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(One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, JANUARY 21,
Pace 8
1 1
On The Tar Heel Front
By Robert A. Erwin and Frances McKusick
Washington. Expressions of
brotherly love made by Republican
lawmakers when the new Congress
convened have gradually gone
glimmering in a wave of criticism
against the government from the
GOP sides of the Senate and House
of Representatives.
Some of them seem to have for
gotten the goal they set for them
selves, to help win the war as
quickly as possible.
The primary function of the 78th
Congress is to successfully prose
cute the war. It behooves us all,
regardless of party affiliations, to
remember that.
One of the most interesting
events on the Tar Heel congres
sional calendar of late was the
luncheon given by Representative
Herbert C. Bonner of Little Wash
ington in the Speaker's dining
room in the Capitol.
The entire delegation, minus
Senator Josiah Bailey, who was out
of town, dined on Currituck coun
ty duck and the epicurians pres
ents assert it was very fine duck
indeed, of the kind that melts in
the mouth, and makes you hint not
so softly for more.
Apart from the menu, which
couldn't be excelled, the good old
American sense of humor, North
Carolina brand, prevaded the af
fair as Senator Robert R. Reynolds
and Representative Cameron M.
(Cam) Morrison, of Charlotte,
whom Reynolds unseated from the
Senate in 1932, met for the first
time since Morrison was seated as
Congressman from the new Tenth
traorJinary, probably would be
greatly surprised if he knew how
true his old axiom that "you don't
have to do anything but pay taxes
and die" is turning out to be.
This year more than ever before
in the history of the United States,
people will have to pay taxes.
Every man and woman is wonder
ing how much and when, he or
she will pay.
Our own Farmer Bob Doughton
who is chairman of the Ways and
Means committee which has as its
duty figuring out your taxes and
mine, predicts that at least one
fourth of our income in 1943 will
go back to the government In
simple arithmetic, this means that
a little more than one week's sal
ary out of every month must go
to Uncle Sam. And this figuring
is done without counting the pur
chase of defense bonds.
Whether or not it will be a pay-as-you
go plan is a matter of pure
speculation. But Farmer Bob def
initely does not believe in cancel
ling last year's taxes, and as far
as we can discover, neither does
any other member of our delega
tion. They simply don't think it's
good economics.
Of one thing, however, we can
be sure: the request for appropri-
ati'ins of the various agencies, both
in war and peacetime work, will be
very carefully scrutinized this
Will Rogers, the late Oklahoma
humorist, actor and Democrat ex-
Having qualified as Administra
tor of the estate of Andy Hubert
Caldwell, deceased, late of Haywood
County, North Carolina, this is U
notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceas
ed to exhibit them to the under
signed at Waynesville, North Caro
lina, on or before the 7th day of
January, 1944 or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate pay
ment. This the 7th day of January, 1943.
Administrator of the Estate of
Andy Hubert Caldwell, deceased.
No. 1262 Jan. 7-14-21-28 Feb. 4-11
Time to Cook with Gas
the Perfect Ful
Economical Clean Quick
Easotane Metered Service
City oa convenience installed anyftHfl
Brading Gas Service p
The argument used by the for
merly non-rationed states that
their residents would conserve rub
ber and gasoline by restricting
their own driving without benefit
of ration cards seems to have been
exploded by facts uncovered
through a recent investigation of
the Public Roads Administration
of the Federal Works Agency.
PR A reports that rural traffic in
16 mileage-rationing states drop
ped 41 per cent in one year, where
as the decrease in 25 unrationing
states was only about half as much.
North Carolina s rural driving
dropped 44 per cent during the
Five hundred "electric eye"
traffic counters in 41 states were
utilized in making the count.
Twenty-eight per cent fewer
passenger cars but nearly 2 per
cent more trucks and busses paid
tolls during November at 21 toll
facilities in the rationed zone from
Main to Florida.
The indicated decline in passen
ger cars at 42 drawbridges in
eastern North Carolina was 36 per
cent, compared with 1 per cent for
trucks and busses.
In the unrationed area, on the
other hand, less than 2 per cent
fewer passenger cars compares
with 6 per cent fewer trucks and
busses on 65 toll facilities.
Feel Relieved Antra I
Send us your Holiday WWllllCll
Cleaning for quick and namC
expert service. wlwCcllwl O
Our methods are guar
anteed to satisfy. No w ,
. . . Main Street
stain, no odor.
You'll be surprised at
our low economical prices PIlOne 113
Legal Blanks
We Have Them!
