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harness Places And ,7&gr-
UnmP.S 10 tie inSOeCted lhM War Loan
Ml"" JL
or Fire Hazards Here
Published In The County Seat of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
0SISTH YEAR NO. 40 12 Pages
WAYNESVILLE, N. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1943 (One Day Nearer Victory) $1.75 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Coontlc
of annual Fire Pre-
which is observed
United States, the
IV . .L-
,h,mt tni
W ... :ll ...ill etar an
f il HI'S HIC
f all business houses
this area today.
be supervis
fTi i'
home hi
ri... niMH-ClOI s "
jiy Henry liiiuny, i-ny uuuuiue
or. following me
a here needed, reccomiiieiiua-
" 1 J M J
us against nre nazaras iuuna,
be niaik' to tne owners ui mc
fire prevention programs will
tit presented to ine siuucnu
the schools of the township
Ur the supervision 01 me reacn-
al n-iilrnts are urged by the
department to make morougn
dialling in their homes and
Lr.J their grounds, so that an
,;,b!i- rubbish and debris may
dimin:iti'd. 1 hey state that
M the rubbish is gathered 11
property owners will call and
jfv the city hall a truck will be
,t to pick up and carry it away.
Thev are also warning xne local
(jens altout the danger of burn-
leaves around their premises,
ask that they do so with the
11 i ii a
tatet care, seeing mat me nres
completely out. before leaving
line 18-Year-01ds
egister With
ard In Sept.
Sine boys registered under the
ytive service system in the
Up who became eighteen years
lip during the month of Sep
pnber, it was learned from the
Wt board this week.
The boys who will be subject to
U now in the armed forces are
follows: Tommie Clyde Cald-
id, route 2, WaynesviHe; Glennf
man, route 1, WaynesviUft
!'ith Dale Hill, Hazelwood; San
I Stringfield Frady, route ' 1,
lillard Howell, route 1, Way-
wrille; Norman Will ard Cagle,
ute 2, WaynesviHe; Troy Lee
!iiinah, Cove Creek : George
Wflas Plemmons, WaynesviHe;
lick Trammell, WaynesviHe.
Baptists To Hold
Mission Week
inning the 17th. Mission week
ill be observed by the First Bap-
nere, with L. Bunn Olive, mis
ery from China and for some-
a prisoner of the Japanese, as
1 principal speaker.
wo the programs for the six
Pfflgs, will be movies of the for-
W lands.
Classes for primaries, iuniors. in.
mediates, young people and
ts. Those who lead the diff
W classes include: Miss Lysbeth
Miss Erma Patterson, Miss
lirSartt Burgin. Miss Madtre
Ps' Mrs. H. .G. Hammett, Rev.
. nammett, Miss Margaret
Well and ReV. Mr. Bunn.
Haywood Boy
Fatally Injured In
Fall From Wagon
David Thomas Mann, son of
Rev. and Mrs. M. K. Mann, of the
Bethel section, was fatally injured
around 8:30 o'clock Tuesday night,
when he fell from a wagon on
which he was hauling oats.
He was said to have been driv
ing a team and was riding on top
of the oats, which suddenly began
to slip, causing him to fall and
the horses became frightened and
ran away. In an effort to hold
the team, he fell between the
Dan Cochran, for whom the boy
was working at the time, was
walking beside the wagon. Ho
said the bov died soon after the
Dr. J. Frank Tate, Haywood
county coroner, said no inquest
would be held. He stated that
young Mann died of a fractured
skull and internal injuries.
Young Mann was a popular stu
dent at the Bethel high school and
was a member of the eighth grade.
Funeral arrangements under the
direction of the Wells Funeral
Home, of Canton, were incomplete
last night, pending word from the
brothers in the service.
Surviving are the parents, five
brothers, four in the army, Cpl.
James Mann, of Fort Benning, Ga.,
Pvt. Cecil Mann, of Camp Gordon,
Pvt. Troy Mann, of Camp Carson,
Colo., and Pfc. George Mann, of
the Hawaiian Islands, .and Mar
celle Mann, of New Jersey; five
sisters, Misses Winnie, Frances,
Carrie, Anna Lee, and Blanche
Mann, all of Canton, route 3.
Haywood county has gone $!';,
Hlo over the assigned quota in th"
Third War Bond drive, it was (
learned from (.'has. K. Kay, Jr.,
county chairman, last night. i
The quota was set at $8112,000,
and to date the sale of war bonds
and stamps stands at $987,915.
