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Published InThe County Seat Of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park,
NINTH YEAR NO. 48 16 Pages WAYNEKVii.i.rc n r thitrciiay nEfFMRER 2 1913 (One Dav Nearer Victory) $1.75 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
' to uvt TVV
bunty Passed Bond !fei2?
Puota For November TuesdayAfternoon
Going To Navy
5ile This End Of The
" . j;i I unit.
County IS treuiieu n.m
i -..a A thp Wnvpmhflr
j,;nu u , oKmit canon
bond quom J
Kay, cuunij i.iiiiuiiii.
n. Canton area sola tne ma-
the $70,000 marK, wniie
.. 1 T ala Tima liictlra
tinted for approximately $40,-
...-,. i l- l.: inn
sale ol Cj ouiius mi- fiw,-
50 apainst a quoin ui 11,1-40.
quota for F and G Bonds wag
up with only $6,674 sold.
fa report ol me semiig Bgems,
ill type bonus, ior ivovemuer
Li ational zi.vw.z.i
,rwood Kuiiiimg-ioan .cou.uj
Office o,uuu.w
, r- I OCT OK
Ijrrnnl r arm L,iau -
il, Waynesville ana
Haz.luord area $ ao.tii.oj
Uon Post Office $ 6.U7 ,.()) .
iM B. & L l.izej.uu
ivwood C ' Bank 61,537.03
;nmnH Rank. Clyde 2,000.00 ,
... - ! h s iim unit navmas
r YnV ' the Navy sup, ly corps. Mi
Pt Office l.r37.50, .,t is :l si.l!ina. ',.,.
. ...... viinuRct . ...
ial ior cuumy ii,iuu.iii
AARON l'RKVI ST reports Sat
urday morning in Washington as
lieutenant (jg) and will assume his
i s unit paymaster in
r. Pre- trover
funeral services were held at
the Davis Chap. 1 Methodist church,
in the Iron Duff section of the
county at 2:00 o'clock Tuesday af
t.rnoon for Mrs. Ella Moody Davis,
74, who died in an Asheville hos
pital on Sunday morning at 10:30.
Rev. V. Grady Burgin, pastor and
Rev. J. Clay Madison, pastor of
First Methodist church, Waynes
ville, officiated. Burial was in the
church cemetery. Near neighbors
served as pallbearers.
Mrs. Davis was a native of Hay
wood county, the daughter of Rob
ert and Harriet Henry Moody, and
the widow of the late Joseph S
Davis, state representative from
Haywood county for several terms.
She was a member of the Iron
Duff Methodist church.
The First National Rank of Way
nesville, of which her son, Joe
Davis is assistant cashier, closed
at 12:00 o'clock instead of the usual
hour of 1:00 the day of the funeral.
Surviving are five sons, Moody
and Harry Davis, both of Leaks
ville, Frank M. Davis, of Wilming
ton, Lee F. Davis, of Richmond, Va..
and Jo. S. Davis, of Waynesville;
two daughters, Mrs. Mark Gallo
way, Waynesville and Miss Mary
Davis, of Wilmington: a stenson.
C. Davis, of Waynesville;
Killed In Action 1 11 Boys Become
18 Years Of Age
During November
1 The following boys in the Way
nesville area of the county became
18 years of age during the month
of November and have r .gis ered
with the local draft board subject
to call under the selective service
Billy Marion Ferguson, Clyde,
route 1; Robert Ellis Forga, Way
nesville, route l; Elmer Ri.ble Phil
lips, Mt. Sterling; Calvin Theodore
McCall, Lake Junaluska.
J. C. McElroy, Clyde, route 1;
Louis Richard Gibson, Waynesville,
Cecil Raymond Mehaffey, Waynes
ville, route 1; Samuel Wayne
Knight, Hazelwood; Lawr:nce Wil
liam McClure, Waynesville, route
1; Charlie C.ifton Sutton, Waynes
ville, route 2; and Homer Ray Kirk
patrick, Cove Creek.
