The Waynes viLLE Mountaineer f.V Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park EIGHTH YEAR NO. 49 24 Pagel WAYNESVILLE, N. G, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1942 (One Day Nearer Victory) $1.75 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties fuifl nn mm mi o) Season nrPS Prenarinff Jocks For Big lopping Spree 'lost Of Stores Displaying W Practical Gifts For 11 Members Of family. opens the formal Christ . popping season in the corn et. This issue of The Moun- keer snows wic l. that may be bought this I, ;n he vicinity. kge a number of persons have tody made an early start on hoDDinir lists, as nunuxeus knj went uui nuiu Ben overseas and in army camps rime ago, few have as yet f. much headway on their shop- . ... 5 for friends ana family nere "shops are beginning to take Jie festive atmospnere 01 unnst- Sfllh Ineir cuiuriiu uecuiiuuua I gifts, which are arriving daily. Chile gift may take a more ii'jrian turn this season than in hier years due to war condi i, it is generally conceded that buying will be on a par witn to vears. kj this week the stores have k irranging windows with the Jietide decorations as a back Lid for the attractive array of h that will be offered for sale tmpt the Christmas shoppers. Staging Opening pice Station Jobbed Friday t service station of Leather nd James, in East Waynes was entered sometime Friday lit, and the owners estimated Jojt 50 in merchandise was (V f trance was made through a window, and the stock stolen isistfd of anti-freeze, automo- iccessones including some in tobes and some pieces of office rment. fiis is the second time the sta s bren robbed in the Dast airr.ns. r '1 J7 I ii J. C. JENNINGS, manager of eel K-Hudson Company, announces in 12 pages in the second section of this newspaper today, the for mal openig this morning of the recently modernized and enlarged store. Photo by SherruTs Studio. T, Crockett Is ounded Overseas k and Mrs. S. R Crockett were M:d Saturday by the war de- fnent that their son, Home Tay- uocKett, a machine gunner in jray, was wounded on Novem- 'th. His wounds wer deiwrih. slight. 'S parents were aAviaoA N be informed as to their son's Ption as news comes in from I M the A'lnntm Fng Crockett entered the ser- April of this year, and was wed at Fort Jackson. He was r 8nt to Camn WVioolo, lnj i'rtwe to Scotland the iatter 01 the summer. Mr. Crockett is nastor of aaieiwobd Prssbyterian church. W. 1. McCracken and her Mrs, Rufus Long, of ...'Lake k,' of Canton, have - irom a visit to relatives Wvama. r n. ', yo 1 by Mrs' Carl Hagan 1.;, . , wiiu Will t ah extended visit with her ken. Mrs. W.: L. Mc- License Tags On Sale At Western Auto Store Here The war-time state license tags went on sale at the Western Auto Store here Tuesday morninir. and will be available there every week day from nine until five, J. C. Galusha, manager of the firm announced. As the tags for the Coming year went on sale, the state announced there would not be any extension of time, and all motor vehicles on the highway on and after January hrst would be required to have a new tag. Mr. Galusha urged mo torists to get their tags early, and avoid the usual last minute rush.: ''.:'.'. No 1943 tag can be issued with out the 1942 pocket card. There are no exceptions to this rule, it was explained. Motorists use the same license numbers as they now have on the car, and only get a small tab to fasten over the '42 on rear tag only. Tags for all passenger cars, taxis, and trucks used by private and contract hauling up to two ton capacity can get tags at the Western Auto Store. Town Improving Financial Stand ing, Says Morgan City Attorney Tells Rotar ians That Progressive Strides Made In Paying Off Debt. J. R. Morgan explained to Ro tarians here Friday the progress that had been made during the past few years in reducing the in debtedness of the Town of Waynes- vuie. The attorney for the town ex plained that through a refinancing plan, the town was saving $3,775 a year in interest on the debt, and nad reduced the principle by $67, 000 in four years. "The single greatest Droblem for all the administrations of the town has been debt." he explained, "Under the present system, the problem is being overcome, and much progress is being made. The tax rate has been reduced from 11.70 to f 1.60 per hundred valua tion, because of the improvement in the debt situation of the muni cipality. The speaker urged that citizens of the community take a keen interest in the affairs of the town, and that the mayor and aldermen were interested