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    pywood Must Invest $600,615 In War Bonds To Reach Quota
hffi Waynesville mountaineer
Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
YEAR NO. 37 16 Pages
y r to live Iftffi
1 I I
WAYNESVILLE, X. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1943 (One Day Nearer Victory)
$1.75 In Advance In Haywwid and Jackson Counties
Bombers, Parade. Premier Movie. Entertainment Part Of Today's
Srkraf t Has Contract
o Make Many Toys
Promoters Of Today's War Bond Rally
fill Take Services of 90
People To Complete Job
By February.
:u-trics at Hazelwood
the munufacture of
(... -cale, it was re
V. Krk, owner, here
Ertia!' I!
L on a h
U by I!
tit plant has contracts to manu-
Lm twu items ir one 01 u.c
Lt tiv distributors in me
Ljtry din contract, imis iui
that will retail ior
U $2. 1 ,u'""s are maue
v f wood, ana paimea in
Union army colors.
inothcr contract calls for 10,000
U to retail at auout is w
beach. Tlif items will appeal
ijoungsters from 4 to 8 years
life, it was pointed out.
ir Eik said work has already
Ltd on production, and he has
ti February to complete the
tracts. Some GO women will
used and about 30 men. About
IK this number are now at work,
today's paper he is adver-
iio; for others.
He two toys were designed toy
Wing New York toy maker,
Mheis scheduled to arrive here
f.n further consultation
Ilk Mr. Erk.
ft Here Friday
Sept. Quota
Sixty-two nu n under the selee-
ft service system making up the
fltmbcr call from the Waynes-
area, left here at 7:30 o'clock
morning for Camp Croft,
wt they will be given examina-
B. Siler was named leader of
group, with assistant leaders
teimg, Foster Milburn Fergu-
W. Jam's (Veil .Tpnnino's and
Houston Wvatt.
Here wen. eight volunteers in
frroun as follows. Clarence
htt Arrington, Robert Lester
pin. Jr.. Edward Sherrill, Clyde
pan! (iri'.T. Arthur Ray Over-
M. EllL'ene knvkendsill Tr HIpm
n Wyatt and Charles Fre-Vaughn
innsft rrcd from other draft '
Fart Frank PI
P"0n, frm Hilton Village, Va.;
rrd Carl Dills fm
- Kmp.. r., nn..i t
. '-""'"u, irora iewport
Ws' Va .; and Rov Bert Hnrrell Citv
1,,.,, -.
, iuhiur were: James
FMGrastv. Alfred nMor. Ttk
Medford David Caldwell,
"We Edward Phillips, Weldon
Henry, Robert Allen, Jr.,
w tarl Cochran, Earle Rufus
" -nun, narry Liee
M r Mmore Noland,
. .uorrow, James
W'llard Rufus Setzer, Lucius
k- '"Mm. Kay Douglas Mor-
Ifherr 1(1 LePard. Syble
Iber p: "'nroe Bradshaw, Hugh
Frt r waiter Scroggins,
li uraaipv. iiovp
First National
Opens Facility
At Fontana Dam
The First Nat ional Hank opened
a banking facility at Kuiitana " .
last Friday. The bank i the first,
institution to lie granted prini's-
sum by the I'liited States Treasuiy
to operate such a facility out.-ioe
of a naval station, an army post,
or a marine base.
Permission was given the local
institution because of the fact that
o rrnr - ,
uie i v is a governniental ag. nt
it was learned from the president
J. H. Woody.
The facility cashes checks ane
receive deposits, but no loans wi
be made at the office in Fontana.
There are two employes at pres
ent, but others will be added- The
building in which the facility is
located is situated at Welch Cove
in the village, about two miles
from the dam. The offices are fur
nished the bank by the TVA.
The facility is proving a great
convenience to the residents of the
area. There are 4,500 persons em
ployed at Fontana and the popula
tion is around 7,500.
As, ,s v-1 . I
- I x v-.:v -W
m chaige of I " -
' SLOAN is
e a lade and yesterday indica
u ore that at least L'iid peolile
would take part in the parade,
which forms at the court house at
six and starts moving at (i:;lO
Last Charter
Member of Grace
Church Passes
riffith,Lery Ha"e. Carl
hi, i,ernv fraona I na
r., Jack Edwan
Homer Caldwell.
Mehaffey, Lemuel
B. -
HP I l .
