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(One Day Nearer Victory) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER ip
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Rev. Robt. Tatum
Talks To DAR On
History Of Alaska
Rev. Robert Tatum, rector of
Grace Episcopal church, who spent
seven years in Alaska as a mis
sionary, was the speaker at the
initial meeting for the coming
year of the Dorcas Hell Love
Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution which met
with .Mrs. Harry Marshall on Fri
day alternoon.
.Mi. Tatum reviewed the history
of Alaska, giving interesting and
informative facts on the country.
The speaker was introduced by
.Mrs- V. V. Swift, chairman of
program committee.
Mrs. William Medford, chairman
of the women's division of the war
bond drive, also talked to the
group, urging the buying of bonds
as a group and individually.
Mrs. James W. Killian and Mrs.
R. N. Barber were elected dele
gates to the district meeting which
will bo held on Tuesday, Septem
ber tlie 28th, in Asheville, with
the Ruth Davidson and the Ed
ward Buncombe Chapters as hos
tesses. Mrs. W. F. Swift and
Woman's Club To
Hold Initial Meeting
Next Thursday Afternoon
The Waynesville Woman's Club
will hold the initial meeting of
the current year on Thursday
afternoon, the 23rd, at the Hotel
LeFaine. The members are urged
to attend and to assemble prompt
ly at 3 o'clock. Plans for the com
ing year will be discussed.
Patsy Clark Observes
Birthday Anniversary
F. Abel were named alter-
Mrs. J
The regent announced
major work of the
throughout the country
current year would be
that the
for the
for con
tributions to the blood plasma bank
and purchasis of war bonds.
Special guests of the afternoon
were: Mrs. Frehn, of Mobile, Ala.,
guest at the home of Mrs. Hugh
Jolly, Mrs. Snow and Mrs. Clarke,
of Florida, Miss Tatum, Mrs. W.
A. Hyatt, Mrs. William Medford,
and Mrs. Janie Love Mitchell
Following adjournment the
guests were invited into the dining
room where refreshments were
served from a beautifully appoint
ed tea table.
Patsy Clark, small daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Clark, of Ha
zelwood, was given a party on the
anniversary of her fourth birth
day by her mother at their home
on Friday afternoon.
Games and refreshments featur
ed the entertainment for the young
guests. Those present were: Sonja
Snyder, Jo Ann Saunders, Fiances
Saunders, Elizabeth Summerrow,
! Barbara Fortune, Frances Lane, j art
.Jo Queen, Maxine Knight, Nancy,
.Moore, Jo Robinson, Hrenda Queen,
! Adeline McLean, Ramona McLean,
Frankie Sue Arlington, Coleen
Kuykendall, Katherine Hill
Harold Clark, Lewis McDonald,
James Wade Saunders, Bobby
Wayne Arl ington, Cary Grant Ar
rington, Bobby Compton, Tommy
Keidel, Larry Reidel, Charles Dean,
Wike Lane, Tommy Littlejohn, of
Baltimore, Md., and Mike Byrd.
McElroys From Norfolk
Naval Station Here On
Visit At Love Lane Home
Want Ads
tape-sealing machine. Will pay
cash. Write Box 511, Waynesville.
LOST 3 Ration Books No. 1, is
sued in names of Dell Lanning,
Dolphus Lanning, Athel Gillett.
Finder please return to Mrs.
Dell Lanning, Clyde, route 1.
Sept. 2-9-16.
,OST Sugar Ration Books-Canning,
issued in name of Iiadger
Noland, route 2, Waynesville.
Finder please return.
Sept. 10-23-30.
LOST Ration Book No. 2, issued
in name of Halice Ann Cole
Finder please return to Dr. M.
B. H. Michal, Waynesville.
Sept. 2-9-16.
LOST Gas Ration Books B and A,
issued in name of Mrs. W. C.
Ensley. Finder please return.
Pigeon street, Waynesville.
Sept. 2-9-16
apartments, furnished or unfurn.
ished, in town on beautiful
Woolsey Heights. Cool and quiet.
Apply to Alden Howell, Jr.