The Canton area of the county
is leading with a total of $4l7,815
to their credit and the WaynesviHe
and Hazelwood areas have sold
$190,0(10 worth of bonds.
No announcement has yet been
made of the amount of the October
quota, according to Mi. Ray, coun
ty chairman.
Home Agent
Announces October
Club Schedule
The October schedule of the
Haywood County Home Demon
stration Clubs has been announced
as follows by Miss Mary Margaret
The Jonathan Creek Club met
with Mrs. F. R. Kennedy at 2
o'clock on Friday, the 1st; the
Beaveidam Club with Mrs. Will
Clark at 2 o'clock
afternoon, the 5th;
Well Known Pigeon
Resident Passes
After Long Illness
Funeral services were conducted
Tuesday, Septimber 28th, at the
Anders-Rice Funeral Home in
Asheville for .1. M. Keeter, of the
Pigeon section, who died in an
Ashiville hospital after a long ill
ness. Rev. Avery Peek officiated.
Mr. Keeter came to Haywood
county from Rutherford 27 years '
ago and located in the Pigeon sec
tion near the Bethel Baptist church.
He was active in the work of the
church and community betterment
until the time of his illness.
He is survived by his wife and
three children, Mrs. H. Edward
McCredy, of Roanoke, Va.; Jack
Keeter, of Bryson City; and M. F.
Keeter, of Baltimore, Md.; two
sisters, Mrs. J. W. McDanuel, of
Forest City, and Mrs. Andy Sher
rill, of Springdale; three brothers,
D. J. Keeter and T. S. Keeter, of
Grover, and C. F. Keeter, or Union
il V y
Dealers Say, Shortage
Of Coal Is Temporary
A check-up with the coal dealers
of this area revealed the fact that
the present shortage of coal was
being keenly felt and that they
were selling only those who are in
immediate need of fuel. They all
seemed optimistic, however, over
tl,n .I4alinn oftltf t h P mulHltf) fit
,ng two-day period of the November
week in September, $225,
n.n t Hin mHii i 'unnn u uuit .
East WaynesviHe
Students Buy $225
Bonds and Stamps
.1. r l l..l.,
i i.i .i, . i f no secret that the government had
were bought by (he students of the I ., . . .
East WaynesviHe school, it was
learned from Frank I.. Rogers,
here are Jjr, children enrolled jm jb)e fmi, ftt pregent of
making an average purchase of , , , f th
it sent to the Great Lakes sections
before the cold weather sets in.
The dealers all agreed that it was
.hild for the
lWO-(lay i ... ; . (V, i,lJl uioai
i Thev also asrreed that the short-
$1.00 per
in the contest mtwe.n (lie nrst a(;e WHS only temporary. One
three grades, the third grade came ;(illlllpr stattH) that they had not
out winner. In the contest between ' r00eived a carload of coal in over
the three grammar grades, fourth, a n,onth, and that as far as they
Mrs. J. H, Chambers
To Be Buried At
Bethel Today
Funeral services will be conduct
ed this afternoon at 2 o'clock at
the Bethel Methodist church for
Mrs. J. If. Chamber, 83, widow of
the late Mr. Chambers, of Hay-
Reservists Report
For Active Duty
In Armed Forces
A number of the volunteers and
reservists of the September call
under the selective service reported
for active dury during the past
Leaving here on Friday for
Fort Jackson were: Glenn H.
Wyatt, J. B. Siler, Charles W. Sut
ton and Stewart F. Plemmons, who
went to Fort Jackson.
The following have reported to
Spartanburg for service in the
Navy and been assigned to stations
where they will take their boot
training: James Rufus Grasty,
Roy Burt Harrell, Lucius Troy
Franklin, Roy Douglas Morris,
James Cecil Jennings, Kenneth Le
Roy Harrell, Carl Calvin Griffin.
LeRoy Presnell, Foster Milburn
Fcrsruson. Rstol Walker Morrow
wood county, who died at her home Lester L. Moody, Jr., Jack Edward
in the Pigeon section of the county Vufrate Herschel Homer Caldwell,
at 9:30 a. m. Wednesday. Rev. I j
Thomas Erwin will officiate. Burial (;
will be in the Bethel cemetery
Mrs. Chambers, a native of Bun
combe county, was before her raar
rriage, Miss Martha Morgan. She
was born in 1859 and had been re-
' . sidtntr in this rnimtv sinro hpr mar.
on luesday . " . oon
tv, ilU'. !r,aKe in 1880.
emuel Hugh Ball, Clyde Prichard
reer, and Hud Hoyle Price.