Jht. ti '. JacK Edward
r-ic u-;ii- ...
fiti vja v,lllett. Joseph Ed
f')nBhtruCa? Cagle Marvin
R Davie ,.ne'1' wunam Le-
P Mann, in H0yle Price' Clar"
Kl cCOTard'.A- D.Hughes,
County Baptist
Sunday School
Group To Meet
The Haywood County Baptist
Sunday School Convention will
meet on Tuesday evening, the 21st,
at 8 o'clock at the Bethel Baptist
church, according to R. K. Sentelle.
superintendent of the group.
The following newly elected as
sociational officers and group' lead
ers will be installed: associational
superintendent, R. E. Sentelle;
evangelism, Rev. F. H- Leather
wood; training, Rev. Thomas Er
win; supervisor, Elmer Green;
pastoral work, Dr. H. K. Masteller.
Library work, Miss Nell Collins;
secretary-treasurer, Rev. Avery E.
Peek; cradle roll department, Mrs.
Pauline Goodson; beginners. Mrs.
Howard Hall; primary. Miss Ade
line Boone; juniors, Miss Virginia
Holtclaw; intermediates, Virgil
Young People. Mrs. Hobart Rog
ers; adults, D. D. York; extension.
Rev- T. H. Parris; vacation Bible
schools, Mrs. Claude Francis;
Bethel group superintendent, Prof.
I. A. McLain ; Canton group, Fred
Pressley; Clyde Group, Miss Pearl
James; Waynesville group, Rev.
James H. Christie.
All Sunday schools are request
ed to. send delegates to the meeting.
Mrs. Kohina
Brown. !)8, wifi
liam ('. Brown,
wood eonnty, died
at the home of hei
Baptist Church
Completes Big
Painting Program
The First Baptist church has
just completed a renovation and
painting program that included
every room in the church and Sun
day school building and auditor
ium. The program took three men
about four weeks to complete.
Alvis Norwooc
of the late Wil
formerly of Hay
! last Friday night
m, .lames ,or-
j wood Liow n. in Pressley, (ia.
1 Funeral services were eoniluct
d at I o'clock Sunday afternoon
it the ( 'oinmun .1 y Church in Press
ley, and burial wa in the Mountain
t Scene cemetery.
Mrs. Brown was born in Way
nesville on June 8, 184.", the daugh
ter of Sarah Bonnets Norwood
and .lames Alvis Norwood, pioneer
settlers m trns area, who came
to Haywoof county from Hills
bo ro.
Mrs. Brown, who was considered
a remarkable person by all who
knew her, retained her facilities
to the last. Her death was very
She was the last suivivinir
charter member of Grace Episcopal
church, which was organized it t
the home of her parents. The
Norwood residence was located on
the grounds of the Ernest J.
Hyatt home on the Balsam Road.
Mrs. Brown is survived by two
sons, James Norwood Brown, with
whom she made her home, and
Walter Scott Brown, of the Cni
vcrsity of Athens, Ga-, who is head
of the agricultural extension ser
vice of the state of Georgia; nine
grandchildren, including five grand
sons who are serving with the
armed forces and a large number of
nieces and nephews, residing at
various points over the country.
i Relatives attending the funeral
from here were: Mr. and Mrs.
j James W. Killian, Miss Nancy
! Killian, and Captain and Mrs. W.
j F. Swift and son, Jimmy Swift.
Directions To
Owners of No. 3
Rationing Book
CHARLIE RAY, county chair
man of war bond sales, has worked
for weeks on the War Bond Rally
which will be staged here this
afternoon at 0:30.
The new tax rate for the town of
Hazelwood has been reduced 15
cents for the fiscal year 1943-44.
it was learned yesterday from the
town officials.
The rate has been set at $1.45
per hundred dollar property valu
ation as against $1.f() for last year.
The municipal capital reservt
fund for tlo town now totals $4,
(100.00, according to the officials.
Burning of Notes
Marks Payment
On Legion Home
The local post of tht American
'.egioti has issued an invitation to
the public to attend their joint
nooting with the Legion Auxiliary
hich will be held at the Legion
lome on Depot street Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock.
The committee' in charge of mak
ing the last payment on the prop
it v will present the notes which
will be burned during the evening.
The Legion Home and grounds
were purchased in April, 1936, by
the members of the local post and
has been financed by them since
rthat date. The building is the for
mer residence of the late Robert
Gilmer, one time attorney general
of North Carolina, and the late
Mrs. Gilmer.