Bethel Students Sell
$11,000 In Bonds,
Money Buys 7 Jeeps
son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sher
rill, of Rat.lilf Cove section, who
has been reoorted missing in Italy
ince November 10.
Private Sumu 1 H. Sherrill, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sherrill,
of the Ratcliff Cove section is re
ported missing according to a mes
sage received by his wife, the for
mer Miss Evelyn Woody, of Cruso.
The message from the adjutant
general read in part:
"The Secretary of War desires
Mside Trees
Ind Decorations
like town authorities have asked
tt the people of the community
Sne Christmas lighting decora-
i to Christmas trees inside pri-1
! homes, according to instruc-
i received by them -from J. A. !
V, director of the office of War
er of Unagusta
Ir. Kurg is also asking that
tact decorations, community
Aaron Prevost To
Assume Duties In
Navy Saturday
Aaron Prevost, weft known in
dustrialist here, reports for ac
tive duty with the Navy in Wash
ington on Saturday morning, as
Lieut, (jg). Mr. Prevost will be
assistant paymaster in the supply
corps of the Navy.
He volunteered for duty some
time ago, and received his orders
traas tress, extertor hm;w repori mis weeK.
ations and intetjoradex-f Besides being assistant secre-t-'vt
commeTCteKthhlish- tary-treasuw of the Unaguata
disoense ' with frecdratiohs , Manufacturing
year insofar as lighting is con
ned. Ewry effort is being made to
wet the saving of fuel, manpower, !
Company, he i-j
serving as chairman of the board
of trustees of the Haywood County
Hospital, and is a member of the
rationing board here. He is a past
fportation and materials, it president oi tne waynesvme notary
pointed out. Because of the Club.
Witness of daylight over most of i
r cuumry ai vnnstmas lime, .
pessary consumption of electric-1 (jrCOlOglSlS
iiere has been no mandatory
H r eiven by the Office of War
pities, because they noint out.
m American people . realize the
pwsity of this conservation "and
M do it."
ose Excavating
asement Of His
uilding Here
Workmen are excavntinir the
ent of the McCracken build
on Main Street, rpppntlv nnr-
fed h re bv Joe E. Rose.
Rose has in an application
WPR for
f the buiklini? and maHno- OYteTi-
f changes in order that it can
' occupied at an early date.
fa M Tatp sucnt n fem dav
F eek in Newton with relatives.
Killed In Action
Here Yesterday
On Water Survey
Staff Sgt. Jackson,
Missing, Reported
German Prisoner
Stuff Sgt. Roy M. Jackson, son
jf Mr. and . Mis. Thurman Jackson,
of n;ar Canton, who has been re
ported missing in the European
theatre of war since his plane
failed to return from an assign
ment Oct. 10, is a prisoner of war
the loss of your husband, 01 u,e merman government, accora-
Private Samuel H. Sherrill. Reoort w 10 8 message receiv d oy nis
rec. ived states that he was killed Parents from the International Red
in action on the 10th of November Cross.
in Italy. Letter follows." Sgt. Jackson entered the army on
Private Sherrill entered the ser- July 28, 1942, and trained in Miss-
thrPA fftvut irrnnd- vic in March of this year and was issippi, Utah, Florida and Calif or-
' e . m : u U.I 1 J
inoucieu ai ump vroii, ana irom ", uejure uriojs uiutrw iu iur-
eign duty about four months ago.
At th; time he was reported
missing, Sgt. Jackson was serving
as a gunner-mechanic aboard a
heavy bomber.
,Wl.'MIMWmJWlWJl'll' J-I1UULILLI L . I' I L I . I
The students and faculty of Beth
el School have purchased enough
bonds this year to buy seven jeeps.
The school has just been award
ed two citation awards by the
treasury department for the achie
vement for the year, in selling $10,
PP6.10 in bonds and stamps. The
campaign was headed by W. P.
Whitesides, principal of the school.