Retired Methodist
Minister Dies
After Long Illness
Funeral services were held on
Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
the First Methodist church of Can
ton, for the Rev. E. G. Warren,
7(i, retired Haywood county Meth
odist minister, who died Sunday
afternoon at 2:30 in an Asheville
hospital, following an illness of
two yea ft?.
Rev. J. B. Tabor, pastor, offi
ciated. He wiih assisted by the
Rev. W. H. Pless, the Rev. C. C.
Williams, and the Rev. C. A. Ram
sey, the latter pastor of the Can
ton Wesleyan MethodiBt church.
Rurial was in the Bon-A-Venture
Reporting to Fort Jackson on
Monday for service in the army
were: William LeRoy Davis, A. D.
Huges, Clarence M. Cnnard, and
Pinkey H. Burress.
Lester Burgin, Jr., has gone to
San Diego, Calif., where he was
ordered to report for service in the
V. S. Marines.
Mrs. Linwood Grahl
Elsie i Elected Treasurer
Creek Club with Mrs. Jule Allen , ne ls survived hy nine children,
at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, . three sons- C M. Chambers and G.
the Gth; the Dell wood Club will C- Chambers, both of Canton, route
meet at the school house at 2 a"(1 F. E. Chambers of Cedro
n'nr.V Tk,.J.. uff0.n,wn the ""!", uauKiiwrs
., " ' Mrs. Thomas Terrell, Mrs.
The Iron Duff Club with Mrs. , '?'ayklck'4 Harlin Burnette, ; Qf District PTA
T. C. Davis, at 2 o'clock on Fri-'. '""' .? ; r t .? , . , L,
Morning Star Club ! , ,1 ," . ".' ' - mrs. Linwo wra was eiece,,
i, ... . ,vv...... u unuu, i i ifasurer 01 me uiserici i arent
Alaska; twenty eight grandchil- Teacher Association at the annual
dren and seventeen great grand- meeting held last Friday in Ashe
The Wells Funeral Home will be
in charge of the arrangements.
Serving as pallbearers were:
Grady Swofford, Bruce Sellers,
Speedy Wise, Weldon Gidney,
Hraney Anderson, and Howard
Mr. Warren, a native of the
Heaverdam section of Buncombe
county, seived as a minister in
Haywood county for 40 years.
Surviving are three daughters,
Mrs E. K. Everhart, and Mrs. D.
A. Goodwin, both of Canton, and
Mrs. Moi l Jameson, of Sylva; four
sons, T. H. Warren and A. T.
Warren, both of Youngstown,
Ohio, ('. W. and M. M. Warren,
both of Canton; 25 grandchildren
and eight great-grandchildren.
fifth and sixth, the fifth grade
won. The prize in each case was
one hour etia plav period on Fri
day. Nearly GOO Head
Cattle Sold At
Feeder Calf Sale
Approximately f7.r calves were
put up for sale and bought at the
feeder calf sale held last Satur
day at the Clyde Stockyards, the
event being sponsored by the own
ers of the yards. The calves
brought an average of 13 cents
per pound.
The sale attracted a large num
ber of out of the county cattlemen,
a number from Kastorn Carolina
as well as out of the state. The
cattle were carefully graded into
choice, good, medium and com
mon, both heifers and steers group
according to their condition.
While the majority of the cattle
offered were from this county,
stockmen from the adjoining coun
ties also entered animals for the
cemetery between Cantoij,VwlJ.-U:boiM! in charge pointed oyt that
m Quarter Post
Mice Receipts
argest On Record
day, the 8th
with Mrs. P. N. Higgens at 2
o'clock on Monday, the 11th; Maple
Grove Club with Mrs. C. R. Palmer
at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, the
12th; Francis Cove Club with Miss
Marion Boggs at 2 o'clock Wed
nesday afternoon, the 13th.
1 The Fines Creek Club with Mrs.
! Iley B. Noland at 10:30 o'clock on
Tuesday morning on the 14th;
: Hyder Mountain Club with Mrs.