Chattel Mortgages
Warranty Deeds
Deed Of Trust
State Warrants
Claim-Delivery Proceedings
No Trespassing Signs
No Hunting Signs
Ejection Blanks
Transcript Of Judgment
Civil Summons
The Mountaineer
"Quality Offlct 8sppiW
New Congress,
GOP, Demos Alike,
More War-Minded
Central Press Columnist
WASHINGTON Congress gets
into action for 1943-1944 with a
Republican membership that's al
most more pro-war than the Demo
crats under whose auspices we en
tered the conflict.
At any rat, the G. 0. P. legis
lators are more vociferous. The
Democrats, as a matter of fact, did
take us in. It's obvious that they
did so, so they don't have to be
constantly proclaiming it. The Re
publicans' stunt is to emphasize the
id; a that nobody's quite so deter
mined to lick the whey out of the
Axis as they are. That calls for
The G. O. P. does not accuse the
Demos of disloyalty. Nobody
would believe it, because, among
other things, it would be intrinsic
ally inconsistent.
What the Republicans contend is
that Democrat methods are bun
gling the job of Uncle Sam's par
ticipation in the strife to an ex
tent that is seriously discounting
the value of our share in it.
The situation somewhat lends it
self to the Republicans' line of reasoning.
G. O. P. Position
They particularly want to adver
tise themsleves as all out for ex
termination of the Axis. I have
no doubt that this is true. Par
tisanly speaking, though, it is an
effective rebuttal to the indictment
that they art, or ever were, isola
At the same time, their policy
is to prejudice the voters against
economic New Dealerism.
These two spiels co-ordinate pret
ty satisfactorily.
We are all dead set on a 100 per
cent United Nations victory. I
don't think the G. 0. P. is in the
least suspected of insincerity on
that issue.
Simultaneously, though, its ob
ject is to punch as many holes as
it can through New Deal econom
ics. And the Republican theory
is that New Deal bureaucracy is
just the thing that is crimping our
war activity. New Dealerism, the
G. O. P. spokesmen say, is not un
patrioticbut just plain fat-head-edness.
The former howl would not pass'
muster. The latter one is open to
If the Democrats stood pat. on
the claim that their economic pro
gram is okay, they would be on
solider ground.
But, as we all know, there are
Democrats to burn who agree eco
nomically, with adverse critics of
their own party. No Republican
finds fiercer fault with the Demo
cratic administration than a few
Democrats, like Senator Harry
Byrd and Millard Tydings.
There is criticism, nods Senator
Navy's New Flying Ambulance'
r ;
Allen's Creek News
Sailie Conner
Jonathan Creek
Ppv. Sarrett and Rev. Tysinger,
. rti i L.ll , n a KfVHVL Mm a. I -
oi Uiyoe, neia , mi . ui uujuuu ana Mrs T,
Brancn on ouiiuay.
kef"" - I
The defendant above named will
take notice that an action entitled
as above has been commenced in
the Superior Court of Haywood
County, North Carolina, for the
purpose of securing a divorce on
the ground of two years separa
tion; and the said defendant will
further take notice that he is re
quired to appear on or before the
15th day of February, 1943, at
the Court House in Waynesville, N.
C, and answer or demur to the
complaint in said action, or the
plaintiff will apply to the court for
the relief demanded in said complaint.
This the 22nd day of December.
Clerk of Superior Court, Haywood
County, N. C.
No. 1265 Dec. 31-Jan. 7-14-21.
As "injured" flier la given speedy treatment by one of the flying
doctors of the Corpus Christi, Tex., Naval Air Station, before being
taken to the base hospital in one of the Nsvy's "Flying Ambulances.
The speedy, small, specially equipped planes are able to land and take
if tn limited spaces. The "injured flier" is placed in an ambulsne
at the field (top) after being removed from the plane. The doctor
treats the flier (bottom) as he Is placed in the place. This is aa
official U. S. Nary photo. (Ctntrvl Prist)
Vr and Mrs. Will Pruitt spen
the week-end at Dellwood as the
guests of the former's father, Rev.
Bill Pruitt.
Christian Service
Wiley McClure, of Clyde, spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Gather McClure.
Private John Forage, of Camp
Lee, Va., is spending a few days
with his family.
Grady Massie of New Jersey, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Will Massie.
Mrs. Mack Conner still remains
on the sick list.
A special prayer meeting was
held at the Will Jordan's on Wed
nesday night.
future congresses our own and
other nations' congresses ours and
South America's and Europe's and
Asia's and elsewhere.
Now, however, the new 1943
1944 congress is scheduled for the
initial "rassle."
