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Pablished In The County Seat Of Haywood County At The Eastern Entrance Of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park cuk
NO. 52 8 Pages WAYNESVILLE. N. C THURSDAY. DECEMBER 30. 1943 (One Day Nearer Victory) $1.75 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson wumw
This Newspaper Gets
Award Of Merit For
Pulpwood Campaign
Thi mwspaper has just been
jven a Dcaumu. . . -----
L the American Newspaper Pub
Eher Association of New York,
ft, the part this PPer bas play
4 in the campaign to increase
,croo,i production.
" ..rill V.o framnH nnii
The awaiii win
lung over tne aesn 01 me
fte award is beautifully printed
m ivory parchment, and measures
ibout 13 by 17 inches.
A eonv ot tne awara, ruuc:n m
ate, is being puoiisneu m wmj o
The award was given in recoK-
. . , (I 1.. ... .1 .
,jtlon or tne uuvsuauuiug muni
fctien to the nation's war program
anil for the ertective enoT 01
. . il.
D,js new -paper to increase me pro
motion of pulpwood during the
jj43 Virt-! - Pulpwood Campaign."
In iin-rnting the awara, waiter
K Pear, chairman 01 tne news
paper pulpwood committee said:
"Y hi have cooperated most gen-
.1 intn ITI.i T-..l
irouMy in me ims v iciory ruip
tood Campaign, and I am happy
to Feral you the enclosed Award of
Merit n a token of appreciation
from the Newspaper Pulpwood
Commit'ec nf the American News
paper Publishers Association.
"While we cannot yet estimate
the results ot tnis newspaper cam
paign in terms of pulpwood pro
duction, I believe we can feel justly
proud of our record. Your news
paper, with fhe support of your lo
ta! pulpwood committee and your
1 .L.. I.
IiC fir its preservation.
"However, one doesn't rest on
res record in wartime. Lertain-
Ij, the boys in uniform are not
lui't ntr rceause the trend nas
ihanped from Axis to Allied at
tack. The war has not been won
is yet, an.i there are stiff battles
is on the fighting fronts.
"Pulpwood is still a vital war
listeria!, made scarce by the man
lower phortae-e. Our fiehtinc fOre-
IS U'lM mwl if en 1. er oa nor
lists, sn lontr as there is an Ameri
n soldier on foreien soil.
The War Production Board, at
tiose reqeest we conducted the
1913 campaign, shortly will an
loonce 1 H 4 4 goals based on esti
Mted military and essential civil
ian reonT(monfc! PnnoonmnM,, T
HI aSKinn' for Xtaiii- Aintinna1 enr
fOrt of the Victnrv Pnlnwnnrl Pom.
Men m 1944 through the inflnen-
- " r -
H col
....... i'ui i r ,uuiiiiivwv.d
I am sure that we can count on
7Ur COntinilPf mnnaraf in fo
Victory Pni
19-14 Anil cn 1 rn n am its an
"cnuunn aim 111a-
P'ibli-uino- Fvpcutive
Here For Holidays
J- H. Trantham of Chicago, left
JMt rday f. r his home after spend
i? tho Christmas holidays here
'!h his mother, Mrs. M. E. Tran
utm. Mr. Tnntham is office manager
tho ("mk hjjo 0fflCe 0f tj,e Charles
Wlhntr'c ?in. nntinnnll,, Vnnwn
mblishirs comnanv.
Mrs. V R TooV, l !,!
wo has arrived to visit her moth
Mrs. p)0n Atkinson. Her hus-
Lt. Vash
is now serving
Meet Storm
Yen Christmas T)mi
The h!:,nl-n n.i
... . t ui ice l il a l was
ffead nv.-v tv v.:u tv.:
Son Chvistmn Dnu lront mnnv
IV) piannrf. j
"1 r (ir, , J m i
. " ' u.i H ri M TQminoQ Trn Trn
H' lr trine nr if tViov ViaH
'cninz their restination.
wimi oi. v - x at n j u i o
1;'r t'P PTnafoi" nof rf ?
