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(THE Waynesville mountaineer
Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
$1.75 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Countie
WAYNESVILLE. N. C, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. 19 13 (One Day Nearer Victory)
01 7 OOOD M
y X to uve
pearce s (0)pmiDimg E
lakery Has Enjoyed
Iteady Growth Here
Firm Started In June, 1912,
Has Moved Twice To
Larger Quarters.
rwbiiin.'os. II any, nave en-
J tad: a rapiu "
j ,..!! as Pearce's Way-lU-
... n.l ! U'LH. I eaii-c vji7i.ii-
,',j,t:r 'bakery here on June 22,
ln a -null place on unurcn
lumber last year, theywere
. j increased business.
IilV,- :o larger quarters on main ,
i'vr nine months in that build-
j "which at the time, seemed
would be adequate fur many years,
they are this week moving across
the street to a new home, and a
modernized plant with triple their
present capacity.
Mr. Pearce lias been in the re
tail bakery business since 1 0 1 I .
All of his baking experience has
been in shops small enough wlv r
every man had to work in every
department and make some of a
large variety of baked goods.
The owner of the bakery here
was in Canton for 18 months prior
to coming to Waynesville. At the
time he was in Canton, he was con
nected with another firm, and came
here to establish his own business.
Mrs. Pearce has had charge of
sales throughout their business
stay here, and has been assisted
by their two daughters, until' one
married and moved away. This
past week, Evelyn, entered West
ern Carolina Teachers College as
a freshman. The other daughter,
Mrs. D. II. Herndon, is living in
Ingredients Are
Bought In Large .
Volume fly Bakery
Tl:e purchase orders of the bak
ery would cause'the average house
wife to fall back into a dead faint.
Eggs are bought bv the thousand-.
Chocolate by the hundreds of
Sugar com s by the ton.
Flour is bought by the barrel or
part carload.
Shortening by the half and whole
Shelled Black Walnuts, by the
hundreds of pounds. These are
bought from local people, who
spend their evening during the win
ter picking out the tasty meats.
Last year Mr. Pearce spent hun
dreds of dollars for shelled black
Fruits for pies conies in contain
ers that would be suitable to feed
a small army.
It is just part of the business.
Owners Of Modern Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Messer, of
Cove Creek, announce the birth of
a daughter at their home on Sep
tember the 10th.
It may amuse you but some
States permit aliens to vote.
Household Hint
As a health measure for econ
omy, and as a patriotic duty, pro
vent spoilage f the foods you buy.
Wash all fruits and vegetables and
place in covered containers of
enamel ware or other non-porous
material, ai soon as you return
from the market; then use them
as soon as possible.
There is no way to tell when the
war in Europe will end but when
the Germans decide to collapse they
will collapse in a hurry.
Better Baked Goods
Are BAKED with
Giving the speed, efficiency and economy necessary for
their business volume.
If it's Cooking, Baking, Water Heating, Refrigeration or
Heating Gas can do the job.
For information on how you can enjoy Gas see us . . .
Phone 202 J j
! I
KOIiT. It- PKAKCE JIKfi, KUifi. if. i i.aki f.
n rsrs n
raw isaKeiry
New Plant Will Have
Triple Capacity, Big
Improvements Made
Pearce s Waynesville liakciy will have a formal opening of then
new and enlarged modern plant here Friday at two o'clock. Photos
bv Sbeirill's Studio.
Pet Dairy
Added By
Patrons will be delighted at the
large display facilities they will
find at the Waynesville Hakery
w hen it ope ns Friday afternoon.
A larger show case will enable
display of the larger variety of bak
ed goods, while a glass enclosed
wall case will be filled with many
kinds of cakes. The cases have been
specially built for bakery goods,
and will afford the best display for
the customer, and for faster ser-
ln addition to the bakery cases,
there is in the in w bakery, a dairy
products case for handling milk and
other items.
"Since milk and bakery products
are kindred and almost a necessity
to make every meal complete, we
decided to add the line as a con
venience to our growing list of cus
tomers, Mr. Paresaid.
Friday afternoon, at two o'clock,
will mark the formal opening of
'oarce's enlarged and modernized
open-view bakery on Main Street
here, iust opposite from their
pre-si nt local ion.
The new home of the bakery is
the result of many month's work
and planning on the part of Kobt.
H. Pearce, owner and manager in
consultation with bakery experts
an, sanitation engineers. The bak
ery has already received a 100 pel
cent state rating for sanitation.
ln addition to carrying a larger
variety, made possible because the
capacity of the plant has been
tripled, the new place will also
feature Pet Dairy Products.
Many items of new equipment
have been added during the past
few weeks, and in order to get the
plant in complete operation before
the opening, Mr. Pearce has been
starting one piece of equipment at
a time, and for the past 10 days has
had the plant in complete operation.
The firm closed yesterday, and
will remain closed until two o'clock
Friday afternoon, when the doors
swing open for their formal open
ing. Several specials will go on
sale both Friday and Saturday, the
owner announces in an advertise
ment in this newspaper.
Mr. Pearce supervises the bak
ing of every item turned out, and
it has to be up to his standard be
fore it goes on sale,
Mrs. Pearce is in charge of all
sales and special orders. She has
two assistants, and Mr. Pearce has
five working under him in the pro
duction department.
An expert baker who travels 22
states was here this week and rat
ed the local bakery as the finest
small retail bakery he had seen.
The "open-view" bakery is the new
est type. Customers are enabled
to see from one end of the bakery
to the other. All work is done in
full view of the customer.
N'flmerous traveling men who
work the baking trade have been
most complimentary about the lay
out here.
Mr. Pearce carefully weighs
every ingredient that, goes into his
baked goods. No guesses are per
mitted, lie uses nationally adver
tised lines of materials for ingred
ients, such as Softasilk Flour,
Shortening made by the Wesson
Oil people, and other items just
as well known.
Alvin R. Deitz Is
Commissioned Lieut.
Alvin R. Deitz, son of Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Deitz of Waynesville,
has recently been commissioned a
second lieutenant in the army upon
successfully completing the offi
cer candidate course at the Infan
try School at Fort Rcnning.
I,t. Deitz enlisted in the service
on July 15, 1940 and served with
the 1 20th Infantry and 117th In
fantry before going to Officer Can
didate School three months ago. He
held the rank of corporal before be
ing commissioned.
A Combination of Goodness and
Pet Pasteurized Milk
Pearce's Better Baked Goods
Pet Milk Now Available At Retail At
Pearce's New Bakery.
Serve More Milk ... Be Sure It's . . .
Pet Pasteurized It's Safe.
Phone 10
Wavnesville, N. C.
: W

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