in the financial standing, the growing and moral phase of the community, and would welcome any suggestons at any time on any of these matters. Edgar A. Willamson was taken in as a new member. Mr. Anderson, of the American Hereford Association, made a few brief remarks about the sale of purebred Hereto rds at Clyde. Claus Jitters To f Published Tie Mountaineer r "sam this jo Sanfa Claus from State Guard Has Ten Vacancies In Ranks To Be Filled There are ten vacancies in the local unit of the State Guard and the officers are very anxious to have some new recruits, it was learned this week. The local unit has from time to time had the required number of members, but as a large num ber have joined the armed forces there are some vacancies at pres ent. Sergeant Robert Gibson started Citizens Urged To Cast Votes For COf C. Directors Citizens of the community are urged to cast their votes on Sat urdays for the election of the eight new directors of the Waynes ville Chamber of Commerce, to be chosen from the 34 nominees on- nounced last week. Four directors from the board of 1942 will be held over to serve on the 1943 board. "It is very important that the citizens make known their wishes on Saturday as to those best fitted to serve the Chamber of Com merce during the coming year. We all know there wil be a new prob lem facing the community and it is vital that the directors be given Rstrong support for the coming year," said Paul N. Davis, retir ing president of the group who (Continued on page 6) 30 Head of Herefcrds Bought By Local Men Eighty-one head of cattle were sold at the consignment sala spon sored by the Amercan Hereford Association, which was held last Saturday afternoon at the Haywood Mutual Stockyards in Clyde. It was the first sale of its kind ever sponsored in this area. B. O. Anderson, secretary of the American Hereford Association pronounced the sale a great success and stated that he would recom mend to his association that a sim ilar sale be held again in this section. It was reported that around 1,000 persons saw the cattle, many of them going down ahead of time, while others attended the sale which started at 12 o'clock noon Saturday. The 81 head of purebred brought a total of $20,165, which made an average of $323 per head for the sale... The animal bringing the top price was a bull from the C. A. (Continued on page 6) Rev. and Mrs. Ham met t Return From Visit To Points In South Carolina Rev, and Mrs. H. G. Hammett have returned to town after spend ing seviral days in Sauth Carolina. Rev. Mr. Hammett first went to Great Falls, wh; re he participated in the ordination services for the Rev. Ralph Lattimore, a senior at a course in first aid on Tuesday ;Furman University. night, which is to be taught to During their stay in South Car the local unit. Mr. Gibson had lolina, the Hammetts were also the assisting him Mrs. M. G. Stamey, 'guests of rdatives and friends in who gave an illustrated lecture ! Spartanburg and Gaffney, as well initiating the group into the work. ! as in Great Falls. January Draft Call Largest Yet; Totals 115 Men One hundred and fifteen men have been ordered to report for examinations under the selective serve from this area during the month of January, it was learned here this weik from the draft board. The order calls for 15 negroes in the group. The latter are sched uled to leave Waynesville on Jan uary 18th, for Fort Bragg. The 100 white men are ordered to report to Camp Croft for ex amination on January 14th. This is the largest order yet to be received by the local draft board for men from this area. The board has been notified to expect an in crease in the number called during the coming year. December Quota Under Selective System Leave 15th The local draft board has an nounced the names of seventy-six men who will leave here on the 15th of this month in the Decem ber call under the selective service system, Thtre will probably be others after applicants for volun tary induction have been examined, it was learned from the clerk of the board. The list at present is as fol lows; Lewis Earl Patton, Arthur Green, Isom Sutton, Luke Alvin Swanger, Gilmer' Jones Seizor, Hardt Callison Sanford, John D. Sutton, Garfield Grooms,; James Robert Wright, Harry Fain Mc Cracken,- Berlin Coman Hayncs, Charles Ray Pressley. Thodore Roosevelt Moore, Jesse Lee Aiken, Claude Ervin Smathers, Reeves Ledford, Walter Houston Plemmons, Claude Pressley, Troy James Stevenson, Carl David Moon- ey, Verner Frank London, Charles D. Lance, Glenn Waites Cuthbert son, Wilburn