Aug. 26 Sept. 2-9-16.
LOST Pocketbook Between Gulf
Filling Station on Main street
and Paul L. Young Tajtf Lot.
Contained between $18 and $28
in cash, army registration card,
fire department card, T gas book
in name of Eugene Wright,
chauffeur's license. If finder will
mail pocketbook and cards and
other contents, they may keep
money. Address Paul L. Young,
Waynesville. Sept. 9-16-23
FOR SALE Two sixteen-inch
flood lights. W. A. Shoolbred,
Phone 122- Sept. 16
LOST Ration Book No. 1 issued
in names of Josephine Bowers
Gay, No. 67S897-322, and Sylves
ter Parker (Jay, Jr., No. 678806
322. Finder please return to
Mrs. S. P. Gay, Waynesville.
Sept. 16-23-30.
LOST A Gold Cross, Friday, en
graved "from Mont to Grand
ma." Reward if returned to
Mrs. Sallie McNabb, Waynes
ville, route 1, Box 215.
Sept. 16
LOST Kerosene oil coupon-sheet
No. 301293, issued in name of
Posey Kstes Ilaynes. Finder
please return to Clyde, route 1,
Box V.i'J. Sept. 10-23-30
FOR RENT-apartment-112-W.
-Unfurnished duplex
-Short Street. Call
Sept. 16
FOR SALE One Royal Vacuum
Cleaner with hand attachment
in good condition. Phone 395
Sept. 16
FOR SALE Very choice Guern
sey dairy heifers $25.00 each
and up. Non-related bull free
with 5 head. Sayre Dairy Cat
tle Co., Sayre, Pa.
Sept. 16-23-30-Oct. 7-14
FOR RENT Five-room apart
ment with bath and hot air
heat. Call 435-J. Sept. 16
FOR SALE One registered Guern
sey bull, three years old, Klon
dyke Farm Stock, eight weeks
old pigs and- 4 hogs. C. W. Ed
wards, Tuscola Farm, Lake Juna
luska. Sept. 16-23
LOST Gas Ration Books Nos.
B486932 -ANI, B486931 - ANI.
Finder please return to Spaldon
Underwood. Sept. 16-23-30
Avon Products in Waynesville
Phone 161-J or Call at 281 Short
Street. Mrs. Fred Saunders.
Sept. 16
WANTED Share cropper with
help. Good stock and tools fur
nished. Mrs. Thad Cathey,
Clyde. Sept. 16-23
WANTED TO BUY Tricycle in
good condition for child 3 to 4
years old- P. O. Box 856, Phone
91-J- Sept. 16-23
Wanted a settled person as a
meat market helper. Should
have some experience. Could use
a woman who likes to handle
meats. Write Waynesville Moun
taineer. Sept- 16
FOR SALE Air-Ways Vacuum
. Cleaner with attachments in
I good condition. See Massie
j Hardware Co. Sept. 16
FOUND Pocketbook containing
J money. Finder can have same
by paying for this ad. Gussie
Noland, R-2, Waynesville,
I Sept- 16
FOR SALE Heatrola in good con.
dition. 212 Branner Avenue.
Sept. 16
nesville store needs two women
in their twenties with married
women preferred. High school
education needed but store ex
perience not necessary. Write
Box 740, Waynesville. Sept. 16
Starting Wage 40c Per Hour
WOMEN: Must have passed 6th grade in school
and be able to read, write and count correctly. Be
active and alert. Over 21 years of age. After
October 1st work 45 hours per week and be paid
for 47 Vi hours.
MEN: Must be experienced in Novelty Wood
Work and have good record with last employer.
Over 20 years of age. After October 1st work 50
hours a week and be paid for 55 hours.
Advancement Possible for Both Men and Women
People Now Employed In War Work or at Their
Highest Skill Not Considered.
You must make your own application at
Hazelwood, N. C.
No Telephone Calls or Mail Inquiries, Please.
' Mrs. Blanche Ferguson Medford,
who holds a position with the
Navy Department in Washington,
is spending her vacation here with
her mother, Mrs. Horace Ferguson-
O. R. Martin, who is employed
in Georgia, spent the week-end here
with his family.