Commander Henry Lee, retired,
U. S. Navy, is commander of the
Waynesville post, and William
Shoolbred is adjutant.
i... ' -,Jrs
James R, Moody
xties Bl, i alTIVal of a son,
Au y' on SePtember
Numerous applicants are taking
their Number 3 books to the local
office to get validating stamp at
tached, it was learned this week
from the clerk of the board.
If the book has stamped in.
cf 00i, nf thp square in red where validating .
Dunne the first week oi me i
the pupus, ; . ;
Johns valid l.o.i., wie m-i
ed to sign and put on own aa- ;
St. John's School
Invests In Bonds
And Stamps This Week
Tall Corn Crop
In Evidence This
Year In Haywood
Some of the tallest corn ever
grown in the county has been
found this year. Evidence of some
of the tallest is now on display
at Pet Dairy Products Company
Hub Caldwell had four acres,
which grew 18 feet high. The corn
filled a silo 36 feet high and 12
feet in diameter.
Glenn Palmer, of Crabtree, was
J. E. MASSIF, owner of the
Park Theatre, is donating the
film, use of the theatre and all
facilities in the interest of the
third war bond drive which is now
u nderway.
Judge J. H. Sink
To Preside Over
September Court
The September term of Superior
court (civil) is scheduled to con
vene here on Monday with Judge
J. IToyle Rink, of GrinsMilfo, re
siding. .Judge J. II. Clement, of
Walkertown, was to have presided,
bm an exchange was made between
the jurists.
The calendar is reported to bo
a light one, and it is thought that
the court will not be in session
many days.
Drawn for jury duty for the
first week are: Chester Owen, Jon
athan Creek; llerschell C. Shook.
Clyde; T- M. Pressley, Beaver
dam; Verlin Noland, Waynesville;
Guy M. McFlroy, Crabtree; ''rank
! I. lieigcr, Waynesville; Dewey R.
! Goodwin, Boaverdam ; Dave Brow n,
Jonathan Creek.
James H. Haynes, of Clyde; L.
I ( Moot lv, Cecil; W. B. Burnett.
Fast Fork; Lee Caddy, Jr., Way
nesville; S. J. Recce, Waynesville;
Luther J. Hall, Boaverdam; Joe
Kuykendall. Pigeon; Z. V. McFl
roy, White Oak-
Ralph D. Kelley, Pigeon; John
P. White. Ivy Hill; Will Bryson,
Iron Dulf; Fred R. Noland, ( rab
'rec; Charles B. McCracken, Fines
"reek ; C K. Ilosaflook, Ivy Hill ;
Glenn Smathors, Boaverdam, and
Tom Chambers, East Forlt.
Drawn Tor the second week
were: Char.'es J. Palmer, Waynes
ville; Henry Davis, Waynesville;
W. B. Byrd, Feaverdam; Bradford
K. Mease, Pigron ; Allen C. How e.
Boaverdam; L. J. Conard, White
Oak; Charlie Woodard, Waynes
ville; Lewis Cogburn, East Fork;
Frank West, Pigeon.
Hubert E- Wells, Crabtree; T. C.
Morris, Waynesville; R. J. Smath
trs, Beaverdam; J. C. Patrick,
Waynesville; Willis F. Rector,
Fines Creek; Laborne Winchester,
Ivy Hill; R. F. Davis, Iron Duff;
Dennis Singleton, Pigeon; and
Herman Noland, Fines Creek.
Parade Starts Moving
At 6:30 Huge Crowd
Is Expected To Attend
One of the largest crowds ever to gather in Waynes
ville is expected here this afternoon for the War Hond Rally
which will include a military street parade with about 250
people representing local organizations; elaborate entertain
ment; demonstration of huge army bombers overhead, and
a premier showing of "They Came To Wow Up America"
at the Park Theatre.
The parade will start promptly al o:JU, ana me iukh
School band concert will be in the theatre at 7 o'clock. The
picture will start at 8:15.
The rally is being staged in the interest of selling more
war bonds, as Havwood will have to average $50,000 daily
from now until October first in order to meet her Q"ta-
Admission to the picture at the
Park today will be only by a war
bond of some denomination dated
ii!4i, n,,mt.iiH(ii'nn,n are
epiei,,oo. -- Ml,),en
nart of th
morning and
the tickets.
... '
It is not neceary to con- close behind with 8 acres of corn
Third War Loan Drive
teachers and staff OI fet.