, '- K ano arm.nj o.on mll .V.J.
n.' " Uf I X, 111.
" err. r!i7,ii..j j x.
on the highways from that
Fn; aiuuna a:ai auinav
when the regular hours
I --uinea.
Sk, tr 01 persons are report
L w nave slipped and fallen, but
i'nt(. u "cciasnts have b:en re
Jniipj y .Persons who had
N fife 0Ilver their Chnst ,durine Christmas Day,
"nzzlmg rain poured down
Has Reason to Smile
PLUMP little Alice Faye. daughter
of the screen star and orchestra
leader Phil Harris, seems quite
elated over her mother's new tem
porary retirement The blond film
star is expecting another addition
to the family and the youncster
above is lookinR forward to a new
brother or sister. (International)
Post Office Only
Place To Be Closed
On New Year's Day
Business in the community will
not take a vacation from a regu
lar work-a-day Saturday this week,
despite the fact that it falls on
New Year's Day. The merchants
took action on the matter a few
"'eeks ago, and it was decided that
due to the fact that the Christmas
week-end was of unusual length,
the day woidd not be observed
with a vacation.
The post office will be the only
office closed for the day. In the
U. S. Postal Service New Year's
Day is a national hol day and is
always observed as such.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. L. Massey an
nounce the birth of a son, James
Dale Massey, on December 26. at
their home on the Dellwood Road.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Daniels,
of Baltimore, Md., announce the
birth of a daughter, Barbara June,
on December 25, at the Haywood
County Hospital. Mrs. Daniels
was the former Miss Birdell Mid
dleton, of Balsam.
Miss Meta Dicus has returned
home after spending the holidays
with her sister, Mrs. J. W. Rob rts,
in Pompan, Florida. She will spend
a few days here with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dicus, before
returning to Lees McRea College,
where she is a student.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Brown, of
Bristol, Tenn., spent the holidays
here with th: latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. S. Davis.
Mrs. Brown is the former Miss
Catherine Davis.
Hit This
Christmas Eve night and by morn
ing the temperatur; had dropped
and as a result there was as much
as two inches of iced surface in
many places, with every inch of
highways coated in a perfectly
frrz n sheet.
It was pointed out by many of
the local citizens, that had the
tire on most cars not been in
such a worn condition automob -le
owners would not have been so
cautious as to stay off the high
ways, but that under the condi
tions th;y were afraid to venture
There was said to have been
fewer motor vehicles off the high
ways in this area during the first
part of Saturday than ever noted
sine-1 the automobile has been the
accepted mode of travel
$f,'"l,w7' pin MH JUL l 9
55 . . i v I
Jury Announced
For January Civil
Term Of Court
The following jury has been
drawn by the county commissioners
for the January term of civil court
which will convene here on the
10th, with Judge F. E. Alley pre
siding: For the first week: W. N. Freel.
Beaverdam; Tom P. Messer, Way
nosville; G. B. Sanford, Iron Duff;
Joe Carver, Jonathan; C. F. Med
ford, Iron Duff; George Erwin,
Pigeon; J. W. Burress, East Fork;
0. L. Smathers, Clyde; G. G. Rec
tor, Fines Creek; W. T. Conard,
White Oak.
Dewey Stovall, Waynesville;
Donald Kelley, Waynesville; Ralph
Robinson, Beaverdam; C. C. Willis,
Beaverdam: H. C. Green, Fines
Creek; W. H. Jordan, Waynesville;
Elmer Crawford, Fast Fork; Jesse
Crogan, Pigeon; John C. Sharp,
(Veil ; J. Med ford Mease, Pigeon;
Frank Bradshnw, Iron Duff; Boone
Rogers, Crabtree; Lush Caldwell,
Cataloochee; Grady V. Howell,
Drawn for the second week were:
Harley Wells, Pigeon; 1). K. Wor
lcy, Beaverdam; Mark Galloway,
Waynesville; Roy Phillips, Way
nesville; M. V. Jenkins, White
Oak; M. L. Hogland, White Oak;
Grady 0. Rogers, Clyde; Connie
Muse, Waynesville; M. T. Brooks,
Beaverdam: W. T. Wilson, Way
nesville; Carina W. Wright, Pig
eon; Joe Rogers, Fines Creek; S.