A letter from the treasury de
partment this week, said the fol
lowing jeeps were being purchased
with the bonds bought and sold by
the Bethel School:
Five Famous Jeeps (each) $1,185
The Amphibian 2,090
The Flying Jeep 3,000
A letter frcm the treasury de
partment said in part: "The stu
dents and faculty of Bethel School
are to be congratulated for such
a fine record, and it is indeed one
of which Bethel may be extremely
one stepdaughter, Mrs. Riley Boyd, that f tPir deep sympathy to
Waynesville, route 2; one brother,
Fred H. Moody, Waynesville; thr:e
sisters, Miss Laura Moody, Way
nesville, route 2, Mrs. Maggie Fran
cis, Hendersonville, and Mrs. Quin-
cy Owen, of Norfolk, Va. 13 grand
children and
The Garrett Funeral Home was
in charge of the arrangements.
you in
there was transfsrred to Camp
Wolters. After training in the
Texas camp he was sent to Camp
Shenango, Pa., and from ther to
embarkation port and overseas.
The last communication received
from him was around Nov. 24 and
dated Nov. 7. He was supposed to
be somewhere in Italy at the time.
Pvt. Sherrill, the 22nd man re
ported miasin or killed in action
information has been received olrom Haywoodopnjy was employ
ee death of James McKay Lykes, ied at the Newport Nw Bhipbuild-
bi., 63, 61 Houston Tex., on Nov. ng and Dry Dock Company at the
26. THe Was chairman of ths board time he entered the nerrie.
James M. Lykes,
Well Known In
Shipping, Dies
of the Lykes . Brothers Steamship
company, one of the largest ope
rators of American Flag tonnage
Surviving are his Vif: his par
ents; twe sister, Miss Faye Sherrill,
and Miss Oleana Sherrill ; four bro
J. C. BROWN, vocational agri
cultural teacher of the Waynes
ville township high school, who was
it .line. i ' ii ui n' of the North
Carolina State Vocational Agri
cultural Teachers Association at a
"e t ne o l''e -tate executive
board held in Raleigh last week.
Iron Duff Church
To Hold Special
Services On 12th
Chapel Methodist xhurch hat been.
Re-elected Head Of
State Association
J, C. Brown was re-elected presi
dent of th North Carolina Stat
Vocational Agricultural Teachers
Association at a meeting of the
Sttta Executive board of the (roup
which was held in Raleigh last
scheduled at the Davii t. ii..
set for December 12th at 2:30 in?
stead of the previous date announc-
trict in the state. E. K. Veach, of
Scotland Neck was elected secrt-
i vvuii Olivia uui t j a. n TtfT -i J lit! V nnu ,icomiv
Mr. Lykes was well known as then, Henry, Franklin, Dean and ccordK W. Grady '
The service will begin at 2:30 1 '
the Waynesville Methodist church, I Hammett Prepares
number of years.
Dr. Jasper L. Stuckey, state
geologist and head of the depart
ment of geology of North Carolina
State College and M. J. Mundorff,
of the U. S. Geological survey spent
Wednesday here. In m Til J.
They were checking the area with JVlaSOnS 10 LlCCl
respect to the grouna water supply
to further developments of indus
trial plants in the county.
Mr. Mundorff is working in co-
one of the most colorful and in- Paul Sherrill, all of Ratcliff Cove,
fluential figures in the shipping j
world. He also hdd interests in ' .
cotton and banking and was known TI1V IVTnCClA IQ
as "Captain Dollar of Texas." "" V T
The parents of Mr. Lykes built MeiTifcer Of LOCal
the home of the lato W. T. Lee, t. j t j
"Fairhaven" on the Fairview Road , KatlOFing liOard
and the family maintained their "
summer residence here for many' Guy Massie has been named a
years. After the place was sold, memb r of the war price and ra
Mr. Lykes and his family continued tioning board, succeeding Aaron
to come here in the summer for a Prevost, who reports for duty in
Officers Friday
Waynesville Lodge No. 259 A.