Ida Dotson at 2 o'clock h riday
Men In Service From
Crabtree To Be Honored
At Mt. Zion Church
A special service will be held at
I ville.
: Mrs. Grahl has been active for
several years in the local and coun.
ty PTA. She is a past president
of the Central Elementary group
and a former vice president of the
.county council.
afternoon, the 15th; Ratcliff Cove the Mt. Zion Methodist Church on
Red Cross Nurse Visits
Local Haywood Chapter
John J. Stovall
Buried Yesterday
At Clarksville
an effort would be made each year
to grade all cattle entered and the
stock raisers were urged to fit
their animals for the sale, so that
the lower grades could be eliminat
ed, thereby keeping up the price.
Hundreds of persons attended
the sale which otened at two
o'clock Saturday afternoon.
Organization Meet
To Be Held At
Methodist Church
On Wednesday evening, October
13, the First Methodist Church will
hold its annual reorganization
meeting. The meeting will open
with dinner served in the dining
room of the church at 6:30. The
program proper wil get under way
about 7:30 and those who cannot
come for the fellowship dinner are
, ! invited to come for the business
prominent i
citizen of Cleveland, Ga., died at vi,..,' r :, i .
, . . , ,,, . ' ,' ! Matters of vital concern to every
iii inline hi. jw;ou luosuav Mini n- nJimlw,,. ,,f u
John J. Stovall, 83,
were concerned in reunion to tneir
customers it was serious.
"People need not get panicky,"
said one well known dealer, "for
there will be plenty of coal after
the middle of November. I would
advise the public to be careful and
economize with coal, for we will
have to tide over until the time
when the supply comes back."
One dealer stated that he had
more orders for coal during the
month of October than he could
possibly fill.
Another dealer stated that he
was trying to portion his coal out
to those who were really up against
it for fuel, and that no one custo
mer was getting more thai) his
share of the amount he had on hand.
22 Apples In A
Cluster Found On
Almost Barren Tree
Experienced orchardmen are puz
zled and unable to explain the why
and wherefores of the- unusual
cluster of 2 apples that grew on a
Rome Bemity tret on the farm of
W. T. Mrtpatrick, Dellwood Road.
laftfe tre had lew than a
bushel of apples all together this
year, yet from a small limb about
the size of one's little finger, grew
22 perfect full-sized apples. The
22 apples weigh slightly more than
8 pounds. The apples are fully
matured, resembled in every de
tail, the fruit on the remainder
of the tree.
The cluster is on display in the
window of The Mountaineer, and
is attracting lots of attention. So
far no one has given an answer of
"why" mother nature should pull
such a trick.
H. R. Hall Named
Manager Of Belk
Hudson Company
H. R. Hall, of Moultrie, Ga., has
been named manager of Belk-Hud-son
Company here, succeeding J.
C. Jennings who recently was call
ed into service.
Mr. Hall has been with the Belk-
ti.. .1 c. -r.. .. i
church will come!"" , , """ M'm(' ar"
ing. Mr. Stovall was the father ,,(.f()n (hj(( me.ti The work of here last week to take over
of Dewey and Felix Stovall, of h(, V(.ar . . . . . ... this store. The week following Mr.
WaynesviHe and Phillip Stovall, of be rovi(,w(l( Tho nfr,rias for , h(, ) Jennings leaving, Miss Mackey, of
Funeral services were conduct!
rnmini, ?mir iirill Ki. jiliinli.l .. ..1
" J c. "111 u lil IUU 1IMI
u.. c :.. I ... . .i i 'i
me imaiiciai urogram ior ine
yesterday afternoon at the Cool church vear iust now l)eirinnin. vl.III
Orangeburg, was here until Mr.
could arrive.
Mr. Mall's family will remain in
iimwiu.. ... . ...