I.. Smart, Crabtree; John Howell,
Jonathan; John Campbell, Ivy Hill;
and Joe Michael, East Fork.
Woody Addresses
Rotarv Club On
Civic Projects
Jonathan Woody addressed the
Waynesville Rotary Club her? last
Friday on "Rotary's Obligation To
The Community."
Mr. Woody pointed out several
civic improvement projects which
he suggested the Rotary Club
could sponsor during the coming
year. As a rrsult of his address,
the board of directors will have
the program Friday to formally
present to the club thrir recom
mendations for launching a broad
community-wide improvement pro
gram. Dr. Kilgore, N. C.
Chemist, Expires
RALEIGH, Plans for the funer
al of Hr. Benjamin W. Kilgorc,
state chemist and farm leader, are
being made in Raleigh. He died
at his home Monday night. Kil
i'oro first came to North Carolina
in 1889 as assistant chemist of the
state exneriment station.
t r s
yw;u . . yi
n t
Prefers This Rank
I v -
3f . .. . i ... Vvsw-sn K'Hjik W 1
A FORMER Michigan state senator,
Hfc Hui i y ol (ii .nuf H.ipiili,
Mirh . is putUiiK the bruom U K'xid
use hi order!) with the U S ftth
Air Kurre in New Cinnra He says
he would rather lf uu enlisted man
than an nrhVer. adding. "Hfter thia
ihuiK is over, we U be in the ma i r
ity." (Imernauvnat)
Joint Installation
4 Masonic Bodies
To Be Held Monday
Joint installation of the four
Masonic bodies in the' 41st district,
which inclodes the Cludem, Canton,
Waynesville, and Pigeon Valey
will be held at the Clyde high
school on Monday n:ght, January
3rd. Thomas J. Harkins, past
grand master of the Lodge of
North Carolina, will install the of
ficers und make the address.
The four masters to be installed
include: J. S. Davis, master of
Waynesville Lodge; Robert Cor
zine, master of the Clyde Lodge;
Bruce Nanney, master of the Pig
eon River Lodge; and J. D. Justice
master of the Sonoma Lodge. There
will be in all a total of forty offi
cers installed including nine from
each lodge in addition to the mas
ters. A number of prominent Masons
from Asbeville will be special
guests of the installation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Moore had
as their guest for a few days last
week, Mrs. Moore's mother, Mrs. M.
B. Munn, of Charlotte.
The Waynesville
to the nation's var program . . . and (or the
effective effort of this newspaper to increase the
production of pulpwood during the 1943
Victory Pulpwood Campaign.
Fifty-Eight Men
Report For Service
In December Call
Fifty-eight men left here on Fri
day morning for Camp Croft mak
ing up the December call under the
selective service system. Henry
Furman Robertson was named
leader of the group and Fred Ellis
Davis, Jr., (volunteer), Thomas
Harmon Rogers, Jr., (volunteer),
and George Musgrave Scott as as
sistant leaders.
Included in the group were the
following volunteers: Samuel Ir
ving Lanning, Ashbury Homer
Green, John David MiU'hell, Alro
Caldwell, James William Guy,
Louie Curtis, Forest Landis Mc
Clure, Wilfred Rufus Mehaffey,
Jay Mark Russell, Edward Sher
rill, Ned Andrew Stewart, and
Glenn Ray Whitner.
Transferred from other draft
boards were: Edd Hampton Queen,
from Hampton, Va.; Robert Dee
Rogers, from Yorktown, Va.;
George Musgrave Scott, from Ply
mouth: Kermit Wayne Thompson,
from Gastonia; Jack James Fergu
son, from Newport News, Va.;
Norman Crawford James, Jr., from
Wilmington; and Bruce Conard,
f rom Newport News, Va.