I the Navy Saturday morning,
I Mr. Massie was named to fill the
vacancy by Jonathan Woody, chair
man of civilian defense here.
Other members of the board are
Joe IE. Rose, chairman, and Dill J.
making the principal address of the
service. Another feature of the
program will be the choir from
Lake Junaluska.
A special invitation is extended
to parents and friends of all men
of the township now serving in any
branch of the service to be present..
operation with the study being ard a. M. will meet on Friday tne board for the past six or days here with the former s moth
made jointly by the Federal gov- night, December 2nd at 8 o'clock e'Bnt months. ler, Mrs. B. F. Smathers.
ernment and the North Carolina . to nav honor to the Past Masters. I
Armv 7 ...!.
i ... ' uu was reported Killed
e ZT ?n October 18 in Italy.
vnl j , . .
w . in tne service
Hoi. t V s Ior the six months
LKt TO hlK TT .
llf , v" ne wu me sua
'rred VilIi, .-j it
?e WiDiams, of Hazel-
Department of Conservation.
Now Is Time To
Plow Gardens,
"For a good garden next spring
and summer, have it plowed now,"
that is the advice of County Agent
Howard Clapp.
"Plowing now will mellow the
soil and will help to hold more mois
ture next spring," Mr. Clapp con
Since many gardeners are want
ing to have th ir plots plowed, Mr.
Clapp asked that anyone owning a
team that could do plowing, to con
tact his office, since so many peo
ple called there for plowers.
CpI. John Frazier Lands
Sa'ely In England
Corporal John Frazier has re
cently arrived safely in England,
according to a message received
by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H.
Cpl. Frazier has been in service
since September, 1942, and was in
ducted at Fort Bragg and from
there was sent to Camp Wolters,
Tex., and then to Tammsr Field,
Fresno. C'lif.. ard then to Sanfa
Rose, Calif., and from there over
seas. ,
CdI. Frazier was educated in tne
bcal schools and was emnloyed by
the Unagusta Manufactu'ing com-
pany Deiore entering me
intetest,eeProghraavm aTurgt S Making Fnenrfs, Spreading Cheer
.eof poSfS2. Is Ambition Of Mrs. F. Frazier
will be held, at the
ensuing year
close of the meeting refreshments
will be s rved.
All visiting Masons are invited
to be present.
Missing In Action
A famous personality on the ra
dio is introduced as "The man with
the friendly smile."
The person coining that phrase,
must have at sometime or another,
come in contact with Mrs. Frances
Gilbert Frazier, a well known "sun
shine spreader" here for many sum
mers. Mrs. Frazier decided after
spending 10 summers in this coun
ty, to extend her 1940 visit several
months. As it turned out, she was
here thirty months. That year-in-and-year-out
visit put the finish
ing touches on' her decisions about
living in Waynesville, so in Sep
tember of this yar, while livine
in Atlanta, the "longing for Way
nesville was too great' and as sh
expressed it, "I am here to make
this rry permarent home and hop'
to be here for life."
Soon after coming back here.
Mrs. Fraz'er accepted a position
!v ith The Mountaineer, and now has
charge of the circulation depart
ment, and also manages the ofnee
suoply and stationery department
of the business.
Newspaper work has always fas
cinated Mrs. Frazier, and her nat
ural flare for writing has resulted
Special Series
Of Messages
For the month of December, Rev.
H. G. Hammett, pastor of the First
Baptist church here, has announc
ed a series of sermon subjects, deal
ing with, "The Christmas Message
For A World At War."
The first of the series of mes
sages will begin Sunday morning,
with "Th Promised Redeemer."
Senator William H. Smathers Th, 'pries subiect for Snndav even-
and Mrs. Smathers and young son, -mz wjji be. "Good News for Trou-
bled People."
The series will continue through
December 26, and are as follows:
December 12, morning "Around
the Christmas Cradle." Evening,
"Shut Doors at Christmas."