franklin Kirpatrick, Johnnie Mack Fish, Horace Eu gene Messer. Elford Sutton, Glenn Zackrine Clark, James Paul Phillips, Walk er Lee Chambers, William Glenn Hoxit, Robert Edward Potts, Jake Messer, Wilburn Alexander Camp bell, Floyd Jenkins, William Harry Rabb, Lewis White Brewer, Law rence D. Leatherwood, William Clyde Owens. Hugh J. Caldwell, James Robert Boyd, Jr., Jack Woodrow Arring- ton, David Dee Green, Charles. D. Ketner, Woodrow Clarence Camp bell, Glenn Robert Painter, Carl Franklin Messer, Billie Lee Potts, Charlie Arthu Greson, Victor Cur tis Nobeck, Fred Owen. Jerry Jar- viH Price, William Hubert Goodson. William Edward Johnson, J. R. Palmer, Joseph Houston Leather wood, Robert Gudger Palmer, Homer Owen, Dewitt Talmadge Rathnone, George MeClain Shee- han, Jamen Edward Hendrix, Foch Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt Grant, Thomas A. Wood, Willie Ray Tate, Ralph Hannah. John Lewis Moody, James Eras- tus Howell, Rufus McGaha, George Frank Scates, Rubin Jay Kirkpat rick, James Thomas Reeves, James Robert Thomas, Jr., Robert Lee Jolly, Frank Cochran, and Berln Arvine Conard. Wins DAR Award $140,826 Invested In Bonds Here During November County Bond Committee Meets Tuesday In Canton To Map Plans For Decem ber Drive. Haywood citizens invested more in war bonds during November than at any time since the war, accord ing to the report made yesterday by Charlie Ray, county chairman. November purchases exceeded all previous records by $4,000 as sales totaled $140,836.60. This is mora than $41,000 above the quota for the month. The sale of E bonds led all oth ers, with a total of $105,112.50, with G bonds totaling $34,900 and F bonds $814. Issuing agents in the county made sales of E bonds as follows for the month; Haywood Bank, Canton $42,131.25 Haywood Bank, Clyde 666.25 Canton post office ...., 3,712.60 Canton B & Loan ... '4,493.75 Lake post office ...... 843.75 Waynesville post office 6,937.60 First National Bank 22,181.25 MISS MARY ELLEN BOONE, Haywood B. & Loan- 21,243.75 who has been chosen by the Way Carolina Power .. 187.60 nesville township high school fac- Waynesville National Farm Loan .. 2.875.0O ..$14,400.00 - 20,000.00 M 600.00 Three Youthful Muskateers ?: " V' , :-: - .. w Y ' ' HP ulty and students to represent the Dorcas Bell Love Chanter of the Daughters of the American Revo- Total E Bonds u............$105,112.60 lution and the school in the an- Sale of G Bonds: nual Citizenship contest staged by Haywood Bank the North Carolina State Society Canton B. & Loan of the DAR. Photo by Sherrill'a First National Bank Studio, . I T-nl n - . OJ AIA AA Mary JUien ISOOne The Haywood Bank at Clyd m i-. . v . n sold $814 in F bonds for th sal io ne present uji mg the month. . j TT I ry i i Jonathan Woody, president, of And iilgll oCllOOl the Fir8t National, pointed oat hi Marv Ellen Boone, senior, has weeks that the bank secretary was been chosen by the faculty and stu- oil vacation, all requests for bond dents of the local high school to were sent to the Haywood Buildin represent the Dorcas Bell Love and Loan office. chapter of the Dausrhtera of the The auota for December has been American Revolution in the annual et at $79,400, due to the with- State Pilgrimage contest. The drawal of P and G war bond of- students selected three girls and lerngs to the general public, Mr. from that list the faculty makes Ry Since the F and G bonds the final decision. represented over $35,000 in Nc- The local winners throughout vember, it means additional efforts the state compile a scrapbook of will have to be put on E bonds to their four years activities in high reach the quota he explained, school and the same neriod in their In preparation to keep Haywood church and community activities. 100 with the quota, or better, The winner in the state contest is the general county bond commit- given a five days trip to the an- teei composed of men and women nual Congress oi-the DAR. The irom every section oi me couniy, award is a coveted high school wl11 meet Tuesday night at the honor throughout the United Canton Y for a supper meeting as States, as one girl is chosen from guests of the Champion Paper and each state in the union. r ibre Company. Sam M. Bobin- Miss Boone has been outstand- so", associate county chairman, is (Continued on page 6) in charge of the program for the meeung. All members of the committee and several invited guests are ex pected to make about 60 present lor the meeting. True Bill Returned Against Franklin For Death Of Henry Winchester, As Court Clears Many Cases From Docket mau ineir . 