Others were: Hugh Author Phil
lips, Isom Sutton, Glenn Boyd
Ferguson, Beauford Carroll Mes
ser, Buford Elmore No! and, Wes
ley Roosevelt Gibson, Henry Fur
man Robertson, Jack Cagle, Estes
Emery Myers, Samuel Daniel Rob
inson. Charles Robert Lowe, James
Duncan liradshaw, James Kenneth
Edward;, Wid Woodrow Wyatt,
Guy Virgil Grogan, Loyd Shelton,
Jr., Joe Sam Tate, Robert Hobert
Moore, Junior Levi Conard, Junior
Clyde Clark, Clyde Teaster, Joseph
Edward Massie, Glenn Norman.
Willard Howell, Troy Lee Han
nah, Jack Trammel!, Thomas An
drew Sutton, Edgar Warlick,
Lewis James Burnett, Robert Flint
Smith, Olas Grant Creasman,
Spurgeon Clarence Shelton, Hillary
Hill Medford, Rob rt Ellis Forga,
Calvin Theodore McCall, Louie
Richard Gibson und Samuel Wayne
Local and County
Schools To Open
This Morning
The Waynesville district schools
and those throughout the county
are scheduled to open this morning
after a three day delay, it was
learned yesterday afternoon from
M. H. Bowles, acting county sup
erintendent of education.
The schools were to have opened
on Monday, the 27th, but due to
sickness and weather conditions
over the week-end, the opening
was postponed until today.
il V n.
'44 Business Depends
On Collapse Of Axis,
Says Roger Babson
Bliss in a Foxhole
ever spent in u foxhole is being en
loyeil here by Fvl Don Finholm ot
Lettinuton Mich This photo, which
lust arrived, shows him eating a
turkey lef in Italy on Phanksyiving
Day His knees serve as a table for
'lis mess kit plate ( tntrrnalumal)
January Schedule
County Home Clubs
Is Announced
The January schedule of the
Haywood County Home Demonstra
tion clubs has been announced as
follows by Miss Mary Margaret
Smith, county home agent :
Beaverdam Club with Mrs. Paul
Robinson at 2 o'clock, Tuesday,
January 4th; Allen's Creek Club
with Mrs. Henry Francis at 2
o'clock on Wednesday, 5th; Dell
wood Club with Mrs. L. W. Wall
at 2 on Thursday, (ith; the Jona
than Creek Club with Mrs. Medford
Lealhorwood at 2 o'clock on Fri
day afternoon, 7th.
Maple Grove Club with Mrs. Ed
Glavich at. 2 o'clock on Tuesday,
11th; Fines Creek Club with Mrs.
Charles McCrary at 10:I!0 o'clock
on Thursday, 13th; the Iron Duff
Club with Mrs. Fannie Davis at 2
o'clock on Friday, 14th; Morning
Star Club with Mrs. Robert Wood
ot 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon,
Rock Snring Club with Mrs.
Wayne McElroy, at 2 o'clock on
Tuesday afternoon, 18th; Bethel
Club wih Mrs. Paul Hyatt at 2
o'clock Wednesday afternoon, l'.tth;
Maggie Club with Mrs. Herbert
Plott. at 2 o'clock on Thursday aft
ernoon, 2('th; H vder Mountain
' hili with Mrs. Marshall Kirkpat
rick at 2 o'clock on Friday after
noon, 21st.
RatclifT Cove Club with Mrs.
Woodie Jones at, 2 o'clock Monday
afternoon, 24th; Clyde Cub wilh
Mrs. Roy Medford at 10:20 o'clock
Tuesday morning, 25th; Cecil Club
with Mrs. Thomas Erwin at 2
o'clock on Wednesday afternoon,
20th; West Canton Club with Mrs.
Maude Medford at 2 o'clock on
Thursday afternoon, 27th; Juna
lnska Club with Mrs. A. J. Mc
Cracken at 2 o'clock on Friday aft
ernoon. 28th.
There will be a county home
demon'-t rat'on agents school con
ducted at Franklin on Monday, the
10th, which Miss Smith, county
agent from Haywood, will attend.
