine time arrives next Snrinc the averasre American will be inclined to agree neanuy with General Sherman. HAS OPERATION Captain Thelma Colton is im proving at the Pisgah Hospital following an operation for appen dicitis. Captain Colton is connect ed with the Salvation Army here. BUS At the very first sniffle, sneeze, or any sign of a cold Just try a few drops of Ta trf-ml 11 rv Aunt Vinurrll Tf ' used in time, Va-tro-nors quick action neips prevent many corns irom aevei oplng.... 4 ntt remember this, when a head cold makes you mlserable.or tran sient congestion "Alls up" nose and spoils sleep-3-purpoa Va-tro-nol does three Important things. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2) relieves irritation, (3) helps L.-V clear clogged nasal &jT A f assagea. Enjoy C JJ he relfi'f it brings. VIC ICS Follow directions ... uai in folder. VATRO flOl Honor Roll For Maggie Announced The following students of the Maggie school attained the October honor roll, according to Morvai Rogers, principal. First erade: Bctt' C. kocKman, Billy Rogers, Kyle Sutton, Erma McGaha, Billy Joe Bradley, wu linm Mondv and Sarituel Buff. Second grade: Neil Howell, Myrtle Miller, Benny LowdermiiK, and rlntide Caldwell. Third grade: Eva Joe Mehaffey, and Jane Pheeps. Fourth grade: Carol Lowder Fifth grade: Marian Lowder- milk, Hettte Sutton and oames Sixth grade: Bobby Bradley, Lee Finger, Dorothy Caldwell and w rena Ball. COM it drive i 9wm ....tsk covet i " - tue gflAik favorite With men lo the Army, Navy. M.rine. and Coait Guard, the favorite cigarette i Camel. (Bated on actual sales records JoPottExchangeiandCanteeni.) GIVE ME T.AMELS EVERy TIME. THEWS GOT WHAT I WANT- MILONESS ANP FLAVOR APLENTY COSTLIER TOBACCOS Yin "KTr" -7. . . ' : . .. . - . I I . "... "" "..' . .' ' '., '.","' ELMER'S pop-eyed surpriae is per fecdy naruraL Twinsl An unexpected double order ol happiness from heaven! A lot of other folks are being pleas andf surprised these days to discover that they're getting a double order ot electric service, too. Actually, the average American home enjoys firic an mch electricity 1 for its money as It did 10 to 15 years go. Perhaps you haven't realixed this in your own home because you 1 kept adding new appliances and using more electricity all the time the rates were coming down. But that's the kind of. bargain in hich America leads the world. It is nade possible by the experienced men nd women of your electric company - and by practical business manage, iient under public regulation. This la the American system el free enterprise) at work. This la prime part of what we're fighting for tod. It has lifted power production ar. munitions production to tremendoi heights. It will help win the war ar nrich the peace. CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY No. 1254 Nov. 12-19-26-Dec 8.

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