This crowd will suffer the orig
inal headache.
The problems will be complicated
with our local politics for locally
is how we are particularly interest-
d in the matter.
Infantry is called the "queen of
battles." It arrives after King Ar
tillery has cleared the way.
ety ,
Grove Methodist Church on Frida
afternoon at the parsonage ti
devotional was conducted by t
Rev. Joe Johnson.
The following were elected i
serve the society during the con
ing year: president, Mrs. r
Howell; vice president, Mrs. ni
Hudson; recording secretary, j(r
Tom Rainer; corresponding scn
tary, Mrs. Glenn Boyd; secreu'r
of missionary education, Mrs. j(
Secretary of social relating, an
local church activities, Mrs. J
Palmer; secretary of literature an
publication, Mrs. Lee Wilhamsoi
secretary of supplies, Mrs. E. 1
Owen; chairman of spiritual Itf
Mrs. L. M. Owen.
Chairman of finance committei
Mrs. Fred Allison, chairman (
membership, Mrs. C. M. Moodi
chairman of fellowship, Mrs
Ferguson; local treasurer, Mb
Troy Leatherwood; secretary (
student work, Mrs. Frank Kenned
During the social hour the hoi
tesses served refreshments.
Tydings, but, ne adds, it is "con
structive criticism."
If a Republican said that, it
would rate as partisan. Yet Mil
lard is a dyed-in-the-wool Demo
crat. Ditto Senator Byrd. They
are especially hard to handle for
the very reason that they ARE
Our new congress, to tell the
truth, doesn't classify as two main
groups, with a mere handful of
rresponsible independents mixed
among them.
It doesn't even classify as
THREE groups.
The third one is too mixed to
count m any direction. It will
switch back and forth. It is as
ferocious one way as it is the other.
Peace at What Price?
It is all for winning the war,
But the terms?
The dispute is due to be much
more complicated as it was in 1918
and thereafter.
That is what this congress is go
ing into. Its puzzle involves not
only old-fashioned militarism, by
land and sea; it involves aviation.
It is racial. It is geographic, of
course. And it is economic, run-
i ning on into eternity.
The puesswork will slop over into
they say:
"SCUTTIf BUTT "for goaip
"JIMMY LEGS for master-at-anm
for carpenter's mate
CAMEL for the Navy nun'i
favorite cigarette
-rt- "chips
4& MiSs
mST IN THE SERiCEm eommi5
The favorite cigarette with men
in the Navy, Army, Marine, and
Coast Guard it Camel. (Based oa
actual sales records in Canteens
and Post Exchanges.)
and how's YOUR sense of balance?
Having qualified as administra
te of the estate of Graver C. Fran
cis, deceased, late oi uaywooa
County, this is to notify all persons
having claims against the estate of
said deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at Clyde, North Car
olina, on or before the 10th day of
December, 1943, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment
This the 9th day of December,
Administrator oi the Estate of
Grover C. Francis, deceased.
No. 1260 Dec. 10-17-24-31-Jan.
Having qualified as Executrix of
the estate of R. T. Boyd, Deceased,
late oi Haywood County, N. C, this
is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said
deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned oa or before the 22nd
day of December, 1943, or this -tice
will be pleaded in bar of their
recovery. AH persons indebted to
said estate will please make im
mediate payment.
This the 22nd day of Dee, 1942.
Executrix of R. T. Boyd, De
ceased. -.
It looks like a carnival concession
or an inventor's nightmare. But it's simply
a balancing chair, used to test the
equilibrium of Army Air Corps candidates.
Only a relatively few hand-picked
Americans will ever try the
balancing chair but every last one of us
is having our sense oT Balance tested
under the mad whirl of war. It's a test
of our ability to do our daily job,
buy bonds, pay taxes, donate blood, spot
planes, serve in Civilian Defense
and still keep an even keel. It's a
test of individuals and institutions
and industries.
We're rather proud of the way Jui
industry the electric power
companies under business management
has met its greatest test. In the
face of shortages in many fields,
power production has been
stepped up to take care of all war
plants and all essential civilian needs!
Service is still good, rates still low. The average
American home still gets twice as much electricity
for Us money as it did about 15 years ago in spite of
climbing costs and zooming' taxes.
Last year, the electric companies under business management
produced 7t of til America's electric power
and paid S620fi00flOO in taxes.
These are the accomplishments of experienced
men and well-balanced manegement under putilic rrgulon -die
sstera that made America great.
Invest In America! Boy War Bonds and
No. 124 Dec an.i T-ll-

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