1 e 1 1 e r a nnhlinho L Kt them in at once, hrlv J.7 au mes are With a full docket the November tprm of superior crimnal couprt convened here on Monday morning, later than first scheduled. Judge F. Donald Phillips, of Rock ingham, is prfsiding. VV.nne ine week will be a busy one, aue iu uie crowding of two weeks into one, court attaches yesterday were of the opinion that adjournment would be possible on Friday. The grand jury returned a true bill of indictment of murder in first degree in the case of Napolean Bonaparte Franklin, wno is al leged to have fatally shot Henry Winchester at the home of the former's in Hazelwood during the late summer. Charlie Carroll, charged with as sault, who was alleged to have shot Steve Cathey, the shooting having taken place about 2 years ago, was sentenced to state s prson from 8 to 10 years. On the opening day, five divorces as follows were granted: Ruby Carter from Alfred Carter, Frank Ratcliff" from Lorena M. Ratcliff, Dill Moore from Alice Moore, Bertha May Cook Morgan from Harley D. Morgan, Reba Gibson from J. T. Gibson. Other casts disposed of during the first part of the week were: William David Price for abandon ment was order to pay wife $15 per week, v . '. Kelly Anderson for driving drunk was fined f 50 and the cost, with license revoked for one year. Richard Setzer, charged with Forgery, was sentenced to from (Continued on page 6) r h Surgical Dressings Work Praised By Visiting Officials $9,000,000,000 The local Red Cross sureical Vicf rtrV Rnnrl Sfllo dressings rooms had two visitors . . J '.Pv.-V. from headquarters during the past feet X Or December tion tour of sugical dressings' The Government is offering for f'""'" ""c "" .. mwhb in saie ?3,uuo,oou,ooo worth of bonds tnis area. during the month of December. The visitors were: Mrs. Cath- There will be no more issued until h owari, neia . represents- the first of February. This is the in una Hcciion 01 me Ked cross, (largest bond issue ever put out by any government The treasury department has an nounced that commencing Decem ber 1, the Series F and Series O War Saving Bonds will no longer be Triplets, ties ding irrm lef to right), Roy, Ralph and Ray Sing leton, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Singleton, of Dix's Creek, who were seven years old on November 18th, are starting early to answer the call of their country. They are members of the first grade of the Bethel school and took a big hand in the collection of scrap in the recent salvage campaign. Photo by Sherrill's Studio. and Miss de Graffenreid Wooley, surgical dressing consultant of the Eastern area of the National Red Cross headquarters, of Alexandria, Both ofRcals expressed them selves as being well pleased with the high standard of the work be ing done in the local rooms. Thev also commended the equipment of tne rooms and the work in general, which is under the supervision of (Continued on page 6) WPA May Expand Nursery School service Here The WPA is making tentative plans to expand the nursery school program in this area. There is a possibility that a nyrsery school for children between the ages of two and five years of working mothers and of those in the service may be opened here, it was learned this week from Mrs. Sam Queen. county welfare officer. Day care centers are being opened where there are sufficient number of children of the ages Date specined. Any person in the com- Nov. 27 munity who would be interested Nov. 28 in such a program is asked to Nov. 29 contact either Mrs. Queen at the Nov. 30 welfare offi-e or Mrs. D. D. Allev Dec. 1 at the U. S. reemployment office. Dec. 2 identified as War Bonds, but will be known as United States Savings Bonds Series F and Series G. it was learned this week from Jon athan Woody, president of the ."First National Bank. The terms of the United States Savings Bonds Series F and Series G will be identical in all respects with the former Series F and Series G War Savings Bonds. The United States Savings Bonds Series F are issued at a discount and are redeem able, at option of the owner, at in creasing fixed redemption values. The increase in value represents the return. They mature 12 years from date issued. United States Savings Bonds Series G are known as current in- (Continued on page 6) WEATHER The following is the official weather report for Waynesville, as recorded by The Mountaineer: Max 69 42 65 6: .6: Min 20 14 18 89 82 26 Precip .00 J)0 23 .03 uo .00

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