Methodist church, near be outlined, discussed and ndnnted ( ! oun rie lor the present, probably
. . inov nir nn in Mivcmhor
s. Mark Galloway October in at 2:30 p. m. honoring Nursing Chairman
Monday afternoon, he men in the armed forces from
Club with Mrs.
ithe 18th- Rock Spring Club with the Crabtree Township of the coun-; Miss Elizabeth King, R. N., Red
leering f,. K . , . 1 r,-nI.i. nP,,iii f. iun ni.,t
Isiii ... ' Mrs. Clinton MclMroy, at Z o ciock .- , - "' l-. ,.-... uo.n iu, inc owie
I lth .Sl'lltpmhor nu Vio i . . ,n,i. A feature of the sel'VICe Wll hf nf KnHli Parnlina won Vinr-o ,l,,r
oeoT.pmhpr wcra thp rr, . i i . . . il. in,L
f"i ever riwnvlnJ ; u n;., ' . . ... , , tb. iinfnr ini' of thp banner which i
"' L"e "r The Bet he ( ui) witn Mrs. weicn " , . t"' "
nost M -j si , t ajvl ... .... u- k,ir atnrc fnr pvprv man in thp Mo tr u h' Mill.,- (1 n.l
Isrrt , siu 01. j. Singleton at 2 o'c ock on W ednes- ' . ' .. ,: , "' ' "x u
itt ., I'osemaster, wno jv afternoon the 20th' the Mag- .:Ka.,,iK uiBonuauuii
poutcs the increase in n Inre-e : "f. Tamp T?nhert for those who have made the su- of Volunteers Nurses Aid in the
0 , . iuu v,ilii - - - rr-u. t-l:- : r, -
l lette
ee to the
use of airmail stamps
rs to men in the armed
Plott at 2 o'clock on Thursday , 'ir(,m' f0;1''0''- The public is cor- community
afternoon, the 21st; Junaluska ;
Club with Mrs. Ernest Carver at 2
Plans are to form
group in the near future.
4 ''Ptember quarter total
i1"""1"!. while the same pe-
l - ai vear
01. Hmv,.li
reached $9,961.93.
Local Draft Board Reclassified
i no . i i Liu y
ceipts for thp Julv Au-i..ii. t?:.j jfnonn thp
.i i ...:u m.. i - hi ti :
!r? W Men During The Past Week
statpH h
total . . - "v' Wltn Mrs. narrisuo ui . - .
iri-i nrc Tn n . . . . , , .
uic oniiie Fc , o clock VVednesaay aiiei imumi,
One hundred and ninety-five men
were over $500 greater ! VCantCb with "Mrs. were reclassified during the past
W. S. McElrath at 2 o'clock Thurs- week by tne araii ooaiu unuci uic
"i 1942
PUttnn P
Podward's Part
r Cafe Business
Sutton hD v j .
Rrest f"iKaseu me
fn.A Ji.r- and M- Charlie
Ko Z n tharlie's Cafe here.
pine, ;i " ue maae in tne
anrf W continue as mana
w prt owner of the busi
Wectpj -an has been actively
t0Pencd the business Since
satttvn '":,1ver two years ago. Mrs.
Mr . as cashier.
kecan.:?odard wi" continue in
k WoS y,01 bookkeeper, wTiile
odard wi1 devotFe 'al, his
svilie bU9,ness in East Way-
! day afternoon, the 28th.
ISt John's Bond And
! Stamp Sales Reach
I Total Of $8,344.50
'selective service system from .the
WaynesviHe area of the county.
Placed irt class 1-A were the fol
lowing: Finis B. Stroud, Dillard
Haney, Robert E. Lindsey, Edwin
R Poteat, Ronda D. Henderson,
i ... , . .i "Franklin T. Rogers, Gilmer Cagle,.
Total bond and sunup Ed xichoK Sam W. Killian, Ray-
the Third War Loan Drive for the, pred N Ha
pupils of St. John's School climbed - Raph & siskf
to $8,344.50 Saturday , Charles T. Painter, Elbert B. Ray,
This total climaxed three weeks Mehaffey William Conner.
of intensive buying by the pupils , w Ring Evan8
and staff of the school The grand Howe w Freenianj Xhadus B.
total of purchases made by tne Joseph M. Haynes, Jacob
school reached $26,785.20, enough Mew r, i
to buy almost thirty jeeps. Riddle. William R. Wright, George
777. r tv,o E. Shuler, Jesse E. Hampton, Wil-
Mrs. Jim Jones and Miss Latne- L pogey A Biackweui
rine Jones were the guests over ;Lcpnard j Grem Robert V. Hoyle,
the week-end of the latter s sister, Rabe Walker juliUs H. Stephens,
Miss Thelma Ann Jones, who is a willjam D parriS) virgle Summey,
student at Virginia Interment, j
Bristol, Va.
Arrington, Norman L.
Lloyd M.
Richard L. Love, William H.