"What are some of the short
ages which have bothered you
most?" Nearly 5 OOf) persons
tvrouphout the country were asked
this cu 'Stion, in a recert su-vev
nf cnumer requirements made by
th? Office of Civilian Requirements.
The most serious" inconven'ence and
hardship is caused bv the shortnrre
of alarm clocks, al'hnucrh shortage
of food affects thp greatest number
followed in order of numb rs by
elas'ic. galvanized warp, some te
ti'e crnducts, and alarm clocks.
"Most of the needs brought nut by
this survey cm and will be met."
Arthur D. WThitesides, vice-chairman
of OCR. said.
Miss Fl anor Messer. who resid
es in Asheville. wb the guest of
relatives here during the week.
Famous Statistician Pre
dicts 10 Increase In
Retail Sales During 1944.
By Roger W. Babson
Babson Park, MasR. Most firm
are booked to capacity. If any
more business were offered they
would not be able to handle it for
many months. This is roughly my
forecast for 1944. The Babsonchart
Index of the Physical Volume of
Business for the final quarter of
1943 averaped 141 compared with
150.7 for the same period of 1942.
The all-time high was reached in
December, 1942, when my Inde
"tond at 15' It is not possible
that this record can be exceeded i
War developments will influence
commodity prices during 1944. Th
collapse of Germany could result
in a sharn, th 'ugh temporary, re
action in leading wholesale indexes
If the going in Italy or el ewhere
should prove unexpectedly hard
indicating a longer war price
should firm. Cattle and hogs may
bring lower average prices. Soy
bean and corn prices face the test
of large marketings. They will do
well to held. Increased imports of
colTo". cocoa and sugar will hold
down their prices.
Continued heavy demand is indi
cated for rno't industrial commo
dit'es. To what extent efforts to
loll back food prices to September
15. 1942, levels will succeed is pro
blematical. Mounting over-all
shortages, unprecedented demand
and necessity for maximum output
will tend to maintain strong up
ward pressure on most prices. Ad
vancing parity prices, storage, in
surance and black markets further
tend to keen nrices hieh. Subsi
dies 'will be granted certain pro
ducers during 1M44.
Businessmen should watch the
Government's policy of disposing
of its hufire inventories of consum
er merchandise. With supplies at
a much higher level than in World
War I, retailers, wholesalers and
manufacturers should insist there
he no dumping on domestic mar
kets. This could smash prices.
Flooding the expert markets could
make it difficu't to sell goods abroad
at a fair profit. I hope a substan
tial portion of our surplus will be
given to the peoples of Continental
Europe and China.
I forecast that retail dollar sales
will average 5 to 10 per cent high
er in 1944 than in 194.1. Sales
volume of consumer goods will
again start to climb as smaller
companies get the okay on postwar
merchandise. I expect some de
cline from 194.1 in the physical vol
ume of retail sales d ie to scarcity
I of goods and less employment. Sub
jstitute merchandise has sold well
I but manufacturers and wholesal-
(Continued on page 6)
Onlv Six Men
During Past Week
Only six men were reclassified
under the selective service system
by the local draft board during the
Sam Wilev Killian and Abraham
t ir,ccln Ensley, Jr., were placed in
class 1-A.
In class 1-A (H), Delos Edward
In class 2-A, William Howard
In class 4-A, Charlie Andy Mc
Amis. In class 4-F, Samuel Newel Ed-
( wards.
MI Hub ScheJuIe
For JaHfrv Me"tine-g
Announced By Agent
The January schedule of the 4-H
Clubs of the county have been
announced by the county home
agent, as follows:
Clubs meeting on Monday. 3'd,
include Bethel, at 9:00 o'clock;
Canton at 10:00 o'clock; Beaver
dam, at 11 -.10 o'clock; and Clyde,
at 1 00 o'clock.
Clubs meeting on Tuesday. 4th,
will be: Crabtree, at 9r0f "'-l v!
and Fines Creek, at 11:00 I--
Club meetings on Wednesilav,
5th, ars: Cecil, at 9:00 o.'cIock; and
Cruso, at 11:00 o'clock.
The Waynesville club will meet
at 9:00 o'clock on Thursday, the

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