Mrs. C. C. Collins left this week
for her home in Jacksonville, Fla.,
after spending several weeks with
her sister, Mrs. Maria Fiances
Mrs. Rufus Carswell is visiting
relatives in Newton.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bischoff
had as their guest over the week
end the latter's sister, Mrs. James
Mr- and Mrs. J. C. Moore have
as their guest Mrs. Moore's mother,
M. B. Munn, of Charlotte.
Mrs. Fred Allison has as her
guest her mother, Mrs. Ed Ander
son, of Hayesville.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Waddell had
as their guests during last week
Mrs. Waddell's sister, Miss Mamie
Odem, and a nephew, Bobby Hil
liard, of Bristol, Va., and Mr- and
Mrs. J. H. Stantiff, of Low Gap,
and Rev. and Mrs. 0. E. Ward,
of Mt. Airy. Mrs. Stantiff is Mr.
Waddell's sister.
Mrs. James Davis and three
small sons and daughter, who have
been residing in Denton, Texas,
with Captain Davis, who has been
stationed at Camp Howze, have
arrived for a three months' stay
here while Captain Davis is at
tending school at Fort Benning,
Mrs. E. A. Greer has returned
home after a visit to Knoxville,
Tenn., Birmingham, and Bessmer,
Ala. While in Alabama she was
the guest of her daughter and son-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Greer,
and granddaughter, Martha.
Mrs. Humes Hart returned this
week from Cincinnati, where she
has been spending the nast two
weeks with her husband. She
was accompanied by her son,
Humes Hart, Jr., who returned
after a visit here with his mother
and grandparents. Prof jmrl Afro
W. C. Allen.
Mrs. Thomas Meek, of Granada,
Miss., who has spent the greater
part of the summer here as a
guest at Hotel Waynesville, left j
during the week for her home.
Mrs. Meek, one of the town's most
nthusiastic visitors, has spent the
past nineteen summers in Way
Miss Phyllis Terrell, of Waynes
ville, route 2, has resumed her
work at Western Carolina Teach
ers College, where she is a mem
ber of the senior class.
W. R. Francis, who has been
visiting his family, has returned
to Wilmington, where he is con
nected with the personnel depart
ment of the North Carolina Ship
building Company. Mrs. Francis
plans to close her home and she
and her young daughter, Nancy,
will spend the winter with her
mother, Mrs. M. H. Reeves.
Miss Martha May Wyche left
Monday for Greensboro where she
will enter the Woman's College of
the University of North Carolina-
Chief Boatswain's Mate Paul W.
McElroy and Mrs. McElroy and
daughter, Miss Dorothy McElroy,
of the Naval Station in Norfolk,
are spending ten days at their
home on Love Lane.
Upon their return to Norfolk,
Miss McElroy will enter the Rhine
hart School of Sculpture in Balti
more. She has been majoring in
in the Norfolk high school.
Hazelwood Methodist
Women To Hold Meeting
The Woman's Society of Chris
tian Service of the Hazelwood
Methodist church will meet at 7:30
this evening at the church. All
members are urged to be present.
Miss Sarah Louise Leatherwood,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy
Leatherwood, of Jonathan Creek,
left Monday for Chapel Hill, where
she will resume her work at the
University of North Carolina.
Miss Doris Colkitt, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Colkitt, left dur
ing the week for Bristol, where
she will attend Virginia Intermont
this year.
Miss Katheryn Hill, who has
spent the past ten days with her
grandmother, Mrs. Chas. R. Thom
as, left Monday for Decatur, Ga.,
where she will resume her work
at Agnes Scott College. Miss Hill
is a member of the senjor class.
During the past summer she has
attended the state university at
Chapel Hill.
Miss Thelma Ann Jones, daugh
ter of Mrs. Sam Jones, has gone
to Bristol, where she will be a stu
dent at Virginia Intermont this
this year.
Miss Grace Wilburn, daughter of
H. C. Wilburn, has entered Mars
Hill College, where she will be a
member of the freshman class.
