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gr-RSPAY1SEPTEMBER 16' 1943 (Qne Da' Nearer Victory)
Pas I
i:na Town and Farm
War -Time News
if-';; ,
H:' !n:'"
I made from natural rubber.
;imp No. 14 good for
.oh October. Stamps
puut for 5 pounds
, canning through
,,)) No. 18 good for
October 31.
i ..nsumer purchases
,ws must be made
- obtained at local
I Rationing Boards-
Farm Labor Placements
Through the government farm
labor program 1,600.000 placements
of workers were made on farms
in the past four months.
- . n,.,
8t ' ' - ..... , . V
Mt , '. i thmuErh October 2.
'r -nim" -A remains good
tVoi-'t.''l" r . Brown stamp
00 ; ,i ,rh fVtnhpr 2.
he' p'" "
i o T pvnirp SeDtem-
l-rV! and W, now good,
Victory Gardeners Set Record
Twenty miMi'in Victory Gardens
'it: m.n'n tVian ta OTifll
.pi-0 million ........
.pring were grown xnis
The Victory Gardens total
.1 . j
'mi;i minimi acres ana win
w'1" ' j
jkhI'JiV I'itfm minion ""S OI ioou.
Points For Home-Canned
t.. n.iint value of home-canned
.jhall be the same as that of
ie corresponding commercial pro-
lucent that no nome-cannea
M shall have a point value of
,ore than eight points per quart
)r four points per pound. This
us announced in a recent urA
More Goods For Civilians
Civilians will soon get more
cooking utensils, lamps, lanterns,
bed springs, innerspring mattresses,
non-electric razors, razor blades,
plated silverware, brushes, nails!
tacks, boilers, radiators, furnaces,
screen cloth and other kitchen and
household articles as a result of a
recent WPB directive, which re
served a portion of the production
of approximately 30 types of pro
ducts for civilian use.
Sgt. Johnnie Cuddeback
Transferred To Texas
Sergeant Johnnie Cudikback,
who has been stationed at Camp
Polk, La., has recently been trans
ferred to Camn Barklev. Tex. Ss-t.
Cuddeback volunteered in the ser- j
vice and was inducted at Fort Bragg '
in November, 1942. 1
From Fort Bragg he was trans
ferred to Aberdeen P r o ving
Grounds, Aberdeen, Md., and from
there was sent to Camp Claiborne.
From the latter he was sent to
Camp Polk, and then to his present
Sgt. Cuddeback held a position
with the England Walton Company
ai mt- ume tie volunteered. He is !
a native of Pittston, Pa., and had
been residing here since his con
nection with his former employers.
i 1
In Florida
Consumer Coal Piles Smaller
The amount of coal held in stor
age by consumers diminished 312,
000 tons during July-
Army Rebuilds Shoes
Approximately six and a half
million pairs of army shoes will
be rebuilt during the present fiscal
year at plants under supervision
of the Quartermaster Corps, Army
Service Forces, in Buford, C.a., and
Hannibal. Mo. The rebuilding op
eration in one year will save the
government approximately seven
million dollars, and will conserve
nearly 20 million square feet of
Hen Roy Phillips Is
Honorably Discharged
Pvt. Ben Roy Phillips has ar
rived in town from Camp Beale,
, Calif. He has been honorably dis
charged from the U. S. Army. Pvt.
1 Phillips entered the service on Nov.
30, 1942 and was inducted at Fort
Jackson and from there sent to the
California post.
j Prior to entering the service he
j was employed as route salesman
.or the Pet Dairy Products Com
pany at their local plant.
Mrs. Fhilhps, the former Miss
Carolyn Plemmons, of Canton, ac
companied her husband home. She
has spent the past several months
with him at Camp Beale.
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V 3
Balsam News
Mrs. Frank Arlington and son,
Harold, have arrived from Indian
Town Gap. Pa., where she has been
with her husband, Sgt. Frank Ar
lington. Sgt. Arlington has bien
ti ansf erred elsewhere.
(iiiests at the home of Mrs. Y.
S. Christy over the week-end were:
Mi. and Mrs. Henry Christy and
family of Frinklin, Miss Sally
Christy and Mrs. Julia Bryson of
Synthetic Tire Prices
Maximum p rices for synthetic
rubber tires and tubes have been
stablished by OPA. In the main,
lev are the same as ceiling prices
k corresponding tires and tubes
Discharged Men Return
Many honorably discharged en
listed men of the army are volun
tarily returning their issued cloth
ing to the army, thereby saving
clothing stocks, according to the
war department. ' Former soldiers
Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y.
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Asheville
desiring to return their uniforms
should address a package to the
commanding officer of the army in
stallation nearest their homes.
Search For War Minerals
The most extensive exploratory
program ever undertaken in the
United States and Alaska for war
minerals has been launched by the
Bur eau of Mines. The bureau is
sending its crews out in quest of
nearly a score of materials needed
to supply the armed forces. States
in which exploration will be con
ducted include North Carolina.