December 19, morning, "Light
From the Christmas Star.'' Even
ing, "Preparation for Christmas."
December 26, morning, "Christ
mas for Christ." Evening, Stu
dent Night at Christmas.
Sen. And Mrs. Smathers
Arrive For Visit With
Former's Mother
William Howell, Jr., have arrived
Mr. Prevost has been a member from Atlantic City to spent ten
is efficient in each of these, yet
her manner in selling Waynesville
to the outside world makes her a
walkie-talkie advertisement for the
Chamber of Commerce.
Her real ambition is to make
S. Army, who has been missing in ' in several short stories and poems i friends and spread happiness.
act'nn in Italy since October 29, being published. As a membsr ofjknow Mrs. Frazier, one realizes
according to a message received by The Mountaineer staff, she will i that she adds to her ambition dailv,
is mother. Mrs. Stella Hampton, carry on with writing. because her friendly ways, her
He was last heard frm the first Mrs. Frazier has more than one 'cheery disposition spells disaster
- which t-'me he was hobby she likes to paint, sw, pl-y to the blues, no matter who has
" Africa. bridge and praise Waynesville. She them.
Internal Revenue
Here Saturday
Representatives of the Internal
Revenue Department will be on
hand at the Waynesville Post Office
Saturday of this week to aid the
farmers of the county in filing
estimates of the 1943 income taxes.
Other days they will be here are:
Decembrr 6. 11. 13. 14 and 15th, it
was learned this week.
Pvt. John II. Hvatt
Now In England
Private John H. Hyatt, son of
Mrs. Cecil Robinson Hyatt, of
Waynesville, is now serving with
the armed forces in England. Pvt.
Hyatt was inducted in the army
in April of this year. He was
trained at CamD Lee, Va.
From Camp Lee he was trans
ferred to Camp Rebyolds, Pa., and
from there he was sent overseas.
During August he spent a furlough
of eight days with his mother.
No News Yet Of
Tewis Gibson, Navy
Missing Since 1942
Lewis Gibson, gunner's mate, son
of Mr. and Mrs. McKinley Gibson,
of Canton, is still missing accord
ing to the Navy Department. He
waa f rst reported missing in the
spring of 1942 and no news has as
yet ' been received by his parents
from the Navy Department regard
ing him.
; Young Gibson first jomea the
army at the age of 18 and served
two years in Panama, He returned
home in the summer of 1039 and
enlisted in the navy that fall.
V He was 'first assigned to duty ea
the If, S. S. Enterprise, and was
later transferred to the LangWry,
airplane ,tndej whieflvae sunk jp
hvnitK3)t W Japanese. "
The family hiVe been expecting
to have tome additional information
from the navy for some time, bet
as yet no official announcement has
been made.
Committee Work
ing On Merchant
Meeting Here Soon
A committee has been named to
arrange for a meeting of the mer
chants of the community, and also
act as a nominating committee and
have a report ready for the meet
ing. ' Charlie Ray, president of the
merchant's division of the cham
ber of Commerce, named C. J.
Reece, chairman, W. A. Bradley,
E. H. Balentine and Mr. Hall as
the committee.
The resolution as adopted by the
merchants called for a supper meet
ing to be held between December
first and fifteenth.
Rev. W. L. Hutchins
Attending Methodist
Meet In Statesville
Rev. W. L. Hutchins, superinten
dent of the Waynesville District
of the Methodist church, is attend
ing a meeting of the Cabinet in
Statesville, today.
Still Missing
Mins Doris Grahl returned Mon
day to Wa hington, D. C, where
-he has i nos'Hon efter spending
fteverii davs wi-h her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lynwood, Grahl, and oth-relative-j
here, 1
Mate, U. S. Navy, who has been
missing in battle since April, 1942.
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
McKinley Gibson, of Canton.
Do Your Christmas Shopping And Mailing Early This Year
!h -it
vt t i
4 i . f

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