Mrs. Genatus Easley and young
son, Kichard Barber Easlev. left
Monday for Harrisburer. Pa.. wher
they have joined Lt. Easley. They
will remain in Harrisburg while
the latter is stationed in that
J. J. Truby, of Starke, Fla., who
spent the summer with his brother-in-law
and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
James W. Killian, has returned to
his home in Florida.
Miss Grovene Clark, daughter of
Mr- and Mrs. Grover Clark, of
Waynesville, has returned to Mars
Hill College to resume her work
after the summer vacation.
Miss Patsy Gwyn, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. T. Lenoir Gwyn, left
Sunday for Raleigh, where she will
enter St Mary's School.
Mrs. S. P. Gay, Guest
Of Canton Woman's Club
Mrs. S. P. Gay, district director
of District Number One of the
North Carolina State Federation ;
attended the meeting of the Can-
' ton's Woman's Club on Tuesday
i afternoon of this week.
'Miss Ruth Evans Weds
Pfc. Horace Hyder On
Sept. 4, In Clayton
Mr- and .Mrs. John Evans, of
Cove Creek, have announced the
marriage of their daughter, Miss
Ruth Evan.-, to Private First Class
! Horace Hyder, U. S. Army.
i The vows were solemnized on
Saturday evening, September 4, in
Clayton, Ga.'
! The bride is a member of the
senior class of the Waynesville
township high school.
Pfc. Hyder is the son of Mr.
jand Mrs. Coburn Hyder, of Hen
dersonville. He has been in the
! service since November, 1942. He
is now stationed at Camp Pickett,
Miss Carroll Bell left Tuesday
for Winston-Salem, where she will
resume her work at Salem College,
after spending the summer vaca
tions with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. V. Btll. She will be a
member of the sophomore class.
Miss Jerry McKinley, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. James McKinley,
of Hazelwood, left Tuesday for
Knoxville, where she will enter the
University of Tennessee, where she
will be a student this year.
Miss Lula Frank Medford, dau
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Med
ford, left Saturday for Lakeland,
Fla., where she will enter Southern
College, where she will be a student
this year.
Phil Medford, son of Dr. and
Mrs. N. M. Medford, who has been
attending Davidson College, has re
turned to resume his studies. He
is a member of the sophomore class.
Miss Jane Dudley Franis has
gone to Richmond, where she will
enter the Art School of William
and Mary College. Miss Francis,
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Francis, pans to major in com
mercial art.
M iss Betty Gene Alley left yes
terday for Greensboro, where she
will resume her work at the Wo
man's College of the University of
North Carolina. She will be a
member of the Junior class. Miss
Alley has spent the greater part
of the summer vacations here with
her grandparents, Judge and Mrs.
F. E. Alley.
Miss Mary Ellen Boone, daught
er of Mrs. Fred Calhoun, left Sat
urday for High Point, where she
will enter High Point College. Miss
Boone graduated from the local
high school in the spring.
Market Prices Pai
For These Haywoo
Products -
Country Butter ... Country Eg;
Sourwood Honey
Butter and eggs must be strictly
good appearance.
fresh and
i to wei
Butter must meet State requirements ;
Must be in half-pound size and individually
in wax paper.
Honey must be in quart glass jars with new
nrefprahlv nf fhA class nr Kr- m
j - e- i pc, i ne ccl
part should be in even slices and not chopped up.
liquid honey must cover the comb at the top.
Things to eat must be judged by their appearal
We reserve the right to grade any product by real
able standards, and to pay market prices accordin
We will be pleased, however, to help market your
Local Tomatoes . . .
Local tomatoes can be used in limited quantia
Telephone our Produce Buyer, Mrs. Don Kelly, if
have choice tomatoes to offer.
The amounts which we can purchase are limil
See us early if you want to sell.
Ray's Department
of 2-Way Help
suggests you try
The 3rd War Loan Will Promote
More Bonds and Sweat
Less Blood and Tears
Convert Your Stamps Into Bonds Today Use
The Bonds To Attend The Theatre Rally.
Invest In Bonds - Invest In Victory
Sm directions on label

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