Gun Covers Protect Bibles
Bibles which are placed on
every life raft and life boat on
army transport vessels are being
protected from the effects of salt
water by the same type of cover
that protects pistols, rifles, and
machine guns in landing opera
tions. Curiously enough the cov
ers used for pistols are of exact
ly the rigttt size for copies of the
Bible, and have been adopted by the
Chaplains Corps as a standard
protective covering for them. The
covers were developed by the
Quartermaster Corps from a pli
able, transparent, waterproof film
known as vinyl. They are buoyant
enough to float the Bibles if they
are accidentally dropped overboard
or washed out of the rafts in heavy
BERS, seaman second class, U. S.
Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. liuy
Chambers, of Waynesvillo, route 2,
is now stationed in Jacksonville,
Fla. He volunteered in the service
and was inducted in Raleigh on
April 12 of this year. From Ral
eigh he was sent to his present
post. Prior to entering the nary
he was engaged in farming in this
section. He is a graduate of the
Crabt ree-Iron Duff high school.
Pfc. KichM-d Bryson, U. S. M. C,
Cams Island, visited his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Bryson, for
he week-ind.
Miss Helen Hyatt of Elkton, Md.,
has been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Hyatt.
Eild Middleton is visiting his
mother, Mrs. John MidiJeton at
East La Porte.
Trov J. Early Promoted
To Hank Of Sergeant
Troy J. Early, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred M. Early, of Hazelwood,
has recintly been promoted to Ser
geant, it was learned this week
from a communication to his par
ents. Sgt. Early is stationed some
where in Africa.
Mr. and Mrs. Early also have
another son, Pvt. Welch R. Early
in the si n ice. He is stationed at
Camp Swift, Tex. Their son-in-law.
Pvt. John H. Led ford, is serv
ing with the armed forces in the
South Pacific.
The Home Demonstration Club
met with Mrs. LeRoy Dock Friday,
September 10th.
The subject for discussion was,
How Safe Is Your Home?"
There were several members
present. Delicious refreshments
were served and a delightful social
hour enjoyed.
Next month's meeting is to be
held with Mrs. John Coward.
Whenever the worries of life get
you down walk into a cemetery and
look at the tombstones. Underneath
them are human beings who once
had worries.
No democracy should tolerate a
man, a business or an institution,
which is big enough to violate the
law of the land with impunity.
Rectal Soreness
Omt Rlief New Easy Way
Sit In Comfort
ProUrmon Rectal Is quick, dependable
rHevr uf itching, painful racial loranvM
symptoms which may also accompany
siles and hemorrhoids. Brings soothing
ssnsa of comfort upon contact, forms pro.
Uctinn (Um ovsr sors area, helps destroy
Infect Kcrms, aid Nature heal up raw,
broken :es. No oil - no greas to stain
slothing, . old on money back guarantee.
Get this modern relief today . . . ask for
Thursday September 16
'They Came To Blow Up America"
With fi. Sanders and All-Star Cas"t.
The Admission On This Day Is By The Purchase of Bonds
Come and Buy!
Friday September 17
The Ox Bow Incident"
Starring Henry Fonda and D. Andrews.
Saturday September 18
"Riders Of The Northwest"
With B. Hayden and B. Willis.
LATE SHOW 10:30 P. M.
Revenge Of The Zombies"
With J. Carradine and V. A. Borg.
Sunday September 19
"What s Buzzin' Cousin?"
Starring A. Miller and J. Hubbard.
Monday-Tuesday September 20-21
"Lady Of Burlesque"
Starring B. Stanwycke and M. O'Shea.
Wednesday September 22
With Boy Bogers and Virginia Grey.
Build Morale
Write often to your men and
women in the Armed Services
. . . keep them posted, keep them
Have the pleasure of in
specting our varied lines of sta
, tionery, in several colors. Just
the kind you'll like for your own
correspondence and to use as
"There is no shortage of
electric power . . . and there
will be none ... for war
and essential civilian require
ments." J. A. KRUG, Director
Office of War Utilities
0at 'Ztdft vw THme f
"Th War Production Board has proclaimed that maxi
mum war production requires the greatest possible conserva
tion of manpower, transportation, fuel, equipment and critical
material such as copper, steel, tungsten and many others
much greater than has been heretofore accomplished. It
believes that this greater conservation can be accomplished by
the voluntary cooperation of all citizens of our country in the
e Transportation
s Vital materials
Since Pearl Harbor there has not been a tingle instance
of shortage of electricity in the whole United States for any
war production job for any user; home, farm, office, store or
factory. Even though this country has more electricity than
all the Axis nations combined we are asked to use it wisely
during this conservation pr- -am. Any reduction you can
safely make in its use will ce the amount of fuel needed
to make it.
That will megn fewer' ynt can to haul it and fewer
man hours to handle it. Mc.j car and more men will be
available for the war effort. Each little bit that you save,
multiplied by thousands of other Americans, will be an
important contribution to the Voluntary Conservation Pro
gram. Help Win the War by Saving More! If you have any
questions, telephone or write us.
Company j
; ,'f
, v.
; i i;
r if I
H . it.

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