Cook, Cradell Cowart, James B.
Hunt, William H. Messer, Milas N.
Rathbone, Earl Bradley, Beauford
C. Messer, LeRoy Dalton, Allen D.
Casey. Marvin Yarborough was
put in class 1-A (L).
Placed in class 1-C were: James
Trammell, John W. Moore, Glenn
H. Wyatt, J. B. Siler, Foster Mil
burn Ferguson, Charles Ray Press
ley, Estol W. Morrow, Lucius Troy
Franklin, Ray D. Morris, James
Cecil Jennings, Jack R. Shuler,
Pinkney H. Burress, Clarence E.
Arrington, Kenneth Leroy Harrell.
Robert Lester Burgin, Jr., Carl
C. Griffin, LeRoy Presnell, Leslie
L. Moody, Jr., Jack E. Fugate, Her
schel H. Caldwell, James W. M
haffey, Lemuel H. Hall, Clyde P.
Greer, William LeRoy Davis, Bud
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Pet Offices Are
Enlarged Here
October Schedule
For County 4-H
Clubs Announced
The schedule of the Haywood
county 4-H clubs for the month of
October is as follows:
On Monday the Bethel club met
at 9 o'clock; the Canton club at
10:30; Beaverdam club at 11:45
and the Clyde club at 1:00 o'clock.
On Tuesday of this week, the
I ( ...I .. Rurial f,.l u-wl I." 1 ii -1 i !. ..
. loiniviu,, ..... .... ............ im inner Di me cnurcn is in-j
in the church cemetery. vited to attend this meeting and is'
Mr. Stovall retired eight years entitled to a voice in its proceed
ago from active business. He is ings.
survived in addition to those men- j .
tioned by his wife; two other sons,
Raymond Stovall, formerly of Ha
zelwood, now of Atlanta, and Far
roll Stovall, of Clayton, Ga.; three
daughters, Mrs. Ben Allison, of
Cleveland, Ga., Mrs. Hub Head, of
flarement, Ga., and Mrs. Jimmy
Haynes, of Gainesville, Ga.
Workmen are completing a reno
vation Jod ai ". "" Crabtree club met at 8:30
ducts Company plant here which Creefc dub
HI 1 A H 4. Hln tW AT AT T hO I
will result III Hie eiuaigciinriii. ui n't
bookkeeping office.
A number of repairs were made
to the front of the building, and
while this was being done the office
was enlarged.
Yesterday the Cecil club met at
9:00 o'clock; the Cruso club at
10:30. The WaynesviHe club will
meet this morning at 9 o'clock.
Two Merchants Back
From Shoe Convention
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray, Jr.,
and C. J. Reece have returned from
Atlanta where they attended the
Southeastern Shoe Convention on
Monday and Tuesday.
Spring shoes were shown during
the convention.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Davis had as
their guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Brown oi Asnevuie.
Green Tree Tea
Room Closes
Green Tree Tea Room closed for
an indefinite period last night.
"When we reopen, we will open
in our new place in East Waynes
viHe," Mrs. Rosalia A. Rung an
Two Haywood Girls
Receive Caps At
Duke Hospital
Miss Mary Lee Alley, of Way
nesviHe, daughter of F. E. Alley,
Jr., and Mrs. Margaret Hall Alley,
and granddaughter of Judge and
Mrs. Felix E. Alley, was one of the
forty-five students to receive caps
at the annual capping exercises at
Duke University Hospital last Fri
day. Miss Clara Carver, of Can
ton, was another Haywood county
girl to receive this recognition.
Capping indicates that the stu
dents have successfully passed the
probationary period of their first
year in the school of nursing. Fol
lowing the ceremony, a reception
was held. Prior to entering the
school of nursing, Miss Alley was
first a student at Montreat Junior
College after which she spent one
year at the Woman's College of
the University of North Carolina.
Frank Reed Brown.
Brother Of Dr. Funke,
Claimed By Death
Frank Reed Brown, of Greens-
Mrs. Rung said that for a needed poro, brother of Dr. I B. Fonke,
and deserved rest, she and Mr.
Rung might take a trip and visit
relatives before opening their place
in East WaynesviHe.
nassed away at his home In the
Piedmont secton on Saturday, Oc
tober 2, and was buried on Sunday
afternoon. Dr Funke was unable
to attend the funeral services. Thi

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