I ... . , a. .on oa : nr.wi
Cknnl nurchnsed X .IBB. 11 1" UOHUB i
and stamps. total tact the local office for this, ac-i that measured 17 feet. Eight
These purchases bring the total tac .
TtXZ is ot on the! high and ,2 feet in diameter.
John's up to $ Last year for the I A. J- McCracken also had an
wie Bciivui v"o "
Man Flair for outstanding efforts
Plott Announces
Changes In
Hunting Season
There have been gome changes
in the hunting seasons according
to G. C. Plott, county game protec
tor of Haywood county.
The squirrel season which was
first announced by the conserva
tion department from Oct. 1 to
Dec. 1, has been changed to Sept.
15 to Dec. 15, with a bag of six per
The deer season which was first
announced as closed for this year
is now open from Oct. 15 to Nov.
exected to canvass
business section thi
sell bonds and issue
Honds w lii bo . .''
theatre this afternoon immediately
afti r the parade and up to the time
the show starts.
Charlie Ray, county chairman of
war bond sales, and his committees,
announced that from 7 o'clock un
til the picture starts that a brand
of entertainment for all ages yill
be given In (trort. j! .he til'
Sring hands, including tho Wiil
Kirkpafrick " Warbcrlicrs", the
Drake Sisters of Hendersonvillc,
and several other well known musi
cal groups will be featured. The
promotional part of the program
in lolling about bonds will be done
liv Medford Lent hei wood, well
liu,wn auction' or. and Jonathan
Main St reel will be roped of as
the parade starts, and the huge
crowd will have plenty of room to
see and hear all that is going on
in front of I ho t h al re. Those who
want to go into the theatre can do
so, as the high school band under
the direction of ( harles Isley will
give a concert until the picture
Ri fore the picture starts M. R.
Williamson will make a brief an
nouncement as to the purpose of
the drive and the urg"ncy of in
vesting in bonds at this time.
The use of th- theatre and all
facilities are being contributed to
the war bond drive by J. E. Massie,
owner of the theatre. He is pro
viding the film, and all expenses,
as the only admission charge is
proof that a bond of any size' was
purchased today the 16th.
Ren Sloan is parade marshall,
and announced yesterday that
everything was in readiness for the
longest parade staged here in many
Mr. Sloan requests that all par
ticipants in the parade be in front
of the court house at six o'clock, and
be ready to start promptly at 6:30.
The line-up for the parade yes
terday was as follows:
High school band.
Town officials of Waynesville and
State Guard.
Four troops of Boy Scouts and
Girl Scouts.
Ambulance from Moore General
Women of Red Cross surgical
dressing room in uniform.
2 jeeps from Air Service Com
American L
I Juvenile unit
in military dress
all ages.
' 1'nited Daughters
boys and girls,
of the Con-
Daughters of American Revo
lution. The Rotary Club.
The Lions Club.
The Boosters Club.
The parade will march up Main
Street to the Baptist church, turn
nd A. me back down the street to
title' :lWTf. .-
Four huge bombers, the same
type which Major Jimmy Doolittle
I Hew over Tokyo and dropped bombs,
will arrive about 6:15 and circle
over the community, flying as low
Ins possible in order to give ob
servers a "close-up" of a friend
ly bomber overhead. These bomb
jers are scheduled to come from the
'Greenville Air Base. It was learn
ed from the commander there that
the bombers require eight miles
in which to turn around, so it was
thought they would maneuver be
tween here and Canton before
winging their way back to their
; home base.
j The committees in charge have
', worked for several days on this
rally, and all indications yesterday
were that it would exceed even
their fondest expectations as every
group readily responded and pledg
ed cooperation.
Haywood's Bond
August Postal
Receipts $520.04
Over Last Year
August postal receipts in the lo
cal post office totaled $4,361.46 dur
ing the month of August, it was
learned from the postmaster, Col.
J. Harden Howell.
The figures represent an in
crease of $520.04 over the totals of
1942. Col. Howell attributes the
Quota Is - -$892,000
j $200,000
1 $100,000
$ 50,0001
in buying bonds.
i,i th hk tn the local extra e-ood cron. with some erow- :30. with one per day and three per gam w me increase in tne Use oi
17M feet tall. season. """F.
office and have stamp attached.
Yesterday noon, the reports
from bond issuing agents in
Haywood, gave the following:
Waynesville area $134,385.50
Canton area 154,000.00
County Total $291,385.50
Come To Waynesville, And Join The Bond Rally Today at 6:30
: -o
' s ; J
o- S'J P.-

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